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oh, you look so beautiful tonight!

pics of some new tomy stuff. actually, the plush pics have been out for a bit, but i don't know if they got posted here. the tomy MC pics are definitely new! :D

meanwhile we are preparing for movie time. it is nearly upon us. this is the first year an electric pokemon has ever had a title role in a movie!!! my body shelves are ready!!

what could this big blank space be reserved for? one guess.

is this 12 movie tickets? yes. yes it is. now i'm going to let you all believe i'm planning to see the zekrom movie 12 times by myself, because it's funnier that way!

make sure you check out ktmonkeyj's World Hobby Fair post. her photos turned out 100000x better than mine!

looking forward to mienfoo pokedoll day in 4 days? i know i am!
thanks guys!
Tags: archeops, carracosta, info, tomy, zekrom
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