Formally killerjaw01 (bergunty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

All items sent & collection update!

All items were sent first thing this morning! Apologies for the delay; Xmas......

I got some really cool things which you can marvel at:
The keshimon metal figure Raichu. I have been after a metal figure of him for ages; thanks Fernchu! It's sooo tiny (around the same size as a Monopoly piece).

Skdarkdragon sold me 100s of metal charms; these are the two that I kept.

Photobucket Photobucket
Tattoos from eBay!

Thanks Sorcererhuntress (Ka-chan) for the charm trade & Xmas card/stickers!

I have been waiting (im)patiently for this Yukata Yumi plush to arrive (well not as much as others as I got it from eBay so it was only a month's wait). She's beautiful and very well made; my new baby!

Too cool for school....

This Pikachu was the actual main item from the sale; I thought it was gonna be a hard hollow plastic horrid thing; it is actually a large rubbery electronic toy from Tomy 1998! Haven't seen it before; I think it's supposed to move as I can hear motors whirring.... Cheeks light up and it speaks in a high voice.

I also got this as a freebie; could anyone identify it?

A new Pokemon appears?
Oh if anyone wants to see more snow pictures (and the best looking hot chocolate ever); visit my Journal!
Wild Postman Appears! Everyone run!

I received Onion today. A companiant to Sage. (If anyone cares Onion is female & Sage is male...) Look at her hard-nut face!

"Gettout I'm the new fav biatch!"

Thanks Gin!

And say hello to lunachik's custom female Raichu! An adorable addition.
Apologies for the messy desk; trying to figure out how to fix the bizzarechu!
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