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17 January 2017 @ 10:09 pm
Hello community! I haven't gotten much Pokemon merch lately, but my Lunala collection has grown. I believe I have every Lunala figure released so far :3c I did get a few exciting pieces of merch, though.

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As for ebay sales, I currently have three listings up. A massive lot of Zukan, a Ho-Oh zukan, and a JP MWT Zekrom Pokedoll. Click the images to be transported to the listings. The massive lot has 3 days left on it.

If they don't work, here's a main link; http://www.ebay.com/sch/yveltai/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
-Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96

Onto the wants~

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17 January 2017 @ 08:56 pm
Winter break came and went and I was unable to find time to reshoot my ralts collection so instead I will show what I found in my closet while packing
17 January 2017 @ 08:21 pm
hello peoples! i just got in 30 new keshimon! :O!.. here they are with the rest of my keshimon collection

also does anyone know how to search for keshimon on yahoo!japan? ive tried keshi and pokemon and niether seems to really find what im looking for

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So i've been mostly commenting on this community and buying things! I'm working on selling right now I actually sell on facebook groups a lot!

My collection is very compressed(figures) and my plushes are scattered throughout my whole room. I'm going to be consolidating them when I move into huge bookcases so it will look better! (A lot of the cyndaquil stuff doesn't fit and a lot of the space is compromised by giratina!)

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17 January 2017 @ 08:21 pm
Hello community! It's been nearly a month since my last post in which I told my grail wants. The other one was the Hasbro Grovyle plush which I already got (so happy!). The other (and the trickier) one is

Sceptile Pokédoll. If any of you darlings happen to have this and are willing to part with it, please, please tell me. I let you name the price (please be reasonable)!
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17 January 2017 @ 12:17 pm
Hello all :)

Just in case anyone is desperately looking for these still, Pokevault currently has all 3 of them in stock:


They are pretty expensive ($60 a piece) but they are also pretty rare as well. I know quite a few people wanted them, so I figured I would let you all know :)

Thanks for reading~
17 January 2017 @ 10:09 am
Anyone in the group who resides in the United States, and who uses Taobao.com to shop, can you recommend a reliable Taobao agent that you use and would recommend to buy and ship something from China? I've never used a service like this, so I want to make sure I cover all my bases and finances to avoid possible scams.

Also...I think some of the website translations are off. Does 闪光 "Flash" mean "Shiny"?
18 January 2017 @ 01:54 am
Hi comm,

I've listed more plush on eBay since my last post. Unfortunately, I've used up all my insertion fee-free listings for this month so I don't think I'll be listing as much until next month. On a positive note, I'm now trying to sell as much as possible so I've discounted most prices by 20%. Feel free to make me offers still. Eventually, I'll get around to my more prized possessions, like a complete set of PlushPlush and my favourite DX Pokedolls.

Here are previews of some items still listed. There are of course other items besides what I'm showing here. You can click the previews to see the listings.


Also, Duskull is up for auction starting at $20! Make sure you don't miss out on an awesome deal for a rare and super cute pokedoll!

I'm heading to the PO tomorrow so I can mail out any items purchased within the next 12 hours.

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17 January 2017 @ 01:57 am
It just dawned on me I really like Leafeon and I'd like to eventually get a few figures or plush of it.... So I'd like to see all your Leafeon collections please, to see what exists!

Also if you have Leafeon items (official figures/plush only) for sale or trade please link me to your sales post, I'd love to give a look. Thank you!
 Hi all,

I have finally calculated all the totals for my Circle-K pick up, and here are the totals with photos, and a surprise!

1435 DSC_1115 (Medium)

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Now the surprise - they add new items to the promotion yesterday !
XY starter + Eevee cushions, and Pikachu Blanket.
1459 (Medium)
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Pick ups still available:
If you still want a mascot plush, I can still pick them up at $13.5 + shipping/ fees each ^^

I can pick up a limited number of cushions at $16 + shipping/ fees since it's hard for me to carry that many (I had to take the rail back home after pick up ^^;).

However, a lot of places were already sold out of Fennekin/ Eevee even though they were just added yesterday, but maybe they will restock so I can always check, and there are loads of Circle K so maybe a less popular one will have them xD;
Please note that cushions will need to be shipped in a box and shipping would be $10-15 depending on where you live.

Last but not least, a sales plug. Still have lots of items from my update last week ^^
Please click the banner below for the sales.

Thanks as always!
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Hey everyone! I made a post a while ago trying to sell off the remainder of my Pokemon sales in one big lot, well.. no one nibbled so Im trying again!

This time I am only charging $25 plus shipping ... that is half off my first price!

Here is a preview image:

Shipping might cost more than the lot itself since itll be a heavier box but its worth it all things considered! Keep the items for yourself or re-sell them for profit.. I could care less I just want it all out of my closet ahah!

If you want to save on shipping then you can request to not include the books as thats what is making the box a bit heavy, but that is up to you!

Its first come first served, if your interested comment below!

Here is the link to the original sales post for the lot, everything is the same expect the reduced price of course! Make sure you comment here and not on the old thread if your interested.. thanks!


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16 January 2017 @ 08:48 pm
Hello Everyone :)

I wanted to share a really special get with you, and a small cooking photostory with a really special guest star :3


Reshi Meshi :3

*Warning picture heavy under the cut *

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16 January 2017 @ 03:06 pm
Posting a reminder of my sales, some rare things available as well as a few eeveelu things :) Check it out!

16 January 2017 @ 07:11 pm
Hows everyone been. Pretty good I hope. Well apart from mock exams and anxiously waiting for results. I'm doing fine. Infact while I'm waiting for another get to arrive. I have something to showoff. You see, I've been using buyee and yahoo japan auctions to sought out a few packages that I won. The latios I asked about earlier was one of them. The other I need to sought out postage and definitely before I go abroad (school trip). Apart from latios, I'm waiting for another hopefully coming soon, can't wait for it. Well I was going to bid on just an altaria pokedoll but I lost it while I was at school, I was going to bid on it again but decided not to after seeing how much it was raised. Thats another story. So I won my new three plush and the one of them arrived last thursday. Well here it is:
Surprise timeCollapse ) Now I'm giving a little rest from buying. But still looking for one particular plush as on my want list while waiting looking at prices for a newly released pokedoll: Sceptile and rowlet.
Any questions, please let me know Or if you have something to say please don't hesitate to say anything.
Thank you
16 January 2017 @ 11:19 am
Hi all!  I originally made a "collection weeding sales part 1" post way back in September, but I never got around to making part 2 because of how busy school has been.  Now that I have a little free time before the semester starts up again, here's some sales!  Almost everything is $10 or less, and since I'm eager to get rid of everything, I will accept haggling.

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Thanks for looking!
16 January 2017 @ 04:04 pm
Good afternoon! :)

I want to buy the Pokemon Base Set box reprint for my boyfriend, but I don't know exactly what box it is... I bought the wrong one already and I don't want that to happen again.
Who can help me with the name? Or a link?

Thanks in advance!! :)

16 January 2017 @ 03:35 am
Hey! I just wanted to throw this out there, I've been looking for this little guy for some time now and was wondering if anyone had one for sale or that they were willing to part with or even just a lead on where I might find this sneaky little guy.

It's the Petit Raichu Figure Strap! I never thought he'd be so hard to find >_> Also, if this is your image and you don't want me to use it, please let me know and I'll be happy to swap it out ^_^

Any info is much appreciated! My collection has also grown quite a lot in the past few months, so I will be posting an update soon, hopefully! Thanks for looking, and any tip (no matter how small) would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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15 January 2017 @ 11:32 pm
This time, the Pokemon figure I am working on is a Gallade! :D

I hope it is helpful to other members here who are looking for ways to repair, reconstruct, or even customize various figures or toys they may have of their Pokemon figures and collectibles!

Have a look and feel free to comment and ask questions if you want:
16 January 2017 @ 01:21 am
Hello Everyone :D

Just a little reminder for my sales :) Anything bought before 6 PM EST on Thursday, Janurary 19, will be shipped Friday, Janurary 20!

To be transported to my Main Sales page, you can either click on the images below or the following link: http://kuro-kage-kun.livejournal.com/5970.html

Feel free to check it out!

Until next time...have a great week!
●—● kuro
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15 January 2017 @ 08:22 pm
This is a post of the Pokemon figures and collectibles that I am looking to add to my collection. I mostly collect Gallade and Ralts figures and collectibles, and I'm always on the lookout for any new collectibles, but I'm not always the quickest or luckiest when it comes to getting them. So I tend to miss alot of hard to find items. ^^;

StarToys Shiny GalladeGardevoir Valentines.jpg
StarToys Xing Chen Ge Shiny Gallade + Gardevoir Valentines Day Sculpture

StarToys RaltsKirlia.jpg
StarToys Xing Chen Ge Shiny Ralts and Kirlia Valentines Day Sculpture

These sculptures from the StarToys Xing Chen Ge products sell out super fast, and these one's I've listed are actually part of a set that is most likely to be completed next year with the Gardevoir and Gallade Mega Evolutions. Here's what the set, and possible future sculpt will look like:
Current set.jpg

ralts pokedex.jpeg
Pokemon Pokedex Footprint Mini Figure - Ralts

I know this little guy is really rare, but I have hopes to find one...maybe two if possible! I cannot resist a cute little Ralts. ^_^

kirikizan Pokemon Pose W.jpg
Kirikizan (Bisharp) Pokemon Pose Figure W

Been looking for this fella for years. It was only sold in Japan and is the only official Takara TOMY ARTs Bisharp figure. Funny story is I'm not looking for him for my collection. I am looking to get him for my best friend's collection. Bisharp is her favorite Pokemon, and she has almost all figures and plushies, and she's been sad that TOMY never released a figure for the fans. I discovered this Pokemon Pose Figure W dual figure candy sets through research, and I wanted to try to find it for her as a surprise...and it turns out this is one of the RAREST TOMY Pokemon figures. My searches have found that some collectors in Live Journal did trade and sell some of the figures in the past, so I am hoping to get lucky and find one for my friend at last.
Why doesn't she go out and find one for herself, you ask? Well...she's tried, but she lacks the resources and finances that I have. Besides, she's like a sister to me, so why wouldn't I want to give her a special gift if I have the chance?

I know it looks like a short list, but it could potentially grow as more toys, figures, and collectibles are made and released by the Pokemon company. Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
15 January 2017 @ 07:08 pm
Hi everyone! I know it has been a very long time but I have come here with a plea for help! After seeing it in person, I realized how much I need Lillie's bag! Sad thing is that it is more than three times the price due to scalpers, so I was hoping someone here would have one to sell for a less harsh price. ^^''

Let me know if you have one or have seen one for a good price somewhere!

15 January 2017 @ 05:35 pm
Hey there community, I'm here with some more weeding sales, this time I bring a few rare latios/latias items. So if you are interested feel free to let me know. Decided I'd be keeping my plushies, movie merch, and usable items rather than figures.

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15 January 2017 @ 12:25 pm
Hello! Hope everyone is having a good start of the year! I cleaned up my sales a bit and added new things (Trying so hard to thin out things I won't ever use/display). Please have a look!

And I've been wanting to post about this for a while, but I got an awesome custom kuttari tag from agui_chan to go with my Quilava kuttari from scragster! They look wonderful together ;0; Thank you both so much!

Now for the sales!

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15 January 2017 @ 09:05 pm
I have a question about a Banpresto Scolipede plush.

Looking for eBay I have found and I've been wanting it for a long time, is this plush true?


15 January 2017 @ 02:16 pm
i have finally gotten my Mewtwo collection back up and running as i stated in my introduction my original mewtwo collection burned up but i have almost remade it and i want to show it off

some TwosCollapse )

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this
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15 January 2017 @ 12:18 pm
Hey everybody! Long time no post! I have been meaning to do a collection update for quite some time, but every time I take all the photos I end up getting new stuff :P I'll most likely post a collcetion update once some new things come in the mail. Today, however, I am looking for some pretty rare wants. I figure it never hurts to ask! I just started collecting the Pokemon Center elongated coins, pressed pennies, medaleif/medaleaf coins (or whatever you may call them) and I am hoping a community member could help me get some of my wants for these. I am currently looking for the two rare Sylveon coins that were produced like 3 years ago. I know this is a long shot, but I thought I might as well try :) Does anyone have any ideas of any good searcxh terms for these on Yahoo! Japan. I did have some luck finding a few postings using the term "pokemon medal" or medaleif. I am also looking for some coins that are currently in those penny press machines around Japan. I am hoping someone would do a "pick-up" of sorts for me and I would gladly compensate them for their time :) These are the ones I am currently looking for:

Pokemon center Sapporo Vulpix penny (Just the Vulpix one) Sapporo location: http://www.pennycollector.com/Details.aspx?location=179437
Was this the only Vulpix made? Thought there might be another...?
Pokemon center pwnny 2 Sun and Moon starters
Pokemon center penny tokyo bay starters horizontal

Mimikyu one- you can see the location and stock photo here: http://www.pennycollector.com/Details.aspx?location=35321
Litten one from here: http://www.pennycollector.com/Details.aspx?location=262499 or here: http://www.pennycollector.com/Details.aspx?location=36285

and last but not least, of course if anyone has any idea where to get these:

Sylveon pennySylveon penny (second image from http://pokepei.weebly.com/charms-and-keychains.html)

Most images were taken from google. If these are your images and you want them taken down, please let me know. Thank you!!
15 January 2017 @ 11:50 am
Hi everyone! I recently started needle felting and so far am having a blast with it. I've made two pokemon so far and would like to make some for you guys! Info and bigger pics under the cut. :)

Edit: i have a couple more premade to sell and just enough custom blend brown for another small rowlet! Click for full size! Prices below the cut :)

Info, rules, pics and slots!!!Collapse )

Thanks for looking, everyone!
15 January 2017 @ 11:40 am
hey everyone.. so im still working to complete my keshimon and metal figure collections.. of course if you have any for sale please let me know but im also looking for PICTURES of the following(for my wants list)

Gold Charizard
Gold Sandshrew
Gold Gastly
Gold Voltorb

silver pikachu-feet forward
silver pikachu-sleeping on stump
silver jolteon
silver articuno
silver zapdos
silver moltres

Metal Figures-
green venusaur
orange charmander
orange charizard
silver, pale pink, or lavender butterfree
purple rattata
blue nidorina
purple nidoking
silver ninetales
pink wigglytuff
blue vileplume
orange paras
red parasect
copper diglett
orange growlithe
orange arcanine
blue poliwrath
bronze alakazam
orange or silver ponyta
orange or silver rapidash
silver seel
silver dewgong
purple grimer
purple muk
purple gastly
red krabby
red kingler
red voltorb
silver goldeen
orange seaking
red or silver mr mime
red jynx
orange or red magmar
orange magikarp
orange or red flareon
orange moltres
orange dragonite

bronze meganium
gunmetal cyndaquil
copper hoothoot
copper ledian
bronze spinarak
any igglybuff!
gold sunkern
gunmetal stealix
any ursaring!
gunmetal mantine

gunmetal swampert
gunmetal mightyena
bronze maikuta
gold minun
copper trapinch
gunmetal registeel

any grotle
gunmetal starly
copper kricketot
gunmetal riolu
gunmetal weavile
gunmetal azelf
gunmetal darkrai

bronze scraggy
copper stunfisk

Hello there !

First of all, I wish each and every one you a happy new year !

I haven't been very active around here because in the end of 2016, I fought depression regarding the end of a relationship . And it's quite hard for me to be active here, while I need to be Hyperactive on my Pokemon Cards Facebook Groups H24/24 .

My collection has grown exponationally :x

Here's some photos

Boom.Collapse )

Thanks for reading !

15 January 2017 @ 09:56 am
Hey everyone,

Could anyone tell me if these figures are fake or not? It says they are from Hong Kong.

Hi everybody. I'm putting my Pokemon Center Dot Figures up for auction. Click on the picture below to head to the auction page. Thank you.

14 January 2017 @ 10:35 pm
Hello collectors :),

Now that I have more space in my room I have started to hang up Artwork and thought it would be fun to get some art via an art trade!
Is anyone on the community up for an art trade? The piece I would send would be in watercolor like these :

My part of the trade will be on High Quality watercolor 4 by 6 inches paper !
Do I have to add my sales info for a trade post like this (I thought not, but am not certain)?

So again: anyone wanting to trade arts?
14 January 2017 @ 12:11 pm
Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind you guys of my sales :D

Sale preview:

Please click on the pic to be transported to my sales post or click on this link:http://pikasang.livejournal.com/750.html

Thanks for looking and I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!
14 January 2017 @ 03:09 pm
I haven't really added any new things to my sales post in a bit but I do have lots of stuff left that has been for sale for awhile. If you're in the market for anything or just feel like browsing,feel free to take a look! I'd love to clear some of this stuff out.

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14 January 2017 @ 12:05 am
Hi guys! A while ago I hosted a gift exchange, similar to the SSS, with several members. A few days ago, a special gift from Germany arrived :D

I got really excited and did not take a picture of the gifts all wrapped up, but they came very nicely gift wrapped with little notes on what to open first and last. This lovely gift is from my lovely friend j_ule <3

Here is the card! I love the puppy ;w; There were a few cards in it, including a really cool Mega Venasaur EX. It's a new addition to my EX collection :D

The rest is under the cut. You can click on the images to enlarge them!

GiftsCollapse )

And lastly, I just wanted to show this shirt I found in Israel. I posted this in a FFAF thread a week or two ago but I wanted to show the rest of the comm too lol. I'm still laughing at this thing. It says "Pikajew" :'D

13 January 2017 @ 10:25 pm
ralts throw plush
I want one of these for my gardevoir family collection :3 looking to spend around $30
Thank you for any help <3
13 January 2017 @ 09:58 pm
Hey community, here again weeding some stuff, will definitely have more this coming weekend as I still have to sort through stuff that I need to sell, but I will most likely have a lot of Latios/Latias/Shaymin items. As for now I have 3 plush keychains haha

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13 January 2017 @ 07:17 pm

(I do not own this photo)
13 January 2017 @ 06:34 pm
Happy new year! I have weeded out some more stuff to start the year off right.

Below I'm auctioning off stuff like the Mystery Mansion 2-way bag, a complete copy of SoulSilver with the outer box and Pokewalker, a sealed Gengar Tomy, complete Pokemon Black and Black 2 versions, a Metagross kaiyodo chess piece complete with inserts, Morty V-Trainer with Houndoom and Misdreavus figures, and other stuff! Most plushes have their tags, too.
There is also straight sales, like Pokemon Moon in near mint condition. Here is a preview:

Kinda forgot to put SS in picture so I badly 'shopped it in lol

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

Auctions end on January 20th at 10pm EST. HERE IS THE COUNTDOWN

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Auction rulesCollapse )

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SalesCollapse )

Please don't comment until this is crossed out! All threads are done!