04 July 2015 @ 04:17 pm
Hi! just a reminder my auctions will be ending this Monday at 10pm EST Time

Alot of rare items up for auction including a Lugia zukan, Umbreon/Espeon strap & Articuno bell plush

Added some Eeveelution sequin straps, Sylveon tuppeware container & Raincoat Pikachu to my post ^^

Cheers & happy bidding!! *click the link below the image*


I got a special package today! Come see!

So, I've gotten so many customs for my Sylveon collection but I've been neglecting my Hawlucha collection. It was about time I started getting more for my lucha birds. Now, I got a plethora of new customs on the way but these guys got to me this holiday weekend. <3

Check out my newest additions!!!

~Tons of posable Hawlucha photos!~Collapse )


I've updated my collection website, Zigzagoon line finally has it's own poke-time pattern on it's page. I've gotten new Sylveon items that I've taken photos of and updated. I've also added a new tab for the "Doki Doki Contest Live!" promo that recently released. There are new photos and descriptions. :3

Also, I'm always looking for more items over on my want page. <3 I'm after anything of Sylveon and Hawlucha. <3


I still have tons of items for sale, I've lowered prices on some things and added a few other things. I have Poke-Time Eeveelution shirts, tins and straps, plush, pogs and flats! Please check it out. <3

I also lowered my prices on some lots I'm selling over on Ebay, again!

Annnnd, I still have some poke-goods over on my storenvy if anyone is interested.

That's all for now! More soon when I get new stuff.

03 July 2015 @ 03:45 pm
I know- re-gets? What do I mean by that?

I'm visiting my parents for a summer vacation + SDCC, and while I'm here, I swung by their storage and got...


Secondly, I have these two Umbreon booties for sale.

I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96!

You can see my sales rules here!

Halloween Umbreon Bootie- $5
12" Umbreon Bootie- $5

These two will be shipped when I get back to Michigan on July 14th!

Thanks for reading! ( o wu)/*
Hi everyone! :D

I'm sure you heard about the new plush coming out here in two weeks! O_O I'm ecstatic!! Since I will most certainly be placing an order for my friends and I, I thought I'd open up my claims again. These claims are fairly limited, since there is a cap on how many you are allowed to buy of one plush. But I'll offer my services for people wanting Vulpix, Ninentales, Gengar, Mewtwo, and all of the little Kuttari/"Tsum Tsum"-style Pokemon plushies coming out! I'll also take claims for the August monthly Pikachu, Sailor Pikachu! :)

I'm not going to be ordering Snorlax or the large Hoopa plush, since their weight and size is more than I want to deal with. @_@

And please do note that while payment will not be required until the end of the month when they arrive, payment is DUE within 24 hours of receiving your total. I had some people put off payment for days/over a week on my Pokemon Time order, and it was a bit frustrating. x_x

Cut for Rules, Prices, and Claims InfoCollapse )
30 June 2015 @ 12:43 am

Check underneath the cut for the items below for auction including a rare Lugia zukan ;3

Auctions Below!Collapse )

Oh yes! almost forgot auction will end Monday July 6th at 10pm EST time

Oh dear...another 6 ish months of gets...but this time I have also included a full collection update because a certain dream came true...a dream I didn't think would happen for another while since recent events....! BUT WHAT HAPPENED I CAN'T JUST-

Feel free to skip all this HELLO stuff! xD

People know me for my Latios, Latias, Weavile, Ninetales and Lugia collections [maybe others? ;w;] ! These are my main guys and I will always prioritise them. (I also main collect Impmon & Renamon/Kyubi for the digicollectors out there but that's another story x3)

Clicky click click click!Collapse )

Collection Website & Info Here!Collapse )


Grail WANTS:
+ TOMY Latios Mascot Plush - [Photo By em_lemon]

InfoCollapse )


Other Wants - If you check my "longer" list of stuff is here, though I've not got everything - basically anything I don't have! :http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/4134.html
27 June 2015 @ 07:27 am
Today's the day!! :D I have been on this wonderful community for one whole year and it has been quite an elating journey! I have found so many items for not only my Suicune collection but for my other Pokie loves as well ^u^ And the best part of the community? Being able to communicate with people all over the world who love Pokemon just as much as I do! <3 There's really no need for me to go into a long story about myself. The one thing that everyone needs to know about me (or be reminded of) is that my greatest Pokemon love is Suicune and I hope to be able to say one day that I have THE largest Suicune collection out there! ^o^ I work hard toward that goal everyday and I hope that my collection(s) can continue to grow! Now I present to you, a FULL collection update!! :D

Suicune & Fennekin will get their own separate cuts as they are my largest collections. ^u^

Suicune, of course, is first! :)

Suicune - The One and Only :)Collapse )

Fennekin - The Cute One :)Collapse )

Everyone Else :)Collapse )

That's all for now! If you stuck with me through this large post, then I thank you forever!! And I know that there are so many people that deserve special mention but there are sooo many of you that it would be impossible to tag you all! Just know that I appreciate every single one of you and that I thought about you during this post! Thank you all for making my one year a blast! <3 And while my other collection site is not up and running yet, you can see all of my Suicune's on my site, The North Wind! Clicky Suicune!! :)

P.S. - Please feel free to ask questions or if you'd like to see something up closer, I'd be happy to answer and/or provide more photos :)
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Hello again! *U* I finally got my first grail get, which is also my first Yahoo!Japan auction win!
Anyone who saw my previous wants posts knows I was after this guy, and a community member contacted me to tell me there was one up for sale on Y!Japan. I would like to thank the user, the know who they are, but I cannot remember their username and I apologize for that ;o;
Here is my loveCollapse )
I also got a few things in the mail this week!
booooopCollapse )
Thank you for looking!

I might make a wants post come Monday if I have money, as always I am mainly looking for an Oshawott Pokedoll (preferably under $30 shipped) or the new years sleeping Oshawott, if I can even buy it for $100 or less nowadays <:P
19 June 2015 @ 08:52 pm
So I opened my Pokemon Time tins today! I am missing a couple so if anyone is interested in trading please let me know. <3

I was granted sales permission on 9/24/13 by Allinia
Feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dezi_kitsune/

Here's what I have to trade:
PictureCollapse )
Jolteon x2, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon

Here's what I'm looking for in order of priority:
Sylveon, Leafeon, Flareon, Glaceon I may also be interested in straight purchasing the ones I need.

It would be best to trade within the USA. I will send out packages with a tracking number and expect my trade partner to do the same. Thanks for looking!

Question for those of you who have collection websites: It seems like such a daunting task. Where did you start? Also, know anywhere to get cute Pokemon styled backgrounds and things?

I want to make a collection site but I'm feeling overwhelmed about it. >_
Hi, Everyone!

- I was wondering if anyone has French Double Crisis cards for trade/sale? Or if someone would be willing to be a middleman for a French card website (not sure what my options are...I was thinking of checking the France Ebay). I'm only missing Walrein to complete the non-RH set and I'd also like to find the RH versions of Magma's Poochyena and Magma's Mightyena.

- Another community member and I have been discussing possibly doing a Group Buy for the Pikachu Make Believe Magikarp/Gyarados Promo TCG sets that are releasing next week. I was wondering how many people would be interested in something like that? Basically, we would be separating out the items (ie - the 2 promo cards, booster packs, card sleeves, etc) in the sets so that people that only want an item or two are able to get what they want without having to pay for the whole thing.

- Reposting my top English card wants here in case anyone has them for trade/sale -

Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Reverse Holo
Espeon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 102/115
Espeon Star - POP Series 5 - 16/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Flareon - Legendary Collection - 10/110 - Holographic
Flareon - POP Series 3 - 2/17 - Non-holo
Flareon EX - EX Delta Species - 108/115
Glaceon Lvl X - Majestic Dawn - 98/100
Jolteon - Legendary Collection - 14/110 - Reverse Holo
Jolteon - POP Series 3 - 3/17 - Non-holo
Umbreon - Aquapolis - 41/147 (and/or H29/H32) - Reverse Holo
Umbreon - Skyridge - H30/H32 - Holographic
Umbreon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 112/115
Umbreon Star - POP Series 5 - 17/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Vaporeon EX - EX Delta Species - 110/113
Arcanine - Skyridge - H2/H32 - Holographic
Arcanine - HGSS 1/123 Non-Holo Alternate Print from Ember Spark Theme Deck
Ninetales - Aquapolis - H19/H32 - Holographic

And possibly - Ninetales - HGSS 7/123 Cracked Ice Holo from Blister Packs - I'm not sure if they all have the Undaunted symbol error

- And now the real reason for this post. This beautiful box arrived in the mail today -

That's 5 Korean booster boxes (and 3 extra Furious Fist packs that the seller included) - X, Y, Wild Blaze, Rising Fist, and Phantom Gate. SO that's 150 booster packs. lol. I already opened the 3 extra ones because I couldn't stand it. I got Glaceon and holo Pangoro. I'm not sure if I'll be opening all 5 boxes or if I'll just open the X and Y boxes today and save the rest for next week.

Hopefully, Livestream will behave this time. Last time, I had to switch websites so we'll see how it goes. I'll update this post if I end up having to switch locations.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 3:25 pm Eastern Time. (about 5 minutes after the original posting) Livestream is finished! Thanks to everyone that stopped by! I ended up opening all 5 boxes. See below for some of the highlights.

Any duplicates or cards I don't collect will be available for trade/sale after I finish sorting through them. So, if there's something from these sets you'll be interested in or if you see something you like during the Livestream, please comment here and I'll let you know if it is available. ^^

Taking a quick break after the first two boxes since the tips of my fingers are numb after 60 packs. lol.

Some highlights:

X - Venusaur EX, M Venusaur EX, Skarmory, and both Vivillion prints.
Y - Blastoise EX, Emolga EX, and Furfrou.

And the rest:

Wild Blaze - This was the most disappointing box. No Charizards and only one EX (Kangaskhan). I did pull Milotic and a bunch of other holos though.
Rising Fist - M Heracross EX (which will be available for trade/sale), Seismitoad EX, and Sylveon (and Eevee, Glaceon, and Leafeon. XD!)
Phantom Gate - Gengar EX and M Gengar EX. (Also two copies of Jamming Net which I'm not sure I'll keep). Didn't pull a Mightyena, so that was kinda sad.

Got lots of other holos from both sets but those were my favs. :D

~ Risha
19 June 2015 @ 12:33 pm
Reminder for Movie Merch (Part 1), Game Merch, MIP All Around Auction which ends tonight at 10PM EST!

Click the preview image below to be redirected to the thread. There's still quite a few postcards and other items that have not received bids or are still on their starting bids so be sure to check it out.

As some of you might already know, this is just the first batch of movie merch that I'm putting up for auction. I still have lots more and other items incoming that will be featured next time. If you want to receive first word of my next update, feel free to ask me to tag you in the comments or you can watch my Twitter for an early announcement. (If you follow me from here, let me know so I can follow you back!)

I made a few updates to my sales post and snuck in a few thing, /edited a few pictures, and adjusted some prices. If you're bidding on items from my auction and you've decided that you would also like to buy something from any of my various sales or previous auction posts, let me know and I'll hold the item(s) for you. If you're still on the fence about buying something until the auction is over, hey, that's cool too! I'll ask for any final additions at the end of the auction.

The banners below will redirect you to my *main* sales posts. Enjoy! :)

G'mornin' peeps!

Just bringing you a quick reminder that my lot of 72 Kanto Clear Kids figures is still up for offers and will be until Saturday!

Either click the above picture or here to go to the original offer page! =)

Just under half of the figures don't have any starting offers at the minute and a lot of the other half are still just at their starting offer price!

Any figures that are left after these offers will not be put into my sales post as originally planned and will instead be bundled up as a lot and put onto eBay!

This is your last chance to buy any single Kids that you may need from this lot so get your offers in before Saturday!

All the best to you all and good luck offerers! =D

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17 June 2015 @ 11:02 pm
Hey everyone!
To those who do not know, I am currently in Tokyo right now for a family trip and I am certainly loving it here!
I will definitely do a lengthier and more intereseting gets/sales post when I get more time (possibly during my one month stay in korea)
but for now I want to share what I bought from the pokemon center today! I went to the one in tokyo (the mega store!) and I bought two of the blind packaged eevee time rubber straps!
I pulled out an umbreon and a jolteon :) I did not have a particular eevee that I wanted so I was very happy with what I pulled out.
here are pictures of them

Thank you so much for reading!
16 June 2015 @ 11:39 am
Hi all~

Since there was such an interest for the new Eeveelu necklaces, and no one has posted a pickup yet, I thought I would offer my services in case there is anyone who would like to put in an order. I'll be placing an order directly for myself and a friend, and I've opened up a limited amount of slots for necklace preorders for the community. Please read the rules carefully!

Rules~! Read them!Collapse )
14 June 2015 @ 10:52 am
Many items are still looking for new homes, and prices have been lowered on most~ Please have a look, and if you have trouble viewing them on Facebook, I have the photos uploaded on Photobucket as well. You'd just need to inquire here about pricing/availability. I'm also open to trading. You can find my wish list on Facebook as well.

Find these and many more at my sales page; Amulet's Trinkets! :D
Please read the text in the post~ Thanks for looking!

Hi all! All the Eeveelu items have shipped out to my middleman, so they'll be headed my way soon. :) It would REALLY help speed up the shipping totals process if everyone could comment on their order thread and add their POSTAL CODE if you didn't originally. Then I can get exact totals for you all right away. Otherwise, I will have to ask and it will take longer. Thank you so much in advance! Also, feel free to add anything else to your order if you like!


Second order of business, I have quite a few sales items! Sales items can be combined with Eeveelu orders no problem. :) Just specify in your order. Below are some preview pictures, but I have a TON of new stuff, including a Jigglypuff Amiibo!

Cut for items and rules~Collapse )
I have decided that I don't really want these anymore so I am trying to sell them. I have Vaporeon as well but for some reason I can't seem to find it,hence I can't offer it for sale at this time.

These do not include their packaging but are free from damage and have never been used. I am asking $8 each + shipping.
Images behind the cut!Collapse )

Shipping in the US will be *$2.25 while international shipping will be around $4.45. You can see my info as well as my other items for sale in my regular sales post.

(US Buyers: If you are okay with the usage of stamps,shipping will be only $1.25)

I have added these buttons to my sales post too!:

Current Location: Bristow,VA

Hello comm! Hope you're all doing good =)

So...yesterday was an exciting day! Mr.Parcelforce came to me with a rather big box of goodies from Y!J and out of it, I got -many- new gets which I will show you all once they've -all- been accounted for. Just waiting for a couple more things =P But among them was this...

Look familiar? Yup, you may recall I had a very brief post where I was looking for a co-host to GA this lot a couple of weeks back. Needless to say...I chickened out with it being my first time hosting a GA and I was so worried about getting it all wrong ^^; Me and maths? Never a good marriage. So that should have been the end of that. Until my boyfriend came up with the idea of us splitting the costs between each other and just buying the entire lot outright! Geeeenius! So we bid and of course won the lot after a little tussle with another middleman service bidder ^^;

Now they're all here and we've claimed the figures we wanted from the lot...the rest I have decided to put up to you guys for offers before I add them to my Sales post!

Why? I all too often see clear kid figures being people's grails in their wants posts and rather than letting them go to whoever commits first as I would in my sales, I'd like to give everyone a chance at naming their price and hopefully give them more of a chance at getting figures they perhaps have been looking for for quite some time! So...if you know anyone who may be looking for one of these figures, tag them! =D

Without further ado! Lets click the cut!

Everything will be made clear under this cut ;PCollapse )

ALL threads are up including the thread for the entire lot which is at the end! Best of luck! =D

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12 June 2015 @ 02:06 pm

Weeding down the collection. Check out my sales! Here's a little preview. (Not everything is pictured... I have a few more Pokedolls, some MPCs, and a Wailord/Sailord)

Rules & Shipping info/pricesCollapse )

The goodsCollapse )

Today I bring you some brand new postcards (PokePark, movie specials, Trading Card Game, Mystery Dungeon, Banpresto), some Eeveelution merch, movie promotion merch, legendary Pokemon merch, Pokemon Colosseum & XD merch, gashapon items, and others. All except the Shadow Lugia giant card is brand new, never been used, or simply MIP. There's a lot of neat little goodies in this lot featuring some popular Pokemon so be sure to check it out!
Just tagging some folks who wanted to be alerted of this postCollapse )

General Info
- I was granted sales permission on December 1, 2013 by entirelycliched.
- You can find my new feedback here and my old feedback here.
- Items come from a smoke-free home. I own one dog.
- I ship from the US.

*Feel free to combine items remaining from my old settei auction, posters auction, various flats auction, or anything from my permanent sales post and flats from Japan sales.

Auction Info
- Do not edit or delete your bid. Doing so may result in negative feedback.
- No sniping! Any bids left in the last five minutes of the auction will extend the auction time for that thread by 5 minutes until five minutes have passed when no bids are left.
- You will get what you see in the picture. Please ask for more pics if you're unsure about the condition of an item or if you would like me to identify something on the item.
- Bidding will end on Friday, June 19 at 10PM EST. No timer will be provided so please look up the time well in advanced. You may comment when the thread is up. (It might take a while so be sure to check my sales at the bottom of the thread first for stuff you might want!)

Just a note: If you right click on an image and choose to open the image in a new tab, you can view a larger size of the image to see more details.

Cut for the auction goods!Collapse )

And I finally got the scans up from the HGSS Sticker Booklet. You can find them on my website. I'll tag the people who specifically requested to see them last time.

I also added some stuff to my permanent sales post. The flats (including other postcards) have been added to my flats from Japan sales post.
no title
Have some Shaymin stuff I decided I don't really need anymore under the cut and a few other items such as a Raichu Pokedoll and a Shadow Lugia Pokedoll.

Stuff under here!Collapse )
Hi all! I've added a few things on my Mega Eevee Pokemon Time Claims post, including some sparkly tins, tote bags, and more of the rubber straps (including secret Eevee!) Feel free to add to your existing claims order. :) If you had wanted something that's just become available, I let you know in a comment. In additional, although most of the plush are gone, there are still plenty of figure straps, stickers, and clearfiles available!

Just click on the picture to go to the claims post!


Also: I'm looking to trade my Espeon Canvas plush for a Flareon canvas plush. Mine is in great shape with hang tag, although the hang tag does have some sun/water damage. I'd be looking to trade for a Flareon without a hang tag. If you're interested, let me know!

09 June 2015 @ 01:06 am
Had enough Eevees yet?

info under the cutCollapse )

Thank you buymysnakeoil for letting me show off your tin and eat your cookies!
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08 June 2015 @ 02:39 am
Hey everyone! Now that my heart has stopped racing from that epic Game of Thrones episode, I wanted to show off some new customs I got! They are tooo precious <3

houndour is the new eeveelution

Houndour used bite! awwwwwCollapse )

Thanks everyone for looking! Feel free to comment with your adorable customs ^_^

Some wants to make this post more eventful
quick wants!Collapse )
06 June 2015 @ 11:33 pm
room pants:
Ladies': waist 68-76cm
Mens': waist 84-94cm

I didn't get these myself, but they feel very lightweight. They also have pockets!

hoodie (parka):
S: ??
M: length 67cm, shoulders the guy at the store told me shoulders, but actually I think it's across the chest at the armpit) 50cm
L: length 70cm, shoulders 53cm (I think)

Basically, these more or less correspond to U.S. women's S/M/L sizes (as they are supposed to be Japanese unisex). They are a little tighter in the hip than a U.S. size would be, though. The wrist is also a little tight. This is a lightweight hoodie with two pockets in the front. There's no drawstring on the hood, but the hood is sewn in such a way that you could easily add a drawstring if you are so inclined and handy with a needle.

mattress sheet: 100cm x 200cm x 25cm
comforter cover: 150cm x 200cm
pillowcase: 43cm x 63cm

These are too precious for life itself, but unfortunately there was no opened package, so I couldn't get a feel for the quality of the fabric.

blind-packaged t-shirts:
chest from armpit to armpit 52cm
length 68cm

Made of soft, soft cotton!
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Hi everyone, short and sweet postings today.

Issue 1: Is anyone taking pickup orders for the Eeveelution PokeTime sheet set? They're just TOO CUTE NOT to have in my bedroom.
Picture of Sheet setCollapse )
Issue 2: Besides the sheets, I'm looking to buy some Absol items:
#1 came out a few months back now- the Absol clearfile.
Absol clearfileCollapse )
#2 And from Pokemon Petit, the -BUT WAIT WHAT'S THAT?!
Oh yes, shipping would be to 46311.
Issue/Yayday #3:
Last issue on the list: ALL FEEDBACK UP TO CURRENT PURCHASES HAS BEEN LEFT. (So if possible, please return the favor if yours is missing, ty ; u;)

And with that, I'll leave all of you with this. It's a pretty accurate representation of my brain currently. <3

05 June 2015 @ 01:54 pm
Got a teeny tiny somebody in the mail today!

A strange box, to say the least!Collapse )

Also- and I'll delete this if it's not allowed, but its kinda pokemon related- does anyone have THIS extension outlet cable for sale or trade?

I spotted it in Gin's electric themed room, and wanted one for my own, but sadly it is no longer for sale at its original retailer. I'd be willing to do a mini-custom plush for it.

Found! Thanks for your help!

Thanks for reading! ( o wn)7
04 June 2015 @ 09:59 am
I've reduced some prices and am hoping to find good homes for these little cuties! (And...well also because I'd like to get some money to start buying the new Pokemon Time promotion because it's just TOO ADORABLE)

Pokedolls, figures, ghosties, Eevs & more!

Sidenote for last round of buyers: Everyone's packages have been shipped and you should have received a notification from PayPal with tracking info. Domestic packages should be arriving within the next couple days and itnl packages will have updated tracking after they're inside your country.
30 May 2015 @ 01:20 pm
Been an eventful weekend, but some of the highlights are pokemon-specific!

What was in the mail?Collapse )

Also! I'm slowly updating my wants list with the things I do not yet have of Eevee and its evolutions, and I'm open to trades for anything in my sales post here!

I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96

Lastly, I've still got open slots on my custom art page, for anyone interested in getting some unique art of your favorite poke.

EDIT: Can anyone tell me how to change my preferred shipping address on FromJapan? Its still making me ship to my old address, which I no longer live at.
Problem solved!
Was this ever posted? I could have sworn I posted this, but it's not on the community. I don't think anyone would delete it :/ If I did something wrong please let me know! I never got any comments on it.

I am after some eeveelu items! (Of course...who isn't)

I will offer $5 to $10 each on the stickers on the top and $25+ for the eevee/diglett card!

And my grailest of grails. Any one have the eevee keychain for sale? I will offer $45+ on it! Doesn't have to be mint in package, but the paint job has to be scuff free. Help me obtain my baby!! I will also trade stuff from my sales post if that helps!!

I am also after an umbreon and leafeon mega blok! Will offer $25 and $35+

Also, before I end this post. These shirts have been released! I can do pick ups if necessary, but go check your local FYE and get one! It's an exclusive design. I need a medium and all my store had was everything but :(

Thanks every one. Hope you are enjoying your summer break!
26 May 2015 @ 02:39 pm
I've been aching for this little gal to arrive since I first found her on eBay- and I'm glad I found her when I did. She completes another piece of the Kanto Trio, and just puts a little spring in my step to have her with me.

(pics, story, and more under the cut!)

Who is she?Collapse )

That's not all I got today though!

MORE?Collapse )

That's it for now! I'm still expecting a few more gets from the comm in the mail, and those should hopefully arrive this week. Thank you for reading!
24 May 2015 @ 10:50 pm

In the above pic, there's a little clear Jolteon I bought some time ago thinking it was an FCS figure. Upon closer inspection, I found not only is it not an FCS, but the only writing on it is "91", on the back raised from the plastic. Is it from another set of figures, or an incredibly nice bootie?

Lastly! My Jolties here are a little small, so I'm willing to trade anything from my sales HERE for Jolteon plush, figs, or flats!
23 May 2015 @ 01:55 pm
So I ordered these little cuties back when they were first announced and kitzune was taking orders.

What"s waiting in the box?Collapse )

Thanks again to Kitzune for grabbing these plush and other goodies for us!
I'm gonna be a little less active on the community for a while until I get a job. (Avoid those gimmies and I wants, ya know?) I'll still comment occasionally and post gets and sales updates, though!

Thank you, thank you, for being such a wonderful, cool, and welcoming community. It brightens up my day to get a message from any of you and to be able to support your businesses.
22 May 2015 @ 12:09 pm

Hello! I think it's pretty much time for a reintroduction for various reasons :). I was going to post on my new username ruvikvictoriano but it looks like my membership application isn't being accepted on there. So a heads up from this post on I'll be on that new account. Anyways! I joined back in March of 2012. I absolutely love this community, and am a huge lurker. I don't post much lately but I'd love to get back into frequent posting. ^w^.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
A little bit about me: I live in central Florida, I enjoy philosophy and darker art. My main collection is latios/latias, but I also collect random plush and pokedolls. My favorite Pokemon types are electric, fire, dragon, and dark. I'm about to graduate from high school, and I'm hoping to go to Europe for college. Not sure yet what I'd like to major in though, but I'd love to do something with animals. I'm a huge animal person, even a vegan, and I'm a pretty isolated person who randomly goes to the local animal shelters to pet cats lol. I love to play video games a lot, and watch a lot of TV shows. My favorite shows I'd have to say are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and some others :'D. I enjoy pretty much anything horror related. I absolutely have to listen to music everyday. I listen to mainly alternative/metal music, with my favorite band being Slipknot. Uuuuh not sure what else to add, I think that's pretty much it.
Well on to the sales!! Here's a preview:

And I'd appreciate it if you can look at my wants here :D. And a preview:

(I'm only looking for items that are marked priority atm <3)
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♥ Furret tomy $95 OBO Has the original hang-tags, but detached. The hang tags are in pretty rough condition but the plush is perfect.

Jolteon canvas, attached hang-tag. $70 OBO I do have this on ebay but I'm selling it for $20 lower on here because there are no evil ebay fees here :D.
Thank you for looking <3

I can still have my friend ship items but it may take a little longer to ship.
20 May 2015 @ 05:02 pm
Many items are still looking for new homes~ Please have a look, and if you have trouble viewing them on Facebook, I have the photos uploaded on Photobucket as well. You'd just need to inquire here about pricing/availability.

Find these and many more at my sales page; Amulet's Trinkets! :D
Please read the text in the post~ Thanks for looking!

After trying to order since last Thursday, having difficult with the website not letting me pay, and speaking with Pokebox. I was finally able to get the tarot cards ordered from the GB hazel_song and I are hosting. ^^ So, now I just have to wait for them to arrive in the mail. :D


Does anyone have any of these cards for trade/sale. I'm getting really close to finishing my English card collections of some of my favorite Pokemon.

Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Rare
Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Reverse Holo
Espeon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 102/115
Espeon Star - POP Series 5 - 16/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Flareon - Legendary Collection - 10/110 - Holographic
Flareon - POP Series 3 - 2/17 - Non-holo
Flareon EX - EX Delta Species - 108/115
Glaceon Lvl X - Majestic Dawn - 98/100
Jolteon - Legendary Collection - 14/110 - Reverse Holo
Jolteon - POP Series 3 - 3/17 - Non-holo
Jolteon EX - EX Delta Species - 109/115
Umbreon - Aquapolis - 41/147 (and/or H29/H32) - Reverse Holo
Umbreon - Skyridge - H30/H32 - Holographic
Umbreon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 112/115
Umbreon Star - POP Series 5 - 17/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Vaporeon EX - EX Delta Species - 110/113
Arcanine - Skyridge - H2/H32 - Holographic
Arcanine EX - EX Legend Maker - 83/92
Arcanine - HGSS 1/123 Non-Holo Alternate Print from Ember Spark Theme Deck
Ninetales - Aquapolis - H19/H32 - Holographic

And possibly - Ninetales - HGSS 7/123 Cracked Ice Holo from Blister Packs - do they all have Undaunted Symbol error?

I think that's everything I'm missing of these Pokemon...except some World Championship reprints and maybe special promos like Snowflake stamped ones.

I'm still looking for a holographic Japanese Reviving Legends Houndoom, Japanese Reviving Legends Tyranitar deck Houndour, Topps Johto League Champions foil version of #228 Houndour, and Topps Johto League Champions sticker #23 of 37 Houndour.

And, I still have some cards and booster packs for sale here - Link


~ Risha

Just a quick reminder that my "Shiny Kyun Eeveelution auction" ends in less than 5 hours!
Get your final bids in! Most are still at their starting bids. Click the image to be transported.

Also, always on the look out for anything of Sylveon and Hawlucha! Including flats!

Check out my want page!

Thanks, everyone!


17 May 2015 @ 04:31 pm

I was wondering if anyone else has ever tried to pay for something on Storenvy and received the error message - "This merchant has disabled Express Checkout in their PayPal settings" ?

I'm trying to pay for the Pokebox Tarot Card GB that hazel_song and I are hosting. I tried to order as soon as I received all the payments. I received this error so I contacted Pokebox. They replied on Friday that they had recently changed their Paypal address and that the settings had gotten messed up in the Storenvy system, but the problem should be fixed. I tried to pay again and it wasn't fixed. So, I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'm hoping they can just send me a direct Paypal invoice since they've done that before when I purchased from them via Facebook.

Anyway, I'm asking because I'm wondering if it's something as simple as Storenvy not liking the browser I'm using. I'm using Firefox.(Edit: Not the browswer unless Storenvy doesn't like Firefox and Chrome.) I also have an ad blocker, but that's never gotten in the way of using the Paypal redirect on webpages before. So, has anyone been able to purchase from Pokebox recently? ^^;

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

I bought this yesterday but I'm having buyer's remorse and am wanting to return it. I figured I'd check here and see if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I'd like to get $10 shipped. If it doesn't sell by Wednesday afternoon, I'll be returning it to the store. SOLD!

Asking prices are shipped without tracking. Cards will be sent in a soft sleeve inside a hard plastic case in a white security envelope. If you'd like a bubble mailer and/or tracking that will be an additional cost.

$27 - VS Seeker
$30 - Charizard
$6 - Toxicroak
$6 - Sharpedo (on hold)
$8 - Mega Gallade (on hold)

VS Seeker, Toxicroak, Sharpedo, and Mega Gallade are straight-from-the-pack mint. Charizard has some wear from age...no scratches, dents, bends, etc. Just some smudges and a few places you can see the holo on the bottom and whitening on the edges of the back.

I also have a bunch of TCGO codes. I'd like to sell them for 25 cents each. I think I mostly have XY era (XY, Flashfire, Furious Fists, Phantom Forces, Primal Clash, and Roaring Skies. Did Double Crisis have codes? lol) but I know I still have a few from BW era sets (particularly the three Plasma sets) and some promo ones).

I'd like to sell these 11 Korean Double Crisis packs for $25 $15 shipped (in a bubble mailer without tracking. Tracking will be extra). I was able to pull a complete set from 9 packs (with 8 packs I had all the cards except one uncommon). It is possible that there is another complete set within these packs but I don't know enough about Korean booster boxes to guarantee that.

I would prefer to sell these items but I might consider trading for things from - My Wants

~ Risha
15 May 2015 @ 01:45 pm
Hey hey, wanted to share a few gets and also advertise a few items that I added to my sales.
Small GetsCollapse )

-I have updated my sales rules. Based on everyone's much appreciated feedback on my last post, my policy is now first come first serve. Commitments no longer have priority over quotes. Be sure to read my rules for more info on this.
-Most of my candy wasn't selling so I ate it all except for the gum. Gum packets & stickers will now be included for free with all purchases while supplies last :3c

In particular I am selling two somewhat rare items, the Jakks Throw Ball Sneasel and Jakks Flareon, so check it out if you're after those guys. I think Sneasel is pretty hard to come by. I like him but I need to weed more. I also added some new flats.

Current Music: Made in Heights

Hey, everyone! I've only been getting small collection items here and there. Nothing too crazy to post a collection update just yet. I'll wait till more comes in.

Anyway, I had a fun side project that I always wanted to tackle but just didn't have the time until now. I always wanted a Kyun Sylveon figure to match my Eeveelution set. I hope someday they'll eventually make one but for now. I'll have THIS!!!

My New Kyun AdditionCollapse )

I was getting so crafty I decided to paint more Kyun figures! Unfortunately, I didn't have extras of Glaceon and Eevee to repaint but if there's enough interest I'll get some to paint. I've decided to auction these off to the community. :>I'm happy to finally add this to my figure collection. I'm still crossing my fingers for a real Kyun in the future.

Custom Shiny Kyun Auction Details and Photos Under HereCollapse )


I'm also still on the hunt for any of these items over on my want list!

Also, does anyone here have a I <3 Eevee Jolteon Mascot Plush for sale? I know they just came out but hopefully, I can find one here and for a good price!

More soon! Thanks for looking!