fierywolfess (fierywolfess) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small clear out sales

Just having a bit of a clear out, selling some bits and pieces. Lots of Fennekin items~

Sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2nd 2012 (under my old name DarkZorua)
Feedback (from my last account, this one is new):
I ship from the UK worldwide
Base price for overseas post is: £3.00 gbp
Paypal only
I take 1-4 working days to ship
I do accept holds for 48 hours, only if you're committing to buy
I will trade for Growlithe/Arcanine items

Fennekin shoulder bag, (not worn/like new) Comes with tag but unattached (not pictured). May have a few tiny holes in it where a few pins have been on it, but not noticable. $23 usd SOLD

Fennekin pass pouch: brand new with tag: $21

Both zangoose (attack kid and tfg both very good condition): $6
Froakie snow play charm: $4
Fennekin Screen cleaner keychain: $5
Fennekin kid figure: $5
Ninetales blue pencil topper: $5

Tags: fennekin, froakie, ninetales, sales, zangoose
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