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Re-Introduction and Collection Update

Hi all! I'm going to be re-introducing myself, as I've switched accounts/username again. I have done a few times since I originally joined (I'm never settled on a name, but I hopefully am now.) Click the Cuts for Intro and to take a gander at my current collection:

My name is Keira, but I prefer to be called Kei (like "key") for short. I currently live in London in the UK.
I first joined PkmnCollectors mid 2011 under keiramw I originally collected Zorua and a few others. Though I no longer collect Zorua. I had a few names darkzorua and my last one fennikku

I loved Pokemon as a kid, my first games being Pokemon Yellow and Stadium. Fell out of it around 2002 and got back into it in 2011, with Soul Silver, been nuts about it since. My original favourites were Pikachu, Ninetales, Arcanine, Vaporeon and Mew, but have since changed.

I now collect Poochyena/Mightyena, Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox, Arcanine and Ninetales. I do like Manectric to some extent also. My partner also collects Pokemon (Eevee, espeon/umbreon, cyndaquil line)

I've gone through phases of liking certain Pokemon, collecting them, then suddenly getting rid of that collection if I no longer favour it. The longest running collection I have are the yenas, I love them. Dark Hyenas, though personally I see them as more Canine/Wolf looking, Especially Poochyena.
My favourite games are: Soul Silver, Ruby, Pokemon X.
My favourite Pokemon Type: Fire

Thats about it for me. Next cut is my actual collection~

Here is an overview of my "pokemon corner" Not everything is here though. I do not "hardcore" Collect anymore, just what I think looks good. I do hardcore yenas though. I dont have many arcanine items, just his charms and a sticker, I need to get more. I'm also needing a few more braixen, delphox items.


Bottom shelf
(mind the dust XD everything is a little dusty)
middle shelf:

My artwork is on the left :3 Ninetales isnt by me though.

Top shelf. The Hasbro Poochyena beanie is hidden behind the big bootie pooch. Sorry XD I'm not tall enough to reach him and fix.

and here is a few more things. 1:1 Fennekin, pillow and bag. I have other Pokemon things in my hammock, just a giant pikachu but not worth showing.


Tags: collection update, fennekin, introductions, mightyena, poochyena
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