laurenbachmann (laurenbachmann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update and re-vamped trades!

Hey poke-people! Ive re-vamped my trades list and wants list- linky link

also wanted to share my current collection! I still have a bunch of new ones coming in but so far these are the metals i have in either the colors I want or atleast my 2nd choice colors (mainly if the colors i really want are super rare)

Annnnd here are my keshimon with their pokedex cases! I have more keshi's coming in soon as well :)

Tags: collection, collection update, metal figures
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Those keshimon containers are so cute! :D Do 1st gen keshimon only come in gold and silver? Also, I was wondering did you still have those Articuno items I was interested in please? :) I can't find the post where I originally commented! XD
yupp the gen 1's only came in silver and gold.. the few gen 2's they did are colored.. the only ones i know for sure of are pink slowking, blue marill, blue heracross, lime mareep, lime sentret, green chikorita and green spinarak.. if you ever find the lime sentret or the green spinarack let me know!!

and yes! i do still have the artiuno items..though i cant seem to find the coin.. im sure itll turn up eventually i also just got an extra articuno keshimon if you might be interested in that?

Thanks! :) Ah yes I remember now I was interested in the blue rubber figure and the small plastic metallic figure! :) And thanks but I already have the keshimon (unless it's the silver one! XD Not seen that one anywhere yet! :/). How much did you want for the two figures? :)
unfortunately i havent seen the silver one anywhere.. im still on the hunt for that one myself lol

would you be fine with $5+shipping for the figures? i have no idea of their actual value so i dont want to over charge you
oh hey i found the coin!
Oops sorry for my late reply! XD It turns out I already have that coin actually (I keep forgetting to mark it off my wants list! XD) so would it be alright if I just take the two little figures please? :) Thanks! ^-^
sure thats fine :) what are we doing about shipping?
it'll probably be easiest to send it to my US middleman at IL 60156! :)
okie dokie.. so the total will be $8 :) paypal is
Awesome! :) Payment sent! ^-^ Please let me know if the address doesn't show up in the note section and I'll PM it to you! :) Thanks! ^-^
got it! i should be able to send them out next week