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Spooky Sales + Celebi Plushplush!

Sooooo it's that time of year when I look over what needs to go to make room for all my candle line items, so I thought it would be time to do collection weeding. Included are pokedolls, MWT plush as well as some items for offers including a Celebi Plushplush, a Rayquaza Pokedoll Charm, a Sceptile lot as well as a small Latios lot. It's all under the cut! <3





+ I got sales permission  from Gin sometime in early 2009. Yeah, a long ass time ago. 8C

+ I have a smoke-free home and own 3 cats! I keep them at bay from my collection and lint roll items but beware in case of allergies!

+ I do not do holds.

+ I can be slow at shipping! I of course will keep you updated, but I am a manager at my workplace and it can get busy.

+ I am open to reasonable haggling only. 

+ No, I am not interested in trades at the moment. <3

+ All offers will end next Sunday at 8:00 pm PST and I have put each item up for offers at the price I am asking for - so I will part with them if you just start the items. I won't seperate the lots so do not ask this please. <3

+ I will not deal with you if you have poor feedback or people previously banned from my customs. I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone who I've seen cause trouble in the past.

+ Once a package leaves it is out of my hands so I will not take responsibility for something I have no control over. :C

+ Backing out of a sale can and WILL get you negative feedback.

+ I ship in bubble mailers however if you want insurance or prefer stronger packaging please ask for it.

+ My feedback can be found here:



So first and foremost is my darling Celebi Plushplush. I got her on my birthday through a GA, assuming she was a pokedoll, and to my surprise I actually won the plushplush! She does not have her original hang tag as she didn't come with it, but she has her tush tag, there are no scratchs on her eyes, and her material isn't dirty or damaged. She does have creases at the base of her wings, as she arrived with those, but that particular material creases because of the wing position against her big head.

Offers start at $40


I was a Sceptile collector alongside Froslass and Milotic, but his collection has been gathering dust and the only thing I wish to keep at this point is the pokedoll I cherish. I am putting the rest up for offers as a whole lot that I will not be seperating. In the lot are:

+ Custom Sceptile Pokeball figurine by wishuponjirachi 
+ Rare Pan Stickers that glitter
+ A in cased flat with an odd logo on the back. No idea what it is, sorry. 8C
+ A minicot
+ A small footprint figurine
+ His think chip figurine
+ 2 attack kids
+ His regular kid
+ Shiny regular kid
+ A rare bell keychain that I have only seen once since I've been here
+ His pokedex figurine

Offers start at $50

Finally there is the Latios lot. He was a small side collection I had for sometime, and again I am only interested in his pokedoll at this time. I would love to see him go to a new home as a whole so I won't seperate. <3 Included in the lot are:

+ The flying kid
+ The regular kid
+ The shiny kid
+ An assortment of flats
+ The chess piece
+ The mini cot
+ MIP Tomy Figure

Offers start at $30

I know the picture is blurry, but it is a perfect condition Rayquaza Pokedoll Charm. It's been in it's bubble wrap since I got it in April 2010.

Offers start at $22 for this rare guy!





A user didn't ship this Vulpix canvas to me for almost a year and I assume that she was kept in storage as she is incredibly dusty. I have tried to dust her off a little, and I'm sure it can be wiped down easily if I really tried. She has her hang and tush tag, and as much as I love her the transaction regarding her and the quality I received her in has left too bad of a taste in my mouth. She is for sale at $25, and is open to reasonable haggling as I really can't look at her anymore. </3

MWT Larvitar with a stick: $30 - SOLD

MWT Zekrom Plush: $20


MWT Oshawott plush: $20

MWT Lillipup: $15 (It's the Japanese release, not American <3) - SOLD

Tush tag only and loved Salamence Banpresto: $15 - SOLD

Tush tag only and slightly loved Metagross Pokedoll: $20 - SOLD

Tush tag only loved Cresselia Pokedoll: $18

Tush tag only like new Rayquaza Pokedoll: $15


2009 Halloween Promo Pokemon Washcloth/Brand new with label: $15

Like new Kids: $2 each

Chibi Salamence figurine: $7 - SOLD

Metagross Chess Piece: $14

Salamence Tomy: $6


Rare Dragon promo Stickers: $3 each (Dragonite sold! <3)

Broken Cresselia Zukan: $2


Custom Deerling Pokedoll Hats: $5 each but open to haggling! Buy 2 get the 3rd free. These will need to be shipped in a box as they are fragile. C':


Woobat Egg Pillow: $10

Jirachi-chan6 Bakery Customs: $10 each, the laminates are freebies with their respectable counterparts. <3

Thanks for dropping by! <3


Tags: banette, celebi, cherrim, cresselia, croagunk, custom, deerling, dragonite, kids, larvitar, latios, lillipup, metagross, misdreavus, oshawott, pichu, pikachu, plush, pokedolls, rayquaza, salamence, sales, sceptile, seel, togekiss, vulpix, woobat, zekrom, zoroark
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