poprock_grey (poprock_grey) wrote in pkmncollectors,

UFO and.. other stuff auctions.. Woo!

Well, looks like i couldn't wait.. I've got quite a few UFO plush and a few other random guys thrown in as well.
This post will be image heavy, so be warned!

NO SNIPING, all auctions will be extended by 10 hours if bidding is made in the last 20 minutes.
Auction ends on Friday, the 18th at 10PM EST.
All plush start at 10$, except for Groudon and kyogre who start at 15.
Most plush will probably have to be shipped in a box due to size
I can take a payment plan if things get expensive
Please bid in 1$ increments!
If you would like better pictures, please ask. I love to take them!
Please try to make payments A.S.A.P.
Please no private offers. :,< I want to give everyone a chance at these guys. <3
ALSO, I KNEW I forgot something. Please bid in the appropriate threads. If you don't reply to the last person that bid, your bid DOES NOT COUNT.

All threads are a go, start bidding!

Also, a note. None of these guys have hangtags, only tush tags.

Altaria, Jirachi, Poochynea, torchic, rayquaza

Mewtwo, roselia, wailmer, plushe, deoxys

Salamance, corphish, mudkip, pikachu, squirtle (super soft!), giratina worm form.

Kyogre, groudon


Charmander is only UFO, others are soft and laying plusie, turtwig and shaymin sky form

NOT UFOS (at least without string if Trecko or pelipper are)
Treeko and pelipper ARE UFOs, but without the head string!
Tomy Cyndaquil, Tomy hitmontop, bonsly, trecko, pelipper

Also, Muk is for size reference only.
Tags: altaria, auction, banpresto, bonsly, charmander, chimecho, corsola, cyndaquil, deoxys, giratina, groudon, hitmontop, jirachi, kyogre, mewtwo, mudkip, pelipper, pikachu, plush, plusle, poochyena, rayquaza, roselia, salamence, sales, shaymin, squirtle, torchic, treecko, turtwig, wailmer
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