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03 February 2016 @ 09:12 pm
Well the time comes soon, I move next month so it's time to weed out more things. Added more plush that I've decided I won't be pursuing (I thought of having a bird plush collection at one point), and I've also stopped collecting flats. As always haggling is welcome!

Anyone who collects pumpkins and are interested in flats, there are some good ones in here! Also ones for other Pokes I collect (Mawile, Banette, Sceptile, Audino, Clefairy, etc).

I'm working on a cards sales post, hopefully it'll be up in the next few days. So many pictures to take and edit! @A@

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03 February 2016 @ 08:14 pm
Hello everybody! I haven't really posted much because I have something coming in the mail soon (and some things I already got) but I want to wait until the package comes to do a new gets post.

I was just wanting to identify a little Pikachu plush I had when I was little. I was about 4 or so, but I remember it had a little string with a suction cup attached to it. It was small (probably 4 or 5 inches). I think I found a few on eBay but I'm not sure. I'd just like somebody to identify what it was and what they were called!

Also, I was wondering why some Pokedoll prices (and Pokemon Center merch) on eBay are so crazy high? I know plushplush are rare and expensive but is a Pikachu plushplush really worth $600? A seller named mriwanaga has a lot of Pokemon stuff for sale for crazy high prices.

I was also wondering what the normal price ranges are for regular Pichu Pokedolls, the Tufty Pichu Pokedoll, and the Gizamimi (notched ear) Pichu Pokedolls are?
03 February 2016 @ 04:57 pm
I apologize in advance for the title lol. Annnyyyywaaayyys this package arrived today from ckoizumi filled with the cutest plushes ever! I had a little opening adventure with Perci (my siser's name for fuzzy rai)!

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Thank you for reading! And thank just want to thank ckoizumi again for these awesome rais!
04 February 2016 @ 01:16 am

Hello hello everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing fine tonight :) (its night time here)

I have done a very big collection update, which I am very proud of, and I wanted to share with you guys! Hope you like it!
Click the banner below to be transported

Anything which is not in my collection, but is from Zigzagoon, is ALWAYS welcome! :D

Thank you for watching, bye bye!! ^^


03 February 2016 @ 03:55 pm
This is my favorite of all my Pikachu figures. The large one is actually a rare piggy bank from a Japanese Denny's promotional release. I couldn't believe that even in a place like Denny's you can get Pokemon stuff in Japan. All I can get in the US is Moons Over my Hammy.
03 February 2016 @ 06:48 pm
Hello everyone! Today I bring you a very special collection update. I have a lot of little things I still need to take photos of for a proper Vulpix collection update, but this was special enough to warrant its own post! <3

Back in the days of the original Pokemon anime series, the drawings for each episode were taken and used to hand-paint cels, which were then animated. A cel is a one-of-a-kind piece of Pokemon history, the actual product that was used to bring the show to life! Obtaining a cel at all is fairly diffcult, but obtaining one of your favorite Pokemon, (if your favorite Pokemon is anyone other than Pikachu, that is!) is even more difficult! I, however, managed to luck out. :)

2016-02-03 17.15.32.jpg

This is my cel! <3 Prominently featuring Gary, Pikachu, Ash, Brock, Vulpix, Misty, and Togepi! Fortunately since Gary and Vulpix don't appear in too many episodes together, I was able to fairly easily pinpoint exactly what episode and scene it came from, so I could compare the hand-painted cel to what we actually saw in the finished anime episode.

The episode is "The Showdown at the Poke Corral", and the scene it appears in is actually quite interesting, mostly because the majority of the cel doesn't appear at all!

Here's how it looks in the anime:

What happened?! Most of everyone's bodies are cut-off, half of Gary's face and Misty's ponytail are gone, and Togepi is completely covered up by some purple blob protruding from the bottom right! Let's find out what happened here...

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So there you have it! :D A bit of cool Pokemon history and a little insight into the making of an anime episode. I'm so thrilled to have this cel (and so very glad it is a much larger drawing than that which was shown in the anime) to add to my Vulpix collection. And it's such a cool bonus that I get all three of the heroes, Pikachu, Togepi, and Gary too! <3 Now I just have to find a good frame for it so it can remain safe always.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

03 February 2016 @ 04:58 pm
I'm looking for a few more cards for my decks so I'd like to see if anyone on here would be willing to trade with me ^w^
I would like all of them to be ENGLISH except the Energies which can be from any language~

Other cards I'd be happy to trade for are in my wants :D (click the diancie banner!)

I am currently NOT looking to buy cards; only to trade!

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Thanks and have a great day/night/whatever everyone :3
03 February 2016 @ 04:49 pm
I've got a small Zygarde 10% collection going - and noticed that the regular Tomy figure and the one in the Special Collection pack are different:

Special Pack Zygarde 10% has translucent green where the single pack figure is solid painted plastic. I had to have both ;)

I don't collect the other 3 Zygarde forms so I have them for sale under the cut if anyone needs them. I got the set for $40 - so just asking $10 per figure:
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03 February 2016 @ 04:30 pm
Can anyone read this i cant read japanese

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03 February 2016 @ 03:03 pm
So I decided I was tired of just arranging my plush by what pokemon they are... As some personal issues the past few days have gotten me down I decided to take everything down....

and do it differently...

This was before

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\AND NOW\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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Thats all for now! Just wanted to share!
So today is my birthday and I figured it would be the perfect time for an update of gets since my last update! :D Especially since I have a very special grail get that I managed to get myself that just so happened to arrive today! Now, I don't have a lot of time today, so I won't be able to go into a lot of detail like I did last time but I will try to make sure I thank and tag everybody who I purchased stuff from. ^-^ These are in no particular order and a quick warning, this is very image heavy. xD

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Now, onto the super, super special get!! My ULTIMATE GRAIL!!! OMGOMGOMG!!! x3

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On top of all of that, like I said, today is my birthday!! I'm actually planning on starting a stream series today and it will start around 3:00 PM CST if anyone is interested! It would be at twitch.tv/tiamatruler . If it's not allowed to share that, I'm do apologize! Please let me know if it's not and I'll remove this part of it. ^-^ If you're interested in what the series is going to be, it's going to be a Soul Silver Randomizer Shiny Badge Quest. I'm pretty much starting it because I want to be able to hang out with people while I'm streaming on my birthday. xD I will continue it after today, though. I will warn you again, though, webcam will be in it and I can't promise that I won't swear or anything like that. ^-^"

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a fantastic day today! o3o
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03 February 2016 @ 11:59 am

Hey community!

I just felt like showing off my new Buizel Time Plush :]

such a cutie isn't he?

If you guys want more photos or size comparisons just ask!

Also, sorry my bed is a mess :'D we're in the process of moving and i packed away most of my pokemon stuff
It's so worth the $100 I've never spent so much on a single plush but I love this pokemon and campaign a lot so it was definitely worth it!

Now I'm just waiting for my talking chespin plush, shinx time socks and a spyro plushie which should be here by next week or so!

04 February 2016 @ 04:08 am
Hi collectors!

I made some updates to my sales page, featuring a Tomy Giant Latias plush and Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll.
Please click the photos below to be transported to my sales page. I am going to sleep now, but will reply as soon as I can.


I also got a few things since end of last year, particularly...


another Porygon2 PlushPlush and 2002 JPN Corsola Pokedoll! I finally have both of these MWT! You have no idea how happy this makes the perfectionist in me :D

Well, that's all for now! To everyone wondering what happened with the rest of my DX Pokedolls that were meant to be auctioned off, I haven't gotten around to it yet because I want to get out as much stuff that I currently have for sale as I possibly can first. Until then, I am holding most of the DXs.
The Tsum Tsum plushies will be about 3" long.
They will cost $5.50 + shipping of $2.99 to the US.
Keychain can be attatched for an extra $1 ^u^

Skitty is also for sale, of course. :3


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I am offering a nice deal on custom sewn plush! ^_^ I have been feeling crafty and want to make more plush, but simply cannot fit any more into my room. *0* I'm currently trying to get my etsy shop going to get rid of some I have made for leisure~

To the point;
I AM MAKING CUSTOM CHIBI PLUSH OF ANY POKÉMON FOR ONLY $35 FROM FELT! And if the design of the Pokémon is super simple, you'll get it even cheaper! :3 For example, a Jigglypuff would only be $25 since it's so simple to make. ☆
I could also use other materials (i.e minky) but then I couldn't keep the price so low. :/

Please note that these plush will be done in a chibi style. They will be chubby and large headed~ ♡

These plush stand between 5" and 7"
(Ears etc. not included)

Shipping to USA is $6.35 and starts at $7.95 internationally.
You are also responsible for the PayPal fees, roughly 45c per every $10.

Please send payment with the option of goods and services.

I will start working on your plush once I have received payment.

All plush are mainly machine sewn with a few hand sewn details.

Please fill this out in a comment below;

●Pokémon you'd like;

●Pose (Sitting, standing or laying down);

●Stuffing (Polyfill, or Polyfill and a beanbag);

●Any special requests? (Facial expressions, accessories etc.);

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●1 Sylveon Tsum Tsum for eevee_evs_lover DONE ☆

●2 Swinub, Jolteon and Flareon Tsum Tsum for kanamai DONE ☆





Feel free to haggle! I just want these plush and other things out of my house... *__*

Plush: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20534480.html

Patches, Pouches, Purses etc:

Crochet Customs:

Thank you! ^^

-Lumi ♡
03 February 2016 @ 11:59 am
Hi pkmncollectors ^^

I've seen some really neat collection sites over the years that I've been a part of the comm. Since I got around to making one of my own, I would love to add some of you lovely people as affiliates onto my site c:

My sites name is Hellgar's Dragons. Feel free to PM me or comment with your site's link/banner and i'd be glad to add you to my page! My banner is below, and you can click it to be transported to my site ^W^

I also decided I should post some wants before we all start shopping for our SSS partners :D This is my first time participating in a swap here on the comm, so I'm super excited to see what its like ^-^ I still have a few items I would like to add to my wants list, but, for the most part, everything on my wishlist is currently listed! I know many of my wants can be a bit out of budget ^^; but hey, it's worth a shot :P click the Wants banner to be transported!


To make this post a little less boring, here's a cute gif of my Eon bbs~

Thanks everyone<3
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03 February 2016 @ 01:31 pm
So I keep coming across this image on Y!J

And I was wondering if anyone had any information about what it's for? There's an Articuno on the front of it, so of course if it's something that's being sold I will definitely need to find and buy it haha! XD
Also I've recently decided to start collecting TCG cards of my main collections. So if anyone has any cards of/featuring Absol, Articuno, Swablu, Altaria, Amaura or Aurorus then please let me know! :) Preferably in English or Japanese please thanks! ^-^
03 February 2016 @ 02:41 am

This is Mina the Mew.
Mina the mew is the last of her kind. She's a very lonely little mew. She often watches the vulpix play in the valley below. She loves to watch them romp and roll in the blades of grass. It saddens her that she has no one to play with. One sunny morning she decided she'd like to join them, shifted into a vulpix, and mosied on down to join the fun. All the vulpix drew up short at the sight of Mina. Low and behold this was not another vulpix! *gasp* she was cotton candy pink and had but one tail! Try as she might Mina just couldn't quite get the vulpix look right. Mina is a trickster, and fit right in with the clan of vulpix despite her differences. She loves to roll in the grass, and play tag with the other vulpix. She occasionally cheats during hide-and-seek floating just out of eye sight. Mina finally feels like she belongs somewhere. She has a family now with these silly looking red mews ;)

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This little cutie is my custom OC made by my bestie kyreon for my birthday last month! She's made of super soft minky, and has a posable tail!

02 February 2016 @ 11:14 pm
I decided to make a Rayquaza last month.  I have no idea why but hey, I just decided that I could.  I forgot to make a preview icon before resize them.  Soo...all of these guys are under the cut.

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Hiya everyone!
I have a couple of Pokebuttz left that I'd like to find homes for, and I also have a custom Mega Absol plush I made for sale.
Absol is in a Pokedoll style and made completely of minky. She has weights in her back feet so she always stays standing. :)

Larger pictures~Collapse )

And now for some quick Pokedoll wants. I'd be willing to do trades/partial trades for anything in my sales for these. :)

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02 February 2016 @ 10:23 pm
Hello everyone! I just thought I would show you all a group picture I got of all of my Charizard merch.. so far I have only uploaded them separated as plushies and figures..

Iv never done this before actually, it was really cool to see everything in a pile! I even took a selfie in the pile, I was drowning in Zards!! Pictures under the cut <3

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02 February 2016 @ 07:18 pm
I got several of these plush in a disposal lot from YJ recently and I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me their proper search name? Any information about the plush at all would be helpful.
03 February 2016 @ 10:43 am
Hello everyone :D

Haven't been on the comm in soo long!
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Hello everyone! Today I thought it would be fun to post a discussion topic on:

Feel free to share stories, pictures, or anything else that relates to the topic!

I think it's safe to say that almost every member here on pkmncollectors has a specific Pokemon collection. Some people collect a single "evolution line", some collect specific "brands", "types", or "lines" of merchandise, and some collect "teams of 6" + trainers! Of course there are also people who don't want to limit themselves to just one character out of 721+, so they collect Pokemon "in general" at random ! There is no set answer as to which one is "the right choice", everyone has to determine what means the most to them, and collect accordingly.

Last December I did a lot of thinking about what items/characters meant the most to me, and what I wanted to focus on for my collection. During this time I realized there were a few Pokemon that I almost collected, but for various reasons I decided on others. I'm going to share two of my "almost" collections now! (I might post the others at a later date)

I'll start with the Alakazam line:

Alakazam"s story timeCollapse )

pokemon21-trainers.jpgUp next is the Charizard line, to save front page space I will put it all under a cut!

Charizard line - Story timeCollapse )

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to share your own stories in the comments!
Have a great day/night!

- Majora1990
02 February 2016 @ 03:19 pm
Hello friends! :D

I'm here with my last wants before the SSS!
I have a little stockpile, and I'm after some MAJOR wants!

Natu Pokedoll!
I don't know how lucky I'll be here, but I have it within my budget, I believe.

Shiny Latias kid!
My Latios is lonely!!! D':

Also looking for the following-
- Altaria Pokedoll (probably not in my budget)
- Buizel Pokedoll
- Snover Pokedoll

Please let me know if you have these for sale, priority goes to Natu and Latias!

Once again, my collection site is-

I'm looking for associates, so let ke know if you're interested! :)

Thanks! ^-^

02 February 2016 @ 10:04 pm
Yo, there are still tons of Zukan without start bids, and the auctions end tomorrow! There's the Milotic line, old Eeveelutions, Gardevoir line, Houndoom line, and lots of others! Click the pic to be transferred to the auction journal!

Thanks for looking!
02 February 2016 @ 11:51 pm
Hi i am looking for these zukans. It doesnt matter if they are european versions (:

i would be interested even if the kangaskhan came without base (: THANKS!
02 February 2016 @ 01:29 am
does anyone know the worth of this figure? or anyone whos selling it?

i'm so curious, but i've found so little information about this diorama!! any information would be greatly appreciated <3
01 February 2016 @ 10:05 pm

Oh boy "post to community" is way too close to "leave community" fghkjhfkjfg
*Edit* Holy cow I got the biggest altered gira plush for $69 on ebay im scream
I got a package in today. It was the Platinum version of the super card battle stadium set. I was really excited for Giratina! Until after I opened the package, I realized I already had it. It was that mystery figure I've been wondering about for the past 10 months ;-; That being said, I put up most of the set, including the machine, into my sales. They're all MIP. I also added the remainder of my non-collection in there, so all I've got now is my electronic Lugia, my small Blaziken collection, and my main four collections. I do plan to sell my Shaymin collection once I get the remaining items in within the next two weeks. I'll make a post about that when time comes. I also updated part of my website, added some affiliates, and are looking for more! Please comment with your banner/website name and I will add you. My website is linked at the bottom of the post and the banner is on the first page :>

RulesCollapse )

Preview of *some new stuff (with more to come!)

Click banner or link to be transported!

Onto the wants!

Wants under cutCollapse )

Collection| Wants

01 February 2016 @ 09:27 pm
Good evening folks! I have a few nice gets to share here with you and a question about a couple figures I have never seen before!
HM01Collapse )

So here's my question. I got these guys in a lot and I have never seen figures like them before. They have all the right markings and are made by Banpresto in 1997. I always thought I knew a lot about older merch, but these guys are completely new to me. Anybody have any more? :o They are pretty fun.

01 February 2016 @ 06:59 pm
Hello! I'm in search of an '02 Togepi pokedoll. I would prefer it to be tto or mwt :D If anyone has one for sale or knows of one that's listed somewhere please contact me!! ^-^

01 February 2016 @ 03:42 pm
Just got these in the mail today. Love that they're doing figures of the Mega Evolution Hoodies. Really hope they eventually do them all. Fingers crossed.
01 February 2016 @ 06:13 pm

Thanks to areica96I was able to purchase Japanese versions of both Ditto and Clefairy!

I'm still on the lookout for:

- a MWT Teddiursa pokedoll
- a MWT Shinx pokedoll
- a MWT Poliwhirl pokedoll
- a MWT Marill pokedoll
- a MWT Jigglypuff pokedoll
- a MWT Magikarp pokedoll
01 February 2016 @ 03:56 pm
Hi everyone! Hope you're all well <3
I have a few updates regarding perler sprite orders and middleman items. Everything has now been shipped! There was a huge snow storm about a week ago that caused cancellations and delays everywhere (though somehow my school was the only one without a snowday... sigh), so some packages may have been delayed due to that. Looking at the tracking numbers all US orders have not moved from Rochester yet. International orders seem to be moving along for the most part though!

But anyway, I wanted to post my side collections up since it's been a while. They're unfortunately not updated though, especially my dooms :c

Houndour/Houndoom:Collapse )

Poochyena/Mightyena:Collapse )

no title

Masquerain:Collapse )

Sceptile:Collapse )

Furret:Collapse )

Latias/Latios:Collapse )

Bayleef:Collapse )

Espeon:Collapse )

Celebi:Collapse )

Phantump:Collapse )

Whimsicott:Collapse )

And I also did update my Y and X trainer collection to an extent! Some sketches and a few art pieces are still in need of photographing. Plus I gotta retake a bunch of pics since my camera is no longer a 4th gen ipod and I can get some decent pics...

They're here if you wanna take a look! http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/5351.html

And here are my May and N collections :)

If anyone else has trainer collections, I'd love to see <3

Last but not least, a link to my store! There are V day themed items in there ;) https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace?ref=hdr
01 February 2016 @ 03:19 pm
Does anyone happen to sell a Chupa Chup mini figure of Gigalith and Swanna?

This is what they look like:

If anyone have those, I would greatly appreciate it!
01 February 2016 @ 02:34 pm
....sort of. But I'll go into that later in the post. First, it's mail time!

Featuring Everyone"s Favorite Pikachu, Chubs!Collapse )

Here's my obligatory collection update; please excuse the mess. XD

Much Plush. Such Wow.Collapse )
That's all from me today, thanks everyone!~ And for those of you who signed up for the Spring Swap, expect to hear more from me soon. ;)
01 February 2016 @ 07:19 pm

Credit goes to artist

I'm looking for any Ditto Merchandise that obviously I don't already have. Figures, plushes, anything.

Paypal waiting-I'm also in the UK for shipping costs-thank you :)
01 February 2016 @ 12:01 pm
Just a quick want. I'm currently on the lookout for  the new Mew pokedoll, If anyone has one for sale I would love to buy one, Thanks!

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01 February 2016 @ 06:38 pm

Hello hello!

I have done a big update on my want list, lots and lots of new Zigzagoon items, and also some Pikachu cards wants! :D
If you can help me finding them, I would be very grateful!

>>>Ziggy wants click here<<< (or click the link: http://linameerun.livejournal.com/1060.html  )

>>>Pika cards click here<<< (or click the link: http://linameerun.livejournal.com/2639.html  )

And of course, if you might have something from my want lists, Im always up to trade anything from my sales list!
It's also open for normal sales in stead of trades of course!


Please let me know if you have any questions! :)

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01 February 2016 @ 10:50 pm
Hi everyone!~ I'll post a collection update soon!! I always say soon but I will, soon. In case I forget.... Here's one of my newest gets! (with a little preview of the update in the back)
I really like this particular pin. The colours and the art style is really adorable! I'm not sure what year this is from, seems to be a promotion for the old website?

oh man my fingers are so chubby
Also, I got a huge package today!!!
I got a very special set of pins in this box, which came in a huge lot. However, I mainly bought the lot for the pins, so I'm auctioning off everything else from it. The overall cost ended up being more than I expected, so I'm hoping to sell some stuff off to earn back some funds. The items are pretty old so I didn't manage to find information about most of them - I don't know how to price them so I'm throwing them into an auction!

- I was granted sales permission on December 17, 2015 by areica96.
sales rulesCollapse )

Auctions will end on 9 February, 2016 at 8.00pm. (Singapore time, GMT +8)
Countdown timer here!

All items have a starting price of $8 and below!~
auctions under the cut!Collapse )
Phew, that's all of them! Feel free to bid once the appropriate threads are up. :)
Also, normal sales here. I slashed prices for a lot of things to make up for my empty wallet.

Have a nice week! :)

01 February 2016 @ 05:29 pm
Hey everyone!
I am looking for this Black kyurem Kaiyodo Figure! Let me know if you have one and i am willing to buy or trade it !