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Tomy Figures have appeared! Tomy and Pokemon center online pickups

Hello everyone! Like many others, I have been hunting for the posable Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon set that was to come out in January with no success.... Until tonight! The US Tomy store updated thier online store, and boy is it a dosy! It includes restocks of older plushes and figures (Noibat anyone?), some brand new figures (like eeveelution) AND includes brand new aloian plush like Litten, MIMIKYU, and Togedemaru! They also have it so any purchase over $40 gets free shipping in the US. =)

Now, I know a lot of people looking for these are not in the US, so I am offering pickups for anyone interested. Cost will be item + $2 (per item purchased) and shipping cost from me to you (and those darn PP fees). Please note I can't give shipping quotes as I do not have these things in hand. Overseas shipping cost for last couple packages weighing 4 oz cost about $13. >_< Once I place the order, you are committed to the purchase. Payments will be due once I receive items and can calculate shipping. *Edit* please include your location when you order so I can calculate your total once I get everything. I plan on ordering Monday or Tuesday. *Sorry for all the edits guys! I put the post up at 2 am my time so I was pretty groggy and didn't think of everything to put down the first time. XD*

You can view the store here:
http://tomy.com/pokemon-toys/figures-and-playsets (link to figures, navigate to other sections)

For those of you having trouble with the link, try this one, courtesy of sugar0coated: http://us.tomy.com/pokemon/shop

I was granted sales permission on March 23rd, 2016 by areica96.
My feedback can be seen here.

Any questions about my sales policies can be found on my sales page located at http://yuwaku-kun.livejournal.com/4044.html. Feel free to combine anything from my store with your Tomy order. =)

*Edit* If there is enough interest, I am willing to do a purchase from the Pokemon online store as well. Same rules apply: Cost will be item + $2 (per item purchased) and shipping cost from me to you.

Tomy online store:
1.naomiromeroart - THROW 'N' POP POKÉ BALL, ROCKRUFF AND ULTRA BALL to 43232
2. sugar0coated - Eeveelutions 3 pack to UK
3. clicky797 - small plush Rowlet, Eeveelutions 3 pack to 60156 (Uk)
4. pokewomon - Eeveelutions three pack to 92256

Pokemon Center Online:
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