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Ga- Zukan pieces & bases

Woot woot. Hey guys, I came across this pretty cool auction for some pretty rare zukan pieces & bases! GA time 8D

It has the Owl line, Gatr line, Hitmon Line, pikas, bugs, a mongoose, a giant block of ice, more popular single pieces, many bases and then some! Be sure to check it out c:
-Standard no sniping rule
-Bid increases by $1
-This is a two payment auction
(Payment #1 = item, deupty fees & deupty shipping to me)
(Payment #2 = shipping from me to you)
-All fees & deupty shipping are split between bidders
-Any pegs in the pieces will be given to who ever wins the piece(s). Any unclaimed zukan pieces with pegs will be de-pegged and given to anybody interested who participated in the GA. First come first serve basis.
-I am claiming the Chansey line, the large green base, a black base, the Phanpy line, and a brown base at $20 and I will go higher if necessary
Any questions? Just ask :)
This auction ends on Saturday the 10th, at 10:00 PM EST time!

Use Ctrl + F to find the Pokemon you are looking for easier~
Total Raised so far: $85

We won! The invoice should arrive in a few weeks so keep a lookout and be ready to pay. Thanks guys <3

Tags: feraligatr, group auction, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, hitmontop, hoothoot, medicham, munchlax, noctowl, regice, sceptile, wartortle, zangoose, zukan
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