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09 December 2016 @ 03:19 pm

Hi guys,
I've been an a member for a while but rarely post. Trying to finish a project for my sister for a couple years now. Looking for empty booster pack, early ones especially the neo discovery pack with umbreon. Would like to buy any of the packs with small pokemon characters on them. Also looking for the christmas ponyta pin.

09 December 2016 @ 07:56 am
There's just about 11h left on my auctions with plenty of items still at their start bids!

09 December 2016 @ 03:52 pm

Im looking for any help i can get!
We moved to a new house and i have found over 200 old and some newer tomy figures from japan.

I dont know what to do with them.
How to identify what is what and how to put a price tag on them.

Any help would be a blessing!
09 December 2016 @ 01:18 am
Hello everyone!
This is the first time I'm posting a wants post on the community >.< ! I have been looking for these items for SO LONG and I keep missing them when they do pop up on the community :( . Does anyone have any of these items and are willing to sell them to me???? I've been going through a lot this past year and these gets would really make this year seem brighter for me.


Banpresto Skitty UFO
08 December 2016 @ 11:41 pm
The day has finally come! It's been awhile!!

Along with the starters, there will also be Pokedolls of: Pikachu, Bewear, Ditto, Rockruff, Alola Vulpix, and Alola Raichu. 1200 yen + tax on sale January 14th~ The Skytree, Mega Tokyo, and Tokyo Station store will have a pre-release on January 1st. ** Click the pics for the Pokemon JP news source and prices!**

Poll #2059204 Pokedolls are ALIVE AGAIN!

Which Pokedoll are you most excited for?

Alola Vulpix
Alola Raichu

Also, more new plush on December 23rd! Sun and Moon Pokemon plush and Gen 2!

December 23rd is a busy release day with these Blind packaged Johto badges. To end the 20th anniversary, 001-151 can badges!!

Also, the Daisuki Club posted pics the other day of the new Pokemon Collection kuji that will be released this month.

How's Sun and Moon collecting so far? My wallet will be hurting next week with the Rowlet's Garden promo. So much merch news! It's so hard to keep up with it all these days...

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season! I hope to be more active soon and post some 2017 Pokemon Calendar pics, Pokemon Fan, and Christmas pics~
08 December 2016 @ 11:42 pm
Hello everyone!
So I've been collecting kids figures recently, and I have nearly completed my goal of collecting all of the Kanto mons!
Figured I'd make a quick wants update in case anyone is selling any that I am missing.

I am looking for the following kids figures: Bulbasaur, Charmeleon, Nidoran (female), Nidorino, Nidoking, Oddish, Seadra, Gyarados, Kabuto, Paras, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Pinsir & Dragonair
If you have any of these for sale I'd really appreciate a head up :)
Thanks for reading!
08 December 2016 @ 11:23 pm
Hello Everyone! Just finished Moon, great game! Lots of funs, dont have it yet? Get it! Totally hoping for a Cosmog/Nebby plush so I can keep him a bag. Heh. And a few questions!

Also, is anyone know if maybe the team pikas will be coming to US pokecen? I'm holding out because I like 3-4 of them but not sure. I know its unlikely for the mario ones but the team ones I have hope xD JUST SAW THE SKULL ONE POSTED BELOW OMG. Maybe they were just waiting for that to release to release them all together, I can dream right?

Anyone here know where I can see a list of all the sanei pokes? Recently got a cubone one, couldnt resist. Want to see which others will decide to tempt my wallet xD

So the tomy moncolle figures, is there somewhere to see those as well? Because I do want some figures of certain sun moon ones and such but I'm seeing the toysrus has only the clipn carry pokebal for $15? And I dont really have use for the balls so 15 for a figure is a bit excessive, but saw the moncolles go for like 5-7 or something cheaper.

//As far as gets, Got the 1;1/Trainer size Popplio, and I must say he makes a great cuddle buddy ^_^ No pics of him atm, but hes huge and cuddly and worth the money 100%

Anyways, Just a little sales post I decided to update and throw together.

I"d put the HM01 cut pun here but pretty sure sun/moon killed hms so just click here for my sales! =PCollapse )
08 December 2016 @ 10:08 pm
Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted my sales. With Christmas here, I have plenty of pokegoodies that would be great gifts for the pokemon lovers in your life! I updated the plush section with new offerings, and will be adding more tomorrow or the day after at the latest. Take a look, and don't be shy to inquire if any of our adoptables catch your eye. If something doesn't have a price, please, offer or ask. I am just trying to get everything up right now, and if something seems a bit high, I also haggle. Thanks!

Blues Adoption House

As a side note, I hope to post soon about a project I have been working on for almost a year now and finally got up on my wall! I will be posting step by step instructions on how to do it if I get enough interest, so let me know if you want to know how I did it!

You ready to see it?

Closeup of a section of the board:

It took a lot of effort, but I am so happy with the result. =)
08 December 2016 @ 10:42 pm
I'm looking for a few things, lemme know if you guys have any :)

Alolan Vulpix: not looking to spend much here. I know it will be on pokemoncenter.com soon so if you can't give me a price close to that I'll probably just wait this one out.

Team Magma Pika <3

Alolan Sleeping Figure set

Does anyone have a pic of these guys? I know they exist and I can't find it online ;o;

I'm also looking for art trades!


Here's a link to my store.

I'd like to get some merch of my team for Sun, my trainer, and Alain.

09 December 2016 @ 08:43 am

How are you guys?
As I just got a super great commission done by poliwhirl and wanna share with you guys!
Welcome this new member joining my big family!

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for reading and hope you guys have a nice weekend =D

I'm looking for this pikachu.

I'm hoping to find it as a preorder since sunyshore is out of it. I love Team skull and would really appreciate if someone would be willing to do a pick up for me. I have payment now and willing to drop it as soon as I get an offer.
09 December 2016 @ 12:46 am
Hey guys, I'm back with new gets!

First, the Christmas and New Year plushies:

Story is, last year I got the Eevee plush, so I decided to get the Pikachu one only this Christmas. And the snowman Pikachu doesn't really.. go in my collection.
Pikachu-Darumaka is the softest, cutest ball EVER. I want to squeeze it forever. I'm so glad I decided to buy it!

Next is the Alolan Vulpix. You may have noticed that the prices for the plushies went up with the release of the Pokémon Sun&Moon plushies? Well, here's why:

Just look at the size difference...
Ok so, I like big plushies, I really don't mind it but.. it's really different from the previous standard PC plushies, I'm not sure I appreciate it.
Do you know if the re-release (Dragonair, Vulpix, etc) are going to be this big? Or the regular, previous, size?

More comparison picturesCollapse )

Thanks for your time and happy collecting!
Hi to anyone who remembers me. :) And hello likewise to those who don't.
2016 has been an incredible year for me, but not much by way of collecting has happened.
I have a cuddly dude here who needs a home, as he just sits in a plastic bag in my spare room.

Please note: His card tag as a small tear where the fold meets the cord. it does not completely bisect the tag, and it is not visible when closed. But care is needed when opening and closing this tag.

Offers start at $150 and end 10pm GMT on the 12th of December.
Timer: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20161212T22&p0=297&font=cursive
- if this is too high, please politely point it out, because I have absolutely no idea what he costs..
Shipping is $15 worldwide and includes tracking. This is not included in the offer price.

Boop the snoot (click for big pictures).


Sales rules:
-  I ship from the UK, from a smoke-free home
- All items are shipped with high levels of protection and packages sealed to a professional standard
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here
Current Location: England
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08 December 2016 @ 11:36 am
So after much debate, I've decided to put my DX Arceus Pokedoll up for offers. He is a beautiful plush, but I could really use some money right about now for school.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/

RulesCollapse )
ArceusCollapse )
SalesCollapse )

I'm also looking for this card sleeve. I thought I had one but I can't find it anywhere.

I think that's all for now. Hope you all are doing well. School is kicking my butt (curse you biochem) and finals are next week :( Can't wait to finally be done, and then I have one semester to go for my undergrad.
08 December 2016 @ 11:10 am
Hello poke-people.. i just recently got some more keshimon and im so excited.. given that both colored pokedexes come with the same 2 sheets of pokemon im pretty sure those are the only gen 1's that were made *sobs for lack of cubone* and i can now have a proper wants list! Also in one of my lots i got what appeared to be a keshimon but now that it's here im not sure if it's even a pokemon.. it's the same size as the keshimon and looks like it could maybe be a totodile but the arms/claws look too big.. then i thought it might be a digimon but it doesnt match them either! Does anyone know what this lil guy is?

More pics of random figureCollapse )


WANTS LIST!Collapse )
08 December 2016 @ 01:15 am
Does anyone happen to be selling a Flygon plush? Particularly the one below the cut? (If this is your image and you'd like me to remove it, let me know!)
I know there's some on ebay, but I wanted to try through the community first. Hope everyones been having a blast with Sun and Moon! c:
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07 December 2016 @ 12:55 pm
Hey all,

I'm continuing to gradually clear out space with a couple more auction lots up on eBay starting at low bid! Click the images to go!
Cheap stuffing stocker~ (has some non-poke items in there)

This one's all Bandai Kids!

Lastly, sales plug!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Preview of new items:

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Hope to finally send out a newsletter soon... ;3
07 December 2016 @ 03:06 pm

Hi guys, hope youre doing great! I got a package yesterday, it kinda was a Xmas gift for myself buut I couldnt wait to open it, oops :P Here's a preview

Oshawott used CutCollapse )

I'm mainly looking for Fennekin from the above set but I'm also interested in any of the sleeping figures. I may also be interested in other Fennekin figures (except the tomys, I have both versions.)

Shipping to UK, would prefer a seller located in Europe. If I can't find one through here I'll probably try ebay so does anyone have any tips for spotting bootlegs? There are a couple that don't come from China/Hong Kong but I'm still not sure of their legitimacy.
06 December 2016 @ 03:29 pm
Hi friends! This is just a quick reminder that the holiday Simplified plush slots end today in a few hours, so if you wanted to snag one up guaranteed to arrive before Christmas get em now while you can!
~~Link to Auctions~~
Also have some pics of the legendary beasts to make this post less boring!
06 December 2016 @ 06:25 pm
Today I recieved the Tomy figures I bought from Clicky797! Thank you, they're amazing!
This coin was on my Lance's collection wishlist!!

But I really would like to show you Cameron, my almost-done Mega Camerupt!! I ordered her with a great artisan here in Brazil! Roze has an really amazing job!!

I don't have a great job just as Roze's, but I try to make something!
A large story and some custom hereCollapse )

Ok, See you!
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06 December 2016 @ 10:39 am
Hey all, I'm looking to buy a couple Christmas gifts. I'm interested in Lotad and Manectric items (including mega manectric) on the cheaper side.
For Manectric I'm specifically thinking a kid, but I'm open to other things. Open to anything for Lotad. Would prefer to buy from the same seller but I'm flexible.

I also have some small sales under the cut.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 27, 2015
Here is my PKMNCollectors feedback.

Sales InfoCollapse )
SalesCollapse )
06 December 2016 @ 12:16 pm

It looks like the Charmander bundle is now available on the BaB website, and will be available in stores on December 8th. Who's planning on getting one? I had no idea these would be out so soon.
06 December 2016 @ 06:11 pm
Does anyone know where to get a physical copy of the Sun and Moon OST? I think only Japan got a physical release, is anyone doing pickups for these? I know it's on Ebay, but it's incredibly overpriced and I don't want to pay custom fees again. They've been charging me for every little thing, because they apparently use a different converter than I do. Charging me for 18 euro packages, on top of losing some very valuable items...

Do these work in Europe? Some are region locked I've heard.
06 December 2016 @ 08:50 am
Hello i currently have a huge stock in my store so I have put some stuff on sale till Dec 10th:

Buy 3 kid figures get 1 Free
Buy 3 pan stickers get 1 free
Buy 2 MPC Push Get the 3rd 50% off

Heres a preview of my store:

Click any of the images or HERE to be transported to my store

Thank you!
06 December 2016 @ 02:11 am
Hey guys!

So I had originally thought the pins that were being sold in the Pokemon Center were just the US version of the Xmas charms (for some reason...) and didn't buy the set. When I found out they were actually pins and not charms, when I went to buy the set it was sold out. ;_;

So did anyone buy the Pokemon Center Xmas pin set and would be willing to sell me the Litten pin from it?

It would really mean a lot to me. Just let me know your price!

Thank you!
06 December 2016 @ 01:05 am
Sale Permission/Policies/ShippingCollapse )

Claim RulesCollapse )

$6 per pin + PP fees + shipping to you from me
1. hikari_0516
2. Me
4. Me
7. Me

Tagging those who showed interest ashlilyneko jasonivich yuwaku_kun
*These guys will have dibs for the first 12 hours
dibs over, claim away
05 December 2016 @ 11:52 pm
Hello ,

Does anyone have any info on this figure or know if this is real?

05 December 2016 @ 10:57 pm
Hey everyone, hope Christmas shopping is going well for all of you! I recently purchased an all star shinx plush from ebay and I'm not sure if its legit. Its well put together and has its tags, but I'm not very familar with the line so its best to double check.
Shinx used slashCollapse )
Hello community! Boy, it's been... literally years since I've posted here. Life and other interests have kept me away, but with the holiday season in full swing, I figured it was a good time to come back and post about my Eeveelution prints and other merchandise. :3 I've created these over the past couple years for artist alleys, so perhaps you've seen them floating around the market if you've been looking or at cons (or possibly Tumblr as they've gone quite viral over there!). I never advertised them here previously, so here I am to do so!

Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on October 13, 2010.
My Feedback

Rules and InfoCollapse )

Please click image previews for full size images!

Eeveelution prints!
8.5x11'', printed on cardstock or photo paper with gloss finish
$10 each, two for $15, three for $20!
$45 for the full set!

Eeveelution charms!
About 2'' wide each, wooden charms, artwork on one side with gloss finish
$12 each, three for $30, full set for $80!

Stickers (same art as charms) and buttons!
Stickers are roughly 3'', printed on weatherproof glossy paper and die-cut to shape.
Buttons are 1.5'' diameter and feature a fun holographic sparkle!
$3 each, buy 2 get one free!
$15 for the full sets!

These sales will be up indefinitely, until I run out of stock. If you'd prefer, you may also purchase these items at my Etsy shop! (though I do not have the stickers on there currently)
Thanks for your time and feel free to ask any questions! ^_^
05 December 2016 @ 11:40 pm
The Sapporo postcard with gorgeous art of Alolan Vulpix and Pikachu in the snow... Can anyone help me find one?

Went ahead and ordered off eBay!
05 December 2016 @ 05:56 pm
Hi guys! Haven't been on in a while... i recently got into a car accident and need to buy a new car :< Im okay though!
ALL my items are negotiable, i need them to go fast.
Ill update my sales soon too thanks!
I have pokemon plushies and some misc.
05 December 2016 @ 02:54 pm
Hi there! Just popping in with a holiday sales post. For orders $10 and up you get 10% off, and 20% off for orders over $20! Free shipping on orders $30 and up, and can be combined with my non-Pokemon sales. I added a bunch of stuff and all links will be found below! I'll be able to ship Monday-Wednesday this week.

This is a bit off sales topic, but my local Walmart suddenly has a ton of Pokemon things for sale. There are four different lanyards, keychains and there are even ceramic banks for $10! They have Pokeball, Charmander, Pikachu and Eevee banks. Just throwing that out there in case you guys want to check out what your Walmart has <3

Also, I tried to catch up with feedback (I was way behind). If I missed you and you'd like feedback, please let me know! Thanks guys, and hope everyone is enjoying Sun and Moon :D

Onto the sales!

Sale RulesCollapse )

SalesCollapse )
05 December 2016 @ 01:28 pm
Does anyone have these Japanese CP5 Mythical & Legendary Dream Shine Collection cards for sale or trade?

Also looking for these cards from English Generations -

10/83 LeafeonEX
18/83 MegaBlastoiseEX

Generations - Reverse Holos

3/83 Caterpie
5/83 Butterfree
23/83 Gyarados
27/83 Raichu
33/83 Gastly
51/83 Clefable
55/83 Doduo - maybe
67/83 Poké Ball
69/83 Pokémon Fan Club
72/83 Shauna

And these from English Evolutions:


2/108 MegaVenusaurEX
13/108 MegaCharizardEX
21/108 BlastoiseEX
42/108 Zapdos
52/108 MewtwoEX
101/108 MegaCharizardEX
104/108 PidgeotEX
105/108 MegaPidgeotEX
106/108 DragoniteEX

Evolutions Reverse Holos

8/108 Tangela
11/108 Charizard
19/108 Ponyta
34/108 Gyarados
47/108 Gastly
51/108 Mewtwo
63/108 Clefairy
67/108 Raticate
68/108 Farfetch'd
69/108 Doduo
70/108 Chansey
73/108 Blastoise Spirit Link
81/108 Pidgeot Spirit Link
88/108 Switch

Other Wants:

- Any Houndour, Houndoom, or Zygarde 10% merchandise I don't already have. Especially Houndoom EX/FA/Spirit Link cards from Breakthrough in languages other than English and Japanese.
- Topps Foil Pokémon Johto League Champions Houndour card.
- Any Rockruff/Lycanroc merchandise I don't already have.
- Japanese Legendary Shine Collection cards: Reshiram, Hoopa, and White Kyurem, Regigigas.
- Korean PokeKyun cards: Flareon FA, Pikachu FA, M Gardevoir FA.
- Any PokeKyun/Generations cards in languages other than English, Japanese, and Korean.
- Canadian sealed English Toys-R-Us 20th Anniversary promos of Pikachu and Magikarp
- Any French GAME stamped 20th Anniversary promos

2013 French McDonald's Promo Cards -
Pics Under HereCollapse )

Poncho Pikas:



I don't have any info other than the images of these Japanese promos. I might be missing other Poncho Pika cards that I don't know about but I do have quite a few.


I have many cards for trade including EXs, FAs, and promos mostly in English but also Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Portuguese. And possibly some in Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. I also have a bunch of TCGO codes, especially from Evolutions.


If anyone is waiting on replies from me, please let me know. I just sent messages to psychmoonshadow, mlle_chantilly, and m14mouse.

~ Risha
05 December 2016 @ 06:05 pm

did the Tomy sun and moon figures released ? or still ? i can see some in ebay (pricy !) and wanted to confirm

this is a reminder for my want list, - updated today (did not get that much , and added new figures as wanted)


have a nice day to all
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Hi guys, just a quick post letting you know that I've updated my sales post now with all the items I have available for sale! It's a small sales post, but hopefully you find something there you like! =D

I've got Pokédolls, Pre-order figures, stampers, TCG and even games! Click my sales banner to come have a look! ^_^

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05 December 2016 @ 02:14 am

I just wanted to post a quick update about some recent pin gets and soon-to-gets that have me super excited! 

Pictures!Collapse )

New total:  348 (Plus 11 coming) = 359!!!

That didn't take very long to hit 350, and I'd like to thank everyone that helped!  I have a feeling 400 will fill it up!

P.S. - If any of these pictures are yours and don't want me using them, let me know and I'll take them down.

04 December 2016 @ 09:20 pm
Hey, guys, sorry that it's been a while! My computer was out of commission for months x__x

Anyway, I got the lifesize Litten plush and just today, I noticed a long loose thread coming out of its poor face :( the thread is almost a full inch long and it's making me super nervous... if I cut it, will the plush unravel? I'm really scared to do anything with it because I don't want to wreck it!

Anyone have any experience with this? ; A ; really obnoxious that a PC plush is doing this, especially for so much money, but what can you do .__.
04 December 2016 @ 04:37 pm
 Hello dearlings!

I'm looking for two total kuttari plush, and if I can find someone who has both, that would be AMAZING. Shipping on these would be to US 93455, and if you want my feedback, I can totally provide that for you- 100% positive btdubs.

The kuttari in question are....

- SLEEPING Pachirisu
- SLEEPING Growlithe

found them!

Also. This is rather important now.

Does anyone in the UK happen to have the Gengar petit plush? The recent pastel one would be lovely, but beggars can't be too picky. If so, please send me a PM- my best friend loves that ghostie, but shipping from California to Hastings is redonk. I'd pay you an extra Santa's Elf fee, for helping me. ;_____;
04 December 2016 @ 12:45 pm
Hey everyone! Just wanting to remind people about my sales! Lowered some prices for the holidays and if you're in the states it's not too late for items to arrive before Christmas ;D

Onto the sales stuffs xD

click on the sales preview photo to be transported to my sales post!

- Sales Permission was given by areica96 on May 26, 2k16

Thank you for looking and have a great day everyone!