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Collection update

Hello, all! It's been a while since I posted my entire collection (over eight months!). I'm really happy with how far my collections have come since I became active in the community last August. They have exploded in size! Let's take a look. :3

First, I think it's fun to look at how collections grow. Here's my Buizel collection (my biggest collection) before I joined pkmncollectors:

Yes, it really was only three items! The Pokedoll I bought myself at Epcot, and the other two items came from AnimeIowa. Now let's see what the collection looked like a few weeks after joining the comm....

Wow, it sure grew quickly! The Jakks Buizel and phone charm were my first purchase here on the comm. :3 I love the crooked head on the Jakks.

So what's my collection look like now...?

It's so large they don't even fit on the same shelf anymore! You can also see my Zangoose, Seel line, and Spheal line collections in this image. :D

Here's a closer shot of the left half of the shelf. The Tomy Buizel towers over everyone else. xD It's funny how most Buizel plush have the same :< face.

In the center of the shelf, the one who started it all, Buoy, takes the throne! He's gotten a little scruffy...

The throwball Jakks Buizel plush is my newest addition. I didn't think that I would ever find him for a decent price, but that's what makes this comm so amazing! :D The Buizel plush laying on his stomach is totally adorable.

And now for some close-up shots of the little guys.

I love, love, love the zukan. The spinning tails are just so adorable to me. ;3; Derpy Jakks photobomb

When I bought the metal figures, I had no idea they were so tiny! They also don't like to sit up very well... The sitting candy figure (left) and the stamp are a couple of my favorite items. I hope to one day obtain the blue waving Buizel stamp. The clay Buizel was made by myself, modeled after the Pokedoll (kind of?).

I'm very happy with where my Buizel collection is now. There are a few things I'm hoping to obtain, but they seem to be a bit rare, so I won't lose any sleep over not having them in my collection. xD

But Buizel isn't my only collection! Oh no, not by a long shot. As you saw in the picture with the DX Buizel plush, I also collect Zangoose, the Seel line, and the Spheal line.

My Zangoose stuff is kept on the upper left part of the shelf. Included in this image are my first customs! :D A charm and a shiny bell plush. I love them both! I'm hoping to get some shiny Zangoose stuff soon (customs and repaints), as I really love Zangoose's shiny coloration. I was super-excited to get the magnet. I just love the pose! I feel lucky to have all three of Zangoose's kids.

My Zangoose settei, matted and framed, hangs right next to my figures. <3 I feel lucky to have that as well! :D

Zangoose also adorns my 3DS. Stylish!

My Seel line collection is significantly larger than my Zangoose one. The Seel cardass card is one of my favorite items, along with the stamper and zukan.

I just love the scenery of the zukan! I'm also very fond of the 151 pins. Sleeping!Seel stamp is the cutest thing ever, omg. ;A;

This trio of metal Pokes has a much better time staying upright than the Buizel ones do...

The kids hang out on the top shelf! I still can't believe that both Seel and Dewgong got new attack kids last fall. Another stroke of luck for me and other pinniped-Poke lovers.

My very tiny Spheal line collection hangs out on the bottom shelf. The Spheal Jakks is amazing. Look at that happy face! I will definitely be taking this one back to school with me this fall. It's hard to be bummed out with such a happy face around, making him great for bad days.

I bought that bootie Spheal from a comm member knowing he was a bootie, but I didn't think he'd be so hilarious. xD He's very...egg-shaped.

My only other collection at this time is my Oshawott line collection.

The McDonald's toy is one of my favorite otter items. It took me a while to track one down. xD 

My misc. plush shelves are above and below my otters.

This shelf houses mostly Pokedolls, but also Canvas and my favorite American-releases.

Just random plush.

My gen 5 stuff hangs out on top of my dresser.

I've got a little bit of a Foongus collection going~ I'm so happy that he got a Pokedoll! I would also like to collect the terrier line and some zebras. :)

The Blitzle doll is one of my favorite dolls. I just love his eyes!

My random figures, mostly kids, are kept on the same shelf as my manga. The Paras line zukan is new, and I was really surprised at the size difference between the two! Paras is so tiny! 

Thanks a bunch to everyone who has sold me the wonderful items that now make up my collection. <3 I love to look at my shelf and see all the Pokestuff together. I will likely be posting a wants list sometime in the future in order to tie up some loose ends in my collections, but for now, I'm satisfied. Plus, I'm saving money for an upcoming convention.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend! <3
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