Hey guys! I haven't made a community post since I first joined in October (I think?), so I'm sorry if I seem like some random member. :3 I'd like to think I'm fairly active so maybe you've seen me around! I have a pretty dense post in store for you guys. I have a huge collection update along with a grail get, a booty call (don't worry it's a pun!), and some questions for you guys. :3 I've spent a lot of time putting pictures together for this so please don't just skim through-- talk to me, leave comments!

First up, collection update with my grail!Collapse )

Dat Umbreon Booty Call!Collapse )

My questions for you, community!Collapse )

Thank you for taking the time to look at my post! :3 Please feel free to comment! <3 POKEMANZ FOREEVVVERRRRRR~!!
El Woolley
08 February 2013 @ 01:56 am
Hi guys, it' been a while since I showed some of my favourite toys. :) I only collect items that I like, rather than everything based on the Pokemon I collect. So all of these items are very special to me. I hope you enjoy looking at them, and if you have any questions, I hope I can help.

Follow the cut for a puddle of blue!Collapse )
That was all I had planned until I got my grubby little paws on this super snuggly new friend! it's Heartland Tomy Minun!
DSCF1316Cut for babbling and pudgy butt!Collapse )

That was gonna be it for this update, but I received my Valentines gift yesterday! It was from methuselah31010 and I was absolutely floored. I can't believe anyone would send me such a lovely gift!
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08 February 2013 @ 03:03 am
My it's been a really long time, but here I am. Sales and customs post. Multipost yay. I have some Japanese and some English cards and some custom Ponymons I've been making. See the rest below the cut :3

 photo previews_zpsafead81a.jpg
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08 February 2013 @ 05:36 am
We have raised quite a lot of money so far.
Now we are left with just two days until it ends.
We do have some competition on the lot and need all the help we can get cause it's getting close.

There are still many figures without any bids. They're also figures with very low bids on them.
The original link is below
pic 13pic  14</a>
Best of luck to all!
Hey everyone, I've updated my sales post as well as lowered prices!!
Take a look, I have several MWT Pokedolls starting at $17 as well as a few rare plush!
Shipping w/ tracking + materials + fess will be ~$2.50 if you live in the US!!
**Click The Link Below or Any of the Photos to be Transported**

08 February 2013 @ 10:05 am
I posted about this yesterday, but not everyone saw it so I figured I'd give it a signal boost.
Yesterday I had the idea of making a Pkmn Collectors comm map, to see where everyone is around the world and to possibly organize meetups! :D
I wasn't clear on instructions yesterday so here we go! Round 2!
I deleted all markers on the map because of the confusion yesterday, so if you're NOT on the spreadsheet YOU NEED TO RE-ADD YOURSELF. There's about 50 people on the spreadsheet right now, so PLEASE check if you're on there or not Some people yesterday just added their marker, and not their location on the Google spreadsheet
  1. <-- Go here and add your username and location! If you don't see your marker right away on the map, it's because I haven't updated it/synced the map with my Google doc
  2. THIS IS THE MAP, DO NOT ADD YOUR MARKER ONTO IT. If you put your location in the Google doc, it should appear there soon
  3. If you live in two locations (ex. College), feel free to add yourself twice. Example: accio_pond Baltimore, MD & accio_pond (college) Harrisonburg, VA
  4. If there are any errors feel free to contact me!
The reason you have to use the Google doc is because we can't have unlimited markers with using Zeemaps, but uploading a spreadsheet gives you no limits. :)

I know this isn't Pokemon/merch related but a LOT of people were interested in it yesterday (it had 100+ comments! :o), so I figured I'd make myself more clear. If this needs to be relocated/deleted, I'm fine with that! Sorry about the confusion yesterday!

EDIT Any Cyndaquil collectors out there? Do you have pictures of these plush/how hard were they to find?
Shoulder Buddy Cyndaquil (2000)
Cyndaquil Walky Campaign Plush (2010)
Cyndaquil Canvas (2011)
Cyndaquil Reversible Pokeball
Cyndaquil Tomy Plush (2011)

I might start collecting Cyndaquil... :3
08 February 2013 @ 11:21 am

(Kyurem isn't but it's because of his stubby frozen chicken arms)

It's time for another card update. Because I've got card things coming out of everywhere at this rate which is, after such an absence and more or less hiatus, is a very wonderful thing. I got a lovely big box today which was full of many shiny, shiny goodies of which I now am going to sit down and scan for collectorviper. The loot today? Well, dive under the cut to check it out ;)

Hyuuuuuun!Collapse )

Cards cards cards~! Anyone else excited for Megalo Cannon?
08 February 2013 @ 12:05 pm
Today I checked the mail and found a package, and I couldn't think of what I had ordered... And then I noticed the little heart drawn on it! My package from my secret Valentine? Yes!
Click the cut to see!

Wooo!Collapse )
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08 February 2013 @ 12:31 pm

Just a friendly reminder post that my auctions for custom Ekans bells end tomorrow. And all of them are still bidless! :c Won't anybody take the cute snakeys home? Click the picture to go to the auctions!


Asides from that, I'm also reopening commissions again. C= For more information click under the cut!

HM 01Collapse )

Lastly, I'm also looking for someone that I could run a quick GA with who has past experience. I would be doing bidding/shipping and would need someone to do spreadsheets and threads. PM me if you're interested. Thanks. c:

08 February 2013 @ 03:23 pm
Hello all!

I wanted to share my recent get with you guys. They've got to be the most loveliest plushes I've ever recieved. Custom made by mousealchemist, she did suuuuch an amazing job. <3

Mightyena and Houndoom kissing. <3 SO FRIGGIN CUTE sldjfnlwkejf;lwke. I'm in love!

Sorry for the short and boring post! :3 I just HAD to show them off! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
So, before I post the pics of my swing charm collection updates, I just wanted to ask ya'll a few questions (And sorry if any of my images are too big, still working on how to properly adjust the size)

Are any of you guys gonna be at Kami-Con from the 15th-17th in Alabama? I'm gonna be helping my friend Straya with her TTC Art Booth, but I don't know anyone else who's gonna be there (First time to a convention out of state/first road trip, woot!)

Now here's the update pics on my collection (Second pic is all my doubles UFT)



Second, is anyone looking for any 1st gen tomy figures that'd be willing to trade a swing charm for maybe? Or even some Charmeleon/Raikou merch? I have a couple dozen of them that are just sitting in a box. As well as those old spinner metal coins, and a few battrio coins as well.

Note: This is 'not' a sales post. It's a collection update/trades only post (No sales permission)


EDIT: I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on February 11 2013, 05:33:48 UTC



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Tommy Pappas
08 February 2013 @ 05:16 pm
I went to Target today to see if the new stuff was there and lo and behold it was all there.


Here's what I bought (don't mind the Phineas And Ferb bag)


I had to get the Miju pliush.
Alecko's Journal
08 February 2013 @ 05:39 pm
It's been nearly a year since I posted my last collection update. o_O I spent most of 2012 waiting for just one more package before I sat down and took pictures of everything. Which still hasn't actually happened yet and if it ever will is beyond me at this point.

But I did recieve a box a couple of days ago that had a plush I'd been wanting for quite a long time and had to take some quick pictures.

ClickCollapse )
Omega Tsuki
08 February 2013 @ 05:46 pm
A ton of parcels have shown up this week. It's crazy.
But by far the cutest of them...

Mascot photos below the cut!Collapse )

Now, photos aside, it's a group order.
Everything arriving means it's time for the final payment!

Skip ahead to the totals!Collapse )
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08 February 2013 @ 06:21 pm
Does anyone know where I can find this Pokemon set for sale that delivers to the US?


I thought I finally found this set on Y!J but it turned out it was just the pokeball...and I already bought it! :(  I knew I should have used translate on the whole auction but I was too excited because the auction showed all the bloks in two pictures! Who does that?! If they were just selling the pokeball, thats what they should have shown.

So if anyone on here knows where I can get one or if they happen to have this set they are willing to sell, I would be very grateful!
08 February 2013 @ 06:40 pm
To those who participated in the Water Gun Group Buy, they have just arrived!

To taytaychann , republicdc1 , megami36 :
Please send $4.50 to twikitxune(@) and have your LJ username somewhere in the memo! They are soft and squishy, so shipping them in bubble mailers should be fine. If you would like something else just let me know. I will be visiting the post office tomorrow.
Pictures and more under the cut ^^ (IMAGE-HEAVY)
PAID: taytaychan, republicdc1, megami36

Water Gun!!Collapse )

Btw, I also got my Substitute plush today..............! And holycrap it is way more awesome than I expected. Over 20% cooler than expected.

o ᴖ ͜ ᴖ oCollapse )

Btw, I am shipping out tomorrow. Have a look at my sales post if you'd like.

08 February 2013 @ 07:24 pm

I got some MPC's from set 23 up for grabs and some rare pokedolls which includes a Jirachi Oversized Pokedoll.
Come have a look before I get snowed in ^.^;;
2013-02-07 23.39.31 2013-02-07 23.41.542013-02-07 23.44.572013-02-07 23.45.282013-02-07 23.44.22

Sales Verbage Under The CutCollapse )
08 February 2013 @ 07:42 pm
It's that time again~ Come one!! Come All! To..

In case you missed entirelycliched's post last week, Free For All Friday is something new we're trying on the community to allow members to get to know their fellow PKMNcollectors better.  Each week on Friday, one of the moderators will set up a post where members can shoot the breeze and otherwise chat about off-topic happenings.

Our other community rules still apply on this post!!  Please do not advertise, post obscene images, troll/harass, or otherwise use FFAF to get around our basic community rules.  Also, due to the nature of the community, please avoid discussing financial issues.  Otherwise, chat about whatever you'd like :D

FFAF was a huge success last week, let's keep it up.  You guys are awesome ♥
08 February 2013 @ 07:56 pm
Heeeey everyone~ I decided I would do a little wants post, since I haven't done one in a really long time and I feel like buying a birthday gift for myself with the little cash that I have. XD

My wants list is located here. My high wants right now from that list are:
1:1 Dittochu
Shadow Lugia Pokedoll
Houndour Pokedoll
Coro Coro Shining Mew

These above items will take priority over any other offers if somebody has them for sale. Also, I would prefer not to buy any zukans right now, or the Kyogre, Suicune or Raikou pokedolls, or Vaporeon Gold Star. I'm weird I know. >.> For any of the TCG sorted by set, it would be awesome if I could work out a trade, since I'd prefer not to buy them for now. I reeeaaally want to finish Base Set. DX

Also, there are plenty of Pokedolls that I'm missing, so if you have a bunch for sale let me know and I might take a look~

Sorry for the boring post! I am planning a huge collection update sometime around my birthday next week <3

(P.S. If I don't answer any comments, it's because the electricity might go out because of the snowstorm.. Right now the lights are flickering every now and then. >.> )
08 February 2013 @ 08:14 pm
Um, um.. Hello pkmncollectors. Remember me...? (;ω;) I was cleaning my room today and figure it would be a good oppertunity to take some pictures and post some updates to my collection. I realized I haven't posted in forever so I guess I should kind of re-introduce myself maybe?? ;; I joined this community almost a year ago and made my first post on March the 3rd. After that I only made one more post and then I kind of... stopped... I guess? I'm always super shy and nervous but here I am! /m\ I apologize in advance for any mistakes or bad english...

If you"re interested, please click the cut! Lots of big pictures!Collapse )

Thanks for looking (*´∀`*) I hope to be posting more actively and overcome my nervousness about it ahahaha ;;;; I'm very sorry if I messed up anything or posted anything I wasn't supposed to! Please tell me if this is the case! Have a nice day, everyone! ♡
08 February 2013 @ 08:24 pm
Hello everybody! Today I have a few things I'd like to share with everyone ^w^
First off an update to my collection I got a lovely package from Sunnyshore yesterday that makes me want to sing and dance. :)
Collection UpdateCollapse )

Next on my agenda is in regards to my commissioners commonxrider  an jerybunny
Your plushies are done! please comment with your zipcodes so I can give you your totals :)
Your Finnished PlushiesCollapse )
Finally I'm on the look out for a new home for a very cute Maril Pokedoll. She is the 2009 minky version. She is in great condition and her only flaw is a few minor scratches in the corner of her tag. I'm looking to trade her for pretty much anything on my Wants List of equal value, I will also happily do a partial trade.
*I was granted sales permission b entirelycliched n December 13 2012
*My feedback can be found here
**due to my Post Office being run through my school I can only trade with folks in the U.S.**

Thanks everyone ^^
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08 February 2013 @ 08:31 pm
Hello there people! *waves hand*. So, after lurking for a while--and staring at pretty items I wish I knew about a looong time ago--I decided to make the jump and join the community. While my pen name says Gweniveve Skyes, all my LJ friends call me Gwen or Hey You ahaha for short, as you guys can too :D. I am a college student living in the good ole US of A who recently stumbled back to that old time obsession of pokemon. While I've always played the games, I never really got into them, until I bought my Reshiram plush in celebration of the Black/White releases. Since then, I've been buying the odd Pokemon item here and there. I don't really have a specific pokemon I collect, but I do have a weakness pun not intended, maybe and that is Pokemon plushes :D I luffs to snuggle with them.
I have a lot of favorite Pokemon, the list including,salamence, flygon, charizard, dragonite,dragonair, hydreigon, all the eeveelutions, the nidos, furret, and a pile of others.

I do have a few wants/grails (I think that's the term, correct me if I'm wrong) and if all goes well, I'll get them...someday :/. I probably won't start buying until the summer, which is hopefully when I get a paypal set up, but it's nice to see what everybody else has in the meantime.

1. Salamence pokedoll
2. Flygon plush ( I know they exist out there in the blue yonder)
3. Lugia plush, large or small
4. Kyurem large plush. . . the Banpresto one, I think ( I love my Starfish face lol)
5. Blaziken plush/pokedoll

And whatever catches my fancy :D.
I hope that it all goes well and for those who are on the east coast, stay safe and warm!

Nice to meet ya'll!
08 February 2013 @ 08:56 pm
Hey guys! Just a quick reminder about the Yodeling Tornadus GB; only Thundurus and Tornadus need claims!

08 February 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Hello guys, I have some money to spend, and was wondering if you have any of these for sale?
If you do, please help me out ^^

first off, pegs! I need 4 pegs for my deoxys zukan pieces. the kind of peg, wich is straight, and has a thin part at the top :O
So tell me if you have some spare ones ^^

also, zukans: 

BURMY line. All forms :U

and scolipede line?

If you can do a line under $10,50 shipped to sweden, ill get it ^^

Thanx everyone!
08 February 2013 @ 09:27 pm
Two gets posts in less then a week? Well, my Substitute plushie came in, and then the kiosks finally rotated out. So...

I have wanted these Pokedolls for so long...I always debated buying them from here, but I always told myself, what if they appeared in the kiosks again?

And lo and behold!

Look!Collapse )
08 February 2013 @ 10:06 pm
Me and my housemates drove through a blizzard today in Rochester to check out this anime store we've been curious about for a while. What we saw after we walked in:




So much awesome stuff from Japan, which was not what we expected. We didn't actually get anything because stuff was rather expensive...and we're cheapo college students...

So, yeah. Just thought I'd share. :)
08 February 2013 @ 10:15 pm
ga banner

Were doing really well :D Only just under 1 day to go!!!

Woo my gets xD Not much considering the lot size. CURSE YOU BUNDLE BLIND LUCK LOT.

Bought a huge fudge ton of pogs and its auction time.
I couldn't see all what was in this lot that popped up on Ebay, I bought it in hope that i'd find a Crobat VS Flaaffy ;_; BUT NO </3

Now these pogs are rare. I mean RARE. The artwork of the 'Pokemon League' range is very limited, the only things i know so far that have been printed is a selected few on Meiji stickers and on A3 magazine posters someone auctioned off not too long ago.
Since i auctioned some off i had last year that I've had since i was young, i haven't seen this around full stop. And that says a lot, considering i scout EVERY part of the worlds Ebays every day for flats xD

I only auction these because i dont know what to ask for for them :( All im doing though is looking to sell them and make a bit of money back due to how much the lot cost, and that I thought collectors on here would really appreciate them. I myself LOVE the artwork on these ;___; SO MUCH DROOL WHEN I OPENED THE MAILER <3

So lets go~



Thanks guys C: <3
Also has everyone gotten their stickers/flats okay yet?! They were mailed Monday so, hope some have arrived to you all already! <3
08 February 2013 @ 10:16 pm
I watched most of the pokemon movie my favorite would be pokemon 2000 the power of one and been looking around and I found this pokemon art book

I was wondering is this a colouring book or some novel or is it am illustration of pokemon art from the movie? I never seen it before so yeah if people who have it please tell me what it is also if it is an illustration how good are the image?

Secondly I been look at pokemon card and some of the illustration are amazing I was wonder is there a compilation of pokemon card art in a book artist from ken sugimori or mitsuhiro Arita there are artwork is amazing ex-specially mitsuhiro Arita artwork from pokemon centre 2006 calander from New York simply wow!
Rachel the Team Magma Grunt
08 February 2013 @ 11:34 pm

Wondering if anyone has this tomy Furret plushie, for around 60$ shipped? I know it usually goes for 40 - 90, so hoping to get something in the middle there :P Also if anyone has a Bayleef plushie they wouldn't mind parting with I'd be really greatful <3
Thanks in advanced~