19 July 2014 @ 09:52 am
Just a quick reminder for the $5 Plush Auction that's about to end in around 36 hours! Some of the plushes are still at their starting bid so get those bids in! :P Click the picture or click here to get transported!

15 July 2014 @ 07:09 am
Hey everyone! I've gotten some stuff I'd like to sell out! I think some of these plushes are pretty rare. Some are pretty loved but no heavy damage whatsoever. Please check them out! Oh and I'm not too familiar with plushes so I may not have identified them accurately. Your corrections are most welcome! Plush auctions start for as low as $2!!

Plush!!Collapse )

14 June 2014 @ 02:46 pm

I don't want to seem like a total jerk for only posting sales, but my collection is in a bit of a transition period seeing how I am selling off parts of it here and there. I also have not been buying much since I am saving for a 2 1/2 week vacation in Japan later this year, I also owe my fiance for my new laptop.

My eBay sales page is full of all kinds of Pokemon related goodies right now:

Click Here 4 Foxx's eBay Sales

Here are just a few things I have up for sale:

Plush & Charm Lot Link

More Under The Spiffy Cut!Collapse )

I have been a community member for over 6 years (7 years this coming August) and was therefore grandfathered in. Here is a link to my spiffy feedback...:3

Thanks for looking and good luck...;)
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30 May 2014 @ 04:23 pm
I can't believe I've been collecting for 4 years :"D my collection has grown so much compared to the first year where I only had movies,games,and a spattering of tomy figures.

I've met some really nice people who share my passion and it's amazing <3.

I collect a lot of different pokemon but my main passion is Pikachu,Charmander,and Charizard.
Though Hydreigon comes close to becoming a main if I ever get off my butt and add to my miniscule collection haha.
Caution lots of picturesCollapse )
Auctions end in under 2 days (charizard just for size references)
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10 May 2014 @ 05:17 am
So my little sister is turning 14 next month and is totally in love with mewtwo (mainly Mega Mewtwo Y) anyways, I really want to get her a Mewtwo plush she can snuggle to her hearts content! The most I can spend is $25 shipped and I'm totally okay with loved condition, because it'll end up that way anyways.

If I can't get a Mewtwo, she is also interested in the Snivy line. She already owns a Snivy US Pokedoll I bought while in NYC.

Thank you selwylde
30 April 2014 @ 01:17 am
Hello everyone! After my introduction post I never posted any update on my collection and I've been getting quite a lot of items over the last few months, so an update is due! Again, my main collection is Eeveelutions, especially plushes. I think I have a problem with full sets, I need to have full sets of everything. And of course because of this I had to choose to collect eeveelutions. Yay! (My wallet isn't as happy as me about this though, haha).

Unfortunately I can't take whole collection pictures, I have no space in my room right now and I need to keep most of my items stored in boxes. :( I'm gonna buy new furniture for my room soon and I'll finally be able to display everything properly and take better pictures for my next update. :)

Well, pictures incoming!

Warning: Eeveelutions overloadCollapse )
In one final attempt to get some older things out of here, I have made some things a just pay shipping deal. And for my previous post concerning my friend's plushes, I have reduced their pricing.


Reduced sales for plush/pokedollsCollapse )

Just pay shipping sales!Collapse )


I got some free time to sew again! April Custom Plush Auction Time!
I told myself I'd make chibi versions of the starter Evos! Starting with Chesnaught. I was then bombarded by the news of official DX pokedolls. DX Lucky for me, I decided to make them "Chibi" styled. Mine are a little chubbier than the DX pokedolls and are actually Pokedoll sized. So I hope theres enough of a difference between them to bid. Also, have some keeeeeys!
And I told you I'd be doing a huge Eeveelution blowout with some sales and auctions among other items.

Please let me post all the threads before anyone orders anything from my sales. All Done Go Ahead!


~Custom Plush Auction Details~Collapse )

~Auctions~Collapse )

~Direct Sales~Collapse )

I'm always on the hunt for any of these Sylveon items. If you have anything there or isn't listed in my collection I'd be interested.
Please give it a look and leave me a comment. <3

Next post will be an collection update~ Happy bidding!

20 April 2014 @ 05:06 pm
A friend was going to give all of these to Goodwill before I stopped her and said I would sell them for her. So here I am trying to help her clear space! :)


Pokedolls and plush under the cutCollapse )
Hello there guys!
Today, I have finally received a very special package containing one of my all time grails and most wanted items, but that's not what I am here for today. Waiting for a few more things to arrive to me and then I can post another grail post :)

I come to you today with a bunch of auctions and therefore a lot of items I need to get rid of!!! Some contain rare and interesting items, like cute 9x9 puzzles from Johto, some Veelu items, Trozei pencil cases, unique fan and tons and tons more!!! Here is a tiny look of some items that are here:


Please read the rules first before you decide to bid!

Rules and auctions!Collapse )


Until next time.......until you see my all time grail that I have been searching for years.

What could it be? Maybe you know! Just wait and see ;)

Thank you guys as always :D
02 April 2014 @ 05:13 pm
Hello everyone. ^^

You know, when I first posted to the community, I gathered all my collection on my bed to show you. But my figures are usually disposed in another way.

My room is very tiny, and I only have two big shelves, so there isn't much to see, but I did my best to decorate them ! Most of them aren't finished, so I'll only show you the Eeveelution ones.

Here they are !Collapse )
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01 March 2014 @ 09:44 pm
Been a while since my last gets post so I've compiled them all here~

2013-11-22 15.57.52

Serperior used Cut!Collapse )
Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.56.46 PM
Hello everyone! ^^ Today, I'd like to debut the first ever images of my brand new 6th generation Pokemon collection- none other than Espurr and Meowstic! Psychic type Pokemon have always been my favorite, especially ones of the feline appearance. When I first laid eyes on the Coro-Coro images of Meowstic, I was instantly in love with their design!! I was thrilled to see that they would also have the adorable pre-evolution, Espurr! Who ever says Espurr are evil simply doesn't appreciate the absolute cuteness of this little wide-eyed kitten! xD But I certainly enjoy Espurr jokes as much as the next guy! Without further rambling, let's see some pictures~
Espurr stared into your soul! It was super effective!!Collapse )
And now, let's move on to my mini-grail get!! Can you guess what it is..?
Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.27.19 PM
No it's not a angry green Lanturn xDCollapse )
Before I end this post, I'd like to throw in a couple of other small / miscellaneous gets:
Click me~Collapse )
Thank you to anyone that took the time to read any of this large post!! I appreciate every encouraging comment. Have a wonderful weekend everyone~
-Princess Snivy <3
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23 February 2014 @ 06:26 pm
Making room for some new arrivals! 8D Help me get rid of some older things?

sales hereCollapse )
So I stumbled upon this Team Rocket Meowth Balloon plush from a local seller and found out that this is quite rare. It's from 1999 and was supposed to be a lottery prize. I am putting it up for offers along with a Groudon DX Banpresto plush. Check them out!

Details and more pics under the cut!Collapse )
30 January 2014 @ 01:56 pm
Hello everyone! Long time, no see. I was supposed to do my Pokedoll collection update months ago, but I kept getting sick haha. Fortunately I'm doing much better and I'm ready to share my collection. I guess I should reintroduce myself since I've haven't posted a get in such a long time. I'm a Pokedoll collector! I don't aim to get all of them, since I wanted a smaller goal. I do aim to collect all of the DX Pokedolls/oversized Pokedolls, however! I also collect Chikorita merchandise, and I'll post my Chikorita collection in the coming weeks.
Ready? Here we goooooo~Collapse )
Hey guys! It's sales time again for me. I am hoping to really sell all of these stuff as they are really taking up space in my room! I'd like to try one more time selling in the community before I put them up on eBay. I've got some unreleased Groundbreakers TFGs and some rare ones from the third set like Flareon and Magnemite! Also some plushes I was hoping I can sell as a lot. But will try to sell them individually for now as I am having a hard time selling them as a group in eBay.

Anyway, let's get it on!

Sales and Wants!Collapse )
Hello hello!
First thing, I wanted to remind you that I am ending offers on various items from my own collection tomorrow Friday :)

I also have a bunch of things to sell from my own collection, due to the need of making more room!

Please CLICK HERE or the pictures to go to the offers and sales post!

Second, some people know that I am redoing my room, so I would like to show my glass cabinets that I got from IKEA and was able to fill up with a bunch of my favorites <3

My room isn't nearly finished, but at least I can show off what I have in my cabinets that I am so proud of having <3

Cut for more pictures!Collapse )

That is all from me, so thank you for looking <3
Hello hello!
In the past weeks, I have been incredibly busy with Christmas, and then me and my mom decided to redecorate the bedrooms, paint them and such. My new room is almost finished, but I haven't realized until now how much I have in my Pokemon collection. Thus, I will do a MAJOR collection weeding, hopefully this week, we'll see. For now, since I am redecorating my room and going through my collection, I thought it's time to show of my beloved grass snakes collection :)

It has been now 3 YEARS since I have come to this community, so I thought might as well celebrate it with one of my all time favorite Pokemon <33

This is what my collection used to be like....2.5 years ago when I was still living in the US? Now hoboy....man, has it changed.

Royal snakes used cut!Collapse )

That is also all from me, thank you so much for looking <333
 photo e5df6e10-b49a-45f8-bcaa-3673d526d62e_zps1c084013.jpg

Up for auction today is a rare still brand new never used Latias and Latios fleece hoenn era Fabric panel (it has unfinished edges at the bottom, the fabric panels were made and sold to become soft fleece poke blankets) blankets, as I said already they are quite soft, perfect to curl up in with a plush to cuddle with on a cold winter day
the dimensions are 47" by 64"
Read more...Collapse )
Hello there guys!
First, I am working hard on your packages :)

Packed now more than 40 packages and have a few more to go! Which also means that I still have a bunch of items that were not sold yet! I am clearing out my non flat items, so this is your last chance to get some items for cheap, like kids, keychains and other things! I will get rid of the rest once it's done :)

Please CLICK HERE to go to the sales! Thank you! :)

I also wanted to share some special small gets!

Gets!Collapse )

That is also all from me, thank you guys!
Hello hello!
Today is a very special week that I want to share about. I am rearranging things in my room, so I decided to show of my manta ray line collection and especially, because my all time dream as a ray collector came true!!! <3333

First, I want to share an FJ package that got returned back to FJ and I had to pay double the shipping. All I can say, after it arrived to me, I didn't care anymore and I couldn't contain my eternal happiness. This is a very dear and special package to me, which has my dream inside!!!!

My FJ gets!Collapse )

That's it for the box, now is the time to show of my so long collecting Mantyke and Mantine collection...

Why do I collect them? Well, simple and easy answer. I love manta rays, whether irl, or cartoon ones (besides these two, I LOVE Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo), and I just ADORE THEM TO BITS. I even collect manta ray plushies...

This is what my ray collection looked like what...at least 2 years ago. Well since then, it has grown at least 10 times bigger than this.
Don't believe me?? See for yourself!!!

Careful, a lot of photos ahead!Collapse )

In conclusion, there is still much much more interesting merchandise to these guys and there are tons of things I am missing! Mantine sadly doesn't have that much merch, but Mantyke being introduced as one of the first Gen 4 Pokemon and having SO SO MUCH merchandise made up for it!!! It's so much fun collecting these guys, they can have some very unique merchandise that I enjoy! All in all, I am a very proud collector of these cuties and I will collect more!! So whatever I don't have, I WANT!!!
Special thanks goes to this community, otherwise I would have never collected these guys and a special thanks to a lot of friends who have helped me acquire a lot of items from my collection, thank you guys, you are the best!!! ;W; <33

Thank you so much for taking a look!!! Hope you enjoyed my collection! <333
06 October 2013 @ 07:21 pm
Hi again, everyone!  I've recently been moving all my collections to a smaller room instead of across three, and as a result, I've decided to let go of various items because I just don't have the extra space to hold them.  Lots of stuff, like figures and plush, for sale under the cut!


Policies and sales under the cut!Collapse )

Thank you for looking!  <3
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30 September 2013 @ 10:02 pm
And even a cheesy banner~! X3

^Click here for my Sales Post!^

My sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on 8/23/13
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/at_the_porno/
And more rules and stuff are in the post!
I have LOTS of plush (lotta pokedolls, some jakks and some banprestos!)
I also have a few figures, and a pretty rare "advanced" charmander charm.. Yeah just one charm XD
Also about the Bulbasaur/Squirtle plush I had inquired about a few days ago? Well, I've decided to put it up for auction at a later date. I'll post about it once I do decide to put it up for auction! c:
Ahem, anyway! Thank you for checking it out~! x3
25 September 2013 @ 01:10 pm
Today I bring you guys some rare Retsuden ink stampers. The prints will look exactly the same as the Pokemon on the stampers. They are sold either in singles or in a box. In addition, they have never been sold in Pokemon stores. Since some of the stampers are sold in singles, they are really hard to find.
All mint with ink. Ready to stamp. $6 each for serperior and infernape. Taking offer on Breloom, starting from $6
More ink stampers...Collapse )

General Information:
- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pegasus2010/
- Paypal only. My email address is: weizhentian (AT) hotmail.com
- I am a slow shipper and always mail on Saturday.
- I ship from State College, Pennsylvania, United States to worldwide.
- Your package will be bubble-wrapped and usually mailed out using bubble-padded mailer.
- Shipping, including materials, will starts from $2.5 for U.S. buyers and $7 for international buyers.
Hey everyone! Hope your Thursdays are treating you well :)

The Peeking promo brings Ditto and that means time to make room/raise money for all the pink blobs!

Ditto transformed into Bulbasaur, Dittosaur used cut!Collapse )
19 September 2013 @ 11:00 pm
Hey guys! So my last sale wasn't that much of a hit. Anyway, I'm putting up the figures again for sale but this time with less 20% that what I originally posted them for. Check them out! There's some really rare stuff! Oh and I'm putting up the rest of my plushes as a lot in eBay. Added some more plushes including a rare Dialga Prime plush!

Cut for bigger pics!!Collapse )
There has been one week after being back to the college and everything went smoothly. I have reduced the price and offered free shipping on my two gorgeous plush of Espeon and Serperior. Espeon has her paper tag and bookmark tag detached but could be included. They are also shipped worldwide with only an extra shipping cost of $9.99.


Also, I have decided to give two of my zukans a new home. The older GSC lines of Dragonite/Dragonair/Dratini and Espeon/Umbreon/Eevee. The figures are in great condition with no stains or dirt. However, on the bases there are just shallow scratches which cannot be discerned without careful inspection. They are in auction style with a starting price of $34.99 and $29.99 each. Also free domestic shipping and an extra $9.99 shipped to worldwide.


Click the link below to get transferred.

- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pegasus2010/
24 August 2013 @ 10:38 pm
This is a Pokedolls-tastic post. XD I had a quick question about a certain pokedoll, since I haven't really been able to find an answer by googling. My question is about my Altaria Pokedoll. I am almost positive mine is legit, since it was from another comm member, however.. Mine seems to have two years listed on its tush tag.

More info and picturesCollapse )

Also, I have these two Serperior Pokedolls MWT for $24 each before shipping and fees. Just got them the other day from NW. ^^ If you need additional pictures, just lemmie know~

Also, would anyone be interested in an Altaria pokedoll? I won another in an auction and was thinking of either putting it up for auction or selling for $100-120.. Just wondering if anybody would actually be interested in her once she arrives in the mail?

Mandatory Rules go hereCollapse )

Also, just wondering.. how often do you guys space out your collection updates? I generally keep 3 months between each one, with the exception of when I got to 100 pokedolls. But I also got a ton of stuff over this summer and I've changed around my display a little too.. So I am considering doing a small collection update before school starts, but it would be a month earlier than I normally would. >.>;

That is all, just a short post from me this time. Thanks everyone! <3
16 August 2013 @ 07:06 pm
More like, I liek to procrastinate a lot so this update is going to be a lot bigger than I planned!
Come check it out though :D

Charmander and Sylveon want you to come in and see all the sweet things! <3

Oh gosh I don't even know where to start!Collapse )

or if you're think you might puke if you see another eeveelution ESPECIALLY the pink ones (why though ;0; )Collapse )

also check out my updated sales here

13 August 2013 @ 12:42 am

So on Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Worlds and managed to get my hands on most of the exclusives (missed out on the hat and dice bag though)!  I also flew back home yesterday and arrived to a tooooooon of packages waiting for me!

Lots of pictures ahead!Collapse )

Stock at Tacoma MallCollapse )

A quick question: How do you guys display your settei?  I don't want to keep them all in a binder, but I also don't want to use (sticky) tacks for putting them up for fear that I'll destroy them.  Any help is welcome!

Obligatory sales plug:

29 July 2013 @ 12:57 pm
So I just got back from my first ever convention! Man was it AWESOME I even met some people from the comm there! I'm awkward and a nervous person...so I probably didn't make a very good first impression! But it was so exciting!
Anyway I have lots of gets and things to share <3

Oh but before that, check out my new permanent sales post I made! (Theres some sylveon things in there, like bathsalt figures!! <3)


Con adventures + so many sylveons Collapse )
Hello there guys!
I have been in Berlin in Germany until yesterday, where I met my best friend/soulmate from then Internet after 2 years! All I can say is that we had a blast and a lot of fun!!! While I was there, I had barely time for Internet, but otherwise there were three boxes waiting for me at home (hooray for not being customs charged this time! The shipping was a killer though) <3
Since I also got a special Gold/Hibiki get, I thought might as well show off my collection of him, since he is my favorite human and his merch is rare!

Haha, my two pokedolls seem like they are getting used to this and enjoying opening the boxes with me...

Way too many gets..Collapse )

Aaaand that's it for this time's gets! Now to my collection of Gold/Hibiki!

My Gold collection!Collapse )

Aaaand something I have copied from toda (and asked her for it). My Camellia already has her Wayne as a penpal and another one from this community, but she would like to make more friends and have more people to write to!!! Any other Pokemon friends that would like to be friends with her?
- Some photos of your Pokemon plush buddy would be great! Also tell us more about him/her!
- Camellia will probably take only about 5 Pokes and choose randomly! Don't be upset, if you don't get chosen, it takes for her a while to send out letters herself!
- Those Pokemon pals that will be great penpals and will write to her occasionally might receive stuff such as merchandise, or even sweets from Slovakia, and also some other European countries!
- She will choose her new penpals sometime tomorrow evening, 26th of July! So write out and introduce your cute friends!

Looks like she can't wait to get started! I bought some adorable lettersets/papers for her (and I will use them as well :P), so can't wait to try and send them out!

And last thing for today...I am looking for this bath soap figure:

I regret it now when I had the chance to get one for cheaper...so if you could show me where I can get this guy, I would deeply appreciate it!!!

Thank you guys for looking <333
22 July 2013 @ 01:52 am

SO, I got my sunyshore order today, which will be showcased in a different post since I got so much. I thought I'd open all my eevee rubber strap blind boxes along with my movie charm blind boxes for this post. :D I've bought a few! So lets open them! I also have a few up for sale along with other items, so check it out under the cut. <3

Here's my blind boxes, I bought 5. I'm hoping to get a Sylveon. :3 Lets open them, shall we?



~Who did I get? Plus Sales~Collapse )

I'm still looking for a few wants, click my Sylveon drawing to see what I'm looking for. <3

Thanks! Next time, collection update.

05 July 2013 @ 06:14 pm
I have a quick sale for a MWT Serperior Pokedoll for $27 plus shipping~

This is my personal photo, but yours shall be exactly the same~ If you need a photo of the one being sold, I can update the post with a photo in a little bit ^^

Rules and SuchCollapse )

I will have a big collection update in a few weeks! (I know I said that last time but I got delayed a bit-now I'm just waiting for two more packages!)

Thanks everyone!~
03 July 2013 @ 09:10 pm
...words cannot describe my frustration I have had today with these two boxes from FJ....thankfully even though I got customs charged and was nervous all the time while being at the customs office, all in the end what was in these two boxes made it up for me....I have bought a really RANDOM lot even where I couldn't see a lot of items what was included in there...well watch, this is one of the best boxes I have had and it's worth for you to see...if you're not tired of my gets posts :P <3

So hope you'll enjoy!


Image heavy!!Collapse )

Thank you guys SO MUCH for looking! <333

I have a quick sales!~ I need to save up for the Eevee Explosion in July. X_X Please take this stuff away. I have tons of I <3 Eevee items along with zukan, tomys and a Custom Shiny Espeon Pokedoll!

~Sales, Plush, Toys, Figures, Cards! Get Over Here!~Collapse )