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Sales! Prices on certain plush reduced

Just a reminder; I still have plenty of plush left (but not so much space). XD
I've lowered the price on some plush, and I also still have a lot of RBY sprite stickers left, so check it out under the cut!

TOMY Latios Plush (Mint with tush tag): $80 OBO
TOMY Latias Plush (Mint with tush tag): $60 OBO
Willing to haggle, especially if you take both! :)

Shiny Gyarados Plush (Mint with tush and hang tag): $68, Shiny Magikarp Plush (Mint with tush and hang tag): $45.

Battle Playset Pidgey Plush (Excellent condition, tush tag cut): $18
Jakk's Cherrim (Day) Plush (Mint with tags): $12
Banpresto Chimchar Plush (Mint with tags): $8
Jakk's Oddish Plush (Excellent condition, tush tag cut): $7

Banpresto Nosepass & Probopass Plush (both mint with tags): $25 each

Banpresto Chimchar Plush (Mint with tush tag): $8
Banpresto Munchlax Plush (Mint with tush and hang tag): $25
Banpresto Snubbull Plush (Mint with tush and hang tag)
Banpresto Piplup Plush (Mint with tush tag): $8

Banpresto Shoulder Buddy Cyndaquil Plush (Mint with tags): $20
Banpresto (soft touch) Yawarakai Cyndaquil Plush: $30 OBO
Banpresto (soft touch) Yawarakai Chikorita Plush

Pikachu&Togepi Backpack: $25
Banpresto Togepi Plush (Mint with tush tag)

Banpresto Mew Plush (Mint with tush tag): $12
Banpresto Torchic Plush (Mint with tush tag): $15
Jakk's Pacific Cleffa Plush (Mint with tush tag): $8
Jakk's Pacific Drifblim Plush (Mint with tush tag)

Banpresto UFO Catcher Bulbasaur Plush (Excellent condition with tush tag): $22
Banpresto UFO Catcher Charmander Plush (Mint with tags): $22

Banpresto Rayquaza Plush (Mint with tush tag): $22
Banpresto Deoxys Plush (Mint with tush tag)

Lighter Banpresto (towel material) Pikachu Plush (Mint with tags): $15
Banpresto Surfing Pikachu Plush (Mint with both tags): $18
Hasbro Pikachu Plush (Mint with tush tag): $15 OBO
Banpresto Christmas UFO Catcher Pikachu Plush (Excellent condition with tush tag): $12
Yawarakai (soft touch) Pikachu Plush (Mint with tags): $15

Banpresto Bellossom Plush (Excellent condition with tush tags): $18
Banpresto Vileplume Plush (Mint with tags): $20
TOMY Fuzzy Poliwhirl Plush: $12

Corsola Pokedoll (Mint with tush tag): $35 OBO
Wobbuffet Pokedoll (Mint with tush tag): $28 OBO
Both are the old 2001/2002 NYC releases.


Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur Happy Birthday Postcard: $15
Venusaur Postcard: $12
Pikachu/Eevee "Merry Christmas" Postcard: $15
Sandshrew/Primeape/Ash/Diglett postcard: $15

Zapdos Postcard: $15

Pikachu/Tentacool Postcard: $12
Bulbasaur Postcard: $12
Gengar/Onix First Episode Postcard: $12
Cubone Postcard: $12

Gyarados Postcard: $12
Arcanine/Rapidash + Ash and Pikachu Postcard: $12
Pinsir/Metapod Postcard: $12
Spearow Postcard: $10

Gary motherfuckin' Oak Postcard: $12
Team Rocket Postcard: $12
Brock/Zubat Postcard: $12
Misty/Horsea Postcard: $12

• Rare stamps from 2000: Scyther, Metapod, Kakuna, Heracross - $2.50 each.

Playing Cards

Chimchar Playing Cards (A, 2, 3, 5): $3 each

Chimchar Playing Cards (8, 9, J, K): $3 each

Chimchar Playing Cards (9, Q): $3 each
Chimchar/Squirtle Playing Card (7): $3
Piplup Playing Card (A): $3

Palkia Playing Card (A): $4
Dialga Playing Card (2): $4
Chimchar/Dialga/Palkia Playing Card (3): $4
Chimchar/Dialga/Palkia Playing Card (4): $4

Chimchar/Dialga/Palkia Playing Card (5): $4
Chimchar/Dialga/Palkia/Turtwig Playing Card (8): $4
Dialga/Palkia Playing Card (6): $4
Chimchar/Dialga/Palkia/Squirtle Playing Card (K): $4

Palkia Playing Card (10): $4
Dialga Playing Card (J): $4
Seel Playing Cards (JOKER) x2: $5 each

Nosepass Playing Cards (5, 6, 7, 8): $4 each

Drifloon Playing Cards (6, 7): $5 each
Cranidos Playing Cards (10, Q): $3.50 each

Top Row: Luxio Playing Cards (2, 3, 4): $7 each
Bottom Row: Loudred Playing Cards (Q, J): $3.50 each

Piplup/Jynx Playing Card (K): $7
Chimchar/Jynx Playing Card (4): $7
Happiny Playing Card (J): $3.50

• Pretty Cards! I am not sure what they're called..
Top Row: Relicanth, Tauros, Cubone, Aerodactyl, Ralts: $2.50 each
Bottom Row: Tailllow, Marowak, Grimer, Seadra, Sandslash: $1.50 each

• Cards continued:
Top Row: Plusle, Snorlax [H], Meowth, Koffing, Volbeat: $1.50 each
Middle Row: Starmie, Scyther, Marowak, Deoxys Defense: $1.50 each
Bottom Row: Cascoon, Linoone, Glalie, Bagon: $1 each

Top Row: Nincada, Corphish, Geodude, Nuzleaf, Pupitar: $1 each
Middle Row: Poliwrath, Clamperl, Cacnea, Graveler, Bonsly [H]: $0.50 each
Bottom Row: Aron, Lairon, Cradily, Machoke, Mankey: $0.50 each

Amada Stickers
Top row: Azurill [H], Rayquaza [H]: $2.50 each
Middle Row: Porygon2, Scizor, Cute Cleffa, Stantler, Smoochum: $2 each
Bottom Row: Groudon, Starmie (lighter), Starmie (Darker), Sneasel, Banette: $1.75 each

Amada Stickers: all are $1.50
Top Row: Gulpin, Aipom, Castform, Swinub, Weepinbell, Duskull (front view)
Second Row: Omanyte, Taillow, Donphan, Seadra (lighter), Cacnea, Duskull (side view)
Third Row: Machoke, Swellow (flying), Torchic (mouth open), Seadra (darker), Cacturne, Misdreavus
Bottom Row: Makuhita, Swellow (standing), Torchic (mouth closed), Octillery, Lotad, Mudkip

Amada Stickers: $0.75 each
Top Row: Lileep, Nuzleaf, Goldeen, Remoraid, Rhydon, Heracross
Second Row: Weezing, Grotle, Pelipper, Prinplup, Gligar, Granbull
Third Row: Zubat, Doduo, Tentacool, Tyrogue, Voltorb, Wurmple
Bottom Row: Nosepass, Fearow, Corphish, Hitmonchan, Aron, Slakoth


Leafeon Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $25

Togekiss Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $20

Houndour Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $15

Manectric Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $15

Growlithe Kid: $15

Articuno Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $10

Garchomp Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $10

Relicanth Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $8

Bagon Kid (comes with sticker, candy, and box): $8

Mint out of Package kids: Ampharos, Jolteon: $8 each

Shellder kid: $2

Castle Sets (all in mint condition, taken out only for the photo):

Glaceon Castle Set: $18 OBO

Leafeon Castle Set: $18 OBO

Gabite Castle Set: $10 OBO

(Angry) Piplup Castle Set: $10 OBO


• Custom Vulpix Pin: $8

• Poliwag Squishy: $5

Slowbro keychain: $3
• MIP Slowking clip: $5

• Squirtle Totem Keychain (Mint out of package, I just assembled the chain): $4

• Rare Bandai Sticker Cards: $3.75 each
Surfing Pikachu, Charmander/Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Pikachu, Togepi on log, Jigglypuffs, Assorted Pikachu Stickers, Horsea, Snorlax, Regular & Pink Butterfree/Pikachu, Pikachu/Gloom

Pan Stickers:
• Top row: Teddiursa, Dunsparce, Shuckle: $3.50 each
• Middle row: Aipom with apple, Ralts, Hariyama: $3 each
• Bottom row: Corsola, Metagross, Brock: $2.75 each

Pan Stickers:
Top Row: Sad Politoed, Elekid, Venonat: $2 each
Middle Row: Crawdaunt, Torterra, Combusken: $1.50 each
Bottom Row: Ledian, Team Aqua Member, Tentacool: $1 each

Pan Stickers:
Top Row: Pelipper, Lunatone, Wurmple: $1.50 each
Bottom Row: Trapinch, Sunflora, Remoraid: $1 each

RBY Sprite Stickers: $1.50 each

Charizard: $2

SOLD: Pikachu, Raichu

Nidorina, Nidoking: $1.75 each
Ninetales: $2
SOLD: Nidoqueen

SOLD: Gloom

Growlithe, Arcanine: $1.75 each

SOLD: Ponyta, Rapidash

Gastly, Haunter, Gengar: $1.75 each

Please note: The rest of these are available (up to Mewtwo), but I don't have them photographed. Please let me know if you'd like any of the ones past 106!
These are about 2cm x 2cm

Leftover Slowpoke/bro/king flats:

Top Row:
Slowpoke on rock sticker: $1.50
Holographic Slowpoke Sticker: $2.50

Middle Row:
• Slowpoke Amada Sticker: $1.50
• Slowpoke Amnesia Amada Sticker: $2.50
• Slowbro Amada Sticker: $1.50
• Slowbro (Dark Blue) Amada Sticker: $1.50

Bottom Row:
• Slowking Amada Sticker: $2
• Slowbro Pan Sticker: $2

Slowking Stickers (left): $1.50 each
Slowking Stickers (right): $2 for both pieces of the puzzle

Marill Stickers: $1.50 each
Sentret Stickers: $1.50 each
Mareep Sticker (left): $1.50, Holographic Mareep Sticker (right): $1.75

The rest of my sales can be found in my journal here if anyone is interested: :)
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