18 October 2014 @ 10:11 pm
Hi everyone!
It's been a while, AP classes and college apps are a killer haha. Anyway, I've got some spare cash and I would love to track down a pokedoll for my collection^^ I'm really looking for a Slowpoke Pokedoll at the moment, but my full list of wants is here:
I hope you all are having a wonderful day :)
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19 October 2014 @ 11:31 am
Hello all!!

This year i am working as a an elf/photographer for santaclause!!! How exciting.
So i am definitely feeling the christmas spirit!! Annndd thought i would gift myself something super awesome!!!!!

I am looking for a PLUSH ARTIST that uses minky!!!!!

To do a Tyranitar line project for me!! That will preferably accept a payment plan from sometime soon to over christmas!!

More under the cutttttCollapse )

In other news....

Tomy Stick Larvitar!!Collapse )
18 October 2014 @ 08:33 pm
Without getting into too much off topic real life stuff, stuff has been very bad lately, and just when I think it can't get worse, my 1y/o cat needs to be rushed to the emergency vet today for peeing blood. (He has a UTI with crystals in his track. So he'll be on a special diet the rest of his life and monitored.)

Because of all this bad stuff going on and me being incredibly stressed out, my boyfriend bought me a gift to cheer me up. I did kind of suggest what to buy as he had mentioned wanting to buy me something lately, and now was a good time. It was suppose to arrive on Wednesday, but my local post office gave me trouble because it was from Japan and I had to sign for it... but I worked and couldn't.. so I finally got it yesterday after a back and forth note war in the mailbox. Anywho... picture story!

A package? What's inside!Collapse )

Hey all!

I recently updated my sales post!
Inside are a lot of sealed products including deck supplies, blister packs and decks.

Always willing to haggle!
Thanks all for being awesome and checking it out!

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18 October 2014 @ 11:34 pm
Hey guys! I mainly collect delphox merch! I have only one little delphox related item (a custom fleece magnet), and I'd really like to expand my collection in a big way! I am NOT looking for merch that also includes braixen or fennekin. ONLY DELPHOX! <3

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18 October 2014 @ 06:52 pm
Hello everyone :3
I bought a box of Zukan and would sell any of these beautiful lines <3
But at first my new gets! I have my Espeon-Umbreon Zukan now! Im so happy :D
But take a look!

Gets!Collapse )

And now to the big Zukan sales!
Click on the banner to see more!
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18 October 2014 @ 05:34 pm
I managed to pick up quite a few items from my wants list but I'm still looking for some items if anyone can help :3

Wants!Collapse )

Also, I have a huge package coming from Y!J in the next few weeks so I'll be making my first collection post soon!
18 October 2014 @ 11:05 am
Hey guys! Here's a quick list of some of my current wants. I'll keep updating the original post I made on my blog, but I did want to post this in the community as well. You guys are all so lovely and helpful. :)

-Castform kid figures
-Gardevoir Tomy figure
-Mega Gardevoir Tomy figure
-Any "sitting" Eeveelution Kids (with the exception of Sylveon, who I own)

Pictures Under the Cut!Collapse )

I collect Gardevoir, Dragonair, Castform, and Jirachi at the moment. Be sure to let me know if you see any Dragonair items. Hopefully with the release of ORAS there will be even more Gardevoir Merch, but I kind of doubt it.
I'll be posting some more gets in the next week, so keep an eye out!
18 October 2014 @ 05:42 pm

Hello! Today I went to PokePerth's Pokemon Weekend, a small Pokemon convention where I live. There were sellers of all kinds, I got to play Smash Bros and cosplayed as a Sylveon magical girl!

This is my cute haul for the day!
-Pikachu Blanket and Case
-Eevee Crepe Socks
-Sylveon and Pikachu Socks
-Klefki Keyring
-Halloween Pumpkaboo mini


For anyone interested in the socks, I'm quite sure they are for children, but I tried them on and have ladies size 38 EUR/ 7 1/2 AUS feet and they stretched a little but fit fine.
Also, this Klefki is the single best thing I've bought all year, it's adorable and makes me smile everytime I hear my keys jingle!


Thanks for looking!

Sales permission granted by allinia on 4/5/14

Just a boring post letting everyone know about my ebay sales. Since I'm doing a lot of item weeding. I try to update my ebay sales at least once a week, so please keep checking back periodically. You can also, contact me here in regards to certain items, etc.

Right now I have a rare German Mirage Charmander up for auction. It roars/growls and its mouth lights up.

Resize Mirage Mander

This is my ebay link below:


Also, anyone here collect Charmander and have a particular wants list? I might be able to sell you some stuff, since I'm weeding Charmander things out.
18 October 2014 @ 09:09 am
Hi all!

I'm looking for Full Art tcg and Pancham/Pangoro items, show me anything you have! I already have a few of the pandas but I can't remember specifically what right now xD Shipping to Ireland.

Particularly wanting the large Banpresto Pancham and the cushion! Everything must be MWT.

Also a quick sales plug as I'm here: Lots of TCG here! And even more here! Open to trades and haggling, please get these cards new homes! Also plush and other bits in there :)
18 October 2014 @ 02:33 am
Im looking for this flareon clearfile (i need this one to compete my collection)
(image is find from google search if this is your and dont want me to use it i will remove it)

Also i still have my sale post here ----> http://slatias.livejournal.com/5808.html
(Love to do any trade )

Thanks for looking 
18 October 2014 @ 01:42 am
Hi all! Just got back from NYC after going to Nintendo World and the Miku expo at wallplay. Anyway I have the stock, and a quick pic of gets!
Stock and a gets picCollapse )
17 October 2014 @ 07:50 pm
This is my first wants post!
I currently want the following:

PokedollsCollapse )

Pokemon Time PlushCollapse )

Other Pokemon PlushCollapse )

I hope I did not do anything wrong this post!
17 October 2014 @ 07:10 pm
Hello everyone! I'm here to update you all on some things (Pokedolls, mainly) I recently picked up. I have not received some of them in my mailbox yet due to buying them fairly recently, but I'm sure you'd like to know what I got! The following pictures will show in-game models rather than pictures of the actual Pokedolls as they are not in my possession or I'm too lazy to take pictures of them right now, and I don't want to use photos that are not mine.

DELIBIRD used PRESENT!Collapse )

HOUNDOUR used THEIF!Collapse )

EEVEE used CELEBRATE!Collapse )


I'm so excited to get the ORAS demo on Monday, since I live in the US. I would have played it on my Japanese 3DS, but I have no idea how to import Coro Coro. Earlier today, I created extra Trainer Club accounts so I would be able to get extra codes for those who mistakenly forget to sign up for it.

If you live in the US, make sure you have a Trainer Club account on Pokemon.com and have checked the box in your settings to make it okay for them to send you emails because the code will be given to you in their newsletter on the 21st! You MUST do this by the 19th.

I also discovered that Japan is holding some kind of promotion with Pokemon ORAS called Pokemon Scrap. Apparently, there's going to be these code cards packaged in with various Pokemon products, such as TCG stuff. With these code cards, you can get things like a master ball, rare candy, and even Pokemon like Shaymin, Keldeo, and Victini! I went ahead and preordered two Japanese booster boxes (one for Gaia Volcano and another for Tidal Storm) because the most code cards you need to receive everything is 20, so I can get two of everything!

Also... WHERE IS THE NEW POKEDOLL INFORMATION? The Pokemon Company be Slaking with the Pokedolls. I need to be properly hyped for when ORAS releases!

That is all.
17 October 2014 @ 09:23 pm
Yo I haven't posted in a while! But I've got a couple completely adorable and spoopy gets.

Spooky ScaryCollapse )
18 October 2014 @ 09:23 am
Hi everyone :D Long time no post! This is the Electric Pokemon Master and owner of the community and Sunyshore, Gin!!

After a long break from LJ I want to try to get back into the flow of posting my collection updates here (though I am still on a break from moderating for now). But I am pretty backed up on collection updates now so I'll go piece by piece. Hopefully I can catch up before the electric lions get their first merchandise since before B/W (five years I believe it's been?) and Manectric gets his first plush ever! (x)

Today I want to post....my custom Heliolisk plushies!! Which I have been gathering bit by bit over the past XY filled year.

welcome... to jurassic-- er, heliolisk park!Collapse )

ANYWAY!! Sunyshore PokeMart has added ALL of the new promos, including Christmas, new Hoenn plushies, and new Pokemon Petits..........phew!!!! Along with a really cute custom made Shiny Eelektrik and Therian Thundurus plush I hope can find good new homes soon <3

Thanks to all who continue to Support Sunyshore PokeMart! Do you know in 2016 it will be our tenth anniversary?! Meaning the community is coming up on that too.......holy crap!!!!!!
17 October 2014 @ 06:31 pm
Hi everyone! I just added some new items to my webstore, like these:

...and plenty others!

Click the banner to go:

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback is here.)

Thanks everyone! <3
17 October 2014 @ 05:40 pm
Hi there

Ended up editing a couple of items and removed a couple from the sale. There is about 2 days left in the offer.

Offer HERE

17 October 2014 @ 10:53 pm
I'm looking for the Banpresto DX Meowstics! I know these are pretty new, but maybe someone has them for sale already? They're on Ebay, but for insane prices.

ImageCollapse )
Image taken from Ebay

Also looking for the other Banpresto Meowstic items being released next month! Collect ALL the cats :D
17 October 2014 @ 04:47 pm

Hello all,
I am opening up slots for art commissions. (I plan to take plush commissions soon also!)
I make custom charms (laminated, one-sided), which can have up to 2 characters for $15 shipped in the USA (ask about international).  I can make charms of a Pokemon, your Pokemon OC, or another OC.
Here are some examples:



more examplesCollapse )

I am also offering ink commissions for original pieces of artwork that will be shipped to you, starting at $20 and increasing with complexity.  These are hand-inked, around normal paper size (8 x 11) art pieces. You will receive the original art piece (on Bristol or tracing paper), a digital edited version, and a print of the piece. I can make ink drawings of a Pokemon, your Pokemon OC, or another OC.

Some recent examples (sorry, not any Pokemon examples of these yet, but you can find Pokemon artworks I have created here: www.cricketcreates.tumblr.com/tagged/pokemon)


More examples...Collapse )

More examples of my work are here: www.cricketcreates.tumblr.com
If you are interested in an original watercolor or other medium, feel free to contact me also! I have listed my charms and ink works here as they are the cheaper options. : )

SlotsCollapse )

Sales Rules/InfoCollapse )

Feel free to ask questions!
I may take a little while to get back to you but I will reply to everyone later tonight if I don't.

Hello everyone ! Today, I received something I tought I'd never own, thanks to the awesome fluna_daiyunel !

But... As I went to take my camera, the Sylveons plotted something in my back...

What were they doing ?Collapse )

I may continue this photostory in some of my post ! Keep track of them if you liked it !
Click here to skip the photostory !Collapse )
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I forgot.. Whoopsies!Collapse )

Good Friday to everyone!I haven't really posted anything other than buying things lately, so here's a little update.

I had so much empty wall space and was running out of room in my shelves... So..
New Shelves!Collapse )

But in other news, I have some recent gets!
Recent Gets!Collapse )
And looking for xzeeko: Has anyone heard from them at all? I sent a message a couple weeks back, and didn't get a response.
17 October 2014 @ 01:40 pm
You all know the drill! It is Friday!!!


Be nice! Play fair! Post within the community rules, and no trolling/harassing, advertising or drama. Also please keep it safe for work. Other than that, have at it! Yay for Friday!!!
17 October 2014 @ 05:53 pm
Hi all. I'm trying to get my paws on the below Pikachu Tote bag:




Is anyone selling? If so how much inc postage to the UK?
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17 October 2014 @ 08:40 am

Hello everyone!
My auctions for the Giant Wailord Pokemon Time Plush and Wailord Plush Slippers are ending tomorrow~! I still have plenty of items left too. n-n

 photo mmsales_zps9cf714c9.png

Click here or the photo for bidding/purchasing!
17 October 2014 @ 11:50 am
Hi everyone!
I was browsing eBay this morning and found this:
treecko front

Read more...Collapse )
Gets!Collapse )

Thanks for reading :)
17 October 2014 @ 05:11 pm
Hello again everyone, today I bring you another sales post! I really love all of these plush, so I know they'll go to good homes. c: This sales post includes: Pokémon Center Raichu Petite plush, Valentine's Couple Pikachu ball chain plush (male only), Pikachu Oops! plush, and the Tokyo Bay Grand Opening Pikachu keychain plush. There's also more, so please take a look C:


Sales Info/PoliciesCollapse )

Plushies, Yveltal Figure, Stickers, & Mega Charizard X EX card for sale!Collapse )

Tucked away on the Daisuki Club site with the main site update today was a teaser for the next batch of Pokemon Centre plush coming out. The three plush shown were Kirlia (!), Sableye (!!), and Gulpin! These guys will be out on the 8th of November, just 2 weeks after the October batch that is coming out with the adorable Altaria and Salamence duo.


EDIT: And these cuties are now up for preorder on Sunyshore, along with all the new Pokemon Petit goods!
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16 October 2014 @ 10:28 pm
Hello all!

Today I bring you all (well actually I think it's mostly all) of my excess plush and figures to be used in trades! :D I have quite the big sum worth of items about 5 grand so will be looking to high end trade :3 I have everything with their worth next to them in my trades section of my journal found here.

I'm hoping, due to the rarer nature of some of my items, that I can flush someone out with a Psyduck Plushplush in any condition. I'm willing to trade $1500 worth of plush just for psyduck.

I'm also looking for a few mirage plush as well and would be willing to trade $300+ worth of plush depending on the mirage :3 These are my highest mirage wants so far:


My other wants can be found here. I'm open to all offers for any of my grails. I would also be open to trading everything I have to trade for any of my house wants. :3

*I have over ten feedback and sales permission from Allinia on March 2013*
16 October 2014 @ 10:15 pm
I haven't gotten into the Petit line yet, but I do believe there are people here who would appreciate this! More keychain plush (ORAS hype), new charms, and a bunch of other cool stuff!


The plush will be released on October 25th, the key chains will be released on November 1st, and the iPhone 6 cases will be released on November 29th.

Are you a collector of this line? What do you have of it so far and what do you wish to see?

...I want my Pokedoll announcement already.
17 October 2014 @ 12:35 am
Hola fellow poke fans, and future friends :), my name is Danny Matellan and I'm just starting out my collection of Pokemon stuff here and wanted to join in with you all in the fun and make a few buds here and there! As far as Pokemon go I am a major water fan everyone from squirtle, glaceon, oshawott, lapras, I love em all basically and a few of the normals too don't get me wrong. I hope to get along with everyone and become part of our community soon!! If there are a few poke collectors out there with zukans and want to sell to me please hit me up I'm looking for a hoot hoot to add to my collection and the original 3 grass, water, and fire 1st gen zukans too. Alonce-see to you all (doctor who ref) jaja.
17 October 2014 @ 12:03 pm

Hi there,
I'm a Pokemon fan from Australia, thanks for accepting me! I've mainly joined for Pokemon Center merch news and for sales. Firstly though, a bit about myself: I've been enjoying Pokemon since I was about 7 and got my first Gameboy pocket and Red version! I'm an art teacher and illustrator, I've been to the Pokemon Centre in Tokyo once (it was magical and I spent so much money!) and if I had to choose a favorite Pokemon.....I don't think I could! I love that every Pokemon has something special about them, I love the designs and I'm a big fan of Ken Sugimori's art. If I had to narrow it down though it would be somewhere between Bulbasaur/Gengar/Sylveon maybe! Here's a portion of my Pokemon collection:


While I'm at it, here's the kind of things (not necessarily these exactly) I'm after, mainly the cute stuff! I'm very interested in things like cute socks and homewares like bowls and mugs/cups and particularly anything with Sylveon/Pikachu/Eevee or a cute print on it! If you have some of these for sale let me know, I'd love to see!

Thank you, I look forward to discussing and enjoying Pokemon merch with everyone! :D

16 October 2014 @ 10:17 pm
Hello and Good Evening/Morning!

So I have a somewhat weird question to ask.

'v')-Has anyone ever used a deputy servie to pre-order/pre-buy something from Yahoo Japan?

I was wondering what other people do when they find certain items listed on Y!J for pre-order. For example, items such as ones that are only released for expos (can't think of a Pokemon example), specific locations (Sylveon Namco Kid) or PokeCen lotteries/exclusives (Eevee 3DS XL). Sometimes it's best to wait until its released, but in some cases a pre-order listing can be better.

The reason why I ask is because I found something similar to these examples for pre-order while browsing. It's a little strange since it's an item that's set for a short lived promo. I kinda want to pre-order it, but I'm a little hesitant.

I don't really make a habit of pre-ordering from auction sites. I have from ebay and once with a deputy from Amazon.co.jp and Y!J. So far, I haven't had any worries since the release date was less than two weeks. But you never know.

So, I'm a little curious to how someone else's experience was with a Y!J pre-order.

Thank you in advance ^w^

edit: Sorry the formatting looked really wonky >.<
edit 2: Don't know what happened. Looks like it's all fixed now.
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16 October 2014 @ 06:58 pm

I though about starting a dark doggie colelction but it was just not ment to be.
I have not yet started my new job and am in need of funds, so I must depart with my favorite doggies (Rakou is a tiger shhhhh)
+ a random mongose >.>

Mightyena used ROAR!Collapse )

Feedback Link:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/yardsalecouch/

~ I was given sales permission by entirelyclichedon Dec 1st,2013

Paypal ONLY
All prices are in USD
When given a quote, please tell me if you are committing or not
I take payment up front as a guarantee on my side that I know my time and efforts are not wasted.
No haggling,please.
I currently DO NOT accept trades of any kind.
Paypal fees will be included with your quote
Please include your username + requested pokemon in your notes section of payment

I ship Colorado,United States .
Domestic shipping is a flat $5 and includes tracking
International starts at $10
After the commission is completed,it is shipped out within the business week but I will notify the commissioner of any delays that may come up if I cannot ship the same week.(long work hours,emergency,etc.)

Which pokemon you want me to draw and will determine how I will price it and is determined by the complexity of its design.
[All examples provided below are previous commissions]

Pokedoodle Examples
Pokedoodle samplesCollapse )

ACEO examples (You may choose a trainer or gym leader in place of a Pokemon if you wish)
ACEO samplesCollapse )

The prices are set for each additional character. No haggling, please!

To Commission Me:
Please comment in this post with the filled out form provided below.
I will respond with a quote and will ask for payment up front as previously mentioned and then proceed to work.
If you have multiple commissions,please fill out this form separately for each individual commission.

Type: Doodle? or ACEO?

FAQCollapse )

Please feel free to comment or PM me about any questions you may have they may have not been covered by the Guidelines or the FAQ above.

{I also have a 20% off store-wide sale on my storenvy and a buy 2 get one free sale for prints! When you purchase two prints, just write in the notes section which one free print you want}

Thank you for reading!
16 October 2014 @ 09:17 pm
Hello everyone ! I recently recieved some new friends that thought i would share!
Here is a preview!

Clippy Clip for Close Ups. c:Collapse )
That's about it for today! :D Thank you for looking! <3
16 October 2014 @ 05:33 pm
I have just joined this community and I would like to tell you a little about me and my collection. First off, ever since I was little I had fallen in love with Pokemon. My brother aaronmichaeld started collecting pokedolls this year. I had no idea what they were at the time, but eventually I caved into collecting them. It's been about 5 months since I collected them, and now I have about 18 of them.

Delibird used Present!Collapse )

I will post my wants list in a few weeks.
Please tell me if I need to fix anything to this post or at least what you thought about this post.
What pokedolls do you have, what are you collecting, etc.?
I hope you guys like this post!

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17 October 2014 @ 02:16 am
I recently purchased a very large pumpkaboo plush from ebay. Seller was very nice and the product appears legitimate, but I'm having a tough time naming this little guy!

Pic heavy!Collapse )