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Pokemon Zodiac Necklace Auction

Now I'm working hard on my bakery customs, but one day I was walking around Joann's and I just had a random moment of inspiration. I love the Western Zodiac and love making Zodiac series. So I thought why not put Pokemon to the Zodiac! :D So this is what I came up with. I made 13 necklaces representing each Zodiac with a Pokemon and I thought it would be fun to auction each off. So follow the cut for more pictures and info on each one! <3

Auction Rules/Info
These necklaces are all made be me. The pendents each have a metal backing and I built on top of them with Sculpey III. Details were painted on, they were glazed, and I added little gems as an accent.
All community auction rules apply. Any deleted bids or backing out of payment will result in negative feedback and please bid in increments of at least $1 in the specified thread.
Ending bids do not include shipping payment. Shipping to any where in the US is $4 and shipping any where internationally is $5.
I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after I give you your final total.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or I have had trouble with you in the past.
Each of these necklaces will start at $10.
This auction will end on Sunday June 12th at 8:00 PM PST.
If you enjoyed getting my customs I would really love for you to give me some feedback. You can find my feedback thread here:


Zodiac: Aries
Pokemon: Whimsicott
Element: Fire
Color: Red
Gemstone: Diamond


Zodiac: Taurus
Pokemon: Bouffalant
Element: Earth
Color: Pink
Gemstone: Emerald


Zodiac: Gemini
Pokemon: Zweilous
Element: Air
Color: Green
Gemstone: Moss Agate


Zodiac: Cancer
Pokemon: Dwebble
Element: Water
Color: Sliver
Gemstone: Pearl


Zodiac: Leo
Pokemon: Luxray
Element: Fire
Color: Gold
Gemstone: Ruby


Zodiac: Virgo
Pokemon: Leavanny
Element: Earth
Color: Navy
Gemstone: Garnet


Zodiac: Libra
Pokemon: Chandelure
Element: Air
Color: Blue
Gemstone: Sapphire


Zodiac: Scorpio
Pokemon: Scolipede
Element: Water
Color: Maroon
Gemstone: Opal


Zodiac: Sagittarius
Pokemon: Rapidash
Element: Fire
Color: Purple
Gemstone: Topaz


Zodiac: Capricorn
Pokemon: Vaporeon
Element: Earth
Color: Black
Gemstone: Onyx


Zodiac: Aquarius
Pokemon: Frillish (M)
Element: Air
Color: Turquoise
Gemstone: Turquoise


Zodiac: Pisces
Pokemon: Milotic + Shiny Milotic
Element: Water
Color: Seagreen
Gemstone: Moonstone


Zodiac: Ophiuchus
Pokemon: Serperior
Element: Water - Fire
Color: Orange
Gemstone: Serpentine

This auction is over. Thank you to everyone that bid. <3
Tags: bouffalant, chandelure, custom, dwebble, frillish, leavanny, luxray, milotic, rapidash, scolipede, serperior, vaporeon, whimsicott, zweilous
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