Hey everyone! Just quick a reminder that my auctions for the two Play Pokemon banners is ending in about 9 hours. They're both at their starting bids! Click the picture to be taken to the post. :D

I also have 2 of the Sylveon blankets for sale that I added. I'm planning on going to the PO tomorrow, so any packages that are waiting to be shipped should be sent out tomorrow! Thanks! ^-^

Edit: I just got off work, and look what we got in today!!

It's available online as well, but if you have a Joann Fabrics store near you, you can get it cheaper with coupons. ;) If anyone wants me to pick some up, I have it all on hold for me til tomorrow. Think I'm gonna make a pillowcase out of the blue cotton, and some pajama pants out of the black fleece~
22 February 2015 @ 03:26 pm
Hi! Just saw this picture in a group on fb and since sunyshore has them already in their shop I guess it's real haha <3
here it is!Collapse )

(I'm sorry if the cut won't work, haha.. oh ok, it's small, just open it in another tab ^-^)
So what do you think? They're great, especially Mawile!
21 February 2015 @ 09:44 pm
I'm not sure if this has been posted, but the Kalos starters are getting newly posed plushies.  The trainer's choice line is also getting a few new guys!

The Movie merch will be released on March 7th, but the Tomy plush are available now on ToyWiz!

~Also, I have a question!  How many Purrloin plushies were released?  I am trying to complete the set.  I have the following: canvas, pc, mpc, banpresto, small keychain plush, halloween plush, king plush, and takara tomy.  If you know of any others, let me know!

19 February 2015 @ 09:51 pm
Releasing the 7th of March!

We have them up here!

Mega Rayquaza is so cool... I wonder if he'll be poseable too?
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16 February 2015 @ 12:35 am
Anyone seen any pictures of the Tomy booth at New York Toy Fair 2015? I can't seem to find any online. D: I found their booth from the UK Toy Fair from January, however, which I don't think has been posted yet!
(I'm not sure if their NY booth is the same - I am guessing yes so this might be good enough!)

here's one wall....under the cut for more stuff.

click click clickCollapse )

as for NYTF15, Bandai's booth had some pokemons too!

It looks to be an american version of their 'plamo' model kits called 'sprukits'
I know that Xerneas and Yveltal got plamo, not sure if Mewtwo and pikachu do aswell? either way, very cool!
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14 February 2015 @ 06:51 pm
There's a new "Pokemon With You" campaign coming in march! It's called 'Melody of Hope' and features a lot of cute pokemon!

Mostly flats, but a cute musicchu plush too!

There's also some new Nanoblock pokemons coming out at the end of may.

Snorlax, Dragonite, Caterpie (with pokeball) and Lapras!
Hello! While driving around hunting for release info on the new3dsxl today, I found a Trainer's choice Mudkip figure. I haven't seen it before and could not find any info for it online, toywiz doesn't even have it listed and most of the time they keep up to date on these releases. The box is marked "2015" so I believe it is fairly new. Has anyone else seen them for sale? It appears to be the newer style "matte" finish as opposed to treecko and torchic's "glossy" finish.

(Click pictures for full size)

Tomy mudkip front

Tomy mudkip back

I finally tracked down a 2001 New York Pokemon center Lapras plush with the promo hang tag advertising "pokemon 4ever" with a mini map of the store location. The orange tag has some creasing but I am still very glad to have it in my collection.

Lapras pokemon center 2001 plush

I have also been adding on to my applause plush collection, at the beginning of this year I had only a single Charmander in a pokeball. (the only one i got as a kid)

pokemon applause collection

I found the FCS "pokemon the first movie" Mewtwo, it is one of my favorite figures now.

mewtwo figures

I was messing with my camera settings and ended up with this picture, I thought it looked cool so im sharing it here. Tomy "new" Charmander line.


Thanks for reading, have a great day/night, and good luck if you are trying to get a new3dsxl on Friday!
08 February 2015 @ 09:02 pm
i don't think these have been posted here yet so here we go.

Looks like March's 'type of the month' from banpresto is Dragon! I know the DX goodra has been posted before but looks like there's some nice MPCs too.

Here's some movie merch due in the summer. *^* SO EXCITED FOR GROUDY MOVIE MERCH.
07 February 2015 @ 09:01 am

Both should have be out this month. :>

07 February 2015 @ 02:59 am
I hope it's okay for me to post this? It's merch related so I thought you guys would be interested!

Pokemon.com is currently running a sweepstakes within the US - You vote for your favorite team (aqua or magma), register your email and get a chance to instantly win some cool items!
This includes a trip to Hawaii, PRIMAL POKECEN PLUSH (which aren't even out yet in the US!), Primal Clash TCG packs, and Primal wall graphics from pokemoncenter.com!
after registering, don't forget to click the button for instant win prizes!

Link to enter: https://www.primalclashpokemon.com/
Hey everybody!

Any body else out there looking for newer Pokemon kids figures? Well guess what! :D

Just added over 500 GEN 5 Pokemon Kids to the store, as well as updating quite a few other sections! I sold out rather quickly last time of my Gen 5 Pokemon, so since they had such a positive feedback I went out and got quite a few more for all of you <3

As always, here is my link to the store : Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Click on the link above of the photo below to be transported :)

So last week I asked you guys if you wanted me to post my collection with my sales updates, and to my surprise many of you are very interested in seeing my collection :D So I'll start with something small this week! My favourite Pokemon!
Collection Post Begins...Collapse )

Thank you guys for reading my little story, and hopefully you enjoyed the first of many little Sunday Collection Posts that will acompany my sales updates :)

As always guys, I'd love if I could serve everyone of you, and bring some Pokemon Kids into your life ahha :D

If you guys have any questions regarding Kids figures, ask away and I will do my best to answer them!

Until the next update,
Jaydee here,
signing off
It's that time again for new Takara Tomy news. Kinda disappointing quite honestly, but here goes

April 2nd 2015

Re-releases of the Hyper Size Dialga & Palkia figures
Mega Rayquaza (Pushed back from its original release date of March 21st)

April 25th 2015

Regular Monster Collection

068: Pokemon D (this is what Amazon JP called it. This is presumably Hoopa.)

Hyper Size MC

Re-releases of Groudon & Kyogre

Then 4 weird sets with the following names (Rough translations of the names are by Google. I will give the actual Japanese names for anyone who wants to give a more accurate translation)

1. Pokemon Monster Collection Skinny MAP (JPN: ポケットモンスター モンスターコレクション ガリガリMAP)
2. Pokemon Get Spinner Moncolle Set Hyper Ball Illusion Of Pokemon Challenge To Get Pokemon! Arceus (JPN: ポケットモンスター ポケモンゲットスピナー モンコレセット ハイパーボール 幻のポケットモンスター ポケモンゲットへの挑戦!アルセウス)
3. Regardless Get Pokemon Get Spinner Moncolle Set Super Bowl Pikachu (JPN: ポケットモンスター ポケモンゲットスピナー モンコレセット スーパーボール ピカチュウをゲットせよ)
4. Pokemon Get Spinner Entry Set Monster Ball (JPN: ポケットモンスター ポケモンゲットスピナー エントリーセット モンスターボール)

May 23rd 2015:

Hyper Size MC

Re-releases of Lugia, Black Kyurem & White Kyurem

June 20th 2015

Hyper Size MC


3 more sets

1. Pokemon Moncolle Special Pack A
2. Pokemon Get Spinner Large Set Provisional (JPN: ポケットモンスター ポケモンゲットスピナー 大型セット(仮))
3. Pokemon Battle! Pokemon Batomedaru (JPN: ポケットモンスター 対戦!ポケモン バトメダル)


Latias & Latios

I also got pictures for the March releases

Mega Metagross set (The set I think everybody wants)

Mega Lati@s set

Mega Rayquaza

Also, I checked ToyWiz the other night and apparently 3 new Clip N Carry Poke Ball sets have been released.

1. Pikachu & Poke Ball

2. Pumpkaboo & Dusk Ball

3. Talonflame & Quick Ball

20 January 2015 @ 10:37 pm
I don't normally do news posts, but HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!?

Coming next month too!
18 January 2015 @ 08:54 pm
Hey guys!

Just wanted to thank everybody for their positive feedback on my store, really means a lot <3
I've almost ran out of Gen 5 stock within a week of posting it! Don't worry though, as the store will be updated very soon!
I've added a few new pokemon, changed some prices around, and still have quite a few pokemon from these two sets available:

As always I'd like to invite all of you to come and check it out! Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Keep in mind everybody that there are TWO pages full, as posting limits required me to make an extra post in order to bring all of these wonderful little guys to you! The link to the second page can be found at the end of the first post :)

This time around I have a little extra something to post about!
Thank you all for this <3Collapse )

As always, feel free to ask any questions about Kids figures, and I will try to answer to the best of my ability! Thank you for checking out my store, and have a great Sunday night everybody!
14 January 2015 @ 10:36 pm

Releases 7th of February!!

BIG PLUSH! (Lifesize!)

MORE!Collapse )
Full line up: Lifesize Plush, rumbling mascot plush, slippers, ballpoint pen, figure strap, memo stand (like a photo holder), stainless slim thermos, die cut mirror (mirror in the shape of Goomy?), mini tote bag, pass case, coin case, pouch, mini glass set, hoodie, stamp set, free box, clip set, clearfile set, flipbook (like an animation flipbook), shiny sticker, notebook, sticky notes, pin, iPhone 6 jacket, flipcase for iPhone 6, handtowel, drawstring bag, metal charm set, and socks!

Added on Sunyshore! Yay!
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13 January 2015 @ 12:56 am
I saw this post on reddit - someone who works for the Pokemon Company (retail development) won these in a raffle at work.

primal babes! american tag!
when do you think they'll hit pokecen.com?

hope this is okay for me to post, merch related, though you guys might be interested. source.

Also - is anyone having trouble accessing the website? If i go in from a product page already saved it works fine, however it's not working if i try to go from pokemoncenter.com directly.
08 January 2015 @ 08:36 pm
hello everyone! as a goomy collector, i was linked to a very important video detailing some new goomy goods and a new goomy promotion.

here it is!

below the cut, i took screencaps of the items listed.

goomy!Collapse )

what do you guys think? aren't they adorable?! i was surprised to see the big goomy plush, myself!
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06 January 2015 @ 03:47 pm
So if anyone remembers back in September, there was information about new plushes being released by Banpresto of Growlithe, Herdier, Manectric, Meowth and Wobbuffet and a few others. Some of them have finally arrived on Animeraro for Pre-Order and I couldn't be happier (because Herdier) and I'm sure a few other members will be too! I shared links to each of them below, but I also noticed a few MPCs that I don't believe have been mentioned within the community but I could be wrong: Spritzee, Aromatisse, Swirlix, Slurpuff, Gengar and Porygon-z!

Read more...Collapse )
05 January 2015 @ 12:45 am
Hey everybody!

Welcome to 2015! I hope everybody had a great holiday and spent time with family and friends. Now with the new year beginning it a new year of collecting to look forward to! <3

I'd like to thank everybody for making my store such a success and allowing me to grow my collection! I've really enjoyed the positive reaction and am looking to make this store a ligitimate source for everybody's Pokemon Kid collecting here on the com. I've been looking into ways to get rarer figures available for all of you, and hopefully I can get a few surprises set up for all of you throughout the year! :)

For those of you who have yet to visit, I'll add the link here and in the preview! http://jaydee93.livejournal.com/2001.html

I hope that I can help all of you aceheive your collection goals, and look forward to our conversations!

Also, I see that there are many new members who have recently joined as well, so I will open up this post as a Q&A as well :)
Anybody who has any questions regarding Pokemon Kids figures, feel free to ask, and I will answer as best I can.
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03 January 2015 @ 07:51 pm
Hi Everyone,

I've been going on a Mega Tokyo Pikazard merchandise splurge lately and I received this small flyer in one of my packages:

*Click the image to view it at a larger resolution*

Normally, I wouldn't think anything of these and would just toss it, but I noticed that there are some new merchandise with release dates on it. My knowledge of Japanese is basic, so I was wondering if anyone who can read Japanese would mind translating. :3 I am especially interested in the clear posters and post cards at the top. However, there appear to be a lot of other interesting things like the Pikazard deck case and card sleeves, the Pikazard figures (which some members have announced to the community already), something related to Goomy, a bunch of Substitute plush merchandise (also already announced), and a Mega Metagross and Substitute metal charm. :D

I really hope that this stuff will be available for purchase! *Fingers crossed*
31 December 2014 @ 02:28 pm
Hi all!

I found something interesting at Target today:
Pokémon Center PlushCollapse )

Also, I come bearing SALES: http://sodapopninja.livejournal.com/72743.html

Thanks for looking!
26 December 2014 @ 04:53 am
new plush were announced for japan - mega babies!


comes out January 10th!

also unrelated to pokecen - i am not sure if it was ever posted, but there's now a pic of Goodra's new tomy figure - to be released in February.
23 December 2014 @ 07:07 pm
Mega evolution tumblrs! I'm very exited for these! They look pretty cool. Now if only they'd move on from only using Lucario, Garchomp, Gengar, and Absol. There's more megas than these four. xD
mega cups

Fall Fennekin promo. Items have been there for a minute but they just put the banner up today. ~
fall fennekin

Looks like they added some other random stuff as well that was never posted.

And all of this except the super expensive messenger bag is also available on Amazon . ~

Bigger PicturesCollapse )
22 December 2014 @ 11:54 pm
Hey everyone, I was at Nintendo World and saw that Eeveelution pokecen plushes are now in stock!

click for more!Collapse )
Hey guys! Finally found a picture of the newest Pokemon kids set :D

Pokemon Kids Set Jan 2015

I'm so excited <3 I have ordered multiple sets already, and will have the for sale in my shop when the arrive here!

What do you guys think about the newest release? Personally they all look great, love the winking Vanilite and all the megas! Torchic looks absolutely cute beyond belief! Let me know your opinions in the comments :D

And as always, here is the link to my Pokemon Kids Mega Store; follow the link or the picture to get there!


13 December 2014 @ 10:55 pm

10cm mascot plush for ¥667!
13cm plush for ¥953!
amazon.co.jp limited 12 inch plush for ¥2,667!
OMG 60cm super big size plush for ¥13,000!
also metal charms!
all prices do not include tax!


I'm super excited about this because I always regretted not getting one the last time. Hopefully they won't sell out IN TWO DAYS like the mega Pikazard plushes did. >_>

[edit] It looks like the Substitute metal charm is a gift for buying any 5 metal charms, starting Feb. 21st until supplies run out!

[edit, part deux] For people who want the super big size plush:
+ They are sold by order only.
+ Orders can only be made in person at the PokéCen.
+ Only those with a Japanese address can place an order.
+ Shipping within Japan is free, so if your buying service charges you for that, they are trying to rip you off.
+ Orders are expected to arrive in about a week, but may take longer. (Knowing the PokéCen, any order not placed within an hour of opening on 2/21 will have a two month backlog.)
+ Orders are limited to one per customer. (However, I have no idea how they're planning to enforce this.)

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05 December 2014 @ 05:38 am
I know a lot of people were excited when the pictures of the Pop Star and Rock Star Cosplay Pikachu plushes were released - and now it looks like we're getting all 5 variations!

UPDATE: Available on Sunyshore

HM01Collapse )
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04 December 2014 @ 01:52 am
It looks like there have been some new items added to PC.com. Including pokedolls, super expensive art prints, a shirt, and possibly some charms (don't pay a whole lot of attention to those unfortunately so not sure which they are!)

i -think- these are all the new ones, if i missed something/misposted let me know!

i'm pretty disappoint there isn't any hoenn merch asside form the torchic shirt. =/ COME ON PC.COM.
27 November 2014 @ 09:15 pm
New Pokemon Petit keychain plush!


We have these added on Sunyshore already here! :D

This years New Years Set!

I love sleepy starters! ;o;

This a special set released for the New Years holiday; they're not sold separately. (We won't be stocking these; sorry!)

Such cute stuff!!

Also, we have stocked Mega Tokyo and Pokemon Pair stuff on Sunyshore!

Please give it all a look! :D
We've also updated our FAQ; give it a read when you can! Thank you!!
25 November 2014 @ 10:14 pm
Hi guys! It looks like some new items have been added to PC.com
No plush (yet, but i am sure there will be in the next week) but looks like some Espurr Wanted! items and Christmas items too!

click for big!

edit: new plush added! snowmons, santachu and even a Sylveon pokedoll!

26 November 2014 @ 12:22 am
Hey guys :D
I've seen on a German Anime-Shop that we will get a Goodra and a new Goomy plush! I saw we get a Goodra and Goomy TOMY, too. I think they come in April, too. But i have no pictures, sorry :(

Here is the link for the plushies:


They are Banpresto DX plushies :3 They looks so cute!
I want the Goodra plush! Its awesome <3

I hope you enjoy, guys!
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20 November 2014 @ 02:51 pm

Adorable erasers from Tomy! ; u ;

released this month! 100yen per spin :3

14 November 2014 @ 07:14 pm
So while out on a trip today, I spotted from a distance a Treecko plushie!!!! Looks like ORAS merch might finally be popping up :D though I think it might have been from the Trainer's choice edition, but I'm not completely sure as I was able to go back by there. But still, it's good to know we're getting more things at walmart now ^_^ Also I saw a Pikachu bank, but I do believe someone has stated they've seen this before a while back.
13 November 2014 @ 10:03 pm
Lots of merch incoming!

More Hoenn goods, this 21st! On Sunyshore!

More HoennsCollapse )

Mega Tokyo opening goods!! Released 12th of December.

More!Collapse )

Finally, Pikachu Pair stuff! (Not just Pikachu either!) Released 29th of November.

Pikachu pair plush!

More stuff!Collapse )
Release Date: December 20th, 2014.

Prize A
Prize A: Pikachu Hooded Blanket. (Size: approx. 100 cm)

Everything else...Collapse )
12 November 2014 @ 08:10 pm
(Exclusive?) Merch to celebrate the MEGA Tokyo PokeCen opening!!

(click for bigger size)

Offerings include:
-Adorable Pikachu plush with Mega Charizard Y hoodie!!
-Special Mega Charizard Y Mega Ring set
-Special pearly Mega Charizard Y plamo +Pikachu!

There's a special keyholder near the bottom left of the page that I THINK is being given out at the opening ceremony? Can someone clarify this? :D</a> The keyholder will be given out at an exclusive opening ceremony that will be limited to 300 people. Impossible to know if it will be sold at a later date!

So cute!