shadowpokgengar (shadowpokgengar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update - 2 More Completed Sets!

Hello fellow Pokemon Collectors!

Just a little update for my Pokemon TCG Collection. I've recently completed my Base Set and Base Set 2 collections, bringing my total number of completed sets to 6 ... out of 79 (oh, a collector's work is never done).

Anyway, here are some pics of my completed Base Set

base-set-1 base-set-2 base-set-3 base-set-4
base-set-5 base-set-6 base-set-7 base-set-8
base-set-9 base-set-10 base-set-11 base-set-12

And my Base Set 2

base-set2-1 base-set2-2 base-set2-3 base-set2-4 base-set2-5
base-set2-6 base-set2-7 base-set2-8 base-set2-9 base-set2-10
base-set2-11 base-set2-12 base-set2-13 base-set2-14 base-set2-15
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