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First Lot Gets Post

After promising splash that I'd post about my first lot get, here it is! Woot woot! ^3^

The lot actually arrived last Thursday, but I was too lazy to post about it then, so I'm posting about it now. XD Click the cut to see the unwrapping of all my new goodies. It's pretty image-heavy, so... You have been warned!

A wild box full of 90 items appeared! XD It came all the way from Sweden, so it had to travel quite some distance to reach me here in the United States.

Check out all that European newspaper! XP

Woohoo! I've spotted some Pokemon stuffs! :D

Tada! Generation V Legendary plushies! They are so amazing! :'D I have been looking for a Japanese MWT Reshiram and Zekrom pokedoll for a very long time now. Would it be sad to say that the only reason I decided to bid on this lot was for the Reshiram and Zekrom pokedolls? XD

It was nice to get the other plushies too. :3 I must say that the large Cobalion is one of my new favorites. It's so well made and minky! (It had such an impact on me that I actually had a dream about a Cobalion and when I touched it, it felt exactly like that plush. XP) I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is teetering on the border of getting it. Even Cobalion's pokedoll is well... Adorable! I was surprised by how much I loved it. XD

Attack of the Keldeo plushies! The person who sold the lot must have been a Keldeo fan, because Keldeo definitely had the most merchandise. XP I'm not too much of a Keldeo fan, but he is a pretty valuable member of my triples team, so I'll give him props there.

It came with two brand new (unopened) Japanese blu-rays, which I would have loved to watch if I actually had a blu-ray player. ;_; It also came with a few Vaporeon and Jolteon items. I wasn't too interested in the Pokemon Center plushes, but the Kyun Chara figures were amaze balls! XD These are what sparked my recent splurge on Kyun figures. They are so unbelievably cute and well made. At the bottom there are some clipping art figures with cards. I really had no idea what those were when I unwrapped them. XP

Also came with a bunch of Kids figures and Zukans (not all are pictured here).

And some Tomy figures and metal charms (again, not all are pictured here). :D

Overall, I am very happy with this buy. :3 I got some really great stuff, and some items really exceeded my expectations (particularly the Cobalion plushies, the Kyun figures, and the metal charms). Now the only thing left is finding space for it all. :'D

Here are some pics from the original listing (just to show all the items together):

Thanks for reading! :D
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