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22 July 2016 @ 08:59 am
Looking for two of these shipped to 4051 australia, dont need to be bought together (: i just want one for my collection and one for my keys :D

here is the link to their actual thing (:

16 July 2016 @ 07:28 pm
Hello everyone! It's been a while, my collecting has almost slowed to a halt as of late~ Graduating high school and then having to move into my own apartment by the end of the summer is a hoot haha ^^ SO since I'm going to be moving soon I figured it's a good time to try to clear out some sales things before they get packed away until who knows when, take a gander yo!

But since EVERYTHING's getting packed away, including my collections, I figured a one last look around my room was in order!
Snippity snip big picsCollapse )

but that about wraps it up here! I still miss actively buying here but hey, if anything Aggron or Karrablast pops up that I don't have, or a Rayquaza grail magically appears, you can bet I'll find some way to go for those ;w;
Hope you all have an awesome day/night!
21 July 2016 @ 02:11 pm
Hey everyone!
I'm finally back!!!  :D
After a long month of traveling around California, and a 2-week vacation visiting the rural and urban parts of JAPAN, it's nice to be back!  :3

I am currently responding to notes and comments, but will make a JAPAN GETS post sometime this week! <3

As for new merch...

Poke-Poll #1





21 July 2016 @ 02:01 pm
Hi there! I went through a quick and unexpected loss of one of my pets, and decided I need to get something pokèmon to being some light into this situation... Is anyone selling the Altaria petite Pastel Plush? I'm also open minded to little tales merch, show me what you got :)
21 July 2016 @ 10:57 am
so this week, the US pokecen website has updated with a rather small but cute BELLOSSOM themed promo. its mostly clothing, but I'm personally tempted to get the water bottle, just for something different.

clicky me for all the items!

now for the quick sale!

I'd like to re-home my mwt JP version of the secret base clefairy plush. shipping is included in my asking price of $18- but do note that I only ship within the US atm. I use bubblymailers unless otherwise requested.

I was given sales permish on 1/18/14 by entirelycliched under the sn 'soulsalight'
feedback is currently down, but both my prior and this account have 100% positive ratings.
21 July 2016 @ 12:26 pm
Hello community!

I have updated my sales pot again with some new plush, more weeding from my major collections, and some custom art by me! Here are some previews:

Link to Sales with Rules Inside: http://katielegends.livejournal.com/1266.html
Hi friends!
I am looking for May's Wishing Star. It was a promotional item for the movie Jirachi Wish Maker. If anyone has one in good condition please let me know. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of said item [edit: now I do].

If anyone can redirect me to the item that would be helpful too!
21 July 2016 @ 11:41 am
Hi there everybody!

Just wanted to show off three new shiny kids I got from munchcollector! :D

I'm a major fan of Gen 4, since it was the generation I was biggest into when I was growing up!

Sadly, Gen 4 kids are the harder ones to find :'/
So, I was very happy to get these three! :D

I was so excited when they offered me these guys last year, but I couldn't afford them at the time, so with my new job, I finally had the ability to get them! I was so excited because I've never seen a shiny pachirisu or magmortar for sale since I started collecting!

I'm super excited, I have three more shiny kids on the way! :D
Until then, please enjoy the rainbow :)

If you have any shiny kids not in the picture, I'm always looking to buy or trade! :)

Thanks! ^-^

Until next time!

~ Ebon
21 July 2016 @ 11:30 am
Hey guys I have a question. I found a noctowl pokedoll for $75 and I was wondering if that was an accurate price. Thank you!
21 July 2016 @ 01:22 am
Hiya a didn't see a post about this but I am on my phone so maybe I missed it but the celebi 20th anniversary has restocked online at TRU!!

Screenshot hereCollapse )

Here is the link : http://m.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=85626096&csm=931584231&csc=3818886&csa=938178001&csu=3818888

Sorry again this is a post from my phone so sorry if the formatting is bad! I hope y'all can get the plush!
20 July 2016 @ 10:58 pm
Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that I updated my wants list! Ill link that below...


ALSO! I am looking for a specific Charizard item... if anyone has it and would like to sell it to me or even trade it to me for a custom sculpture then please let me know! Iv been looking for it for the longest time. I had one as a child but remember loosing it at school and I have never seen one in person since so if anyone has any information that would be great! It doesnt have to be MIP. Thank you!

20 July 2016 @ 10:42 pm
I've been trying to get this Smile of Flowers clearfile for quite some time. It's been sold out on Pokemon Center online for months and I haven't seen it pop up for sale anywhere. If anyone is selling it please let me know.
21 July 2016 @ 02:38 am

Hey guys! Long time no see! Collecting is currently on the backburner for me as I don't have any room to display anything. I'm not giving it all up though, still holding out hope that in a year or two I'll have a place of my own with the space I need for everything. For now, I have some space-clearing sales since I could also use the money right now.

Please note that while I usually put my sales in US currency, this time I've decided to list them as my local currency, GBP. I didn't see anything in the rules about this being disallowed and it makes things a lot easier for me. But let me know if I missed it anywhere :)

Click the cut below to see what I have for sale. Includes some Ichiban Kuji stuff from 2012, a DX Banpresto Shinx and Luxray plush,  Rumble Figures, Jigglybuff Amiibo, Pokemon Time Growlithe Plush, some Tomy figures and other stuff. Will add more if I can get some photographing done over the next couple of days.

Click here for sales!Collapse )

20 July 2016 @ 09:35 pm

It has come to my attention that in all technicalities, I'm down to missing only THREE (3) Figures for Entei, and unfortunately, these are things I've NEVER seen for sale :C PLEASE help if you see an auction, or item for sale of any of these items!  I want to complete my collection!

Hasbro Thinkchip
Thinkchip Prototype *GRAILIEST OF GRAILS GRAIL* PLEASE message me ASAP if you were to ever come across this. I am offering a $50 finders fee alone!
Yawarka Fuzzy Figure
Yawarkara Fuzzy Figure *GRAIL*

Keshipoke Series 4
Keshipoke Series 4 *GRAIL*
More under the cutCollapse )

As always thanks for looking! All photos from Sacred Field, last photo from ietne.

Plus I have some AMAZING new gets on the way :D
20 July 2016 @ 07:42 pm
Heya everyone, I'm here with some quick wants. I know some of these are on eBay, but maybe someone here has similar/cheaper prices? Always nice to buy from other comm members.

Forretress merch! I've looked around, seems like all the non-flats it got were regular + clear kids figures, Zukan, Tomy, and suction cup? (Probably won't be able to afford the Tomy or Zukan right now, though.) Possibly interested in cool flats, depends on the pose/art!

Charizard Hasbro Trainer's Choice electronic figure. Used, still working condition (with all parts) is preferred, since it's actually going to be played with. Not wanting to spend more than $30, including shipping.
I may be interested in other toddler-friendly (bigger than kids figures, not brittle/fragile plastic) Charizard figures, too. Let me know if you have any for sale!

Thanks for any help! Here's a random collection pic to make this post less bland.

Current Location: Oklahoma
Hello all!

I have some exciting things to share with you! I've only been a part of this community for a few months, but all of the things I've gotten were stored away in boxes (since I lived with my boyfriend's relatives) which made me super sad :( But, my boyfriend and I bought a house almost a month ago, and I finally got around to unpacking my collection! We have three bedrooms, and one of them is dedicated to my Pokemon collection and our retro video game consoles ^_^ This post will be pretty picture heavy, so I apologize in advance :O Note that you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger!

Onwards!Collapse )

My birthday was two weeks ago today, and my boyfriend got me these two custom Umbreon plush that I saw on eBay!

They are super cute ^_^ and super soft! They are made out of minky and have machine embroidered eyes! He also got me the legendary Mew TCG box. I was with him and I got to pick the specific box I wanted. I love the Mew card it came with. It's so cute!! This is the first TCG box I've gotten since I was a kid, and I got some amazing cards!

Click me!Collapse )

I also got some cards that will be up for sale, since I am very particular about the cards I collect. I will be adding those to my sales page shortly, as I don't want to make this post any longer xD The most exciting card that I'm adding is a Mega Charizard EX card :) Here's the link:


Edit: I have finally updated my sales post with trading cards! I couldn't get to it last night because I was preoccupied with my new kitty :P Also, I made a post last week about claims for the new kuttari charms: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21457502.html
This concerns 4estt, leashedragon, and doryphish333. I am getting two sets from a user on here that lives in the US, so 4estt that means your Mudkip should be arriving soon :) The other sets will be coming from Japan, and I will be placing that order within the next few days. That should arrive around the end of next week or so. I will ask for payment when the charms arrive. It will be $4.50 per charm + PayPal and shipping fees. I estimate the shipping to be $2.45 if I ship in a small bubble envelope.

Thanks so much for reading! I am so excited that I can finally share my whole collection with you guys <3
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20 July 2016 @ 02:58 pm
Hi everyone!

Sunyshore has some of the newest Its Demo Eeveelution items for sale! All are in hand and ready to ship.

A selection of items we have available:

You can view the rest and buy from here: http://sunyshore.com/store/index.php?route=product/search&search=demo

Thank you! :D
20 July 2016 @ 04:25 pm

SUPER small sales!!! the items are small, and the post is short haha. I will be going out of town in less than a week, and then when I get back, I'm moving to a new place ahhh! So shipment will be quick with these. :)


denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is >>> HERE <<<
I am a fast shipper from the U.S. and I WILL ship international!
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail.
  >>> if the extra $$$ for insurance makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
Please include username and item(s) when sending payment.
Items will only be held when asked or when you've stated that you're committed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified.
I ONLY accept payment through Paypal.

extra butt charms (Hip Hop Parade rubber charms) I have!!! - $4.50 each

Take ALL for $18.00!!!

Each stamp is $1.50 each, the inkpad is $2.00, and the little notebook in the middle is $3.00!


Take ALL for $15.00!!!

older sales post is here >>> http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21466873.html

items are still available!

20 July 2016 @ 04:23 pm
Ever since my sister got one of these guys, I've loved it and wanted one for myself!

(picture is not mine, found it on google)

I'm really interested in buying one of these Poliwhirl bags (I've seen larger backpacks and smaller DS cases, which is what my sister has). Either is fine, so if anyone is selling one, please let me know! :)
20 July 2016 @ 03:48 pm
Hello community ^3^

I hope all you guys are enjoying Pokemon Go! I know i am. This game is a dream come true ;u;

Today, I'm posting about some amazing additions to my Charizard collection! These two firey dudes cost me quite a bit ^^; but it was definitely worth it! It's been a pretty good summer for my Char-line collection, to say the least! I was able to nab some gems like the Snaptoys Charizard plush and a Charmander PlushPlush, but I'd never imagine owning one of these guys down there!

So you ready to see some awesome, Chary gets??

CharrrrrrrrrrrCollapse )

That's all for now, friends :D

I hope you all have a lovely day/night! And as always, my collection site, wants and sales are below C:

Hey everyone!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all the positive comments from my last Pokemon Center tour video of the Mega PC in Tokyo! It really meant a lot to hear how the video helped so many of you imagine what it was like to go; these videos take hours to make so it was very rewarding! I'm sorry for not having time to comment back, I will do that after I post this. Sorry that I'm a little late replying. ^^''

If you missed my last post about the Mega Pokemon Center tour video, here's a link!

Today I'm back with my other Pokemon Center tour video- this time of the Kyoto Pokemon Center that was very recently built! It's much smaller than Tokyo's, but has merchandise still in stock that would be sold out if you visited Tokyo! Also there's lots of the exclusive merchandise of the traditionally dressed Pikachu!

If you have any questions about the video/what items you see in the clips just let me know~

Secondly, one of my good friends is a Spheal collector, and he wants me to ask if anyone has this SPHEAL ZIPPER PULL for sale!!

If you do, let me know your price and include a picture of it for reference!

That's it for now! I'll be back soon to show off my collection of custom Rowlet merchandise before the official stuff starts rolling out in the fall!

Hello guys!

Pre-orders are closed but I'll be getting few extras so if you'd like to be first in line for certain character let me know!

Today I come to you with new pre-order: Mega Pikachu poncho figures vol. 2!

Each figure is $8 and shipping starts from $1.7 (~1-4 figures) and $3.5 (5 figures and more) worldwide!
Release date of these is 23th of July so I should have them in hand within about 2 weeks!
I'm taking pre-orders only till 22th of July!

Please check the cut for more info and more pics! *o*



click!Collapse )


click!Collapse )

Thanks for looking! ^o^
20 July 2016 @ 11:15 am

Hello all, just have a quick want. I am still on the hunt for these postcards. They seem almost impossible to find...  Any help in locating them is appreciated, thank you!


20 July 2016 @ 05:32 pm
Hi! Long time!

Lately i was on vacation with my family so i kinda wanted to slow down a little bit.. but now am back ! And collecting again

I finished recieving all what was pending/shipped and organized some on the shelves so thuaght to share it with you in order to receive your comments and ideas how i can desplay it in other ways
this what i purchased for now !Collapse )

i also finished my shiny charizard .. and i kinda proud

shiny charizard - hand madeCollapse )

other than that .. as now i finished playing (story line ) pokemon X .. and almost finished with Pokemon Omega ruby - i purchased the 3ds 2 month ago ..  am working on the pokedex (620 pokemon  for now) it is funny that i have all legendries shiny+ normal .. but some of the pokemon like Sinnoh still not obtained ..

this is the friend code if you still playing or preparing your self like me for sun and moon ..
2982 0071 7015 Meedo  :)
for pokemon X i started for my first time with a water starter which  is froaki ..
and because i already had max IV EV torchic speed boost . i started with mudkip (coz i teach him 4 HM )
and for Sun and Moon .. i think i will choose grass type ..
but in all games .. charizard is always with me .. :)

even pokemon go ! i selected charmander .. then i counterd it in the street
and the next day !

but i ran out of pokeballs lol :( .. i will get it soon :) - praying-

thank you for reading .. miss you all . hope to see your comments and chitchat with you
20 July 2016 @ 03:06 pm
Hello everyone!
I'm looking for manaphy pin of 20th anniversary!
Tell me if you sell it (and in this case write here your sale post so i look the other stuff that you sell).
Thank you :)
(shipping to ITALY)
20 July 2016 @ 11:20 am
Hey community!
I'm basically getting rid of everything. EVERYTHING. Come and see:

rules and sales under the cutCollapse )

[[I'm now OFFLINE]]
Hello, I am wondering if anyone may have those Abra Plushes bootie that come from china and are about 12 inches. They are a bit pricey on ebay and wondering if someone might happen to have one on a sales post or looking to get rid of it, i am looking to spend 12-15 bucks shipped hopefully with in that range

Also looking for that voltorb bowling plush, just the voltorb and not the bowling set unless you cant separate. Looking to spend less than 20 if possible.

also looking for a Franco and sons Voltorb if they even make em? i have the Franco and sons electrode, i assume and hope they made a voltorb as well and want one.

Also looking for the rubber voltorb and electrode boncy balls, at least they look like boncy balls? i seen them in the community a few years back on someone's collection post, i always wanted them ever since, I think they come in some capsules from a coin/ vending machine from what i can recall but can't find the post of pics of them

also looking for a jakks haunter still, if cheap and with in my budget, i know they can cost an arm and a leg, but if you want to get rid of it and sell it less or have you that has been sitting around in your sales post, i will want to buy

and if any drowsie plushes exist i will be intrested

let me know if you have any of these for sale, thanks :)
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20 July 2016 @ 02:33 am
Finally I got my last Absol minicots :) I was able to get a complete minicot set with the blue bases :P Hard to get. So the rest is up for sale!
But keep in mind: I can only ship next week friday due to my working layers :/ So I apologize in advance!


Sale rulesCollapse )

salesCollapse )

I'm offline now! Will reply in the morning. Thanks for reading.
Current Location: Germany
19 July 2016 @ 11:37 pm
Hey there ! Here is my latest pokémon plush, a huuuge derpy slowpoke ! I began him one year ago so his pattern is not really accurate (if I had to redo him I would change a tons of things !) but he is super fat and perfect for cuddles !! He is 1m20 long (so lifesize :D ) has appliquéd eyes, sculpted ears, tiny teeth, big tongue poking out and even a bellybutton !! He is so nice to slug on during hot summer !

More pics under the cut ! With me holding him for size-ref :D

Big slowpoke under the cut !Collapse )

You can find on FB with my name Lasciva, peluchière and on DA with peluchiere ! Have a great pokémon time all of you ! :)
It's been a long time since I've gotten one of my grails, way too long. My collection is focused on Pokemon Christmas stuff. As you may know I'm trying to collect all of the Pokemon Center Christmas Pins and today I am one step closer to that goal. I present the 2005 Pokemon Center Christmas Pin.

I can't tell you how excited I was to come across this beauty on YJ. It made my day, heck it made my whole week. It's been months since I found one of my pins. They're so elusive. Here are all my pins to date.

They look so great all together. 11 down, 8 to go. And as always if you have one I'm missing that you're willing to part with let me know.
19 July 2016 @ 03:06 pm
For some of you this may seem like déjà vu. Previously I posted an intro post to this community but I was unaware at the time you could only post one post every 24 hours. As such I deleted the old intro post and now I'm retyping it here. :) I've also added some facts about me that I neglected to do so in the previous post so there is some new content, haha.

I'm a very private person so I prefer to just go by as "JirachisJewelry" but you can also refer to me as "L.Li".

10 facts about me relevant to Pokémon:

1. My favorite Pokemon is Espeon
2. My favorite Pokemon type is Psychic
3. My Unova horoscope is Whimsicott
4. I had the biggest crush on Ash Ketchum as a child and grew up watching the advanced generation series on T.V.
5. I am/used to be a huge shipper of Advanceshipping
6. Steven Stone is my favorite Champion
7. My first ever Pokemon game was Pokemon Rangers shadows of Almia and my first "traditional" trainer game was Pokemon Platinum
8. Yellow, Platinum and Crystal are my favorite female Pokemon characters in the manga. Gold and Green are my favorite male characters in the manga.
9. My first every Pokemon toy was a pikachu figurine
10. My favorite Pokemon movies are Jirachi wish maker, Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (all advanced gen movies).

10 Non Pokemon Facts about me:

1. I'm a girl
2. My horoscope is Aries, or Pisces ...you see, I'm born in between the two :)
3. My favorite subject in school was Art
4. I know 4 languages: English, French, Chinese, Fuzhou Dialect
5. One day I got on a bike and just knew how to ride it
6. I had the hugest crush on Leonardo Dicaprio
7. I write fanfiction
8. I played piano for 10 years before I quit :)
9. My favorite color is purple...red...well, I guess I don't have one...now it's sea green
10. According to the famous personality test by Carl Jung, I'm an INTJ. It changes all the time so really, I don't know.
19 July 2016 @ 09:21 am
Link to the previous thread

More Pokemon from Sun and Moon have been officially released, a few that we've already seen and some brand new ones. All pictures and information will be underneath the cut in case anyone wants to avoid spoilers.

Pictures underneath!Collapse )
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Greetings everyone! Today I would like to introduce a new segment for my service on PKMNcollectors as "Tomy Central News" it will be news featuring fresh information (from visual proof included of course) right here, shown on PKMNcollectors only.

Now, as we approach the final end for the XY moncolle era, we expect a new era of Alola toys from our beloved PVC-making company: Takara Tomy.

And according to YesAsia, here are the leaked information of goods we come to expect this year;
Boom!Collapse )

So... yeah. From Tapu Koko, to Snorlax we have an... interesting line-up. Now, the release date may not be around August 10th, because YesAsia isn't too consistant with dates, but that would be rather nice to see them just start right off the bat.

I'm also rather curious what these, Moncolle GET 'grassland' and 'cave' are suppose to be.
So, what are your guys thoughts about this? Excited? Sad that we will not be getting Tyrantrum figures anytime soon? Anyways, thanks for reading and hopefully this was a good take on a new thing.
19 July 2016 @ 08:53 am
Hi everyone!
I am here today with a really small plush sale :)

$$ and detailsCollapse )

Thanks for looking :)
19 July 2016 @ 03:31 am
Hello all! To start off, I finally fixed my PayPal issue. For the longest time it refused to send money outside of the US and would never include my address. Since the people at PP were no help, I made a new account and now everything is all good c:
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Green snoodle wantsCollapse )
I started listing things on eBay! Here's a link~ http://www.ebay.com/sch/yveltai/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
I've put up a palkia lot, a giratina lot, groudon pokedoll charm, and various games!
Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96

I revamped my collection site again. The Dialga/Palkia section is finally up to date after weeks of putting it off. I scanned all of my flats (which took 45969047094 years to put them back oooo boy) and added all of my non-flat/figure/plush items such as pencil cases, trettas, keychains, etc. If you want to affiliate, let me know! Here's my site http://giratinaa.weebly.com/
19 July 2016 @ 12:56 am
Jeez all I post now in days are sales, I'm so sorry about that :/ but next post I plan on doing an update ^_^ I added some cool new things to my sales so please have a look :)

I was granted sales permission by Allinia 6-11-14

Er.... I can't seem to access the feedback system 0-0 but I assure you it's 100% positive!

I ship from MS and do not offer international

I come from a smoke/bedbug free home.

If a package gets lost please contact me so we can figure something out

I don't mind some haggling, but don't be offended if I offer a counter offer :)

Each order comes with a free Pokemon card :)

Raichu PC plush $20 Beauty Cosplay Pikachu $22 purlion banpresto $9(legit but head string fell off)

Zygarde 10% figure $6
Lisia and Altaria badge $5
Shiny pikachu charm $9 (christmas pikachu for comparison only)
Ichiban kuji pikachu Keychain $7.50

  • Please send payment 1 to diamondphantom@gmail.com within 24 hours from the time of this original post!

  • In the note include the following-- 'Pokemon Center Payment 1--username, item 1, item 2, etc'

  • Reply to this journal when payment has been sent and include your location+postal code, thanks <3

PaymentsCollapse )

Read more...Collapse )
Original Group Buy: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21450906.html

Thanks everyone :D