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24 July 2016 @ 11:41 am
Hello, friends! I wanted to share that I've just updated my sales post. I moved house just recently and was forced to do some weeding since I simply don't have space for some things anymore. Please give these guys a new home! Click the banner to go the post.

IMG_2898 IMG_2901 IMG_2899

I also just finished setting up my collections and thought I'd show photos of everything!
IMG_2972 IMG_2990
Here!Collapse )

That's all I have for today. Thank you for viewing! Please enjoy the rest of your day!
25 July 2016 @ 12:08 am
hey guys! long time no post. hope the holy trinity of pokemon collecting are treating you all well. i'd stay and chat but i'm just after a teeny little want today

a poliwhirl metal figure! a natural metal colour would be ideal but this begger is not a chooser, i'll take what i can get.
shipping would be to australia

thank u my beautiful peach sundaes!!
24 July 2016 @ 09:49 am
I have lots of items in my sales post still so please take a look if you would be interested:



I have stuff in my flats sales post as well:

Hope everyone in the US is staying cool and avoiding this heat wave!
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24 July 2016 @ 02:15 pm
Hello! ^^

I am looking for the following plushies for my collection and wondered if any fellow members were selling any. If you are, if you could kindly post pictures with conditions etc. along with your asking price + shipping to the UK, I would greatly appreciate it. =)

The plushies I am looking for are:


I am not picky about which line or collection they are from. ^^ Would just like a cute plushie of my favourite Pokemon.

Thanks for reading~! <3
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24 July 2016 @ 08:56 am

Hey guys and gals :) quick post here. I'm going to be getting in some new stuff for sale soon and I wanted to bump my sales post again. Feel free to make offers, I want to get rid of some of this stuff! I don't bite! :)

Also another pitch for my wants:

Thanks to everybody, I was able to obtain flareon, vapreon, and eevee bell plush and a buneary pokedoll (still looking for a buneary pokedoll with jp tags)

Hello Dear Community!
This is my first ever post, hope this will go well :D

I searching for any merch from nidoking, Nidorino or Nidoran mâle.
With Postage to France ( Most of the time the price of postage scares me )
I'm especially looking for stuff that I will fall in love with aha !
For those how would like to see my display. I Have photos on Instagram
Here's the link https://www.instagram.com/misterdearlove/

Thanks for having me !
23 July 2016 @ 08:44 pm
I have no where near a large collection of Pokemon as some of you here but I would like to share my personal treasures regardless. Part of this reason is that on July 15 - 17th I was part of a team that was selling at a game booth at a major event where I live. Everything sold in the booth was supplied by sponsors in and around my community such as local Starbucks places and well as small businesses. Before this event I had over 100 figurines and other Pokemon items but in the spirit of the cause I decided to let go of many of them. I'm happy to announce that in three days my team raised well over $1500 which will go towards a charity benefitting homeless youth! Plus all my older, neglected Pokemon merchandise found new homes (we gave them out as prizes at the event).

Here in this post you see what I have left of my collection. I'll try to give you some background on the items I think are the most important to me:

1. Piplup plush: it was the very first thing I bought with my own money. My parents were furious when they found out (I was only a small child then), but on the day I was packing up my Pokemon merchandise my mother who was initially very angry at my purchase said she couldn't stand seeing me give it away. It's very important to me because it was also the very first plush I ever got. Piplup as also my very first starter Pokemon in the more common role playing games. It is also the only Pokemon I ever raised and evolved to level 100. I also believe we have pride as a common trait!

2. Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia game: My very first Pokemon game. It brings back a lot of fond memories though it's been so long since I beat the game that I barely remember the storyline. Nonetheless it's like the "Red" and "Blue" nostalgia that everyone talks about.

3.Espeon TOMY plush: I got it on my birthday this year and there isn't so much sentimental value to it yet, but it sits on my nightstand and watches me sleep every night along with eevee. :) Espeon is also my favorite Pokemon.

I do have some other Pokemon items in storage such as an old pokedex and a very well loved Diamond and Pearl walk through paperback guide but they're not shown here because it's too much of a hassle to dig for them!

23 July 2016 @ 05:50 pm
Hello everyone!

I hope you're having an excellent summer :)

I've gotten some additions to my ever-growing collection, and I thought I'd share!

Also, I still need some ID help with the charizard and clefairy squeaky toys.
Sorry for the less-than-stellar photos- my phone doesn't like taking nice pictures.

On to the gets!

Gets!Collapse )

And now the strange squeaky toys that I'd like some information on.

Read More..Collapse )

Thank you for reading and have an awesome day/night!

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Come check it out. I got some stuff like pikachu kettle, gengar pokken figure, eeveelution stuff, zukan, plush and more!

Cut to read rulesCollapse )

Pokken Gengar figure - taken out once and put back in - QUICKSALE - $19!!!

Kangaskhan Mystery Dungeon playset figure - $8
Crobat zukan piece with scuffs on back and peg stuck in hole - $5
Braviary moncolle figure - $2
Skiploom PT NO strap - $4
Kabuto TFG no base - $29
23 July 2016 @ 03:55 pm
I've decided I want to hardcore collect Rattata and Raticate due to my love of Rodents. I have bought a few things already like the original kids and a Rattata TOMY figure.
I'm looking for anything (plush, figures, flats, customs, etc.) A few of the things at the top of my wants list are under the cut.
Rattata Raticate wantsCollapse )

Thanks in advance!!
23 July 2016 @ 03:03 pm
Hello all! These god ponies need homes. I have decided to let go of half of the collection. Much of the merch I actually want isn't available at the moment, and this collection really only started because I wanted to collect every legendary figure + their forms when I first joined this community. Plus I need more room for other things. I can ship out Wednesday and Friday of next week!
I have added everything I wanted to boot to my sales post! I'm keeping all of my dark plate items because dark plate is love.
All of my unwanted tomys, chougettos, and keshipoke are included! Various normal type items are mixed in. I even have the 2009 pearly tomy in there. I will trade ANY of these for the remaining zukan I want. I need dragon, electric, poison, rock

Click the link to be transported to items and rules~ http://giratina.livejournal.com/3599.html

To make this post less boring, I managed to find the pearly altered form Giratina keyholder I've been looking for :D I found it MWT for $7 on Y!J. First Giratina figure I got in a while! I also received my Rayquaza puppet plush yesterday. I don't suggest putting your hand in the puppet part unless you've got tiny hands. Mine almost got stuck gfhlkgfgl
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23 July 2016 @ 02:02 pm
Just putting this here one more time ^_^ but also wanted to mention I'm up for trades as well :) some things I would be interested in are a swirlix pokedoll (JP) ditto bulbasaur transform plush, and some of the plush keychains from last years summer festival release (the mudkip was so cute!) but yeah feel free to mention other things you may want to trade ^_^

permission by Allinia 6-11-14

Er.... I can't seem to access the feedback system 0-0 but I assure you it's 100% positive!

I ship from MS and do not offer international

I come from a smoke/bedbug free home.

If a package gets lost please contact me so we can figure something out

I don't mind some haggling, but don't be offended if I offer a counter offer :)

Each order comes with a free Pokemon card :)

If you order by Monday morning, I can ship that day :)

Raichu $20 pikachu $23 and purlion is $9

Ichiban kuji pikachu strap $7.50
Shiny pikachu charm $9 (normal pikachu for comparison) and the mega Altaria badge is $5 :)


This clearfile is just $3 :) also open to trade for another clearfile show me what you got~
23 July 2016 @ 08:17 pm
Hello there guys! ^o^

The time for some auctions has finally come!
Here's a tiny preview *v*

So I have Glaceon chupa figure, few pretty old postcards, a bunch of Eeveelu items, some holo pogs and MORE!

Auctions will end NEXT SATURDAY (30th July) at 10 PM my time (Poland), please use the timer -  click

Shipping starts at $1.7 worldwide and usually doesn't go over $3.5, if you're concerned how much your shipping would be please ask for the quote!

If you have any questions please ask them by replying to the first comment!


click!Collapse )


click!Collapse )

Ok, that's it guys!
If you have any questions feel free to ask by replying to the first comment!
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
I'll be back within few days with some huge and awesome sales :D

You can bid as soon as the thread for the item you'd like to get is up!
ughhh, all threads are up! XD
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Good morning!

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer.

I'm currently in the market for all of the Shaymin merchandise from the 20th anniversary campaign (especially the plush, but also figure and card pack). I'm hoping to buy all from the same seller if possible, but please offer if you just have the plush (since it's going to be the hardest to find).

I'm located in 92025.

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23 July 2016 @ 11:03 am
Hey everybody! ^u^

I updated my sales with a ho-oh, lugia, arceus, and celebi jakks, please fesl free to take a look and offer if you're interested :)

Thanks! ^-^


23 July 2016 @ 04:13 am
I just updated my collection page with some of my new gets.

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23 July 2016 @ 12:00 pm
Hello again everyone.
I'm going to try and make the Johto Gym Leaders.
First off, here's my new TFG custom Clair:

She's always been one of my favourites.
I'm thinking Morty next.
23 July 2016 @ 03:18 am
Hey everyone! It's been a few months, but here's another collection update! Edit: I'm also celebrating being on here for a year! WOOO!

On my last post I mentioned how I was waiting to receive the big Squirtle and big Bulbasaur to complete my big trio from JPN! And boy are they BIG. Perfect for cuddling!

More collection update pics under all the cuts!
SO BIGCollapse )
And of course some randoms additions! Well I guess minus Slowpoke and Mew (altho my mew collection is small and I really need it to stay that way lol)
Look at these randoms!Collapse )
So I'm sure some of you, at least those who've I bought from, may have noticed a new Pokemon that I'm after. I think it's time to introduce the newest monster that's fighting for space in my room:
A wild Pokemon appeared!Collapse )
I think that does it for this upda--- *faint growling in the distance*
Growlithe used bite...on me...ow!Collapse )
Okay that's really it. I have also gotten a lot of figures recently, but I'm gonna save that for a later update. 3 months of collecting whew. My wallet is just in constant pain, but my collection makes me extremely happy so it's worth it :)
Next up I have my first package from FromJapan coming soon along with some other Japan stuff (um HELLO Growlithe Kuttari!!!!!!). I'm also working on a new wants list and a collection website that I can hopefully get up and running soon. On a bitter note, I still haven't gotten an Arcanine in GO when literally EVERYONE has one :( Growlithes please loooove meeee.

Anyways, until next time, happy collecting~ arcanine
23 July 2016 @ 10:21 am
Hey guys been pretty busy lately, so I wanted to post a minder for the items I still have for sale. :)

Items and rules behind the cut.Collapse )
Also open to haggling, as I want these items gone, but please stay reasonable. :) Have a nice weekend!
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22 July 2016 @ 11:32 pm
Hello everyone! I'm here with some quick wants. I'd only like to purchase things MWT. Thanks!
Click for the Wants!Collapse )
Thanks for looking everyone, and happy collecting! :D
23 July 2016 @ 01:30 am

I'm looking to get others like these:
Picture!Collapse )

They were "batteries" included inside the Burger King Gameboy Color toys. I already have the ones pictured along with others, looking to get different ones. If you have any for sale please let me know and the price :) I prefer buying multiples from the same seller to save on shipping, but open to single ones as well. Shipping to zipcode 00778, just in case.

23 July 2016 @ 01:03 am
Kind of a long shot but does anyone have either one of these Charizard plush for sale (Takara Tomy or Korean Sonokong)? TTO is fine. c: I want it to cuddle. (PS Splash I used your image!! If it's not cool LMK - it's just a really good image for both haha).

I'm also looking for a decent-shape Play-by-play 18" char. The super fuzzy ones usually spotted at the old fairs. :D

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23 July 2016 @ 04:49 am
Hello everyone, hope you're all having a great weekend. ^^

Is there anybody in the comm who has or perhaps could get hold of a new Latias Choco Egg figure and ship to the UK? =) As I am having trouble getting one and I'd really like one to go with my Latios Choco Egg Figure. <3

Thank you in advance!
22 July 2016 @ 09:55 pm
I recently bought a lot of pokemon marbles from ebay because it had 3 raichu ones I didn't have ;;w;;
This is now my glass raichu marble collection <3

Left to right: amber, lavender?, light yellow, dark blue, and 'oil slick' :D

On the other hand there are plenty of marbles I don't want to hold onto xD They're all only $3 each (besides the 'oil slick' ones which are $3.50) so please check em out c: I'd be happy to trade them for raichu or pikachu marbles I don't have <3 (The only pikachu one I have is dark green~)

Sales+RulesCollapse )

Thanks everyone <3

EDIT: ALSO I have an odd request, I'm looking for the French version of Pokemon Emerald if anyone has it? :'3 bit of a long shot but I thought I'd try here before buying possible bootlegs on ebay |'D
Update: ORDERED! Thanks everyone! I'm so excited!!!!!


Anyone doing pickups for these babies? I'd love to discuss pickup and shipping prices, please! (Vulpix, Pichu, Raichu, Espeon and Umbreon are all scheduled for release in August!)
22 July 2016 @ 01:46 pm
Ended up spending a bit too much on SDCC stuff so now I have to sell haha xD

Added a few new items too :)

Here is my sales post: http://pikasang.livejournal.com/750.html

Sales permission was granted by areica96 May 26, 2016
Rest of the rules can be viewed in the link :)

Prices are very negotiable right now because of regrets lol so feel free to offer to your hearts content! (Low balling will obviously be turned down Ex: Item is $20 and you offer $10 for it :P)

Thanks you for reading! And I hope some of these plushes find good new homes!
22 July 2016 @ 12:56 pm
Hi everyone! my room is now overflowed with pokemon plush so i need these plush gone! i lowered them to the lowest i've had them.
Read more...Collapse )
Little preview

now for the sales under the next cut
Read more...Collapse )
Hi all! I've fulfilled my prior patch orders and I'm ready to take on more! One thing to note is that I've corrected the Team Mystic logo embroidery so all the Mystic patches I will print will feature the correct version of the logo. :D

I'm also selling a handful of misprinted patches (mostly of the incorrect Mystic logo) at a discount, and as always I'm open to commissions of patches based on Pokemon Shuffle sprites!

Everything can be found on my monthly customs post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21451984.html
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Hello! So I have had these older pokemon toys in their japanese bubble packing forever now and I just noticed on 3 items that the packaging is different from my others to make me question the authenticity of these old pokemon toys. I would love to collect all of the original 151 in this kind of MOC packaging plus togepi and a few johto starters to re-live my childhood but I wanted to come here for detailed tips on how to spot fakes first! I know there are all kinds of releases for these toys, and I was wondering if these are the real deal with just a different packaging variant. I understand Hasbro distributed these toys to the US and Audley distributed them around Japan back in the 90's.

EDIT: These TOMY's are authentic! If anyone else has these in their original Japanese packaging with Shopro stickers I would LOVE to see pictures of them!

So the items in question are my #43 Psyduck and Golduck, #44 Seel and Dewgong, and #45 Sandshrew and Sandslash. I previously used to own these same toys as a kid (but distributed by Hasbro from Walamrt so I know they were legitimate) and nothing seems out of the ordinary as far as paint or color errors to indicate that they are bootlegs. The only things I see out of place are the lack of Audley logo at the top left corner, different Japanese characters in larger font than all my other MOC pokemon TOMY's, and a Shopro sticker instead of a MediaLink sticker. I have bought recent official Pokemon merchandise,such as UFO banpresto plush from japan, with the Shopro stickers on them so I am curious about these 6 little toys. I bought them off ebay years and years ago, I didn't spend very much on them, maybe $6 for each.

[click me for more pictures!]

Missing Audley Logo on the left packaging of Seel and Dewgong, present on the packaging on the left with Seadra. Also notice the Shopro stocker and the MediaLink Sticker. All my gen 1 Japanese TOMY figures have the MediaLink sticker, but my #43, #44, #45 have this weird Shopro sticker instead.

Backsides of the packaging/backcards:

Stamps on toys:

Here are all my other Gen 1 TOMY's I own, hopefully everything else here besides these three in question look official! I hope to collect the rest of Gen 1 someday.

And my new Team Mystic shirt juuust because why the heck not... xP

*Even if these toys are not authentic I still plan to keep them in their packaging and hang them on my wall amongst my official ones. They have been with me for a long time and I still enjoy them! Need help identifying fakes so I can be a smarter shopper and get legitamte gen 1 TOMY Pokemon toys from now on! Thanks in advance for all the help!
22 July 2016 @ 09:56 am
Hey all, I updated my pokemon sales (and set of Splatoon PJs) now that I'm on a pseudo summer break form school!
Click the image or link to be transported to my sales permission, rules, and the items :) Update coming soon! (maybe...) That custom Whimsicott is $18 shipped in the US, please someone take it. This is just a preview image, there are a few more items there

22 July 2016 @ 02:18 pm
Hello hello!

After a few lots I have won, I have also lots of new sales!! Please take a look here:

Click the banner, or this link: http://linameerun.livejournal.com/2136.html

Of course I am open for trades for anything in my want list! :D
Click the banner or this link: http://linameerun.livejournal.com/1060.html

Thanks guys!
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Hello guys,

This is just the reminder that it's your last chance to pre-order these guys from me, click on the pic to be transported to claims posts!

Mega Pikachu poncho figures vol. 2: CLICK

Candy get figures 19th Movie ver: CLICK
Today is the last day I'm taking pre-orders for these!


Also I have some bad news about Choco-egg figures vol. 2 - I probably won't be able to get them for you guys ;-;
I'm really sorry about that and I hope that you'll menage to get them from some other source!
If something's change and I'll be able to get them I will let you know asap!

Tagging people who claimed choco-egg figs from me:
clickCollapse )

Sorry and thanks in advance for understaning guys ;-; that's the first time I'm unable to get something for you and that makes me really sad haha DX especially since a lot of you claimed figures from me... ;-;I hope that'd be the first and only time that something like this happens.


Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
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22 July 2016 @ 12:09 am
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the box for the 20th anniversary mew plush that they would be willing to selll?

If anyone does, please let me know!

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Just dropping a quick reminder for my voodoo doll auction that ends tomorrow night! There's still a couple at their starting price. Don't leave these little cuties without a home! Follow the link for more details. Thank you so much for taking a look!

Hi ! How are you all ? I'm in Japan right now and went to the Pokémon Center yesterday ! It was an amazing experience and I got to buy quite a few things ! However, I had no such luck with UFO catchers. I tried several times and spent more than 20 euros trying to catch a Banpresto Eevee, but I'm not very good at it ! However, watching people play was very nice ! More importantly, the Sylveon MOVIE XY & Z Korotto Manmaru plush was nowhere to be found ! I visited multiple Adores and Sega arcades, to no avail. Picture of the plush !Collapse ) Do you know where this plush is available to purchase, please ? I'm not looking to buy now, however, but rather when I come back. Thank you very much ! EDIT : I caught it myself in an UFO catcher today !! The moment when the claw lifted the plush above the opening was breathtaking !
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21 July 2016 @ 08:11 pm
Some new wants under the cut, both Sceptile, Lucario and some other things!

Either MIP/MWT or not is fine, just so long as the item itself is in good condition and with minimal wear.

pics under the cutCollapse )
21 July 2016 @ 08:09 pm
PHEW... hi everyone!
i havent posted here in what... a month or two?
i got a couple of things in that time and started a couple of sculptures too!
more under the cut!
here"s the cutCollapse )
well, that's all for a while! see you later! <3
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21 July 2016 @ 07:34 pm


Sales InfoCollapse )

ItemsCollapse )
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22 July 2016 @ 08:59 am
Looking for two of these shipped to 4051 australia, dont need to be bought together (: i just want one for my collection and one for my keys :D

here is the link to their actual thing (:

16 July 2016 @ 07:28 pm
Hello everyone! It's been a while, my collecting has almost slowed to a halt as of late~ Graduating high school and then having to move into my own apartment by the end of the summer is a hoot haha ^^ SO since I'm going to be moving soon I figured it's a good time to try to clear out some sales things before they get packed away until who knows when, take a gander yo!

But since EVERYTHING's getting packed away, including my collections, I figured a one last look around my room was in order!
Snippity snip big picsCollapse )

but that about wraps it up here! I still miss actively buying here but hey, if anything Aggron or Karrablast pops up that I don't have, or a Rayquaza grail magically appears, you can bet I'll find some way to go for those ;w;
Hope you all have an awesome day/night!