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Minimodel questions and update-ish thingy

I haven't been posting here in a while, but I'm still totally alive and following (spending money in) this community! <3
Today I pulled a 12h day at school/work and I was totally tired when I got home. But guess what there was in my mailbox to cheer me up? :3
Few envelopes from you guys! <3 It was so weird, I got many envelopes at the same day. x)
There was envelopes from blackjackrocket , sakusha and quailien .
Also I have received few other envelopes a bit earlier too, I just haven't found any time to make updates. @___@ And I have a few that came without senders nickname, and I don't have all the names on my notepad lists either. ;__;  So if you know that you have sold something for me and you want a feedback or know if your items have arrived, please contact me~ Most likely your items have arrived. :3
And I gladly leave feedbacks!

Entei charm thingy from blackjackrocket <3 They were kind enough to find one of these specially for me. ^__^
Eevee tin and Swinub-line charms from sakusha . I'm loving these. *___* Specially the Piloswine charm. <3 I might make a necklace out of it. Would be unique. o3o Or maybe I'll have to buy a double one for the necklace. x)

This is the cutest Turtwig sticker ever. :3 It was one the thank you-note from quailien .
From them I got a Turtwig pkmn center bag, couple of minimodels and Numel card.

Turtwig bag shown with my Turtwig plushies~ I need to find a proper way to display it. It wont stay there, covering our poor hammy's home. x)

I was too fast and exited with all the flats I got and they were in my flats binder before I was taking any pics. Sorry. x) <3

Now it's Rhydon's turn to talk.

So, the minimodel questions I had?
I was wondering how many colours of minimodels there is actually available, does anyone know? And are the all colors available from every Pokémon or is there differences? Are some of the colors more rare than others? xD

Here are all minimodels I have so far. As you can see I'm aiming to get more of these two lines. :3
I would also happily buy Krabby/Kingler/Rhydon/Rhyhorn minimodels if someone has them and wouldn't mind parting with those~ Thought I'm only looking for colors that I don't have already. :)

Yep, that's all for now. I promise to make a proper collection update someday when I have time for it. @___@
I'm off to bed in a minute. So instead of me I'll leave this Rhydon named Pinky tho watch over this post.

Pinky loves you all and is waiting for replies to my minimodel questions~~ <33

Tags: collection, eevee, entei, krabby, piloswine, rhydon, turtwig
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