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Spring Swap 2017 - Important Notes

Hello again everyone! <3 At this point in time, you should have all gotten your assignments and are shopping for and/or crafting for Spring Swap giftee a fantastic gift! As we get into the swap, a few points of concern have popped up that the hosts would like you all to keep in mind:

  • If you mentioned in your application that you would be posting an updated wants and/or collection post, now is the time to do so! The sooner you get those up, the better for your gifter!

  • If you are posting a wants list, we highly recommend that you post it on your personal livejournal (make sure it's set to public!), and then share that link with your host to pass along to your gifter. Posting it on the community doesn't guarantee that your gifter will see your wants list, since not everyone checks the community daily.

  • Make sure that your wants list contains items that are within the $20 minimum, and are easy to find for your gifter. If your wants list contains nothing but grail items or very hard to find misc. goods, then your gifter probably won't be able to get you anything on your list. Do your gifter a favor and update your wants list so it's easier to shop for you! <3

  • If you are buying any items off of your wants list, be absolutely sure that you are okay with having duplicates. It is unfair to your gifter to buy items for you and then have to scramble to find replacement gifts because you bought the same item after it was already listed on your wants list.

That's all for now! A link has been added to the sidebar for the Spring Swap Master post for everyone's convenience. Just look for the adorable little azurmaril image. :)
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