AND TODAY IS THAT DAY. As many have kindly mentioned, not-so-kindly mentioned, and kept to themselves even though they were probably thinking it, we are in need of more moderators for the community. With more than half our staff undergoing huge life-changes at once, in a couple of situations requiring a community hiatus altogether, the workload has definitely gotten overwhelming! With a full staff the time-demand is much smaller for everyone, so let's hop to it!

The application is the same provided by Gin a couple of years ago - since I barely have the time to fix what is broken, I am sure not in a position to fix what isn't! (self-deprecating humor? no? too early? anyway....)


General information + questionnaireCollapse )

Again, send the above to pkmnmods (at), and you should get a reply shortly that we received it. We will not be replying again to say yes or no, we will just post the final outcome to the community. If you don't get the job, please understand many people will apply and this will be discussed by many mods and members together before we pick somebody.

We'd like to get some new mods settled by mid-November, so please try to have your application in by November 1st. Just let us know if you think you'll be late but still wish to apply.

I appreciate everyone who goes through the work to fill this out, and hope that even if you are not picked, you will continue to speak up about your ideas and use them to help improve the community for everyone!

Hi everyone!

I have 3 Jumbo Derpy Pokemon for sale :D They include Jumbo Derpy Feebas, Jumbo Derpy Magikarp, and Jumbo Derpy RED gyarados! Please follow the cut to see their photos as well as pricing info!

 photo DERPPOKEMONSALES_zpsc7f6f67b.jpg

Big Derpy Pokemon Sales!Collapse )
14 October 2014 @ 10:39 pm

I've been really busy with commissions, but here's a reminder there's some things in my Etsy shop for sale!

Sales permission was granted by allinia on 4/5/14
Feedback can be found here;
I do NOT accept haggling
I am not doing trades at this time
No payment plans at this time

StuffCollapse )

If anyone would like to see my work in progress pictures for commissions, my Facebook page is here.
03 October 2014 @ 11:26 am
Hi everyone! So I've been looking for a magikarp pokedoll for a while and I know they sell for pretty high. I'm not particularly picky about which edition of the pokedoll it is, whether it has all the tags (but must have tush tag) and it doesn't have to be mint. The magikarp is mostly to be played and cuddled with so it might even be better if it's in loved condition (because I'll be too anal and paranoid to mess up it's mint condition).

Does anyone have one they're willing to part with? Preferably not crazy expensive since I'm supposed to be saving up for my trip to Australia but he's a grail so...I'll make an exception.

I'm located in Canada but I also have a shipping address in the USA.

I took the image from Japan Video Games, if this is against community rules, let me know and I'll take it down.

Thanks for your time!
28 September 2014 @ 11:44 pm

I am back from Anime Fargo and I have a few things left over! Some plush, a pouch and some patches. Info under the cut.

BloopCollapse )
27 September 2014 @ 10:53 pm
Is what you will probably be saying to me. Hi there! I've been a member of this community for --- oh god -- five years. Five! As with many longtime collectors, I find I've become less active as my collection increased and space decreased. I'm more of a lurker these days. But recently I helped dear slothyshroom out with some japanese items, and she kindly sent me a big box of gifts as a thank you! And lemmie tell ya, I was really surprised with what was inside...


Delibird used Present!Collapse )

Aside from the AWESOME BOX OF AWESOME from shroom, I also picked up some other classy little items...

Classy Stationery!Collapse )

Aaaand lastly! This awesome, awesome plush by the cool and talented mamath


Magikarp taiyaki plush! Taiyaki is a street food, being a fish-shaped cake usually filled with red bean. AND NOW IT'S PLUSH.
23 September 2014 @ 09:19 pm
Yay, first sales post!

I've been weeding out my old TCG collection from pre-D/P/Pl days on eBay. There's stilla few beauties up on there!

I also have these buddies I've been holding off putting up: (using stock photo)

but I have pages more of those old Eeveelution sets!
More below the cut <3
Read more...Collapse )
16 September 2014 @ 11:10 pm
Hi again everyone :3 I'm back for more Pokemon (seriously, at this rate I'm gonna need more shelves!). Please note that I'm in the UK

Firstly, I'm still searching for a Magikarp pokedoll. I'd prefer TTO at this point, and I'm not bothered about which release it is :) There have been a few on Y!J but I seem to have missed out on all of them ^^;

Then, I'm looking to expand one of my collections. I already collect Typhlosion, but I'm looking to add in Quilava too since he's so cute :D So, if anyone has Quilava pan stickers, stamps or dex charms, let me know! :D I'd also love the Quilava bell keychain, but they seem to be super hard to find!

Finally, I'm also looking for any gengar kid figures, preferably the shadow ball attack kid, and also altaria kid figures :)

thanks for reading everyone and I promise I'll have a slightly more interesteting collection update post to come soon :D <3
15 September 2014 @ 09:30 am

I am looking for the following figures.

*Togepi Metallic
*Pikachu Metallic
*Darkrai Glow in the Dark
*Magikarp Shiny
*Zorua Clear with stars
*Pichu Brother
*Nidoking Different Color Tone
*Jigglypuff Different Color Tone
*Butterfree Different Color Tone

other wants
other wants
30 August 2014 @ 02:56 pm
Hey community, long time no post.
Recently I got my payment 2 total from FromJapan and it was a lot more than I expected it to be. Its only one figure, how could it be so expensive to ship?!
So I pulled out a few figures from my collection to sell and I'm hoping they'll be enough!


I can ship everywhere

I ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States. And I am not responsible if you item gets lost in the mail!

I am a SLOW shipper. If this is a problem to you, its best not you buy from me.

I will do holds but only for 24 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.

All shipping starts at $2.05 (In the U.S.) and $6 to anywhere else

REASONABLE haggling is welcomed.

Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12

When I give you a quote, and you do not respond in the next 10 hours, I will move onto the next person asking for the item

Previous accounts:

I have the right to decide whether to sell to you or not


Treecko Zukan- $30 (I'm not 100% sure its the right base), Growlite Zukan Piece- $15, Magikarp Zukan Piece- $5
I am willing to haggle, just please be reasonable!

Thank you for looking!
28 August 2014 @ 08:17 pm
Hello everyone! I know I've been missing since around X-mas and I'm sorry for that. (To put it simply: OMG! So much personal issue!) I've really missed the community in general, so I decided it was time to come back.

I'm gonna just post all my new stuff (even though most of it was X-mas/B-day stuff). I know that some of this stuff was bought from comm members and I'm not sure if I've given all of them feedback. If I did forget to give anyone feedback, please give me a heads up.

Warning: Pic Heavy

Let's get to this!Collapse )

Ok, before I return to lurker mode, a few questions. I'd like to know if any of the items here are bootlegs, especially the TOMYs. I plan on getting legit versions of them if any of them are bootlegs. Also, does anyone have a spare flame charge thing for the right wing (Look at the pic of the wings to see what I'm talking about) of the Hasbro Moltres. I was lucky to track this one down and it's missing it's right flame charge thing. I normally wouldn't care, but the wings look funky without them. Also, I checked and only the charge for that wing will work. I checked using the charge I have.

Lastly, I'm not used to posting on here anymore, so if I did something wrong, give me a heads up.
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13 August 2014 @ 09:27 am
*Togepi Metallic
*Pikachu Metallic
*Darkrai Glow in the Dark
*Magikarp Shiny
*Zorua Clear with stars
*Pichu Brother
*Nidoking Different Color Tone
*Jigglypuff Different Color Tone
*Butterfree Different Color Tone

*Side Note anyone who has bought any items from my sales this last week, items will be shipped out on Friday.
Hi everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood Jynx collector! Today I am bring you auctions from some rare Banpresto Attack Postcards! (I know some of these were already auctioned off earlier but now is your second chance if you missed out on em!):D I also have a bunch of Psychic type promotion items and an Ice type Weavile MPC for straight sales. Please check below the cuts for my sales policies, the auction details, and the type focus sales: (large images)
Sales Policies~Collapse )

Banpresto Postcard Auctions~Collapse )
Type Focus Sales~Collapse )

Thank you all for taking the time to look at my auctions! Please wait until I have all the threads up before you bid. Threads are up! Bid away! :D
Kittay752~ <3
03 August 2014 @ 10:52 am

Just a sales post and everything must go.
Hello there guys!
First, I wanted to remind you of my Banpresto postcard auction that is ending in less than 24 hours! I have a total of 18 of these up for auction, so please take a look :D

Please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the auctions!

And since I have bought a scanner (something I wanted to have for very long!), might as well show you my small collection of card sleeves I have!

More pictures under the cut!

Come and see!Collapse )

Thank you so much for taking a look!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, would anybody be interested in this Kokeshi shirt?

I have bought one for myself, but it's a little small for my boobs. It's girl's size M, and I would like at least 25$ for it (less than what I paid for, might take less). Rules and such are in the auctions page!

15 July 2014 @ 10:35 pm

Due to life I have to part with my Pokemon plushes and extras and now they are all up for sale


*Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 01.25.11
*My feedback is located here
*I ship from Chicago, US; I will ship anywhere, to include international, Shipping will be based on location an weighted by scale. This includes the price for shipping and materials, excludes PayPal fees.
*I accept Paypal only.
*I'm not responsible for any lost items in the mail. If you would like delivery confirmation, please inquire.
*I am open to hagging and payment plans that can be paid before August 8th.

more photosCollapse )
13 July 2014 @ 07:53 pm
Have tons of goodies that need good homes! everything is obo! Here are some pictures with the listed items and at the very bottom is 2 links to my cards that are for sale! Once again, I will only do international people with flats. Thank you for understanding! BUYBUY (haha puns)

sales rulesCollapse )
EVerything in this first picture is 2.00! and anything that you are interested in, I will show you pictures to make sure you like what you are getting!

IMG_3138 This is a playing card mat that is cloth. Pretty great condition, 6 dollars obo.

IMG_3141These are 1.00 each, these are beat up figures, and any you are interested in, I will show you pictures of their smudges and what not.

IMG_3143These are beat up figures as well, and you will be shown pictures on any your interested in. These are each 1 dollar.

IMG_3144 mint condition stickers, 2 dollars each obo

IMG_3145 each of these are 7 dollars obo. These guys are in pretty good condition but I will show you pictures if I see otherwise!

IMG_3146This mewtwo is 3 dollars obo, he is a bit beat up and I will show you pictures if you are interested in him.

Here are the links to my sales! I have suciunes, jirachi,lucario, charizard, delcatty and more! this link has cards that are in good condition an have no writing. this link has cards that have writing on the back.
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Looks like there is a picture of all the megastones they are making and the second round is out. Does anyone have a heracross,alakazam, and houndoom for sale or can anyone help me obtain theses?

flying pik
1.) Does anyone know what this figure is? I see the name of product is "ANA" is this part of the tomy family?
Also a golden karp has appeared in Yahoo japan and before i bid on it i want to ask my fellow members what they think if its real? Looks like it has paint markings on it and paint is peeling off and I really don't want to get burn again and buy another fake karp.
04 June 2014 @ 01:31 pm
Edit: slothyshroom in hopes that you see this, and get a notification, will you PLEASE contact me? I sent the tracking for our partial trade in your sales post, and it says delivered, but you said you hadn't gotten it. D:
I've very worried about this, so pleeeeeeease contact me.

Also, again, in hopes that you see this allinia I've tried to contact you via PM and post comment about the final payments for the Mega Ampharos stuff. I want to know if I should just send 8 bucks, or if there is additional shipping. D:
Please let me know so I can throw money at you. ^_^

Allinia got a hold of me. :D

Herro everyone. ^_^
So I FINALLY got this one amazing grail, and snatched something else up, which wasn't a grail, but still amazing.


>>>Image heavy post ahead. :D<<<
GRAIL. :DCollapse )

A few awesome GA gets. ^_^

GA Gets. :DCollapse )

Aaaand finally, updated SALES. :D

RulesCollapse )
SALESCollapse )
01 June 2014 @ 04:10 pm
Hello everyone! Long time no post.

Today, I would like to put a huge variety of items up for trade. This includes magikarp items, yanma items, unique styles of keychains, and many rumble U figures.

More images below the cut!

Loads of stuff to trade~Collapse )

My wants post is here. This is everything that I would like to trade for at the moment!

If you don`t have something I want to trade for, fear not! I do not expect everything to be traded away, so do keep in mind that in a few days everything will go on Ebay as a lot.

Also in a few days I will do a feature of my collection, since for the first time since I started collecting I am now able to actualy display all of it! Hooray!

Thanks for reading, all!
30 May 2014 @ 03:01 pm
tomy wants
*Togepi Metallic
*Pikachu Metallic
*Darkrai Glow in the Dark
*Magikarp Shiny
*Zorua Clear with stars
*Pichu Brother
*Nidoking Different Color Tone
*Jigglypuff Different Color Tone
*Butterfree Different Color Tone
*Groudon hyper size
*Palkia hyper size
*Raichu Pokedoll
Dropped the price on my mega tomy sets click on the link for my sales

I'm looking for a Magikarp Taiyaki pan! I know they're not so easy to come by, as I have already tried searching the interwebs.

I was wondering if anyone here has one they would sell maybe? and if not, does anyone know a good search term to find one on Yahoo Japan or something? All I did was google Magikarp and google Taiyaki to find the japanese terms, and then copy and paste. Nothing came up though.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! this is what it looks like:


On an unrelated note: I have a HUGE collection update coming soon. LOTS OF GATRS WOOO

Thanks for looking :D


Most of you know me as a Tomy collator but I have recently started collecting water type Pokemon plushes and this is what I currently own :)


more photosCollapse )

Sales Reminder Mega Sets,
10 May 2014 @ 02:50 pm
Hi everyone! I'm back with the latest set of kids (with the Mega evolutions, such as Mega Mewtwo X!) and the new DX kids for sale! Please take a look!


1. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009. Feedback can be found here.
2. I ship from California, USA!
3. PayPal payments accepted (NO ECHECK), contact me if you cannot use PayPal, I will try to work with you.
4. I ship on Saturdays. My next shipping date is May 17th.
5. I ship the kids in a bubble mailer. :)
6. All kids will be shipped new, in box!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.08.14 PM
DX Kids: $9.80 plus shipping/ea
Available: 5 Yveltal, 5 Mega Mewtwo Y, 2 Mewtwo, 4 Hydreigon
Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.08.07 PM
XY Mega 1 Kids: $5.60 plus shipping/ea
Available: 5x Mega Mewtwo X, 1x Mega Ampharos, 4x Mega Blaziken, 1x Mega Absol, 1x Mega Mawile, 3x Skrelp, 3x Clauncher, 2x Honedge, 1x Pangoro, 2x Skiddo, 2x Pikachu, 2x Magikarp

Please comment with your location/ZIP code for a quote. Thank you for looking!
08 May 2014 @ 08:53 am

Looking for the following hyper size tomy figures and as well as a MWT magikarp pokedoll! If the Price is high would like to do a payment plan if possible. I get paid weekly so money would be send every Friday.

29 April 2014 @ 01:39 pm
Today I have 17 rare mint condition Keshimon metal figures, including their original packaging and erasers, on auction! Pokemons include: Charizard, Clefairy, Vulpix, Magikarp, Onix, Gastly (both colors), Wartortle, Charmeleon, Flareon, Raichu, Kangaskhan, Pikachu, Nidoran, Pidgeotto, & Squirtle (both colors).

The figures are in mint condition. The packaging is decent considering these are from 1997. Obviously the bubble was torn off so the paper around there is torn. One or two are ripped in the back.  The erasers are unused.

Shipping for 1 figure will be somewhere around $2.50 - $3 in the USA and $8ish international.

The auction will end Sunday, May 4 at 8pm Eastern Time. Link to countdown HERE.

Please wait for thread to be made before bidding.

Preview! See all the pics after the cut.
2014-04-28 13.04.352014-04-28 13.06.31

Also stuck a few more X&Y stickers in my shop. Expecting a bunch more soon. Here are the new ones (click the pic to go to the store):
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Rules & Items under hereCollapse )
24 April 2014 @ 11:11 pm
Things have been a little crazy here of late (my new boss requires 10-12-hour days, six days a week ><, boyfriend's grandfather died earlier this week, and we thought his 19-year-old cat's kidneys failed (kitty is doing better today!)). One little bright spot? I got a box from Noppin! I was planning to save it for Sunday--my day off-- so I could take better photos in daylight, but my excitement got the better of me.

"Helping" me with this unboxing is Fishy-fish (the shiny Magikarp), and The Big Grumpy Umbreon (not a name, a title!)...and, I suppose, my cat.

Let's open this up, shall we? (Warning! Image-heavy!)Collapse )
1.i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo044

some are left over the rest are Updated. 14 post cards+ magnets
i have more post cards i will be adding in the next few weeks.


anything of my offers post can be combined with my
normal sales -> 045

17 April 2014 @ 01:22 am
UPDATE: Hey everyone, unfortunately we lost. We raised a good amount but in the end we were outbid and reserve was not met. Thanks everyone for your participation!

Today myntii and I bring you this awesome lot by a fellow community member.
Click the cut to see a larger photo and read the details!

Read more...Collapse )
13 April 2014 @ 10:24 pm
Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to inform all who has bought from me... Your items are shipped or will be shipped in the morning! :D

Also, I've lowered some prices on my sales post and if you'd like to make an offer, I will ship your items out in the morning as long as I receive payment tonight! Just click the image and you'll be transported to the post. EDIT!!: I'm going to bed! I'll ship within the next couple of days!

Or click here:

There is a lot of Chimecho/Chingling, Whimsicott, Darumaka, Persian/Mewoth, Glaceon, Eeveelution, and more still for sale!

Again, if something seems too expensive, offer! I'd like to sell everything off. I'm moving into my house within the week and I'd like to not take these items with me!

Thanks everyone!
07 April 2014 @ 10:26 pm
Hello Everyone!
It feels like it's been forever since I posted here haha. Grad school's been intense. ANYWAY I have returned because today is THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! Not only did I get a custom I've been waiting for for a while, but i got my spring swap gift too!!! Pictures are behind cuts, but here's a preview =]

Spring Swap First!!Collapse )


What an AMAZING start to the week! Not to that PAX East is this weekend! This is like the best week of my life nefjkbfjksbfdhjkbsjkbf
Hey everyone!! I hope you all are doing great but this is a sell off reminder!

Feel free to haggle! I

There is still a LOT of Sudowoodo, Bonsly, Eeveelution, Meowth, and more still for sale.

Thanks guys. Here is a link to the previous sales post! <---- CLICK HERE!

Happy buying! I'll be home to answer any questions today. Yay, no house work! XDD

05 April 2014 @ 06:17 pm
Hello everyone, happy Saturday! (or Sunday) Today I received a very special package from my secret swapper, kroh2011! I'm super stoked because it is the first time I've ever participated in something like this and I must say, it's a whole lot of fun! Thanks to the moderators and SSS hosts for all your hard work! Now, let's see what I got shall we :)

gets banner

click here!Collapse )

That's all for now, thanks for reading everyone! I hope that those who participated in the Spring Secret Swap enjoyed their gifts, I know I did! Have a great weekend! :D
Hello everything! I'm back… and I'm ready to piece out everything. Since two auctions didn't go over so well, it's time to just sit down and sell it off piece by piece with some lots mixed in. This will be a VERY long process for me so I'll need everyone's patiences as well. It will take a while to ship everything out of course. There is also a lot of misc. items as well! I'm moving and working on my house so I'll be in and out! I'm up for a while tonight if anyone has questions. None of these items are on Ebay anymore so no ebay fees to worry about!

I am going to make a couple of rules…

- Sales permission granted sometime before April 9th, 2010 by denkimouse.
- $10 minimum unless otherwise stated! Pleas purchase at least $10 for now!
- If you ask for a quote, that's fine but if someone else commits after you then they will get the item.
- Shipping quotes will be more for larger items!
- Shipping costs much more outside of USA. No insurance or tracking outside the USA.
- Required insurance and tracking for anything over $100 that's in the USA.
- No holds!
- Paypal fees will be added on final price. PLEASE don't act surprised!
- Haggling IS welcomed!
- Shipping to the USA is $1.50 for a regular envelope and $3.50 for a small parcel (bubble mailer). $4.50 is my usual price for plushes and multiple items! International starts at a minimum of $3 for envelope and $7 for parcel but inquire further (places like Australia are more).
- Don't forget to add your LJ name and what you bought in when you send payment.
- Shipping and Paypal fees is not included in the prices. If you want a quote, add your zipcode and country. I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or any shipping damaged packages.

EDIT: PLEASE post the item and the price when you comment! It will help me with all the craziness and keep me from searching for prices. PLEASE total up what you'd like as well and I will give you the paypal + shipped price.

If you are committing to something, say so! Otherwise the next person in line who says they are committed will receive the item instead.

If you commit to something and then back out, I will have to leave a negative so be sure!

Now… Onto the sales! Good luck!!

UPDATES: I've lowered all the lot prices! Some are $50 less and others are $100 less! :D Always open to haggling!

COllection sell off!Collapse )

Any questions, ask away! Now that I've broken up all the collections, I do have some lots left.

Thanks guys!
21 March 2014 @ 09:03 pm
Hello community! Today I bring you one of my favorite gets post in a while because I ended up getting lots of neat and interesting stuff!

espurr banner

click me for gets!Collapse )

Here's a very interesting get. It's Hanafuda cards and what's cool about it is that it's theme is Pokemon! To be more specific, the Pokemon featured on these cards are the original 151 Pokemon from Kanto.


I opened up the deck of cards and tried to showcase all of the beautiful artwork featured on these cards. Click on the cut for more!

click here!Collapse )

Question: How do you guys display your Pokemon charms and hand towels? Do you have an entire shelf section dedicated to them? Let me know! :D

Thanks for reading this extremely long post! :P
20 March 2014 @ 10:41 am
Just a reminder that my kanto auctions end tomorrow! AND THERE ARE NO BIDS AT ALL!

Click the picture to go to them
And as always, there's still a lot of cool stuff in my sales!
17 March 2014 @ 09:13 am

Just a boring wants list :)

14 March 2014 @ 05:58 pm
Hi everyone! I've decided to downsize some of my collection. Today will be focused on my kanto plush! This includes magikarp, charizard, vileplume, and a couple flareons I forgot last week. X)
Granted sales permission on 01/26/11 by dakajojo
Auctions end Friday March 21 at 4 PM Pacific Time timer here
No sniping- auction will be extended 5 minutes until 5 minutes goes by without a bid
I ship from the Washington, US

the goodsCollapse )

Everything from the last week has been shipped!