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04 October 2015 @ 02:46 pm
Hey guys!
I ended up at a flea market, and got some good deals! :D
I'd like some second opinions, but I think I made out pretty well!
Here we go! :D

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04 October 2015 @ 11:25 am
I wasn't expecting to be posting again so soon, but I got an ADORABLE custom get lasy night and i just couldn't resist sharing.

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04 October 2015 @ 09:57 am
Hello everyone, I've been checking out this site for a little while now and decided to finally join. I'm excited to be a part of this community! Well, my name is Ivan and I'm 23 and I've pretty much loved pokemon since I was about 7 when I got Yellow Version. I don't have a huge collection but I've always had a couple things that are not the games.
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thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great day ! :)
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Hi Pokemon collectors,

I have a big collection update to show you :3

Someone in my family made me the perfect display. Really the best this that happent to my collection :D

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I really like to buy some rare Pokemon Tomy figures for my Tomy collection. So, I'm selling off my other beloved collection: my first generation TCG collection.

*703 First generation Pokemon TCG cards:  Base, Jungle, Fossil, Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym challenge, promo cards, serie 1 Topps cards and more.
*Many sets are allmost compleet (missing 1 or 5 cards.)
*Many cards are in mint condition
*If you see a card 2 times it mean one is English and the other Dutch. (so, never the same card twice)
*69 cards are Dutch
*This lot: 400$ including shipping cost (anywhere) with track and trace and Paypal fees!!!
*They all come in protection sleaves.

Pictures of all the cards. You will get all these cards!!
*86 Foil cards
*109 Rare cards
*159 uncommon
*217 common
*96 Topps
*23 Foil Topps and other cards
*13 other cards


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04 October 2015 @ 11:45 pm
Added my Electronic Stadium for sale along with the figures.

 I also still have some random boxes Halloween stuff for sale! Please take a look!

04 October 2015 @ 12:37 am
In 2012/2013, I stopped collecting Pokémon cards. The last expansion set I collected from was Dark Explorers. It was that winter, with grad school looming and student loans coming due, I decided that to keep on buying these cards indefinitely into the future as newer sets were released and obviated their predecessor sets would just be a way to leak money. It was a difficult decision, and a sad one - and one I sometimes still mourn when really cool new cards come out - but ultimately it was the right decision and a relief to have made.

Under the cut below will be pictures of my binder, stuffed to bursting with all of the rare cards I still have after, oh, about 15 years of collecting and playing the TCG. And these are not all of the cards, either. This binder contains only those cards I'm planning on getting rid of. In individual sleeves, there are yet other cards I'm either keeping or am still undecided about. And I do plan to keep my eye out for any new individual cards that look nice enough to collect for their own sake, ha! ^_^

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Hello fellow collectors!! It's been some time and I must say my collection has grown quite a bit. This post is also long overdue so full disclaimer that this will have a ton of images (under cuts of course).

First things first, my fast growing fire dog collection:
Fire dogs galore!Collapse )
And my secondary collection da Slows:
SlowwwwwwsCollapse )
Other Pokes:
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Whew...That was a long one  ^_^' . I think I'll eventually need to take a month off of collecting....in December, since it's already too late for October and November, whoops (Growlithe butts + sleepy figures tho!).  Also, I have a wants list now which you can find here: linky link any help if finding these items would be extremely appreciated!

Until next time! Happy collecting~  
03 October 2015 @ 06:59 pm
Hi guys! I'm in dire search of a Business chu monthly! I really don't care about USA/Japan release BUT IT MUST HAVE TAGS! I can't stress that enough lol.

I'm also interested in any espurr kids! I own every single espurr plush so I'm just on the hunt for flats and figs now!
03 October 2015 @ 08:25 pm
Hello everyone! I just came back from vacations and I did not have any internet :C . I wanted to show you some gets!

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03 October 2015 @ 08:18 pm
Hey everyone. So I'm posting my first wants post in the hopes that some of you may know where I can get some of these items without breaking the bank. So what I'm mainly looking for right now is Rotom merch. I love Rotom and have since Diamond and Pearl.
I'm hoping to find:
Rotom Wash Pokédoll

Rotom Freeze Pokédoll

And the Rotom 6 Figure Collection (not entirely sure what it's called, but this)

None of these photos are mine for the record!
Also, for the Pokédolls, I don't need them with the tag! Only the tush tag.
Thanks for anyone who can help :)
04 October 2015 @ 12:04 am
Hi guys! :) I found a reasonably priced set of the DP Zukan set that features the shiny legendary dogs, and since I only want Suicune I thought I'd do a GB for it! :)

I was granted sales permission on August 7, 2015 by areica96
My feedback can be found here
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Shiny Suicune - clicky797
Shiny Entei - spiritbomb92
Shiny Raikou - hollyasevenx

Zorua and Zoroark -
Celebi, Piplup and Pikachu -
03 October 2015 @ 06:43 pm
I've been on this community for a month, and I've spent some $$$ to get my collection back to its former glory! I don't have all my stuff pictured, but I wanted to show you what i have on display!
It's mostly jolteon, with some other pokedolls and such :)

SUPAIRO used CUT!Collapse )

Thanks for checking my stuff out! Hopefully I'll get tons more in the future. 
03 October 2015 @ 04:11 pm
Hey everyone! Super excited to see all the amazing new stuff coming out lately - especially the semi-new eeveelution charms from +PokeBox+! I got in on the action and managed to get two of my favourite charms~

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Thanks for looking! Happy collecting~
03 October 2015 @ 01:03 pm
Hello community~ How is everyone? ^^ Here's a belated get I got Wednesday that I forgot to post, so I'm going to do it now~ I love this little guy, but he did cause a bit of stress for me hehe ^^;

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I went to Marukai (one of the local Japanese supermarkets) yesterday evening before closing and was surprised to see these!

They are nice small posable figures about 2~3 inches in height? I got Arceus and will get Lugia next time!

Hoopa Unbound

$10 each and discounts are available if you purchase 2 or all 3. I can ship it with out without the box.

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Also quick sale~

Pokemon 3 tier cookie tin (no cookies) you can unscrew the different levels and turn it around. :D Lots of Pokemon! -$15

Also I have one of these Hiroshima manjuu box for $15 See this post for more pictures.

Have a great weekend!
03 October 2015 @ 03:42 pm
Hey guys! I thought I'd like to make another post of all the figures I got this month and thank everyone who I bought stuff from on here :D

Pics under the cut!

See September gets here!Collapse )

Thanks for reading and happy October! Anyone else looking forward to Halloween?

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03 October 2015 @ 11:58 am
Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone happened to have this little guy for sale:

(photo credit!)

As an art student, I feel very connected to this lil fella. :,) And I'd like to have a small art-themed corner of my collection, so this Pika would be an awesome start!

Lemme know if you have one you'd be willing to sell!!
03 October 2015 @ 02:21 pm
hi everyone! I've been struggling a bit to get the terms right to try and find the pokemon lab keychains with the glassware on them - or anything from this event in general - on y!j. :c I've tried just 'pokemon lab' and also '企画展 ポケモン研究所' but I'm not having much luck with those. would anyone happen to know what else I could try?

I know there are some of these keychains on ebay, but they're either from the US and cost too much in total because of shipping to the UK, or they're from japan in a set of two and I wouldn't be charged customs if it was just one, plus I only want one. I think they're also both the overlapping ones with two flasks, when I think I may just about prefer the ones with only one on them. I don't think I'm massively fussy, though! either way I think I'd just prefer to buy one straight from japan for as little as possible.

I've been reading somewhere that they also have a colour change effect? does anyone have any information on that? *^* thank you!
Hi Everyone~ I had update my sale and reduce some of the prices for some items. Feel free to come in and check out my sale post ^w^ ~~


Okay i know i've been post this for awhile and this will be my last try.....
i am still looking for thoese keychain. I REALLY REALLY WANT THOSE KEYCHAIN SOOOO BAD   >_____<
If you have one for sell or if you know who's selling them please PLEASE!!!! let me know
P.S. I would love to do trade for those keychain

~~~ Thank you  ~~~

Let me Know if you have any questions

First and foremost, more than anything, if I did anything wrong, I'm really sorry. I did read through the rules and try to look at how people post their introductory post in the past, and will try my best not to do anything wrong here, but obviously, since this is my first time, I could possibly mess up...>_<"

OK, now to my lame introduction, hi everyone. I go by the name Ju-da-su. I'm actually from Thailand (which I bet no one else here is my fellow country man), and am in my senior year at the university. I've always love pokemon ever since I was in elementary school, with Pokemon Red being the first game I've ever played, but actually just got into TCG collection scene, specifically collecting Japanese cards only. I have great preference for fire pokemons, with some of my favorites including Entei, Ho-oh, Reshiram, Growlithe, Arcanine, Ninetails, Houndoom, Flareon, Charizard and Quilava to name a few. I like collecting "unique" cards, most of which are actually considered to be very rare and grails for some people. I do still feel a little nervous about joining this community mainly because I see that most people are more interested in collecting plushies (which I can't because of lack of room space T_T ), but please do treat me well regardless. >_<"

Little back story and some of my tiny collectionCollapse )

And those are my collections. Now, because my collection has yet to complete, I am also looking for the following card in NM or better condition only.

My Rayquaza EX needs its pair, so if anyone has this and is willing to let go of it, please tell me. I'm potentially interested also in bulk gold stars or FA cards (1st Edition Japanese only), so if anyone also has those that they're willing to part way with, please tell me. Thank you very much to those who read through everything and hope I can have a pleasant stay here! :)
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02 October 2015 @ 05:59 pm
Hey there!
I'm here today with a brief wants post.
The item that I desire the most right now is the poseable Haxorus figure that came in a set with a poseable Emboar. I've looked everywhere I could for this but with no luck. If anyone knows a place that has it or a seller, please let me know! Thanks!
This photo belongs to someone else. If it is yours, please let me know if you want me to remove it.
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02 October 2015 @ 06:15 pm
yo homies I need some help, quite a while ago my mew was attacked ferociously by my dog (a morbidly obese chihuahua) and I've been too afraid to try, but I really wanna fix her eye! You guys got any suggestions? Any help would SERIOUSLY be appreciated

Just in case it's not clear enough in the pics, her eyes are embroidered and the threads are pulling out :(
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02 October 2015 @ 05:41 pm
I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on January 9, 2013
My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/razeasha/

Please read through these rules, even if you have bought from me before, since I have updated them for this specific post.
These RulesCollapse )

Up for offers is an Omanyte J Franco & Sons figure! When I made a post asking what he was, several people said they had never seen an Omanyte one before but that he was definitely one of their figures.

If you would like his new home to be your home, please cheak out the betails hind the cut!
The CutCollapse )

Also, I still have lots of sales here and am willing to combine shipping, haggle, trade, take payment plans, or or any combination of any of those.
They need new homes, and I will do what I can to best facilitate that in a mutually beneficial way!
Hey guys, reminder that this massive eBay lot is finishing up tomorrow and there's a bid on it!

Feel free to check my other eBay listings too~ Lots of BINs available!

Onto some... Gets! + Moncolle News - PICTURE HEAVYCollapse )

Lastly, sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
Heading out for a bit of an extended weekend (packing orders on Monday night instead of Sunday night) but will do my usual weekend routine :3

I just got the blind package Mystery Mansion straps I ordered today, and I got the umbreon That I wanted, Yay! The art on the packages is also neat. Pictures under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

I was also hoping for a chandelure though, so I was wondering if anyone would like to trade for one of the other three straps I got. I have litwick, froslass, and the Banette with crown. I'll pay my end of the shipping. If you want to look up shipping to me, It's US 63016
Look under the cut for pictures.
Sales permission by entirelycliched Dec 1, 2013
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/blueringumbreon/

Read more...Collapse )
02 October 2015 @ 04:31 pm
Hello all!
A month or so ago, I posted here, and on two Facebook groups about a controversial topic- reattaching the tags of pokedolls. I'm not a stickler about tags. I have MWT, TTO, and non tagged (but legit) plush in my collection. I just have a personal favorite or two I wish I hadn't snipped the loop on. The loops came in today, and I have a fun game for all of you.
Test Time!Collapse )

What"s the Answer?Collapse )

If anyone else would like a link to these loops, let me know :)
They are the same 3 inch loops PC uses, I only found ONE seller with the same ones X.X
Larger pokecen plush will use the 5 inch clear loops from the same seller.
Thanks for reading everyone! :)
I've got another big gets post planned for a few weeks from now :)
Have a good night, and happy collecting!

~ Ebon
02 October 2015 @ 09:52 pm
Hi everyone, today I come with the biggest sale I've ever done! I really need these items gone so please give me a hand and give them a lovely home ;D

I still accept offers in some items, but please keep it within reason, don't argue or back out for just $2 or so, thank you.
Also please take into consideration that I ship from Spain, shipping won't be like $2 or $3 unless they're flats, so please don't ask a quote if you're hoping for a low shipping similar to that for a plush or a big figure.

Everything is brand new (mint in package, mint with tags, etc) and doesn't include shipping unless stated!

Well, here we have the rules and all kind of information about me or my sales:

Click!Collapse )

Plushes, figures, metal charms, keychains, etc!Collapse )

Thank you so much for looking! Have a great weekend!
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02 October 2015 @ 03:42 pm
Hey guuuuys, it's been ages since I last posted ;___;

But anyways, I got some recent gets from the last few weeks that I'd love to share :)

First of all: DE KUTTARIS! o3o


I am still thinking about names for my kuttaris, so if you have any suggestions, let me know :)

And I got some more gets that are actually from some time ago, but I haven't had the chance to share yet. ;A;

Other gets!Collapse )

A fun little game - can you find the mistake?? :D

And I've never done a poll before, so I figured, Wynaut? xD
(I hope this works lol)

Poll #2023943 Kuttari Poll

Which Kuttaris do you like better?

Sleeping Kuttaris
Open Eyed Kuttaris
I like both of them equally

Which is your favorite Kuttari out of all of them until now?

Thanks all for reading and looking n_n/
02 October 2015 @ 09:04 am
I still need someone to claim Banette in the Ippai Ghost Collection GB in order to be able to go through with placing the order All claims have been fulfilled,thank you!

And as usual here is a link to my normal sales:



I haven't added any new items this week but still hope you'll consider taking a look anyway. Have a good weekend everyone!
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02 October 2015 @ 02:57 pm
Hey everyone I have a few items for sale so please take a look. :)

Rules and Policies under the cut.Collapse )

Clefairy Secret Base Pokedoll MWT 22$ shipped
Lapras Secret Base Pokedoll MWT 22$ shipped
Drifloon Halloween Promo hat 35$ shipped

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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02 October 2015 @ 01:33 pm
So I found these battle coins while I was looking through some of my Pokemon stuff, I have no idea where I got them from but I do remember playing with them, did they come in packs or with something else? If anyone can remnd me that would be awesome XDCoins!Collapse )

Also I'm super glad I joined this community, I forgot how much I enjoyed collecting pokemon stuff!

There's less than 15 hours remaining for this GA, but we're still quite a ways from raising enough for the starting price! (Though the lot itelf is at a high price, the upside to this is that the seller has made shipping free, so all you will be paying for is the item itself and the shipping from me to you.) Please put your max bid in to ensure that we win. :) There's some really nice figures here including Misty, Absol, Mightyena, Red, Salamence, etc. and most are still at their starting bids, so please take a look. :D

I also need to make room for some incoming flats later this month, so the stickers in my new sticker sales thread (click Hanty's daydream photo the banner below) are all 50% with a minimum purchase of $5. Offer ends this weekend (Sunday, Oct 4).

01 October 2015 @ 11:56 pm
I wasn't really planning on making a post for a while but I've been looking for this guy for a while now and I've only ever seen him pop up on Y!J and I always chicken out on signing up for a deputy service :( I've also been a member for a year! I can't really do a collection post though since basically all of my collection was packed away when school started, so this post will take its place!

Totodile is my all time favorite starter, but I'm a bit picky about which plushes of his I own (mostly for monetary reasons haha) so when I saw this plush I just knew he had to be one of the Totodiles I owned. I think this plush is absolutely adorable and since it's the large one it's definitely cuddle buddy worthy :D Also, for being my favorite starter I only have one plush of his so far...still holding out for Totodile Kuttaris too... All I'm trying to say is I NEED this big boy and any help in obtaining him would be very awesome!

Behold, the large Top Insight Totodile plush!

Thanks for looking!
In celebration of October, Pokemon of the Week has gone full spooky! This whole month we'll be celebrating Dark and Ghost types of pokemon, separated each week into generations. This week is a combination of Generation 1 and 2, but the rest of the weeks will be separate generations!

Now lets get spppooookkkyyyy~~~

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)


Hello all! I have spent the whole day yesterday to do some more cleaning in my room and found/ organised loads of stuffs that I would like to re-home. I have added them to my sales. In addition, I also reopen my flat sales post :D

Little bit of Preview:
(Click here for my Updated Sales Post)

Flat Sales Preview:
(Click here for my Updated and re-open Flat Sales Post)

Thank you!

Welcome back!

I'm a little late with my weekly updates because work and life kept me busy, but here it is! I hope everyone enjoys!

Read more...Collapse )
01 October 2015 @ 04:42 pm
Hello everyone! I'm hoping somene can help me find this sticker sheet! My friend is desperately trying to add them to her collction.  Please comment here with the price if you have them. Thank you so much!

01 October 2015 @ 01:21 pm

Found on Pokepolitan.

TBT (or Sanei Boueki) has revealed the their full Pokemon plush lineup! They are still set to be released this December. The prices are as followed:

Pikachu, Buneary, Dedenne, Skitty, Wobbuffet, Psyduck, Jigglypuff, Gengar, Espurr, Goomy,
Oddish, Poliwag - 1,600 yen
Altaria, Eevee - 1,800 yen
Lucario - 2,600 yen
Pikachu cushion - 3,800 yen
Wailord cushion - 5000 yen
Gulpin cushion - 4,500 yen

I'm SUPER excited for Skitty, Espurr, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, and Gengar!  It's also great to see some underappreciated pkmn, too!!  :D

Quick Sales Plug:

Granted Permission by entirelycliched on 9/9/14
NEW http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/starpurrloin/
Item imageItem image
01 October 2015 @ 03:50 pm
Hey everyone, just looking for these specific Flying type Bandai figures :)

The Wants! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Bandai Crobat "Confuse Ray" (Priority!) and "Steel Wing" Attack Kid

Bandai Skarmory Kids (left is priority)

My Birthday's on the 7th or Wednesday, and I hope the seemingly upcoming hurricane our way here in the East Coast of the US doesn't put a damper on it :(

Please let me know if you have any of these you're willing to sell (=゚ω゚)ノ
Hi, Everyone!

Today, I will be opening 3 boxes of Japanese XY8 Red Flash booster packs. That's 60 packs...300 cards total. And all this is so I'll hopefully pull all 4 Houndoom EX cards. lol.

I couldn't resist and went ahead and opened 5 packs. I pulled Yveltal in my second pack, Mewtwo EX in my third, and Mismagius in my fifth. XD!

All duplicates will be available for sale/trade after the Livestream is over (and after I sort them all). If you're looking for particular cards from the set or see anything you like during the Livestream, please comment on this post and I'll let you know if I have one available. ^^ Any money I make from these will go towards my Korean XY8 boxes (3 Red Flash and 1 Blue Impact) or towards my English BREAKthrough pre-order. If I do not pull all 4 Houndoom cards, I will be looking for trades for those before selling/trading any of my extra EX cards. I'm also looking to trade for or purchase Japanese Blue Impact cards since I didn't purchase a box of those.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 3pm Eastern Time. (about 15 minutes after original post)LIVESTREAM IS OVER! Thanks to everyone that stopped by. :D I pulled 3 out of 4 Houndoom EX cards.

I'm also looking for people willing to act as middlemen for BREAKthrough when it releases in other languages. If you would be willing to help me get the Houndoom cards, boosters, or even a booster box, please let me know. ^^ I'm trying to get the Houndoom cards in every language. I know it'll be released in German and French. I'm not sure about other languages. Does anyone know what the current TCG languages are? What languages was Ancient Origins released in?

ANYWAY! Back to the Japanese boxes. lol.

Here's the entire set list -

Here's all the holos and RRs I have for trade/sale. Please let me know if you're interested in any of them. ^^ I think I have at least one duplicate of all the un/common cards in the set.

List Under HereCollapse )

Cards I still need after box opening -

062/059 MewtwoEX
063/059 MegaMewtwoEX
064/059 Giovanni's Plan
065/059 MewtwoEX

So far I'm looking for these cards for others -

sushirisu - Chespin and Zorua - both fulfilled
spritzzie - Spritzee and Aromatisse - both fulfilled
m14mouse - Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, Ralts, and Kirlia (I think that's it?) - - all fulfilled except Empoleon
schenzi - Prinplup and Empoleon - got Prinplup but not Empoleon
dokina_abetara - Houndoom, Mega Houndoom EX, and Houndoom Spirit Link


Also, I'm currently working on getting a sales post up for all my non-TCG flats. So if you have any Topps, Ultimate Stickers, misc stickers, TCG coins, sleeves, Flipz, Lamincard, Burger King card, or any other flat wants...feel free to ask and I'll check before the sales post goes up. I still need to take photos of everything.