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Problems and Concerns Reporting Post

If you see a member breaking rules or have another problem or concern within the community, this post is where you may report the issue to the moderation team. Your report will be automatically screened and visible only to yourself and the moderators.  Please utilize this post before PMing or emailing one of the moderators, as will we all automatically get notifications of new reports here.

You must turn on email notifications to receive replies to your report. Many issues are easily handled with no further communication (i.e. reporting an off-topic post that can be quickly deleted) but your comment may require a response.  Please double check with our screening and notification guide if you are unsure whether you have notifications turned on.

If your issue is particularly complex or sensitive in nature, a moderator may contact you for follow up in private.  Our default method is contact by PM - if you would prefer to be contacted through email, AIM, or otherwise, please leave that information with your report.  Similarly, if your problem has been addressed but you are not satisified with the outcome, feel free to follow up with a moderator by PM or email.

***Please note that this post is for specific problems only - if you have a general suggestion or comment for the moderators, head over to the COMMUNITY SUGGESTION BOX***

To report an issue, please comment below and use this format when commenting:

Link to the problematic post/comment:
Member(s) the problem involves:
Description of the problem:

Please provide screenshots of relevant PMs, deleted comments, etc. if possible.

IMPORTANT! To maintain the private nature of this post, please DO NOT use the "LJ tag" function and instead reference all members by plain text only. (Example: allinia instead of allinia).  LJ users that are tagged will receive an email notification that they were mentioned in this post.  Please refrain from using the <lj user=""> code to protect your privacy.  For more information, please check out this modpost.  Thank you!

Thank you for your report.  Your comments help us diligently solve all issues!
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