Babs Bunny (babsbunny) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Babs Bunny

Hitmontop! :D

Hey all! I'm new here, but hardly new to the world of Pokemon. Love Pokemon very very much. Especially the Mystery Dungeon series.

Anyway, my favourite generation is Johto, and my fav 'mon ever is Hitmontop. Can't get enough of the little guy! I don't have a huge collection of stuff, mainly because there's not that much out there. Which leads me to my next question: I have a little fuzzy Hitmontop plush that I got at the Pokemon Centre in NYC when it was still open. Is that the only plush ever made of Hitmontop or are there more?

Lemme know! Also, where do I get one of those Pokemon Chibi "kid" figures I saw? the little 'Top is adorable!
Tags: hitmontop
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