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Collection Update

Hey everyone :) I realized it had been a long time since I made a collection update! I've been making sales posts and buying things, but it's been a very long time since I posted pics of my collection proper :D

My main collection is Tepig/Pokabu.

I haven't been buying much of it lately because I've gotten sucked in to a few cuties from XY~ But I am always on the look out for Pokabu items I don't have! Feel free to show me your fire piggies for sale!! Just a note, though, I only collect items that only have Pokabu; if he is with other Pokemon, I don't generally buy it ^^; I don't really buy TCG, either, sorry!

I know my Pokabu collection might not be as large as some others, but I am very proud of it. When I first started participating in the community, I was just in love with this little guy, and it is thanks to many of you that my collection has gotten to be what it is today.

My other main collection is eventually going to be Mega Charizard X but there isn't as much stuff out for it right now. Like many of you, Charizard has always been a favorite of mine. When I saw Mega Charizard X when I watched Origins, I seriously teared up. I felt like this was what I always wanted Charizard to be! Don't get me wrong, I love original Charizard all the same, but there's something about Mega 'zard X that I can't get over.

Not much so far...the figure and the PokeCen blind package button are on their way to me, too :D

And then...

My "kind of side collections I just like these pokemon" shelf, haha. I really need to organize it better; the way it is situated in my room makes it difficult to reach because my art desk is right under it, there are a handful of plushes that are blocked by other plushes and such XD;

But, yup, that is most of my collection!! I hope you enjoyed seeing it. I have a few other things that need organized, but that's the bulk of it. Thanks for looking!!! I need to organize/take photos of my Prof. Juniper & Fennel collection one day, too, as I mostly have flats of them and a few customs and their TCG x3

I also have a few wants, maybe some of you can help me out!! These aren't in any particular order.

I only want the Sylveon one. I've seen them on sale on eBay for the whole set, and one where "e-mail the one you want!" but I don't like to do that because one time the seller sent me the wrong Pokemon :/

Mega char wants:

the can badge! sunyshore is sold out :( One of my major wants!

Mega charizard x vs Mega Absol - I only want the Charizard

pan stickers

Thanks so much and have a great day!!!
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