So yeah, I'm like totally not obsessed with collecting these things, sadly in the last few days I let a few slip through my hands and missed offering on them, but I'm still happy with the ones I have, and I'm still looking to collect one of each type (Though I'm happy at getting doubles to trade with others)

And I'm thinking about making a trade thread on my LJ page, and just having it handy with anyone who's interested in trading any of their swing charms

But anyways, enough with my ranting, this is an update on my collection (Started at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012)



And a big thanks to the people who I Can remember off the top of my head for selling me either one or two charms, or even all of the ones they had listed

Big thanks to: Caffwin (Entei), poke_zula (Like 15 of them), and Puyro (Nine of them)
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18 January 2013 @ 07:11 am

Hi everyone! I have these things that I just need to get out of my room haha. I have one box, so I figured I'd sell it as a lot.

Random Lot!Collapse )

Agent Spectre
18 January 2013 @ 08:32 am
Ah! we meet again, PKMN Collectors!
Agent Spectre reporting in with an actual collection post of all things! I died for a bit and should have made this post back in October, but better late than never I suppose! I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can. I've expressed before that as many years as I have been collecting Pocket Monsters, I've rarely had a focus. I love monsters, it is nigh impossible for me to keep my head on straight round so many delicious creatures. That's where the very grey and very quirky Colress comes in.  I don't particularly care for humans, but this one caught my eye and resonated with me on a level I'm still baffled by (that does seem to be one of his themes after all). This is my first fully focused collection in the world of Pokemon, and I'm very pleased about how ideal it is.

Sadly haven't had the time to take new pictures since OCTOBER! Still, I wanted to sneak this late post in before Plasma Storm comes out an makes these old collection pics irrelevant.  I'm also waiting till I get my collection pages up before I take individual pics of everything but here's a thrown together rundown with terribad quality pics:

'It looks like you're ready, then! OK! Let us begin!'Collapse )

Anyway, to end the post I just want to quickly say, I love Genesect. He is fast becoming one of, if not my current favorite Pokemon. I used him as my starter for Black2 and am waiting in anticipation for the onslaught of merch the movie will bring. I'm still trying to get my claws on some of the stuff that was recently released. >_> Anyone already have a good Genesect collection yet? :3
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18 January 2013 @ 08:59 am
Hey Guys I am looking to see if anyone is selling the following figures?

18 January 2013 @ 11:31 am
I've done a little bit of collection weeding and added some plush to my sales post.
I have a couple of pokedolls and some jakks plush up. Come take a look!

(Click the banner or fake cut to get there!)
18 January 2013 @ 02:06 pm
on january 26th: pull on their little item and they shake and move!

i don't even.... i don't have a comment on this lineup.... except....congratulations, dunsparce fans <3

at only 850 yen they are probably small. but too too cute. also, dunsparce.

click for bigger!

new finger puppets too!

18 January 2013 @ 02:46 pm

Hello everyone! :) After the announcement of the new generation I got super motivated to start a new mini project. I'll be making all of the balls from the game into happy, squishy plush. I regularly make Pokeballs, Great Balls and Masterballs, so I figured why not tackle them all?

I thought some members here might like them, so I'm opening up a small number of slots for commission.

More information, along with photo, under the cut :)Collapse )

And so this isn't purely a sales post, here is my latest Pokemon amigurumi, Staryu!


He is roughly 7 inches tall and very squishable :D Hoping to make Starmie and their shiny versions soon.

Thanks for looking!
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Lorelli Gishason
18 January 2013 @ 03:16 pm
Hello! I'm Laura, I'm new here. :) I'm from Canada. I'm going to do a collection post in a few days, but I'm just wondering if anyone has a Pokemon Kids Archen for sale? Or any Hypno stuff? Hypno is my favourite Pokemon, haha.. Thanks in advance!!
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18 January 2013 @ 03:17 pm
Hello, comrades! I received a package containing 7 Retsuden Stamps today and wished I could pull out an Altaria from this set but failed. However, I think it is still a great idea of sharing the pictures of what I got and have owned, and how the stamps and prints look like.

Feel free to use the photos as references for your wants list. You have got my permission.

DSC00116 (240x320)DSC00117 (240x320)DSC00118 (240x320)
DSC00119 (240x320)DSC00120 (240x320)DSC00121 (240x320)
Read more...Collapse )

I will answer your questions as possible as I could if you are interested in this series.

Edit: I have just uploaded pictures taken onto Pokemon Collectors Wiki:
18 January 2013 @ 05:48 pm
Hey there, everyone! As most of you know, Jakks Pacific lost its license to make Pokemon products in the US, and Takara Tomy picked it up. New merch was set to be out in Spring of this year, and some people are already seeing stuff on shelves! I haven't seen a post including pics of the new stuff here yet, so I decided to make a post myself. All of these pictures are from Tomy's Facebook, which you can find here. Enjoy!

MANY more pictures under the cut! (warning: a little image heavy!)Collapse )
Well, that's about all I know! Some people have been saying that they've seen some of these figures at their local Meijers, and have seen spaces there for plush, which really gets me excited. I'm not sure where else these figures are going to be sold, as Tomy hasn't said much yet, but we should be finding out soon! I'm super duper excited for new merch!
18 January 2013 @ 07:20 pm
Quick wants post! Basically, anything Latios (as long as my budget permits) I shall buy!

I'm looking for shiny or clear Latios Kids (or any of them for that matter. I want an army of them!!)

Or any plushies!!

Or even cards! At the moment I really want a shiny Latios card and or cards in different languages! @__@ So much love!
Comment or pm me! :3
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18 January 2013 @ 07:22 pm
Hey guys! Quick small sales here - the pokedoll&canvas GA got here super fast and we have some extras up for grabs! Extras will be for GA participants only for a few hours and then I'll offer them up to the rest of the community. I also have some sales things available to everybody! Also also some small collection pictures. All under the cut!

Neat things!Collapse )
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18 January 2013 @ 08:01 pm
Heeeey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that my pickups post is still open for another 15 hours~ Click here o go to the post and get yourself some merch!

To try to make this post at least a little less boring, I am putting up a little questionnaire I found on Tumblr the other day! Just for everyone to have a little fun and make this post less boring~ Bold are the questions, and normal font are my own answers. ^^

HM01Collapse )

18 January 2013 @ 08:13 pm
Hello everyone! Today I come to you in search of the insanely elusive Houndour Pokedoll!
Why Houndour? because I am a very odd individual who not only names her Pokemon, but gives them back stories and personalities! And Prince Loki my lovely mischievous Arcanine has a  hyperactive son named Fenrir who just so happens to be a Houndour :) So if anyone has a Houndour Pokedoll they are willing to part with please let me know!
* I don't mind if he has a tag or not, is Japanese or American, or even if he is in need of repairs I just need a chibified Fenrir in my life :)
Thanks everyone and to make this post less boring here is a doodle of Loki and Fenrir ^^
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Laura! ♫
18 January 2013 @ 09:31 pm
Hey guys!

Some of you might have noticed in previous posts that I make custom charms, and in this post I wanted to share some images of one that I wasn't fond enough of and made again, and am hoping for some feedback on them. ;u; There are a couple of others too, if you want to take a look at them!

Wailords preview

Wailord charms this way!Collapse )

Other charms this way!Collapse )

And since the weather is getting even more ferocious where I am, here's a nice photo...

Take a peek?Collapse )

Thanks for checking this out!
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18 January 2013 @ 10:16 pm
Hello, my username is desolim and I recently joined this community. I have to say, I've seen several posts on other sites that referred me here, so I figured that it was time to take a more in depth look!

I currently collect Lugia items(preferably G/S or Movie 2000 era stuff) and Reshiram things.
Here's my Lugia collection to date, though I have a few items in the mail for me.
Various figures and boxes And my only two Lugia cards at the moment.

I'll have to get pictures of my Reshiram collection later.
I also collect anything:
Typhlosion evolution line
African Wild Dog
Gryphon-with preference to clothing and figures/plushes
My Little Pony(Gen 4, though I modify gen 3 toys.)

I can't wait to talk to others and hopefully expand my collection! Thank you and have a nice day.
18 January 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Hi comm

Today I went wit miss10 o Animate! Miami convention.

Among all the awesome entertainment and goodies, I found this HQ eevee brand new with tags, and want to offer it to you guys in an auction starting at $25

Wouldn't you like to take me home with you? I am super soft and cute =3
Rules and more ^^Collapse )

Please Don't bid until all threads are up. ll threads up!! Bid away!! =3

18 January 2013 @ 11:25 pm

Hey folks!

I hope you had a great day and stuff!
I got a package from an ebay advertisements seller today who actually didn't know the value over 30 pieces of really old Pokemon holo cards, including a Charizars from Base set, a charizard from Base set 2, Neo Revelations Celebi and a 1st Edition Dark Charizard  8D and so much more.. everything for like 22 US$ (they didn't even want to take mor money for the lot D:), so you could saay I got really lucky there haha!

I'm currently still waiting for my new Pokedolls to arrive including japanese Vaporeon and japanese Umbreon and Espeon, it seems there were problems with shipping but I'm after that! I hope to make a new collection post soon :')

aaanyway! Here come's the preview picture! Whole Holo collection under the cut ;D
(actually i dont think its a real collection because I'm planning to sell a lot of them anyway but still, pretty cards HAVE to be shown off!)


Heeeeeeere comes the HM01, watch out!!Collapse )

That's pretty much it for now, I don't actually have any new wants since I want my other packages to arrive first ;n;

Have a nice day or night! :D