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a few quick things

while reorganizing my hitmontops today I realized something. The size of my collection does not reflect the size of my intense love for this pokemon! I want everything I do not have AND MORE. (if that makes sense) I may even be interested in non-tcg flats

SEE ALL THAT EMPTY SPACE? help me fill it up! I've compiled a list of wants you can poke through...if you want. HERE

Also...quick question:

these tins. I'm pretty sure I saw a hitmontop one of these but my memory is a little fuzzy. Does anyone have a photo of the hitmontop one or can atleast confirm that one even exists? 

~ ~ ~

I also have this these random toy lots I'm looking to get rid of.


Big lot o stuff, conditions vary. $50 shipped in the US $55 for international (or best offer!)

metal figures lot (please don't ask for me to seperate anything!) $30 shipped in the US $35 for international (or best offer!)

Tags: hitmontop, sales
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