moltres93 (moltres93) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Possible GA?


... Is there a catch to this ENTIRE SET OF BOXED KIDS auction starting at 500 yen?? I mean even if the price is expected to go up quickly towards the end doesn't it seem strange it starts so incredibly low? I dunno. I mean I don't speak Japanese or know anything about Y!J ;___;

And someone who likes running GAs. Do this one pls k thx bye.

Okay looks like this auction has no catches... it's just very very cheap XDD Judging by the comments I got within the first ten mins of posting this, it looks like there might be a fair bit of interest for this lot. I would totally run this GA myself but as everyone know shipping from Australia is very expensive, and I doubt people would want to pay $9 postage for a kid figure. Would anyone else be interested in running it? All I want is the Moltres!! (believe it or not I already have the big green box with Moltres on it lol). So uh yeah. Someone GA this XD
Tags: group auction, growlithe, haunter, kabuto, kids, krabby, lapras, moltres, nidoran, persian, snorlax, victreebel
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