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Customs Post/Updates

Note:  This is NOT a commissions Post.
Not all Customs posts are commissions!

Click the cut to see pics of my newest plush, and some recent gets!

Okay, so here is my custom Umbreon plush!  About 17cm tall, if you want to know. Made of Ultra-Cuddle Fabric.  I love it so much!

Please note that I used one of the pattern pieces from one of Renegar-Kitsune's tutorial on DeviantART.

Okay, ow for some recent gets!  First up, we have Zorua throw plush!

Next up, a Misdreavus Jakks figure!  Haven't ever seen this before o.o

Last but DEFINATELY not least, Vulpix Figure!  OMG!  I love it so much!

Thanks for reading this small collection post!  I imagined it bigger o.o
Also, please note that this is not all I have.  Just the new stuff :D
Tags: misdreavus, umbreon, vulpix, zorua
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