07 December 2014 @ 02:35 pm
Season's Greetings Everyone! :D

After being granted sales permission by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014, I am finally ready to reveal my Sales post. Yay~!

Believe it or not, it literally took weeks for me to get this post up. There were just so many things to organize, catalog, price, etc. etc. But I am finally ready, so please come on in and take a look! :D

Follow Victini to view my Sales page. :3
ck's pokemon sales 500

I hope to get more things up in time, but I feel that this is a good amount for now. Thank you and happy shopping! :D
20 November 2014 @ 12:06 pm
Hey everyone!

It's an exciting time in my life! I've been accepted into the Peace Corps and I'll be moving to Africa this June. I can't move my collection with me, so it's time to give it right back into this wonderful community :)

There are tons of plush, figures, and way too many stickers. I split up my sales into two posts which you can find by clicking on the banners. (Please comment on the post containing the items you want :))

But I'm not selling everything ♪Collapse )
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26 October 2014 @ 04:43 pm
Hey Everyone! I have been a member of this wonderful community for almost half a year now and have never shared my plush collection. (Oh the shame!) XP So, today I finally got all my plushies together and started taking pictures.
As you can see I have no skill with a camera... >_<

In case you're wondering why all my plushies are sitting on that terribly ugly bed sheet, rest assured that that is NOT their permanent home... Where I live, there is so much moisture in the air that things can actually get moldy if left out in the open. Not to mention the infamous blankets of dust that seem to engulf everything over night. @_@ So I keep most of my collection in air-tight stackable bins in my closet. Only a select few stay out and keep me company always. :3

Anyway... Click the cut to see my full collection! Click Me!Collapse )

Also, I want to give a special thanks to the following people here on the community who helped contribute to my collection:
choppii for my Darkrai pokedoll, my Zekrom pokedoll, my Giratina (Origin) pokedoll, my Palkia pokedoll, and my Raichu pokedoll.
bluehyaku for my 1:1 poseable Tomy Pikachu.
neeko48 for my Reshiram pokedoll.
blue_drag0nfly for my Pokemon Center Kyurem.
tortoises for my Ice-plate Arceus.
hebilea for my canvas Raichu and Pikachu.
Thank you so much for the totally awesome stuffs! :3

Thank you to all who were patient enough to read my ramblings. XD
Until next time, have a great day~! :D
04 October 2014 @ 12:12 pm

Long time no updates! But yeah finally got the motivation because I gotta save up for ORAS >w<\
Added new items down below (most are MIP!), including Mega Evolution straps, rare MTR beanies (that were only released in HK I think), squishy toys and Screen cleaners! Also lowered the price of almost everything else in the shop @u@/

Click on the previews above or here to the sales post \>w</

I ship from Hong Kong (no worries, our post offices aren't being attecked by mobs yet -w-) so the shipping cost+fees usually starts at around $2.5-3 for small purchases! (There has been a fee increase around the post office and paypal >w>) I can't ship too speedy because the post office is almost always closed when I'm off from work, but then I will always try to ship items within 1-2 weeks >w<
Please allow around 2-3 weeks' time for the items to reach your place if you aren't living in somewhere near Asia!

Also a quick question, does anyone here uses storenvy and have good ideas on how to set up the shipping fee there for mixed purchases? I have been thinking about moving my sales post there, but then the postage rate here sorta have a base price for each postage, and I have no idea how to add that in storenvy @u@\

19 September 2014 @ 05:43 pm
Just a quick reminder for my sales! Lots still left and if you can pay tonight I am shipping tomorrow morning :)

( Sales! )

Also no-one has pan stickers? :( Noivern, Noibat or Litleo pan stickers? I would love to buy some (or rather lots!)
15 September 2014 @ 10:45 pm
WELL since it turns out Mudkip season is starting a bit earlier than I anticipated I have to clear some space :D So I have updated my sales! Hooray!

Also some wants! Pan stickers :D Does anyone have Noibat, Noivern or Litleo pan stickers for sale? Particularly the bats! Shipping would be the UK and I would love multiples to use too so if you have any up for grabs please let me know <3
21 August 2014 @ 10:04 pm
After promising splash that I'd post about my first lot get, here it is! Woot woot! ^3^

The lot actually arrived last Thursday, but I was too lazy to post about it then, so I'm posting about it now. XD Click the cut to see the unwrapping of all my new goodies. It's pretty image-heavy, so... You have been warned!

Click To Continue!Collapse )

Thanks for reading! :D
31 July 2014 @ 06:14 pm

While updating my collection site, I decided that I needed to do some collection weeding.
I am open to haggling on most items, especially if you find another of the same item that was sold recently at a lower price. I've tried my best to look up the values though :]
I have some Eeveelution things, Tomy figures, and lots of random stuff!
RULES!Collapse )SALES!Collapse )
22 June 2014 @ 05:47 pm
Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend a couple of anime conventions. Happily, they both had some nice Pokemon merch in their dealers' rooms!

2014 Con Loot

Please click the cut for close-ups and more! ^_^

cool con stuff!Collapse )
Hello, All i figured to try sell TCG cards, plush and kid sales will be listed sometime later this month :P

All prices include paypal fees / shipping
granted sales permission on 3/17/2013 by allinia
- All pkmncollectors Rules apply
- I only except paypal as payment USD only
- I do live with a shitzu (dog), plush/merch. is kept away from her in bags or boxes. Please be aware the boxes and bags are in the same room as the dog. I do my best to keep the hairs away!
-All prices include shipping cost and paypal fees to anywhere in the US OR Canada
-Please specify if you are from the US or Canada when committing to purchase ^^
-Asking for a qoute doesn't count as a commitment to purchase!
- I don't do trades at this time
- I ship to Canada, USA
- I can combine shipping
- I recycle shipping materials. If this is a problem id be happy to buy new shipping materials for your package but, it will up shipping costs.
- I always keep shipping receipts as proof of shipment!
- You will be notified when I ship your package.

I also have 36 flash fire XY code cards for $12 (codes will be sent in email, a few extra code xy code cards will be added)

*All cards are near mint

ho-oh ex full art $22.00
Virizion ex full art $29
Virizion ex $20
Cheren full art $8.00
Mewtwo ex promo from tin  $10.00
Tornadus ex LT $9.00
reshiram ex promo $10.00
cobalion ex $8.00
landorus ex japanese $10.00
cobalion NV fullart $5.00
exeggcute shiny secret rare $12.00
Emolga full art LT $6.00
Meowth NV secret rare $6.00
cobalion LGT Holo $3.00
Cobalion NV Holo  $3.00
Terrakon Holo NV $3.00
Flygon BC holo promo  $5.00
kyurem reverse foil NV $3.00
Empoleon reverse foil diving draw $3.00
empoleon holo driving draw $3.00
garchomp bc holo  $3.00
garchomp reverse holo bc  $3.00
altaria promo bc holo   $5.00
altaria holo bc  $3.00
blastoise holo deluge $4.00
blastoise reverse deluge $4.00
terrakion LT $3.00
garchomp holo LT $3.00
hydreigon $3.00 LT
garbodor garbotoxin LT $3.00
sigilyph safeguard LT holo $3.00
Computer search $14.00
scramble switch $8.00
Pokémon catcher x5 $0.50
Float stone x3 $3.00 /each
Hypno laser $3.00
All prices include paypal fees / shipping
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08 April 2014 @ 06:12 am
We're doing a Group Buy on these two card lots! Come check them out!

More detailed pictures under the cut~

Click to CUT the deck~~!! Hurr, TCG joke. :PCollapse )

You are welcome to make claims starting... NOW! CLAIM AWAY! ^_^
Please only claim if you are committed!!

Thank you!!
03 April 2014 @ 10:09 pm
I'm surprise that I started my Pokemon Collection on February 28th and so far It's going pretty awesome!

First let me show you my recent gets!
Gets!Collapse )Collection Update!Collapse )
Looking for Chesnaught merchandise! Please let me know if you have anything that features Chesnaught!
12 March 2014 @ 03:18 pm
Hello community!
I purchased a grail item i've been looking for online for awhile. I found it on amazon and on ebay but was over $75+
I was referred to pokevault and they had it for 1/3 of the prices of ebay was asking!!
I was so happy, I quickly bought it!

Cobalion will help us open the package!
Cobalion used slash!Collapse )
08 March 2014 @ 03:51 pm
Hello Community!
I'm new here and I've been inspired by many to start my own Pokemon collection!
This community is very nice and so sweet! I met a lot of nice and awesome friends so far!
I'm still new to collecting, I've been a fan ever since I was 4 years old, (I'm 15 now)
I started my own collection of Cobalion merch, as I remember the first time Cobalion was released and I've been obsessed with him ever since! I love deers, their my favorite animal. Cobalion resembles one and I think he's pretty bad ass. I was surprise to know that he wasn't an Electric type pokemon! He looked like one, but it's cool that he is Steel/Fighting.
He was also the first pokemon I had soft reset to achieve a shiny of!
Now the sweet shiny Cobalion, Athos, is in my Pokemon Y. :)
Anyways, let me show you the awesome gets I've received so far from the great comm!
*Please excuse crummy photo quality from my phone*
Ameer's Windows Phone_20140308_003
Cobalion used Slash!Collapse )
03 March 2014 @ 08:01 pm
Hello Comm!
As some of you may know, I've started a Cobalion collection.
I'm searching for a lot of Cobalion items, if you have anything Cobalion-related in anywy please let me know!

Here is a list of Cobalion merch I have so far! :)
List hereCollapse )
Thank you and have a nice day!
25 February 2014 @ 10:47 pm
Hi again everyone! Today I'm after 2 small wants:

Noivern and Litleo kids!

They'd be shipped to the UK and I'm hoping for about $15 shipped for both :) Please help me out since I was undecided for too long and now I can't find them (as a set) anywhere ;_____;

Lots of stuff in my sales post still! Reduced my prices too <3
24 February 2014 @ 06:43 pm
Hello guys!
I'm in a search for Cobalion merch for my collection!
Please just offer ANYTHING you have that has Cobalion on it! :)

By the way, Has anybody seen this charm and could confirm this isn't a booty? I never knew there was a Cobalion charm! I realllllly wanted a charm and knowing theres a Cobalion charm makes it my top priority item!
Image Under here!Collapse )

Also, A detailed wish list could be found here, although I'm looking for Cobalion items in general. If your item isn't there PLEASE offer it anyways! :)
22 February 2014 @ 11:39 pm
Hey all! :D I have updated and organised my sales, hooray! And reduced lots of prices, get this stuff out my house please :)

I still have TONS of stuff up for sale, including Pokedolls of all sizes (mini, regular and oversize), lots of plushies, figures and charms! Something for everyone. <3 Come take a look! Bargains to be had! :D Lots of things for your Secret Spring Swap! <3 Yay!

(p.s. Watch out for a collection update soon since I got a mini grail! :D Hooray!)
26 December 2013 @ 08:02 pm

Hey everyone!
I am looking for the Gothitelle Retsuden Stamp. It is impossible to find. Im thinking $15 shipped???? If you have one let me know!?


I have lowered the prices in both sales posts. It is very very important that these go as I do not have ANY room anymore!!!
(the more you buy the better! 1 item is $7.80 to ship, 5 items $7.80 to ship. within the US.)
My sales:

(sales include Marill, Purrloin, Ampharos, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Torchic line, Mudkip line, Treecko line, Jigglypuff line, caterpie/metapod, seel, Clefairy line, Happiny line, Teddiursa, Deerling, Munna, Shinx, plusle/minun, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Togepi line and others)
Keldeo Sales

Thanks guys!! and I hope you all had a wonderful christmas/holiday :)
pokemon items I got were Pokemon Adventures 16-19 and the 3 new starter kids (kids were from myself haha)

09 December 2013 @ 04:27 pm
Sales Permission granted on January 9, 2013 by entirelycliched
Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pikaball27/

Items will be shipped within 2 business days

Wants (mostly looking to trade for anything in trades or sales):
- Alakazam banpresto
- Bidoof pokedoll
- Jigglypuff pokedoll
- Cleffa pokedoll
- Natu pokedoll
- Houndour pokedoll
- Magikarp pokedoll
- Poochyena banpresto
- Luxray banpresto
- Noctowl pokedoll
- Butterfree pokedoll
- Corphish pokedoll
- Marill pokedoll
- any pokedolls I don't already have in my collection ( http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16155062.html )
Items for trade: 59104_300

Click any of the following photos to be redirected to my permanent sales post! http://pikaball27.livejournal.com/639.html

02 December 2013 @ 10:29 pm
Hey all! :D I have updated my sales post, slashing prices and shipping! Yay for Cyber Monday!
Now most things are listed as shipped prices to avoid confusion and waiting for quotes. :)

I still have TONS of stuff up for sale, including Pokedolls of all sizes (mini, regular, oversize and DX), lots of plushies, figures and charms! Something for everyone. <3 Come take a look! Bargains to be had! :D
18 November 2013 @ 11:38 pm
Its SALES TIME again! :D
I have TONS of stuff up for sale, including Pokedolls of all sizes (mini, regular, oversize and DX), lots of plushies, figures and charms! Something for everyone. <3 Come take a look!
01 October 2013 @ 07:22 pm
Sorry I haven't been active lately... I've been really busy with school and other things like art. I think the last post I made was... I don't even know. It was before summer began, though.
My Pokedoll collection actually hasn't grown since... I think last spring. Wow. But anyway, I decided to take a photo earlier of all of them.
picture under here!Collapse )
I like posting their names since they're creative and people seem to like them. So. Left to right, top to bottom, here they are...
Meka, Fae, Napoleon, Oblako, Jellybean, Quentin, Seneca, Aaron, Ajax, Mizu, Alphonse, subby (who's not a Pokedoll but sshh) Harmony, Alehandro, Cherry, and Morico.

I have a few gets so I might make another collection post soon.

EDIT: Also, does anyone know where I can find a complete list of Generation 6 Pokemon? If not, can we make one? found one!
02 August 2013 @ 04:56 pm
Hi all :)

I was wondering if anyone has a Spiritomb MWT at all. I just missed out on one thanks to a last second sniper on eBay. I can offer up to $50 shipped to the UK for him. Also I'm looking for Melodetta Pirouette Forme Japanese MWT, looking for around $30 shipped. I'm also looking for the Swords of Justice, preferably with Japanese tags. Looking around $30 - 35 each roughly. Cheaper would be nice but I figure the blue star tags are a bit more in terms of cost. Also looking for Suicune and Entei MWT, US tags would be fine, looking around $25 each shipped so maybe $50 shipped for both perhaps?

Also are tagged Jirachi and Manaphy quite rare nowadays? I know Jirachi had a Blue Star tag release but I figure she's worth a pretty penny.
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18 July 2013 @ 03:55 pm
Yeah, so I have stuff I need to be rid of. I know I've been pretty quiet on the comm lately, things are slow on the collecting front (after last summer? not complaining!).

Under here you're going to see stickers, a clear Terrakion tomy, some TCG stuff, and other neat things.

Really just go look! omg!

Rules and items for sale here!Collapse )
I joined the community exactly one year ago, and I'm sooooooo glad that I did. I've made so many new friends and my collection has literally multiplied! And now the journey begins...

This is what my collection looked like when I first joined (June 2012)

Within a few months, I ran out of room and decided to purchase a display shelf...

Somehow... I ran out of room within another few months and ended up having to purchase another shelf O_O
I remember thinking how empty it looked and that I'd never be able to fill it all up. Boy was I wrong!

A few months later... this happened...

And now, in addition to my two shelves, I have a second collection at my boyfriend's house...
As you can see, things have gotten quite out of hand. Haha... I still have quite a few items that'll be arriving soon and I have no idea where I could possibly display them D=

I'd to thank everyone who has helped make my collection flourish!! Without this community, my collection would be no where near what it is today. I'd also like to give a special thanks to PokedollUSA for contributing to a significant portion of my collection <3

SALES: Sadly, in order to save up for more new plush, I've got to sell some of the plush I currently have. Feel free to check out my sales post, I have a whole bunch of pokedolls (and a few banpresto, hasbro, etc) both MWT and used. Most of my MWT are being sold for $17.
Quite a few of the plush photographed above are for sale in my sales post.
Rules and Guidelines
- Sales Permission granted on January 9, 2013 by entirelycliched
- Ask for a quote unless you are committed to buying it
- Must pay within 48 hours
- Will hold items for only 24 hours
- Location Seattle, WA United States
- Prices do not include shipping and fees
- I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out
- Please feel free to inquire specifically regarding a certain plush' condition
- If you are located in the US, shipping includes tracking
- Will combine shipping for more than 1 plush

Skitty Pokedoll MWT (3x) --> $22
Ducklett Pokedoll MWT (1x) --> $17
Audino Pokedoll MWT (2x) --> $17

Cottonnee Pokedoll MWT (2x) --> $17
Riolu Pokedool MWT (3x) --> $17
Feel free to check out my permanent sales post, I have a bunch of Pokedolls and plush ^_^
12 April 2013 @ 04:36 pm

Wow. It's been awhile since I've made a post. That's what college does I guess. Anyway, I figured its a good time to do a collection update! This is slightly image heavy!

Houndour used Bite!Collapse )

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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11 March 2013 @ 10:17 pm
Yes, finally on Spring Break!
Hi everyone, I put together a sales post in my journal earlier today.
I received permission from entirelycliched on 2/23/13.
I've tried to keep them at a low price.
Here are some teaser photos:
306 314
Click any of the pictures or the link here: http://scraft-work.livejournal.com/5149.html
Have a look at my stuff :)
27 February 2013 @ 08:14 pm
So I've been doing quite a bit of research on when certain pokedolls were released and it seems to be determined by the three following things:

  1. Game releases/ Anime

  2. Random promotions/ Re-releases

  3. Pokemon movies

I wanted to focus on the Pokedolls being released with movies in this post since it seems like there is a pretty interesting trend that I haven't noticed because it's hard to isolate which Pokedolls are being released for what. Some of the dates might be off in my list so I could be wrong in some parts.

Speculations!Collapse )
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25 February 2013 @ 05:29 pm
All focused around the best fighting legendaries ever.

Whaddya mean there's only 5 fighting legendaries?!Collapse )
17 February 2013 @ 12:03 am
So today while I was finishing up my valentines gifts I got a package in the mail. I was all like yay and happy because it had been my day off from work and this made my day a whole lot better.My secret valentine was slothyshroom. Thank you soo much for everything. :) Now to the images!


Luxray with hearts for the win!Collapse )
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Yet another update to my sales post!
Please take a look, I hope you find something you like =]
TONS of Pokedolls MWT for $17
Munchlax, Pikachu, Meloetta, Snorlax, Mew, Musharna, Zoroark, Tepig, Snivy, Oshawatt, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Leafeon, Glaceon, Emolga, Sandile

Shipping+materials+fees = ~$2.50 if you are in the US for 1 plush
Total price for anything listed at $17 (if you are in the US):
1 plush- $19.50 shipped

** Click the link below to be transported **

Hey everyone, I've updated my sales post as well as lowered prices!!
Take a look, I have several MWT Pokedolls starting at $17 as well as a few rare plush!
Shipping w/ tracking + materials + fess will be ~$2.50 if you live in the US!!
**Click The Link Below or Any of the Photos to be Transported**

04 February 2013 @ 12:09 am
Back again. I have a bunch of gets that I've gotten but haven't posted about. Including one that I got some weeks ago, a pretty big one! One that I've wanted for some time but hadn't because it's so expensive.

Glare.Collapse )
29 January 2013 @ 02:02 am
Couple of things today! :) Firstly, a quick shipping update: all of my sales have been posted except for about five people's packages. They'll be going out in the next couple of days - sorry for the delay, we've had a public holiday weekend and my post office owners decided it would be a great idea to take both the day itself (which wasn't an actual public holiday since it fell on a weekend) and the holiday-in-lieu off. >_<

Anyway, to the main point of this post!

I have a new box of Ensky magnets and I'm going to auction them off this time since there are some fun Pokemon in this lot (dragons! Eevee! dragons! and still no Monmen :( ), so head on past the cut for full photos and details! Just a short auction this time, and I'll have them posted out on the weekend. I'm actually pretty happy with the size of these ones, often these sheets have one huge one and a couple of smaller ones, but they are all quite sizable in this set, and there's a new style of Pokeball :)

ENSKIZZ- okay this is getting old now I'm so gangsta \m/Collapse )

You're welcome to combine shipping on any auction winnings with stuff from my sales journal, shoppip, and I've just gone through and reduced a few prices there too. While shipping from Australia is expensive, the gradations are quite large (eg. a 50g package costs the same to mail as a 500g package), and I'm willing to haggle within reason if you're buying multiple items! I know a couple of you were waiting for shipping until I updated my non-Pokemon sales too, and I've finally done that, so just let me know if you want me to ship your stuff out yet :)

16 January 2013 @ 04:15 pm

Most everything was mailed off today, and my next mailing day is... whenever my next days off are. Certainty is exciting.

And now, some minor but exciting things.
Enjoy it.
I demand you do.Collapse )
06 January 2013 @ 02:55 pm
US Pokemon Calendars <3,I found a bunch at the 99 cent store two cities away from me.
I can pick these up for 3 dollars if this interests anyone :D,I haven't seen them at my local one so I probably have to go back to the further one but oh well.

For anyone looking to buy their own you're looking for this 99 cent store

More PicsCollapse )

look look look its my babies <3,I've only seen the char line so far on order at amiami.
28 December 2012 @ 04:24 pm

It's been a really long time since I've posted, and an even longer time since I've posted anything that hasn't been a sales post, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself!
I'm David! I'm 17 and I joined the comm 4 years ago, back when I was 13! I collect Riolu if you couldn't guess by name) mainly, however I also collect Mamoswine and Infernape. I also collect the Waza Museum line, as well as products of my favourite gen 5 Pokémon, as there are too many I like! However I do fully collect Liepard! When it comes to trainers, I collect Candice, and Iris, but I don't have much.

Here is a sneak peek! I hope the picture of Eeveelutions will attract you all in!
This post ended up much longer than expected and very picture heavy!Collapse )

I have a few questions and wants though:

Dragonite Zukan! Preferably the new one as it's much cheaper, but I would love the old one!
Samurott line Zukan! I wouldn't mind just the Dewott piece, but I would like the entire line!
Meganium kid (maybe!)
Has there been any new merch announcements for the next few months? I've fell behind a little bit with updates!

I'm also wondering if there has been any word on if the Waza museum line will be continuing! I love it, I really hope they don't stop here!!

Thanks guys!