12 December 2014 @ 02:33 am
So I have enough interest in a few figures to make a GB post! (Also, thank you very much for the help, neko_dono250!)

Feedback Link:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/yardsalecouch/

~ I was given sales permission by entirelyclichedon Dec 1st,2013


Read more...Collapse )

* There will be 2 payments:
- Payment 1 will include the dues to the seller: $8.83 per figure (this is with their shipping fee incl. as well)
- Payment 2 will be shipment fees (approx. $3-$5 for domestic, intl. varies by country)

group buy


Ditto samo22
Oddish jamplex
Meowth yardsalecouch (me)
Pikachu sushirisu
Hi guys I came back with some things. First of all I received the Fighting Type GB and they are on good condition (if someone needs a photo, let me know!) All the info is under the cut

Last payment!Collapse )
I also got a little package so I have some extras for sale with retsuden, straps, stickers...
salesCollapse )

And I got some gets. I finally have all the Ninetales kids! Three regulars and both clears *^* More Poli-line things with a super lot with the strap, the pen and the notebook of Politoed Pokemon Time!!!! <3 (yes, I have both of each one now xD) Lucario MPC, Piplup random figure and newer Charmander and Charizard MPCs!

Hello there guys!
Today, I would like to come to you about two things:

I have bought these cute charms, but I am only keeping Froakie, would anybody be interested in Pikachu and/or Dedenne? This will be only a small pre order, meaning that they are on its way to me. You will of course only pay when they are in my hands! Each will be 5.50$ before shipping, and with shipping and everything, the total will be 8.50$ anywhere in the world for each!
Dedenne: rainyan


I would love to buy this, but I only want to keep Vanillite on this one.
This will be a Group Buy, meaning you will have to pay in advance, and there will be two payments: 1st will be for the items + shipping to me, 2nd will be shipping from me to you! I will buy them off eBay, and each of these will be 4.76$ (5.50$ with fees). Shipping with packaging and fees from me should be 3$ regardless of your location!
Pikachu cookie: snowflaika
Fennekin coffee: puckyducky
Pikachu cake: dezi_kitsune
Pikachu pokepuff: peppermmints
Vanillite: hebilea

Obligatory sales rules after cut!Collapse )


I have come to really like Pokemon tins, because of their gorgeous designs. Is there any Pokemon Center site that shows what tins are currently being sold? Most of the time, I only see promotions on there, but not the food or the tins.

Thank you so much guys <3
20 October 2014 @ 11:00 pm
Hello! Today miss10 and i bring you a double choco egg figure set GB
All items claimed! PAYMENT 1 NEEDED!!
• I was granted sales permission granted on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched and miss10 was granted sales permission on April 2, 2012 from entirelycliched
• My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/white_chocobo/ and miss10 feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/miss10/
rules and GB details under the cutCollapse )
• Each claim will be only US$2.17 for USA members and US$2.19 for non USA members

  • Please send payment to misselaineous10@hotmail.com with your username and "double choco egg GB" in the tittle

Set 1:

Pancham kitbug US$2.17 for USA
Zigzagoon echoalias US$5.93 for International (UK)
Slowpoke handmadehail US$5.87 for USA
Pikachu nysaurus US$4.02 for USA
Dedenne o_0digitizdx_x US$4.02 for USA
Froakie megami36 US$2.17 for USA or US$2.19 for International
Eevee jen81489 US$2.17 for USA
Fenenkin shiny_zekrom US$9.57 for USA or US$9.67 for International
Gengar kidgengar US$2.17 for USA
Xerneas shiny_zekrom
Mega blaziken handmadehail
Shedinja chronidu US$2.17 for USA or US$2.19 for International
Yveltal echoalias
Chespin syminka US$7.73 for USA

Set 2 :
Pancham shiny_zekrom
Zigzagoon syminka
Slowpoke classypersian US$2.17 for USA or US$2.19 for International
Pikachu syminka
Dedenne shiny_zekrom
Froakie white_chocobo US$4.06 for International
Eevee splash US$2.17 for USA
Fenenkin syminka
Gengar handmadehail
Xerneas echoalias
Mega blaziken joy_dust US$2.17 for USA
Shedinja o_0digitizdx_x
Yveltal nysaurus
Chespin shiny_zekrom

Thank you!
21 September 2014 @ 08:47 am
Hey guys!
I'm here with a quick reminder that my items for offer end in less than 24 hours.
You can click the picture to check them out. Most of the charms are still at their opening offer.

Also on that post is a link to my sales page. All sales can be combined with any my current GA/GB's Spooky Party Sticky Note GB and the Wailmerian Zukans GA(neither GA nor GB have come in yet)

I'm in the process of responding to everyone who commented in my sales post now. Thanks everyone! :)
Current Location: Jacksonville, FL
02 August 2014 @ 07:20 pm
This is for claiming one of the latest 2014 Eeveelution pins by Pokebox which you can see here: https://www.facebook.com/PokeBox/photos_stream \https://www.facebook.com/PokeBox/photos/pb.159915740807698.-2207520000.1407031070./515293155269953/?type=3&theater

They will be available in 1-2 days in their store and I want to make sure I get them fast before they happen to sell out so once they're up payment is expected to be received within 2 days! Payment will not be received until they are ready so this is only for just the claims for now and all need to be claimed in order to get it.

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013


Flareon lone-enigma
Jolteon Chaos_21
Umbreon moonlightPkmn
Glaceon TdotAkichan
Sylveon Chaos_21

Each pin will be $11.45 each(including shipping from them to me) shipping within the US will be $2.43 for 1-2 pins and $7 outside the US for me to you. Paypal fees will be calculated after I give you the okay to send payment.

I'm going to the Ani-com in Hong Kong tomorrow (27/7 HK time), and from what I know, PokeBox is gonna sale their newest Eeveelution pins there!
And since I'm really interested in that Eevee bronze coin which comes with buying the whole set, I'm wondering if it's possible to organize a group buy? owo\

The whole set^
Individual photos of the pins could be found here on their official facebook!

Since the selling price for these pins are cheaper in the convention, I can do these at $12 shipped everywhere per pin! (paypal and pick up travel fees all included, yes)
...Given that they aren't sold out already when I go there tomorrow, haha |Dc You only need to pay if I managed to secure a set! I'll take pretty photos of the set when I've secured them and post it here, so no worries.
I'll ship these on the second week of August (5-9/8) though, cause I'll be heading to a trip to Taiwan next week.

All claimed! Thanks for everyone who participated ^u^
Eevee: kurukimi
Flareon: collectorlittle
Vaporeon: kaffeina
Jolteon: collectorlittle
Espeon: kirstingent
Umbreon: lampent
Glaceon: neutralemotions
Leafeon: kaffeina
Sylveon: eledora (yes I'd love to get this one myself <33)

I'll probably still buy the whole set even if there's only 1-2 unclaimed, and no I'm only doing this for 1 set to save myself from too many shipping after the trip, haha |D

Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011! My sales post is here and my feedback thread is here :3c

hey guys! this is the last call for the XY dice GB! ;u; I don't want to hold up your guys' money for any longer, so if we don't get at least one more claim by tomorrow night, then i'll have to cancel the GB. each dice is $5.15 + fees + shipping from me to you. this $5.15 includes the dice and shipping via registered airmail. i am willing to cover the cost of one of the dice! i've seen a few of these dice up for sale and this $5.15 is a really good price~~ *u*

edit: the group buy is a go! I have contacted each of you via comment for payment 1!

the two dice we still need claimed are #2 and #9! edit: dice #2 has been claimed! dice #9 is still available!
Blue Die ft. Froakie: Froakie, Dedenne, Squirtle, Inkay, Vivillon, Garchomp
Green Die ft. Quilladin: Quilladin, Scatterbug, Yveltal, Spritzee, Marill, Snorlax

You can either claim them on this journal post or the original group buy post here! there are also more pictures there!

next, the XY chupas are in!! purple and red genesects are both still available and come with the candy and the pokeball! they will be $6 each + fees + shipping!

info & users under the cut!Collapse )

lastly, i have some neat pokemon "reward seals" for sale under the cut! these are shiny stickers about the size of a quarter and feature XY and Unova pokemon! please keep in mind that due to their shininess, they're really hard to photograph!

sticker sales!Collapse )


Also, please come check out my regular sales! I have lots of plush and figures, as well as TCG and stickers that need a new home! please help fund my trip~~ i've added new items like a sylveon and eeveelutions metal movie tin and lots of gachapon straps! ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED!
Reminder before my 'Vees Kitchenware auctions close at the end of today.

Please click here to make a bid and see sales permission/rules. The 7/11 Promo Bowl and Cake Set are still at low bids =3

Also. I hate spamming the community, but I'm missing the Sylveon pokecenter charm in my collection that was released recently and I just found a set of the charms for a decent price for a BIN on Y!J. I just need Sylveon for my collection. All of the other Eeveelu's are up for claims.

Edit for 5/9 - The listing for the charms ended, and there weren't enough claims. However, I found a cheaper set, so if people are still interested, I'll give it more time for claims.


Charm Claims and Rules/PriceCollapse )
Please comment on this post to make a claim <3

Link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17162017.html

This is the last call for this GB, if we don't get enough claims, then this will have to be canceled... =(

Sales Post (Small)
I still have a ton of stuff I want gone! So I have stuck nearly every figure from my sales into cheap lots and put up bunches of plush for offers. Click the picture to go to my offers page. I'm doing offers as opposed to auction because: sniping...


Cut for GB and GA infoCollapse )
hello, i found a neat set of XY dice that i'll be hosting a gb for! each dice is $5.15 + fees + shipping from me to you. this $5.15 includes the dice and shipping via registered airmail. we can also upgrade to EMS shipping if everybody is willing to pay $5.75 + fees + shipping fro me to you each! when claiming, please let me know if you would be alright with a shipping upgrade and if EVERYBODY wants the upgrade, then we will do EMS. I will be claiming dice #6.

if all dice are claimed, this is a commitment to buy.


info & more pics under the cutCollapse )

Also wanted to let participants of the XY chupa group buy know that I've purchased the lot and they have been shipped! I'll be notifying you each individually and posting when it arrives at my house! i'm also happy to combine shipping with this lot if you are alright with waiting for this lot to arrive!

click the cut for something super, super cute!Collapse )

Also, I've updated my plush and figure sales with some new items and new prices! Please come check out my sales post here~
23 April 2014 @ 10:20 pm
first off, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a group buy of these chupas? *u* each figure is $6.49 USA/$6.56 international + shipping from me to you! i'll be claiming sylveon! these will be new in pokeball, but I'll have to open them once they get to me so I can confirm the figure inside.

a claim is a commitment to buy! claims are first come first serve.


-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-Paypal only, please!

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally! Please be advised that international shipping starts at $7.
-Payment one includes the figure and shipping to me. Payment two will be shipping from me to you.
-My feedback is located here and here.

Purple Genesect -
Red Genesect -
Mewtwo - classypersian - paid
Eevee - irethsune
Sylveon - myntii - paid
Espeon - allrealelements - paid
Umbreon - crasherwake - paid
Leafeon - creampuffoholic - paid
Glaceon - crasherwake - paid
Charizard - creampuffoholic - paid

next up, i have some really amazing gets!!

click me please~Collapse )

Also, have a mini sales plug! I've organized my sales into figures/plush and stickers/tcg/flats to make things a bit easier to find!
Hey guys, the clips are in! Please leave your location so I can calculate your shipping. ^^
All the clips are in perfect condition, but Vaporeon has a teeny-tiny blue line on her face.
2014-04-15 11.58.102014-04-15 11.58.19

Also, I'm seeking some Sylveon items!
ALL Sylveon stampers, and the cookie tin! I'd really love to get it with the Sylveon cookie.

Also, sales plug! Bath salt figures, ramen stickers- all at discounted prices!
Hey everyone! I added some ramen stickers into my sales and lowered everything, so please check it out! Everything needs to go. <3

Click the banner below to be taken to my sales~!

Also, those participating in my Eeveelution clips GB- I am still waiting on the package, but I think it may come tomorrow! I will let everyone know as soon as it arrives. Thank you all for being so patient!
10 April 2014 @ 01:52 am
Just a reminder of these two TCG group buys!
Still lots of cards up for grabs! All very cheap. :D Don't miss out.
Get your claims in soon. Possibly going to wrap up the claims starting on the 11th and start taking payments.

Meloetta (Psychic) Set and Cobalion (Steel) Set are the last sets to be claimed!

** Click here to go to the group buy page! **
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08 April 2014 @ 07:10 pm

whew, i was going to post this a while ago, but I kept on forgetting until right before bedtime;;; my birthday is actually tomorrow (ahhhh 22!!) and my mom is letting me buy myself a few things! *u* of course, I'm not expecting to get any packages by tomorrow since that would be pretty impressive, haha.

anyways, I thought i would take the opportunity to ask for some items I've wanted for a long time! all these plushes are very high priority!! I would really appreciate any help~ Pictures were snagged off google. Please let me know if you'd like them taken down!!


-Entei Tomy plush!! The last few have gone for $20-35 before shipping and that's how much I'm looking to purchase one MWT for! *u*
-Musical Emolga plush! I've also seen these go for the $20-30 range and I would like one MWT~
-Banpresto Luxray! He last went in a GA for $25 and after some digging, found a few that sold for under $40! He does not need to have his hang tag as long as the plush itself is in very good condition! I was hoping to spend probably $35 before shipping?
-Shimmery Luxray! I'm unsure how much this one's going for, but I've seen him go for $30-ish in the past. Again, he doesn't need his hang tag as long as he's in fairly good condition!

I am also looking for the Sylveon Tomy Friends figure! Looking to pay about $5 for this one~ a few more wants are the fairy type focus memo pad (not the notebook!), Emolga with you badge, sylveon face binder clip and eeveelution movie cookie tin! also, please feel free to offer Entei, Emolga, Luxray and Sylveon things in general! *u*

the xy can badge group buy has been cancelled due to lack of claims. :c

finally, thanks for everybody's help with my sales! *u* I still have a bunch of items looking for new homes, so please check it out~ I have lowered prices on some items further, and again, all offers will be considered.

08 April 2014 @ 06:12 am
We're doing a Group Buy on these two card lots! Come check them out!

More detailed pictures under the cut~

Click to CUT the deck~~!! Hurr, TCG joke. :PCollapse )

You are welcome to make claims starting... NOW! CLAIM AWAY! ^_^
Please only claim if you are committed!!

Thank you!!
edit 4/9/14: unfortunately, we were unable to get enough claims and this group buy has been canceled. :c sorry!

ok! today's group buy is for the XY can badges coming out next month! according to the seller, these badges will ship on april 4th. there are 10 badges available and i will be claiming sylveon! each badge is $4.12 domestic/$4.16 international! this includes the badge and shipping to me and paypal fees. charge two will be shipping from me to you. if there is enough demand, i will host a second set! each claim is a commitment to buy. if we get enough claims, i will contact you for payment!

rules~Collapse )claims listCollapse )

also, I have some new collection photos! *u* come check them out under the cut~
collection cut!Collapse )

lastly, have a sales plug!! as mentioned before, I reaally need more room! please come check out my sales post and feel free to make offers!


i also have one more sylveon tote bag for sale! she is $26 shipped within the US, $36 shipped internationally.
Hi guys! Charge 2 is due now, so here is everyone's totals, with paypal fees included. ^-^ Please send the amount below to kami.kimmel@yahoo.com and comment below when you've sent your payment so I can cross you off the list!

sophiesplush: $2.33
syminka: $2.33
belarushi: $2.33
renshao: $2.35
basketbears: $2.35
27 March 2014 @ 02:18 pm
Hey community! Due to popular request, I have designed a Sylveon Tin:

And its strawberry flavored! : D

(And not to mention I still have the starter tins up for sale as well!)
Rules/InfoCollapse )Tins! Tins! Get your hot fresh tins!Collapse )

Also, in regards to payment 3 of the Scope Keychain GB, here are the totals:

Please send your payment to erickdelgado13@hotmail.com !

Thanks for reading!
21 March 2014 @ 02:22 am
Sorry to all to those participating in the Dice GB, I just went to place the order and it was sold out. :(
I tried to look for another set, but couldn't find one. If anyone does happen to find another set, let me know and I'll gladly host another GB for it.
I refunded all those who participated in the GB, but if I missed you, let me know and I will send a refund your way.

As for the clip GB, it's on it's way to FJ. As it turns out I didn't calculate the clips right, they ended up coming out to $1.71 each instead of $1.66 so I will add on the difference to the second payment. :) 
19 March 2014 @ 10:31 pm
Hi guys! This is just a reminder that one die is still available from my Dice GB- #2! Only three Pokémon are visible in this picture, but it is actually six-sided!


You can make your claim by clicking the picture. :)

Also, I've updated my sales! There's plush, PokeCen charms, bath salt figures and more! Please check it out. :D For the people that have bought something from me or won any of my ramen sticker auctions, everything will be mailed out this Saturday.

18 March 2014 @ 10:48 pm
Alright guys they finally arrived at the warehouse and we got our Payment #2 totals~!

Read more...Collapse )

Let's get in our Payments as soon as possible~! Thanks so much for participating guys!! ^ -^
09 March 2014 @ 02:43 pm
more eeveelutions!! this is a set of MWT eeveelution MPCs. they will be $10 each + PP fees. there will be two charge. the first charge, the  $10, includes the price of the item, middleman commission fees, bank transfer, domestic shipping and the system usage fees. the second charge will include shipping from the middleman to me AND shipping to you. i will be claiming sylveon and vaporeon!

once all mpcs have been claimed, i will contact each of you via LJ comment for payment. claims are first come first serve (you may claim as many as you like). there are no holds. if all plush are claimed, it is a commitment to buy. please pay asap (within 12 hours if possible)! this listing ends very soon!


-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush and fees. Second payment will be shipping to me and shipping from me to you.

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but international shipping is very expensive! I'm estimating about $10 a plush.
-Feel free to combine shipping with any items in my regular sales posts! Just let me know and I'll hold items for you.
-My feedback is located here and here.
-Any other questions? Ask away!
Eevee - baconscreation - paid
Espeon - kaffeina - paid
Umbreon - kaffeina - paid
Glaceon - belarushi - paid
Leafeon - crasherwake - paid
Flareon - pacificpikachu - paid
Jolteon - pacificpikachu - paid
Vaporeon - myntii - paid
Sylveon - myntii - paid

Edit: I have decided to cancel this GB due to lack of interest. Sorry to everyone who had claimed items.

Today, I bring you a Group Buy for all 105 cards included in the Johto League Champions Topps Card Set.

Your hosts:

pikachux will be handling payment and shipping (from the US).

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009
- Feedback thread - Link

I, risha_moon, will be handling the posts and spreadsheets.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

Info -

Payment 1: There are 105 cards in the lot. With the Buy-It-Now Price + Shipping to PikachuX, each card will be $2.35 each before Paypal fees.

Payment 2: Shipping from PikachuX to you.

Here's the images and text from the auction -Collapse )

PikachuX will be claiming:

die-cut 4 of 18 #172 Pichu
die-cut 5 of 18 #25 Pikachu
die-cut 6 of 18 #26 Raichu

I will be claiming:

stickers 23 of 37 Houndour
stickers 24 of 37 Houndoom
#196 Espeon
#197 Umbreon

(I am interested in others and am willing to claim more if we don't get enough claims.)

Please comment with your claims and your zip code (or country).

~ Risha
Hello everyone! Coming to the comm with a super awesome GB! Claims for figures are only $2! Deets under tha cut! :)

Let's get some keychains!Collapse )

First come first serve! Auction ends on the 7th at 4:25 (am)! Let's do this guys! These are really beautiful and unique keychains! <3
edit: looks like the ending listed. :c sorry! if it's relisted by the seller, i'll try the group buy again!

On another note, I have a collection update under the cut including an item that I have searched long and hard for! Please check it out!

2014-03-03 14.50.24
click for cuties!Collapse )

Finally, everything from my sales and group buy has been shipped! Please expect all domestic orders in a few days and international orders in about a week to two weeks!

You can find my permanent sales post here!


One more thing! I've heard that pan stickers can be reused because they don't lose their stickiness. Is this right? O: If so, I'd love to get a few for my phone or something!
bunnystrut and squareofme the sylveon gb is in!! look at this ridiculously enormous box! i actually had to put it on the ground and push it into my room because my (short) arms couldn't carry it, and one of the sides is too big to fit through my door!!

good news, everything is nice and new! i looked at it pretty quickly but I didn't see any flaws in the tags and stuff! the bad news, we paid a lot.. for shipping.. please click under the cut for pictures of the items and a breakdown of charge 2!
cut for sylveon gb info!Collapse )

on another note, would anybody be interested in the eevee from this set? she would be $35 + PP fees + shipping from me to you!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush and shipping to me. Second payment will be shipping from me to you.

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but please be advised that international shipping is very expensive!
-My feedback is located here and here.
-Any other questions? Ask away!
20 February 2014 @ 05:32 pm
The lot has been purchased! Stay tuned for updates, Ebay predicts I'll recieve these between March 4 and 11
Read more...Collapse )
16 February 2014 @ 02:26 pm
Hello! I found this fun little Sylveon lot, but I am not looking for all of these items. I will be claiming the talking Sylveon and the Sylveon with Eevee plush for $55 and will be covering shipping from the seller to the middleman. Up for grabs are a Tomy sitting plush, Pokemon Center standing plush, Pokemon Center sitting plush, and Eevee and Sylveon clearfile. According to the seller, all plush are MWT. The plushes are $15 each and the clearfile is $5. These prices do not include Paypal fees.

Claims will be first come first serve! If we are able to get claims for all plush, this is a commitment to buy. Payment is required within 24 hours of all the slots being claimed.


-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush and fees (bank transfer, middleman commission, etc). Second payment will be a combination of shipping from the middleman to me and shipping from me to you.

-As for shipping from the middleman to me, I will divide it based on weight. For example, I will be paying much more to ship the talking Sylveon than whoever claims the clearfile.
-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but please be advised that international shipping is very expensive!
-My feedback is located here and here.
-Any other questions? Ask away!

Talking Sylveon - myntii - paid
Sylveon Tomy - squareofme
Sylveon PokeCen Standing - squareofme
Sylveon PokeCen Sitting - squareofme
Sylveon and Eevee Plush - myntii - paid
Eeveelution Clearfile - bunnystrut - paid
Eevee and Sylveon Clearfile - bunnystrut - paid

Also, this is unrelated to the group buy, but has anybody noticed a serious delay in shipping via USPS lately? I know there's been a lot of crazy weather going on, but still..
10 February 2014 @ 09:32 am

Today I am looking to Commission Painters/ Artist for custom pokemon tomy Shiny repaints.

Here is the information I required before I can commit to you. I am looking to Commission more then 1 person since I have different jobs in mind.

-Price rage per figure
-Bluck Discounts?
-Shipping location
-Exsample of jobs done in the past.

Lastly This is the finally reminder of my groubp buy. The order is going in friday and only 4 slots of left which includes super blastoise & fletchling this is one of chepeast price you could find for a super blastoise or a fletchling tomy so don't miss out.
Link can be found here :)
07 February 2014 @ 12:34 am
Hello this part of the post concerns everyone who participated in the Starters Pokedoll Group buy (banaa1212 inky_starlight latias_latios_7 raichu_love and hebilea)
Well shipping took forever but our babies are here at last!
individual picsCollapse )
Well now that that is done I realize that I haven't done a collection update in quite some time so just for fun here's a little update!
A Little Collection UpdateCollapse )
Well that's it for me thank you for reading have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)
05 February 2014 @ 10:08 pm
paging LJ users meloman1a and doryphish333! the eeveelution sitting pose group buy has just come in today!! I was so excited when I saw the box that I left all of my things in the hallway and ran into my room to open it! (sorry, please ignore my CRAZY MESSY ROOM)..

2014-02-05 21.39.56
click the cut cut cut for more pictures!Collapse )

another announcement! all things from my sales post and charms will be shipped out saturday at the latest. i will be leaving town for a few interviews this upcoming week so after saturday, i will not be able to ship until friday the 14th!! i'm also waiting on a few things in the mail, but you can expect a long overdue gets post from me soon!

ps, i know I've said it a lot, but I'm still looking for a few sylveon things! particularly, the sylveon mascot plush, the sylveon cookie badge, namco standing kid and sylveon bus pass pouch!!
05 February 2014 @ 06:31 pm
Hello everyone this is just a quick reminder of the group buy I am hosting.

for the following back of tomys pack. There is 2 more Blastoise and 3 more Fletchling slots left so I can place the order :) Help make this group buy be a success :)

Link can be found here :)
02 February 2014 @ 05:36 pm
Group buy canceled due to me not being home from MARCH - April due to work :(

Hello Everyone,

Today I am bring you some group buys for a Pre Order Items that will Ship March. I will be buying the Sets through Toy Wiz.


Super size Blastoise

Read more...Collapse )
Edit: Wow, all plush were claimed! I'm just waiting on payments now and as soon as I get them all, I will purchase the lot.

Hello there! this group buy is for the pokemon center sitting pose eeveelutions! These items are marked as brand new and are being sold by a reputable seller on eBay. They are about 15cm tall. Each plush is $15 + fees ($15.75 within the US, $15.92 international)! I will be claiming Sylveon.

Claims will be first come first serve! If we are able to get claims for all plush, this is a commitment to buy.

$_57 (1)

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush AND shipping from seller to me. Second payment will be shipping from me to you.

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but please be advised that shipping starts at roughly $6.
-My feedback is located here and here.

Vaporeon - meloman1a - paid!
Espeon - doryphish333
Glaceon -doryphish333
Sylveon - myntii - paid!
Eevee - doryphish333
Flareon - doryphish333
Leafeon - doryphish333
Jolteon - doryphish333
Umbreon - doryphish333

Please let me know if there are any questions!

On a side note, I'm still looking for the Sylveon MPC and Pokemon Center mascot plush!