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I'm Search Man, okay?

A Sales Post in Time

Plush are pretty much repeats of my last plush auction, so a lot of you may not have anything new to look at there, but there is also a Spiritomb Pokedoll, a Tomy Cyndaquil, and some of the recent Jakks plushes. On the zukan front I have a lot of new things, including a Typhlosion Line, Togekiss Line, Shaymin line, Forretress line, and why I don't have wool line (Ampharos!). Also all the recent set zukan. Come take a look!

Also I apologize if any pictures do not show up, I am trying out imgur for the first time with tinypic down. If anything is down, please feel free to tell me.

I accept any form of paypal payment
I ship from the United States, but also gladly ship internationally. Please do remember that costs can add up quickly shipping internationally.
Shipping for one zukan line will not be more than $3 anywhere in the world.
I am smoke free and pet free.
Holds are acceptable, but I only go 48 hours with those.
I do not typically haggle, but I will gladly make a deal for anything on my wish list http://captkirby.livejournal.com/2662.html I want a Marill Pokedoll baddddddly.


3x Standing Zoroark Line Zukan $15 each
3x Aipom Line Zukan $8 each
3x Gallade Line Zukan $9 each
3x Crouching Zoroark Line Zukan $15 each

3x1x Tyranitar Line Zukan $13 each 2 SOLD
2x Moltres Line Zukan $9 each
3x1x Blissey Line Zukan $8 each
Heatran Zukan $8 SOLD
2x Porygon-Z Line Zukan $12 each
Bronzong Line Zukan $8
2xUnown U-? Line Zukan $8 each

all Japanese Version style Zukan, no rubber!

Mamoswine Zukan $8
2x Piloswine & Swinub Zukan $8 each
Rhyperior Zukan $10
Ampharos Line Zukan $20
Skunktank Line Zukan $8
Slowwwwww....b...r...o Line Zukan $20 SOLD
2x1x Purugly Line Zukan $8 each
Lickilicky Line Zukan $10
Gliscor Line Zukan $8 SOLD
Shaymin Line Zukan $20 SOLD
Typhlosion Line Zukan $20 SOLD
Bastiodon Line Zukan $5 SOLD
Forretress Line Zukan $20

Quagsire Line Zukan $6 SOLD
Rhydon & Rhyhorn Zukan $10 SOLD
2x Aerodactyl Zukan $8 each SOLD
Mismagius Line Zukan $10
2x Cherrim Line Zukan $8 each
2x1x Togepi/Togetic/Egg Zukan $8 each
Chimecho Line Zukan $6
Bidoof Line Zukan $8
2x1x Carnivine Zukan $6 each
Spiritomb Zukan $6
Pachiraisu Zukan $6
Shuckle Zukan $6
Togekiss/Togetic/Togepi Zukan $20


fuzzy Tomy Treecko $6
1999 Banpresto Snorlax $6
2004 Banpresto Treecko Contest Ribbon $12
2000 Banpresto Totodile $6 SOLD
2006 Banpresto Turtwig $12
2004 Banpresto Munchlax missing tush tag, missing hang string $12
2x 2007 Banpresto Piplup w/hang string $10
2005 Banpresto crying Bonsly $10
Banpresto fuzzy Mime Jr. w/hang string $8
Banpresto fuzzy Mime Jr. w/hang string & hang tag $8
Jakks Igglybuff $10
Jakks Togepi $10
2x Jakks Murkrow $10
2x Jakks Politoed $10
Marill Friends $8

1999 Meowth w/hang string, missing tush tag $6
Banpresto Blissey w/hang tag, hang string, a little dirty $4
fuzzy Tomy Meowth $3
2000 Banpresto Chikorita huge stain, very worn tush tag $3
1999 Banpresto Meowth $6
1998 Banpresto Meowth $1
little Cyndaquil hang plush $3 SOLD
little Chikorita hang plush $3
little Totodile hang plush $5
Bellossom Friends $8

1999 Banpresto Snubbull $8
2009 Tomy Cyndaquil $23
2007 Spiritomb Pokedoll $23 ON HOLD
2008 Banpresto Manaphy $8
2004 Banpresto Rayquaza $23

#1 1999 Banpresto Pikachu filled w/beans, hang string, tail no longer attached properly by sewing $3
#2 1999 Banpresto Pikachu filled w/beans, no hang string, no tush tag, tail properly attached $6
#3 2000 Banpresto Pikachu w/hang string $3
#4 Banpresto Pikachu holding pokeball $5
#5 #76 1997 Banpresto Pikachu, hang tag, string, mint $6
#6a 2001 Banpresto Pichu :D face w/hang string damage to one eye $3
#6b 2001 Banpresto Pichu :D face w/hang string $5
#7 2000 Banpresto Pichu $4
#8 ? Pichu :D face w/hang string, missing tush tag $4
#9 2000 Banpresto Pichu $4
#10 2001 Banpresto Pichu :) face w/hang string $4
#11 Tomy Pikachu reversible pokeball $2
#12 keychain Pikachu $2 SOLD

#13 1/1 Pichu $20
#14 1/1 Pikachu $20
#15 2000 Banpresto DX Pikachu + hang tag, talking (but could not test) $10
#16 2001 Banpresto DX Pikachu, stuffed w/beans $15
#17 Banpresto DX Talking Pikachu (could not figure any way to change the batteries) $15

#18 1998 Banpresto Puffy Pikachu w/pokeball $4
#19a 1998 Banpresto Puffy Pikachu :O face $2 SOLD
#19b 1998 Banpresto Puffy Pikachu :O face $2
#20a 1998 Banpresto Puffy Pikachu :D face $2
#20b 1998 Banpresto Puffy Pikachu :D face $2

Tags: aerodactyl, ambipom, ampharos, bastiodon, bellossom, bidoof, blissey, bonsly, bronzong, carnivine, cherrim, chikorita, chimecho, cyndaquil, forretress, gallade, gliscor, heatran, igglybuff, lickitung, mamoswine, manaphy, marill, meowth, mime jr., mismagius, moltres, munchlax, murkrow, pichu, pikachu, piloswine, piplup, politoed, porygon, purugly, quagsire, rayquaza, rhydon, rhyperior, sales, shaymin, shuckle, skuntank, slowbro, snorlax, snubbull, spiritomb, togekiss, togetic, totodile, treecko, turtwig, typhlosion, tyranitar, unown, zoroark
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