26 January 2015 @ 10:05 pm
Hi everyone! Quick modpost from yours truly! <3


Please remember that sharing community info outside of the community is strictly forbidden.
We do not want to see information being shared about Group Auctions, locked sales posts, etc. They are locked for a reason, and please keep it that way. This is a ban-worthy offense.

Please remember that Auctions are fair game to everyone online.
If another site is hosting a Group Auction for the same lot and there is one here as well, there is nothing we can do. However, if you see information from one GA being shared on another (pointing out a lot is being GAd elsewhere, adding up totals, etc.), please report it to us immediately using the RAP post.

Do not post about personal issues on the community.
This has been happening fairly frequently on the community lately. Please leave personal issues in your personal post. This is to help keep the community drama-free and on-topic to Pokemon collecting.

There is currently a snowstorm hitting the East Coast of the United States; this will cause delays in shipping and communication from fellow members.
Most of the States that are being hit by this storm are currently in State of Emergency, and all travel is being banned. Even if your package is sitting prepared to ship, USPS is not running and nobody can make it to the PO due to safety concerns. Many places are also losing power within the next two days, so please don't fret if someone is taking a while to get back to you.

Keep being awesome members!~
14 January 2015 @ 09:59 pm
Heyy long time no see, collectors! ´v` I'm going to do lots of collection weeding sales in the near future because I have wayyy too much stuff to take with me once I move to the other side of Finland in six months! I'm really hoping to see most of this stuff go, so if you think my prices are too high, feel free to make an offer! o/

Look at this lazily put together preview; lots of cool stuff huh?

Important stuff - be sure to read before committing to buy:

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse in late 2008. My feedback is located here.
- I ship from Finland, so shipping to anywhere outside of Europe tends to be expensive.
- It usually takes me a week to ship out orders. I'm generally really bad at remembering to let people know once their items have been shipped, but you can always ask me for the exact date!
- I only accept Paypal instant payments - no eChecks!
- I'd rather not hold items for longer than 24 hours
- Please specify if you're committed to buy the item or if you're just asking for a quote; if you're not being specific about this, I'm going to assume you're just asking for a quote. Asking for a quote doesn't guarantee you get the item if someone else comes after you and commits right away.
- Some of my items are used, some are new or like new; if you're worried about an items condition, please ask! c:
- I have cats, so your package may or may not contain some cat hair. I do my best to clean the items (esp plushies) before I ship them but it's pretty much impossible to get rid of every strand of hair, sorry. @ A @;

Sorry about some of the photos being super bad quality, it's practically impossible to take good photos in my apartment during winter! If you want to see better photos of something, just ask!

Plushies, Zukan, Medal Swings etc!Collapse )

That's it for now! The next part will contain a lot more random Pokemon; mostly figures, but also some flat items! Feel free to inquire about your favourites; if I have anything of them I'm planning on selling in the future, I definitely wouldn't mind selling them right now haha.

Thanks for looking!
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So I have decided that I need to downsize my plush collection, starting with an auction.  The rest will be direct sales coming in a few days...

Here is a sneek peak:

Now without further Budew, the auction!
(Note: Some plush have minor flaws, so please read before bidding!)

Obligatory RulesCollapse )
Pokedolls!Collapse )

~Auctions end: January 16th @ 11:00 P.M. PST~

*Bids must be in increments of $1 or more. (i.e. $3 is fine, but $3.27 isn't.)

*Do not bid until this is crossed out.
Bid away!

Auctions have ended.  Thanks everyone!
08 January 2015 @ 11:55 am
With having practically all Vaporeon plush, I've moved on to getting the rest- figures, nonflats, etc.

This past December going into January, I've gotten quite a few nice things added to my collection from some absolutely lovely members!

Vaps! ALL THE VAPS!Collapse )

Some more gets not pictured! '98 Eevee UFO plush from agui_chan's and caffwin's happy christmas GA (thank you SO MUCH to the both of you!), and Leafeon/Glaceon perler sprites from latias_latios_7! (I am working on my half of the trade as we speak!)

I'll be giving positive feedback to all of you today. Thanks so much for brightening up my rocky start into 2015.
30 December 2014 @ 12:18 am

Hey guys,

I have made a tough decision and decided to auction off these items. Hopefully they can go to good new homes :)

I have also reduced the pricing of the Eeveelution 8 figure Tomy packs in my sales to clear out for the new year. I have tried to make the pricing reasonable for international buyers, due to hefty Australian postage costs.

Please be aware that postage is from Australia so please be sure to ask for a postage quote before bidding.

Auction RulesCollapse )

Auction ItemsCollapse )

Straight SalesCollapse )
27 December 2014 @ 03:16 pm
Sooo, some weeks ago on a whim/impulse I bought the Tomy LEafeon and Glaceon plush from Hot Topic. Fast forward to today, and I impulse buy the 3 pack of Sylveon, Leafeon, and Glaceon. (I plan to repaint the extra Sylveon shiny)

What am I doing? ;__;Collapse )

-deep sigh- Anyone got Leafeon/Glaceon stuff for trade?
23 December 2014 @ 10:30 pm
Last chance to get a christmas presents for you, your friends, or family. plus price reduce, dont wait and come give them a new how

And wish everyone have a happy holiday ^w^ ~~~~~
21 December 2014 @ 11:27 am
I've finally gotten my updated sylveon, eevee, glaceon, and dedenne collection organized! That glaceons and dedennes need some work though (* >ω<)
Heres a lil" preview of my main stash (●˙▿˙●)

Read more...Collapse )
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20 December 2014 @ 01:24 pm
Since my fiancee is coming to see me during break, I'd like to sell some stuff for a little spending money while she's here. I've added a few new things at the bottom. I can probably ship off anything before Christmas, but if you would like me to hold on to your package until after Christmas (if you're worried about it getting lost in the mail because of how busy it is during this time of year), just let me know and I can do that for you.

General Sales InfoCollapse )

Please click on the image below to be redirected to my sales! :)

Hanty's Sales
19 December 2014 @ 09:49 pm
Oh my gosh, I've been around the site a bit taking a look at posts and such but gosh it's been a year and a half since my last purchase or so.~ I'm Eevee_love, I've been here for almost 3 or 4 years now, Almsot all of my collection is Eevee/lution based in terms of plush, pins, charms, figures. Haha but I'm looking to expand a little bit kind of I have a limited budget and most of my wants are more for around Christmas with some money I get from that but also some ideas now. I'm looking for a nice Bulbasaur plush that is somewhere in the $20 range if at all possible, I know I could also be asking for the moon haah. I'm also looking if anyone has the Primal Kyogre and Groudon figures from the new ORAS games, I live in the US so we did not get them with our pre-orders it seems, so I'm hoping to find them for about $10 each or about hopefully under 30$ for both, they don't need to be sealed or anything just in good condition is nice with no big scuffs or anything. <--- Got these guys cool.
Also last but not least a Glaceon and Leafeon figure. ( I seem to run into the bad luck of my walmarts/toy's r us/ target not having those two. >_
18 December 2014 @ 02:30 pm
Hello everyone,

I have some quick sales today, please take a look :)

Some Eevees under the cut...Collapse )
Thanks for looking :)
11 December 2014 @ 09:36 am
I got some fuzzy gets >w< ~~

I'm thinking of putting up at least the top row for sale for sure, but still thinking about the ones in the middle row and for now definitely keeping everything on the bottom row. XD

Larger image since LJ makes thumbnails at 600px instead of 500 :PCollapse )

More sales updates~ I've reorganized my keychains since I got a load of great new swing straps and such in :D Preview of new items:

ALSO! I have a buttload of 7-11 Drink Figures at only $2.50 each now! :D These guys are about the size of TOMY Moncolle figs and really cute poses! (one full set of 6 figures reaches my $15 minimum)

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Once again, holiday season is on so I'm giving out various surprise goodies to all FLAT-RATE shipments as long as stuff fits~ :D (sorry not really doable for non-flat-rate since it affects weight). Holiday cheers!!
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10 December 2014 @ 12:00 am
Hello PKMNCollectors!  Scrolling through my past posts I haven't posted my full collection since.. November 2012 (;_;) Eek, time has flown!!  Two years is much too long so I'll take the time to reintroduce my collection today :D

I love all cute Pokemon & my main collections are the Eeveelution family -- in particular, I collect Eevee, Glaceon, Sylveon, Umbreon, and Espeon.  I also especially love Mew & Sentret/Furret, and have an affinity for all the foxie Pokemon (especially Fennekin & Vulpix).

Early last year I boxed up my entire collection and sold off a large chunk of it in order to move to Japan. I finally moved this year, and as moves tend to go, it took many many months before I had all my belongings in my new place & proper furniture set up.  I'm actually still waiting for one last box of collectibles to arrive here!  I don't want to put off updating any longer however, so without further ado, here's my current Eevee collection:

More Collection Talk!Collapse )

I'd also like to take a moment and (re)introduce the Pokemon section of my webstore.  I recently expanded my store to include all the different series that I collect, but the Pokemon section is by far the most expansive:

All Pokemon Center pickups have been moved directly to the store, making the checkout process much faster for both of us!! I am still taking pickup requests so please let me know in the comments if you are interested in something that isn't currently listed. My sales & pickup information can be found below the cut ♥

Quick Links to Popular Goods:
Lace Design Promotion Goods
Pokemon Center Tokyo Mega Pikachu Plush
My Dearest Male & Female Pair Promotion Goods

Pokemon Center Pickup Information!Collapse )

Thanks for reading, and I hope to post more regularly again in the coming year (´▽`)ノ♡
07 December 2014 @ 02:35 pm
Season's Greetings Everyone! :D

After being granted sales permission by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014, I am finally ready to reveal my Sales post. Yay~!

Believe it or not, it literally took weeks for me to get this post up. There were just so many things to organize, catalog, price, etc. etc. But I am finally ready, so please come on in and take a look! :D

Follow Victini to view my Sales page. :3
ck's pokemon sales 500

I hope to get more things up in time, but I feel that this is a good amount for now. Thank you and happy shopping! :D
02 December 2014 @ 07:13 pm
Hello community! First of all, we won the Happy Christmas GA but we're waiting the first payment from our middleman, so be patient. Secondly, I've finally finished my exams so it's time to do some sales! >.< I still have all the amadas, a lot of figures and more plushies on my sales post so you can combine with anything there! I have a Groudon figure for auction, some plushies sales and a Raichu patch.

SalesCollapse )Groudon offersCollapse )
RULESCollapse )
30 November 2014 @ 11:19 pm
Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday :) (I'm so not excited to go back to work tomorrow) I haven't had many gets in the past month (Noibat/Noivern y u get no merch?!) but I will have an update eventually once all my commissions are finished ^^

I decided to weed out a majority of the rest of my eeveelution collection and my super tiny Litwick line collection. I cut the prices on some of my items and (almost) all kids are $2 and under!

Sales~Collapse )
20 November 2014 @ 12:06 pm
Hey everyone!

It's an exciting time in my life! I've been accepted into the Peace Corps and I'll be moving to Africa this June. I can't move my collection with me, so it's time to give it right back into this wonderful community :)

There are tons of plush, figures, and way too many stickers. I split up my sales into two posts which you can find by clicking on the banners. (Please comment on the post containing the items you want :))

But I'm not selling everything ♪Collapse )
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
I've started putting together a small collection consisting of Plush, Kids, Zukans and Charms for every Pokemon I use on my teams and a lot of stuff has arrived so I thought I would show them off :D

Also, I'm currently playing Omega Ruby and wanted to share this with my fellow Europeans:
If you don't have a NNID registered you can change your 3DS region to Australia and download ORAS from the eshop now, so you don't have to wait until the 28th! You can change your region back after downloading it :D

I also have a really special item arriving next week.. It's quite heavy ;)

Gets!Collapse )

I also have a few wants! If you are selling any of these please let me know :3

GRAIL: DX Treecko Pokedoll
Zigzagoon UFO Plush

Charm Sets: Poliwag Line, Barboach Line
Zukans: Charmander Line, Pidgey Line, Rattata Line, Nidoran Male Line, Zubat Line, Psyduck Line, Mankey Line, Abra Line, Machop Line, Poliwag Line, Tentacool Line, Ponyta Line, Hitmonlee/chan Line, Koffing Line, Kangaskhan Line, Goldeen Line, Pinsir Line, Gyarados Line, Kabuto Line, Aerodactyl Line, Mountain Mew Line.
Dioramas: Mew Vs. Mewtwo
Kids: Krokorok, Dragonite Delivery, Greninja
Pan Stickers: Articuno
Pokedolls: Poliwhirl, Oddish, Spheal, Buizel, Munna
Plush: Vileplume Banpresto
11 November 2014 @ 02:43 pm
One of my huge packages from Y!J came today! :3 I also finally got shelves so I can store everything!
I just have one more package to arrive then I can do a proper collection post!

Gets in here!Collapse )

DX Treecko Pokedoll - Still looking! If you know where I can get one or if you have one and are willing to sell it please let me know :3

Semi-DX Treecko Pokedoll
Shiny Grovyle Kid
Treecko Pokedoll Figure
Treecko Contest Plush (Red Ribbon)
Treecko Slippers
Ash's Treecko Pin Badge
Raichu Slippers + Boxers
Raichu Pokeball Reversible Plush
Pikachu Bowtie DX Pokedoll (With mini bowtie Pikachu)
Pikachu Petit Mascot Plush
Full Eeveelution Charm set

The last thing I'm looking for is this big fat Raichu plush (picture from sunyshore):
09 November 2014 @ 08:30 pm
Hello all! I'm back again and will be selling some things and auctioning off some Bandai Joint Palace figures, and an adorable tiny keychain~ Auctions will end this Tuesday, the 11th at 12:00pm (Eastern Time).

Read more...Collapse )
02 November 2014 @ 03:39 pm
Little update from me! I got the Fairy ippai set a little while back but only really wanted Sylveon so I'm selling the rest! Also weeding out Zukan's from my collection. As of right now I currently work 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) during business hours -_- I can drop off packages at anyday at the post office collection box HOWEVER I will a liiiittle bit slower than usual at shipping because of work. Just a heads up :)

Sorry in advance if the pictures are small. LJ told me my post was too large like 7234083209 times -_- all images can be clicked to enlarge!
RulesCollapse )
New itemsCollapse )

Old stuffsCollapse )
31 October 2014 @ 12:56 am
Hey guys, I have a small items sales today, I know I haven't posted a collection update in a long time so I promise I will do that soon. :)

Take a look here :)Collapse )
Thank you for looking ^^
30 October 2014 @ 11:14 am
Happy almost Friday everyone!

I'm trying to rehome my set of 2012 Pokemon Center Eeveelution Standing plush, all MWT.
I bought these guys from Japan back in 2012 when they were originally released.

EV Front

I'm asking $150 shipped (in the US) SOLD - Thank you :)

Sales policies and more infoCollapse )
21 October 2014 @ 07:23 pm
I was checking my Hot Topic order status, when I saw the site had updated. BOGO's are gone, but now everything is now 25% Off. The best update however, is the addition of the US TOMY Eeveelution Plushies.

They are actually at a reasonable price :)

And a collector mentioned in my previous Hot Topic post, if you sign up with the site and email newsletters, they immediately send you a 10% off coupon. I'm almost certain you can combine it with the 25% off sale.

Not to mention, shipping is $1 if you spend over $50.

Get those Eevees!

Hello! While saving up for Alpha Sapphire, I decided to update my sales post! I have some eeveelutions, mini lots from my collection weeding, and a few other random things.

Also, there's something I've been looking for, for a while now... Does anyone have a Pokemon Time "bookmark" of Flygon, Blastoise, or Umbreon? I pulled a Latias and I'm looking to trade it!

Lastly I have a small collection update -- I bought two blind-boxed pokemon chocolate eggs (like Kinder Eggs) from caddieneko, and here are the two pokemon I got! :)
blind egg gets!Collapse )the small sales are here!Collapse )
Wanted to show off a couple gets! Eveelution Jakks, cool Pikachu plushes, and some group pics. So here we go....

Click the cut for the pictures<3Collapse )

Sales update! I have added a couple items including Espeon, and Glaceon Jakks as well as putting the card lots on eBay. I also lowed prices on almost everything, and I have some discounts going on:
*** I also just added some choco egg figures to my sales!
I want this stuff gone so I've decided to accept haggling on orders over $40 for purchases of multiple items, this extends to the items on eBay.
12 October 2014 @ 02:11 pm
Hi there

I have a couple of things left for sale:

Read more...Collapse )
Thank you
Hello! I got a huge box from Noppin recently and I'm selling off all my extra things :) Some items from my previous sales have also been lowered!

RulesCollapse )

PlushCollapse )

Figures, charms, etcCollapse )

KidsCollapse )

OtherCollapse )
24 September 2014 @ 08:41 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm especially excited to start drawing because I was granted sales permission!! :D
So I'm now taking commissions! I am always after trades as well! My trades list can be found here: http://pupstergirl.livejournal.com/2094.html

I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 22 September 2014 and my feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pupstergirl/


~My mother and I ship from the UK and am happy to ship worldwide
~All PKMNcollectors rules apply
~I come from a pet friendly home with two dogs and a kitten but they don't come near my stuff
~I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages but proof of shipment will be provided
~Please send payment within 24 hours (PayPal only please)
~Prices do not include shipping, please ask for quotes :3

I'm happy to answer any further questions :D

(If I'm in the middle of an art trade with you, don't worry, your drawings have priority :3)

Now onto examples:

examplesCollapse )

I can draw pokemon, chibis, trainers, OCs, etc. You can choose from charcoal, pencil and coloured pencils for your drawing :3.

Price List:
These are trial prices to see how things go
~For an ACEO, it would be $3
~For an A5 drawing, it would be $5

1. Shuckle and Torkoal

Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing my art with you guys!
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So as my title reads Iiiiiiiii bit off more than I can chew ._.  As a result I'm weeding out parts of my collection. Purging a majority of my eeveelutions :c

Annnnd I'm also going to Nintendo World for the first time next week! I'm so excited :> (and poor ;_;)

If you bought from me from my previous you're packages have been sent out except for nosidamsucram, miss10, and purplequilava. Your packages will go out either tomorrow or the day after :)
RulesCollapse )

Everything can be comebined with items from my previous sales

Weeding salesCollapse )

TCG extra sales (XY, Flashfire, Furious fists)Collapse )
19 September 2014 @ 08:58 pm
Hi PKMNcollectors!!

It's that time again! Art traaaaades!!
I've been having loads of fun with these so far, so I'm looking forward to some more commissions :3

I ship from the UK to anywhere in the world!
My feedback can be located here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pupstergirl/

I draw on high quality cartridge paper and prefer to draw in sizes around A5.

I can draw anything you would like, whether it be a pokemon, a chibi, an OC or a human. I use pencils and charcoal.

In return, I am looking for ANY Growlithe and Arcanine merch (within reason) as well as anything on my wants list: http://pupstergirl.livejournal.com/2094.html
As well as the fire pups, I also collect the Eeveelutions and ghost pokemon (anything Halloween themed is a HUGE priority!)

I'm also looking for customs! I'm desperate for art, charms and especially plushies. Of course, I will do multiple drawings for plushies/charms/etc. :3

Now onto examples!!

Examples ~Collapse )

I'm really excited for this so I hope we can work out some trades!! :D

P.s. plushlosophy , I've finished your drawing so all I need is your address please and I'll send you mine :3 (it's actually the last example on this post haha)

~Pupstergirl <3
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12 September 2014 @ 09:00 pm
Hi community!!

I'm back and I'm looking to do some more art trades :3
Round One went really well so I'm excited to do some more!
Same goes for this round, I'm after ANY custom art of Arcanine or Growlithe, whether it be drawings, ACEOs, charms, perler beads, etc. As well as this, I'm on the look out for any Growlithe or Arcanine merch, so show me what you have :D (I will draw multiple pictures for merch, plush, charms, etc)

In return, I offer my art. (I'm now taking art classes on top of this so my work has definitely improved and widened.)
I can draw any pokemon or OC (including humans) that you would like! When asking, just tell me whether you want it in coloured pastels, charcoal or in pencil and shaded.

My feedback can be found here:
I ship from the UK worldwide.

And now onto examples! ^-^

Examples! :3Collapse )

Thank you for reading! I hope we can work out some trades! :D
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08 September 2014 @ 07:45 pm
Went through more stock and popped it up on ebay! These are things I had intended to sell individually, which I now do not have time for - so take advantage of a sweet lot deal!

Click the image above or here to check it out. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2010. Feedback is here.
04 September 2014 @ 10:24 pm
Sorry if this has been posted about already!

It seems that Toywiz has their new stock of Tomy 2-Packs in stock.  Check them out!
(If the images need to be resized, I will happily do so.  Images are taken from Toywiz.com.)

Also, the Tomy Eeveelution plushies (that everyone has been finding at Hot Topic) are now available as well.  Stock up before they're gone!
Pokemon TOMY Basic Figure 2-Pack Dedenne Vs Glaceon New!Pokemon TOMY Basic Figure 2-Pack Litleo Vs Emolga New!Pokemon TOMY Basic Figure 2-Pack Inkay Vs Leafeon New!Pokemon TOMY Basic Figure 2-Pack Bunnelby Vs Marill New!Pokemon TOMY Basic Figure 2-Pack Gengar Vs Spritzee New!Pokemon TOMY Basic Figure 2-Pack Pikachu Vs Vivillon New!

What are your thoughts?
24 August 2014 @ 06:21 pm
I did a little collection weeding, in honor of going back to school (yuck!) and also I'm saving up for the arrival of a new puppy!

So help me out for funds with some cool stuff under the cut!

Also anything can be combined with these sales over here!


Come and get some loveable pokemon!Collapse )

I'll be doing a pretty big update soon ;) be excited!! Also happy semester at school/college/university!
Hello there again!
First, I wanted to remind you of my over 400 cheap items for sale, I still have a bunch of them left:

Please CLICK HERE or the banner to go to the sales!

The package from yesterday I have been waiting for didn't only include some things for my collection, but also a bunch of extra items I didn't need. The UNO deck I have gotten had Honedge on it, but it has a bunch of XY Pokemon on it and Mega evolutions too! So I wanted to offer these to the community! Otherwise I have gotten a bunch of extra pan stickers, Amada stickers with some very nice and unique poses and of course Diancie movie merchandise, like extra clearfile and pencil boards with all XY Pokemon, sticker sheets and of course, some extra non flats, like kids, Movie figures and others!

(LJ is not acting nice and makes the picture look blurry for some reason)

Please read my rules before you decide to buy!

Rules and sales!Collapse )

That is all from me, thank you for looking! <3
Hello all :] Hope everyone is having a good week! I've got some TOMY figures up for straight sale today and also taking offers on a few rarer ones. Also have some other straight sales which include XY die and rubber charms as well as an elusive lunch bag so feel free to check the cut below!

Sales/Auction policiesCollapse )

Offers & Straight salesCollapse )

Thanks for looking!
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06 August 2014 @ 04:26 pm
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.14.37 AM
Hey all! I'm still trying to sale the remaining items left in my guest room. I'd really love to find these items new homes. I've got some new Sylveon auctions including a promotional banner! As well as some Diancie movie blind bag metal charms! I also decided to do a small sale on my Poke-Time pouch sets! I have so many and I need to make room in the future. I'm getting ready for a new collection post but I just need two more parcels before I can showcase any. *U* They're a doozy. You'll see.

AuctionsCollapse )


For this post round, I'll be having a sale. All my Poke-Time Pouches are only $20!!! If you'd like to get a hold of one please click on the link below and browse. Then come back to this post and comment what you want if you're committed. The sale will only work if you reply on this thread. There are still a plethora of XY Kalos Pokemon lines still available.
~Click this link to be redirected!~
I also have a few Pokemon Lots available over on my ebay account. It's the last bit I need to make room for before my guest room is cleaned out!

Please give it a look, they're good prices for how much your getting. :3

Direct SalesCollapse )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Give me any new Hawlucha's! Even flats! Hand em' over! Check out my Hawlucha collection to see what I already have.

Currently looking for someone to middleman me those new Sylveon/Weavile and Hawlucha pan breads. Or if someone has them for sale or pick up please let me know.  I'd be willing to pay a lot to get a hold of them with or without the bread. Whatever is easier. :3


And Sylveon hunting has slowed down lately but I'm always after any and all Sylveons I may not have:

Here's my Sylveon and Hawlucha WANTS~

Thanks, guys!

06 August 2014 @ 08:01 am
Hey guys looking for some Eeveelution Ippai figures and the Charizard Kyun Chara. I already have Jolteon, Sylveon (laying position) and Umbreon Ippai figures. Hoping to get them at a pretty reasonable price. Thanks!!

Image for reference:

Hello! Today I bring you a couple Lollipop PokeBox charms up for auction along with some other charms available for straight sale. I also Added a couple more plush and lowered some prices! Also help me get all my kids out! All are Buy 2 get 1 free!

Kids are all buy 2 get 1 free! Please click the image for kids! (LJ deemed my kids too big for this post)

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