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Epcot Pokedoll Run 7-- New Stock You Say?

So as some of you may or may not know, Epcot is hosting its International Flower and Garden Festival.. Naturally I had to take a gander at all the lovely shrubberies!

What I did not expect to find while passing through the Japan Pavilion was A LOT OF NEW STOCK!~!

Like seriously, it's the most I've ever seen. It has to be because of the Black/White release haha <3

Anyways I shall be completing a run in TWO DAYS TIME~ That's right Friday March 25th. (I have no idea how long this stock will last). And I MAY conduct a second one, if stock seems favorable.

Anyways more pics below the cut/pricing/ect

Terms: I WILL BE SHIPPING FROM THE US. The below prices are for US residents, I will have to recalculate for international packages~~ Prices are in USD I will collect money before the Pokedoll run, and if your item(s) aren't available, I will refund you in full~! (Hopefully they have your desired doll <3)

If you want me to put you down for a spot, you will be obligated for that spot. ie- you have to pay in full for your spot prior to 5pm EST Friday March 25th


What they currently have in stock/estimated US shipping/pp prices:
Pokedolls: $20-$25 shipped
Shirts $33.50 shipped
TOMY: $9.50 shipped out of box, 10.50 shipped with box
DX Pokedolls/Reshiram/Zekrom 37+ Shipping (will calculate individually for USA/outside)

Tags: axew, chimchar, darkrai, dialga, emolga, entei, flareon, gengar, giratina, lapras, lugia, metagross, mew, mime jr., minccino, munna, musharna, oshawott, pachirisu, palkia, pidove, pikachu, piplup, raikou, reshiram, riolu, sales, sandile, shaymin, snivy, suicune, tepig, turtwig, umbreon, zekrom, zoroark
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