xxiiijamesiiixx (xxiiijamesiiixx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Buy & Pokedoll Want List!

Hello everyone today I bring a simple group buy for Mewtwo Mega Pack.The only two figures up for Grab will be Normal Mewtwo and Mewtwo Y for $8 bucks each. I will be offering free shipping if you live within the U.S.A.


mewtwo Y-
mewtwo X -xxiiijamesiiixx
Mega Stone 1 -xxiiijamesiiixx
Mega Stone 2 -xxiiijamesiiixx

Also I have a simple wants list. I know some of the pokedolls are on sell on sunnyshore or other online stores but I am trying to buy it from a seller within the states. Please Note I will not have money till Friday when I get paid if you don’t mind holding since I will be 100% committed in buying.

new wants
Tags: dedenne, helioptile, lucario, mewtwo, pokedoll, raichu
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