First, a quick announcement to those who participated in the posters auction:Click here if this concerns youCollapse )

I received a big box of stuff from Y!J yesterday including some extras that I'm selling in my permanent sales post. If you want to skip directly to my updated sales, click on the banner at the bottom of this post. Below is preview pic of the new items for sale. :)

Now onto the gets!Collapse )

no title
Heyyy, does anyone happen to have the Breloom line charm set from 2012 (I think?) for sale? This one:

(The pic is from google, so I'm really sorry if I'm using your photo, haha)
I have a desperate need for these guys (or at least the Breloom charm, but will definitely say no to a full set) so hit me up if you have them for sale! ;; v ;; While I'm at it, I'll link you guys to my wants list as well; it's super outdated (I haven't touched it for over a year) but I'm still missing most of those items so yeah! Let me throw money at you!

I'm also going to shamelessly advertise my sales post here - check it out! I've got lots of Eeveelutions for sale, and so many other cuties as well, including unique Pokebox wooden stamps, rare Johto medal swings etc! I'd like most of this stuff gone asap so I'm very much open to a little haggling as well. o/
20 November 2014 @ 12:06 pm
Hey everyone!

It's an exciting time in my life! I've been accepted into the Peace Corps and I'll be moving to Africa this June. I can't move my collection with me, so it's time to give it right back into this wonderful community :)

There are tons of plush, figures, and way too many stickers. I split up my sales into two posts which you can find by clicking on the banners. (Please comment on the post containing the items you want :))

But I"m not selling everything ♪Collapse )
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14 November 2014 @ 02:10 pm

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.48.03 PM

Hey all, I'm still recovering from a very chaotic couple months. If you ordered anything from me you should have received your parcel or it's on it's way. (A lot of them were international). I've been accumulating items here and there and giving my collection website an overhaul.

It's been really hard finding past Sylveon items lately but I did come across a few that really excited me.

I've finally completed the "Happy Party Time" Sylveon Promotion line. ;A; It took ages but it's finally aaaaall mine. The last two things I needed were the tape and memo pad. The tape I bought in the past but was lost in transit. I thought I'd come across it again but it took months before that. I love when a collection is finally complete. ;3; It's such an accomplisment. Right after completing this promo I had to create a new promo tab to my collection. XD Pokemikke!!!! Yes! This collection has been added to my site and this time, I'm buying everything at once just so it can be complete from the start.
Click the image to see all my Happy Party items in full.

Speaking of promo completion... I STILL have 3 more Sylveon promos to complete.... Each one only needs a couple items to go. Can anyone help? I'll pay big for the last remaining items needed. The promotions included the "Mascot promo", "Lunch Time promo" and the "School" promo.
From the mascot promo I only need:

I only need the stationary and the blue variant of the scrunchie .
From the School promo I only need:

I only need the pencil cap holder and this Sylveon running with Eevee and Pika clearfile. Or I think it's a clearfile.

And last from the Lunch time promotion I just need one item to complete it. This tiny drawstring bag.

I'm also on the hunt for any and all Sylveon items I don't have.
Check out my want page for more. Let me know if you have any leads or want to show me something!

Sylveon isn't the only XY pokemon I collect. I also collect HAWLUCHA! And I have a couple rare items I'm on the hunt for. Like Sylveon, I'm on the hunt for any and all Hawlucha items that I don't have on my site. Hawlucha isn't as popular as an Eeveelution so I'm also interested in all flat items as well. Be it a notebook, a sticker, featured on a box. ANYTHING. Show me. I'll probably want it. You might be surprised how much I'd pay for a flat. If you have anything let me know.

Here's a small want list with a few things I'm aware of that I don't have:

I'm seriously hunting for these two items..... both have been very stressful for me to obtain. I've contacted pick-ups, middleman, I bought full sets to no provail. I did everything.....but still haven't found I come to the community. If you know of anyone, anywhere, or if YOU have them. Pleeeease let me know.

I'm offering $100 to anyone who sells me this item or finds someone who has it and is willing to sell it to me!
It's called a battle wheel strike toy. It was a blind gacha item that was sold at 711's during the Diancie movie this summer. I came across a few capsules but I never got the one I wanted. Hawlucha. I'm tired of asking people to get them from shops, they only have the light up keychains and no one has posted their extras yet. ;3; I just want this birdy so bad! I know someone had to have gotten one.
I'm offering $200 to anyone who sells me this item or finds someone who has it and is willing to sell it to me!

This is the XY "Gold variant" of the Sylveon metal coin. I've bought sooooo many boxes to only get the same gold coins multiple times. X_X There is only one gold coin a box and there were about 14? pokemon in the set. That mean every Pokemon had a chance to get a gold coin. I spent so much searching for this but still haven't even came across one to bid on yet.....I really want to complete my coin set.....any help would be appreciated.

Lastly, I lowered my huge ebay lot, these items cost me over the starting price but I just need to get this big box out of my studio. Its one of the last lots I need gone. There's lots of good stuff if anyone is interested in it.

Anyway, I'm waiting on some special items before I do another update.
I'm pretty stoked about ORAS! I'm crossing my fingers for more megas (cough Slaking cough Breloom cough)....but either way I can't wait to play.
More soon!

09 October 2014 @ 03:04 pm
Hi all,

I picked up the Fairy Iappi sets yesterday, so that means payment time... and photos :D
I also have an MIP Vulpix/ Ninetales with Torkoal, and a Shroomish/ Breloom with Kecleon zukan for quick offer!

Photos of individual figures! Somewhat image heavy.Collapse )

Payment details for Participants!Collapse )

Mini Extra Sales and Offer:
Please refer to my sales for general rules.

Straight Sales: Fairy Ippai Loose Figures:
- Dedenne, Marill, Mawile, Gardevoir that are photographed in this post above are $6.5 shipped each, or if you are participating in this pick up, that would be $4 to add to your package.

Update: Something unforunate happened :/ And ends up I have an extra complete set up for sale, price is the same as pick up ($24 shipped).

Thanks as always! And please let me know if anything looks off, my job is driving me crazy and they are getting us to work extra hours every day (without compensation of any sort). Definitely hating that :/

06 February 2014 @ 07:03 pm

Hello everyone! I've got some new gets to share, which incluses several photos of the anticipated HQ Laying Eevee Plush! This week has been a cold one, and lots of snow was dumped on us, but surprisingly that didn't delay these guys from arriving.

Ice Body Restores HP...Collapse )

14 December 2013 @ 05:00 pm
Tis' the season for to be jolly natured! XP
We have had several major collection milestones to end the year as well as some really cool collection additions that are of the non-plush variety. Come and see! :D


Won"t you guide my sleigh tonight?Collapse )

I updated my collection and pokedolls pages on my site:

Current Mood: happyhappy
02 December 2013 @ 06:30 pm
Hey guys! Clearing out a bit of space, and looking forward to adding some new X/Y merch to my collection! So here's a few sales to add some space and have some extra funds :)

Click here for salesCollapse )
08 August 2013 @ 09:50 pm
Finally got the time to sort out some of the auctions I wanted to do all summer. It's finally here :). I've got plenty of Trading Figure Game figures, which contains a full set of Next Quest, but also First Edition ones! Other than that I have Zukans, Pokédex, Footprint, Monster Collection, Candy, Rumble U, Battle, ... figures! As for flats Flippo, Full Art TCG, Keychains, .... So you just have to take a look. Here's a sneak peak! Some auctions are just starting at $2. This post is CTRL+F friendly!

The countdown timer

- Sales permission granted by allinia on 15th March 2013
- My Feedback:
- Shipping worldwide. I ship from Belgium, Europe with bPost. Registered mail & insurance are available as option, ask for them. All auction don't include shipping or packaging costs.
- I accept Paypal & Google Checkout. (Bank Transfer available if needed). All payment fees are at the buyers cost and are not included in the auction price!
- Please read everything carefully!
- All prices are in USD dollars (not containing any fees) but paying in EURO is available! Bidding is in USD Dollars for convience! Want to convert the price? $1 = 0,80 euro.
- All items were kept in a smoke-free and pet-free environment.
- Payments are due in 48 hours after the countdown.
- Auction ends friday 16th of august 12:00 (GMT+2) The countdown timer.
- Bid increments of a minimum of $1!
- All community rules apply, so no snipping!
- Want clearer pictures, just ask! I don't know all the figures lines.

[Shipping Costs]
If it fits in a letter (one side of the figure must be a maximum of 3cm), so probably small figures and such, depening on the weight it goes like this:
<100g: Europe: $5 - World: $6
100g-350g: Europe: $10 - World: $12
350g-1kg: Europe: $16.50 - World: $26

If I have to mail it in a box:
<350g: Europe/US/Mediterranean Sea: $12 - Other: $18
350g-1kg: Europe/US/Mediterranean Sea: $18 - Other: $29,50
1kg-2kg: UK/France/Germany/Luxemburg/The Netherlands: $24 - EU/US/Mediterranean Sea: $35 - Other: $58

I've got clearer pictures of all the things I have for sale and descriptions of all the ones below here in an album and their respective names: The Sales Album

To get very detailed images of the TFG figures, I'll forward you to My Collection Website!

Have a look!Collapse )
Current Location: Ghent, Belgium
Current Mood: Ready!

I have a lot to post today! A long overdue collection update featuring some of my recent customs! I also test my luck again with the Eevee blind box straps, my first attempt at blind soapy figures, a recap of my lotto gets, a review of the Last prize lotto figure, a holy grail and a mini grail reveal and tons of gushing and ramblings. This post is VERY image heavy.

Lets start with my blind bag reveal~

I was lucky enough to come across 9 blind bag soapy figures. NINE! Surely, my odds for a Slyveon would be pretty good. :3 Lets open them up!

Exciting Soapy Pulls HereCollapse )

I ordered 8 boxes. I've already tried once before so If there is no Sylveon there will be hell *shakes fist*

Blind box second attemptCollapse )

I recently got a box with my lottery prizes the other day. :D

Lotto Prizes, Come see!Collapse )

~Wild compulsive buy appeared.~

The Last Prize 0.0Collapse )

Onto the overdue custom plush update! It was really pilling up. Lets start off with my glorious bows and ribbons.

She does not care of Big Lugia's status. She is in charge now.

Custom Plush Galore!Collapse )Lastly, I've made a huge update on my collection site. Adding a bunch of new item photos and such. Plus, I made a new tab featuring both Eeveelutions/Jolteon and of course, Sylveon! It is still under construction but feel free to browse. I've been collecting Vee's here and there but never made a collection tab for them on my site. It will only show my Vee collection as a whole since I buy things in sets rather than every item out there ever. I side collect them so I choose what I want to collect. Jolteon has earned its own tab, I'll only be collecting plush and figures for him since that's all I have the room for. As for Sylveon who has earned her own tab, I'll be hardcore collecting her for both plush and figures. She must be the most prominent pokemon on an item for me to buy anything else. So if its an item that only features her I'll probably get it. Check it out!

Another new area is my "OTHER" tab. It is a new place to showcase what I have bought, what items I plan to buy and a guide to what's coming out in the coming months that I'm on preorder for. It's a great thing to have if you want to keep track with what you purchased and who to leave feedback for. :3 It's very handy and it updates frequently.

And my want list is getting smaller and smaller by the day. It's really crazy!

WantsCollapse )

More soon! Thanks for being a trooper and going through this whole post! I'll have an updated sales post with more Vee's, Genesect and more later on. :D


14 July 2013 @ 07:35 pm

I'm back from a bit of a hiatus, I've been on vacation, going to conventions and dealt with some family matters that needed to be attended. I've been shopping around and commenting on collections but now I'm back to my normal rounds here on the comm. :3 Which means a short want list from me and in the next couple days I'll post a new sales update along with a long overdue collection update. <3

Any help finding any of these would be amaaaazing~
Even if you don't have the item but know of a site or place I may purchase them, PLEASE comment and tell me.

The Sylveon bug has gotten me and I'll be collecting all figures and plush for her. She'll be the one I'll be wanting the most out of this post since I want to stay on top with her merch. You know me, I'm out to spend spend spend. Just give me a total and I'll pay. :D


Sylveon WantsCollapse )

Lotto WantsCollapse )

Emolga WantsCollapse )

Zigzagoon WantsCollapse )

Holy GrailsCollapse )

Anything on my Want page on my collection website that isn't listed here can be found here:

Any help finding ANYTHING would be most appreciated. :3


(edit- fixed cut)


Hi everyone! just a friendly reminder that my auctions will be ending in less than 24 hours- with most things still at starting bids! Come take a look at some unique stuff you don't see here often, like Pokemon151 t-shirts for Articuno, Hypno, and Cubone, a breathtakingly beautiful cloth Rapidash poster, a Mewtwo poster, rare Pokemon manga, the elusive Applause Zapdos plush, zukan pieces for Shroomish/Breloom/Kecleon, and BK plush for Aerodactyl and Zapdos. Because of the grail-like nature of some of the items in this auction, I am open to payment plan proposals from community members in good standing. Please PM me if you want to request this. I understand that everyone blew their budget out on Sunyshore for the June 1st Pokecenter promotions! XD And if you have something in my Wants, you may be able to offset part of the auction cost through a partial trade as well. :) Anyway, link to auction is here:

And to give you guys an idea of how cool these manga are here are some sample pages: (some of the Japanese translated for your benefit)

Jynx is sad that she can't lose enough weight to look good dancing LOL

See more- including a Jynx/Articuno bitch fight! :DCollapse )

Lots of different Pokemon in these mangas- everything from Oddish to Squirtle to Growlithe to Eevee! And the signature feature of this manga is that one a point in each chapter, the art is the same as one of Kagemaru Himeno's art for the TCG!

And don't forget about the rare Applause Zapdos or the beautiful posters! I also have other super-duper cool posters in my sales page here:

Remember- feel free to offer trades or whatever! :)
26 May 2013 @ 04:35 pm
I'm finally clearing out some things that have long been in my drawers, so it's time for an interesting auction! Pokemon 151 T-shirts, How I Became a Pokemon Card Manga, an Applause Zapdos Plush, cool posters, Zukan pieces for Shroomish/Breloom and Kecleon, and some other tidbits!

MUST SEE for collectors of Articuno, Zapdos, Cubone, Hypno, Ponyta/Rapidash, Jynx, Psyduck, Entei, Shroomish/Breloom and others!


Sales permission from PkmnCollectors granted by: entirelycliched on May 9, 2013.
My PkmnCollectors feedback:

anything won in the auctions can be combined with my straight sales! ->

I"m pretty sure this stuff hasn"t been put up for auction here anytime recentlyCollapse )
25 May 2013 @ 09:59 pm
Hi there everybody, had a busy weekend so far but Memorial Day holiday for Americans is coming up so I finally tried to get organized and put together a sales post! Lots of interesting stuff to see, including some nice cloth posters, UK/Europe BK plush, pogs for almost all Kanto Pokemon in English and Chinese, some manga and VCDs, and lots of random freebies up for the taking! Feel free to take a look at:

Sales permission from PkmnCollectors granted by: entirelycliched on May 9, 2013.
My PkmnCollectors feedback:

Also, I will have an auction full of rare and interesting stuff coming up soon including Pokemon Center Pokemon 151 T-shirts, How I Became a Pokemon Card Manga, pieces for Shroomish/Kecleon line Zukan, an Applause Zapdos plush (rare!), and others. Look out for that soon! Quick Preview:

Click to see!Collapse )
And I'm super-duper open to trades, as in feel free to offer anything and I'll consider. After all, any money I get from selling stuff goes straight back into buying more stuff anyway! XD If you're thinking about trading, my collection priorities are Kanto Starter Lines, Agumon/Gabumon/Gomamon lines, Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh starter lines, Mareep line, Clefairy/Jigglypuff/Chansey/Togepi lines, Unova starter lines in roughly that order, as well as Dratini line for my friend. But offer me any plush I don't have and I might take it! I have a Plushie Mountain collection too! :)
06 March 2013 @ 02:38 pm

Yes, you get a boring want post from me today as I still haven't gotten the time to take "NICE" pictures of my holy grail item just yet. Lots to come though.

Anyway, I'm after a bunch of stuff, mostly items that have been on my want page forever. I thought since there is a drought in promotions I might as well catch up on my wants.


~Follow my Mienshao For All My Wants, IMAGE HEAVY~Collapse )

Any help on ANYTHING on my want list would be appreciated. <3

Also, I have a few updates on my website but I'm still on the works for adding new items. If you wish to trade website url's with me feel free to comment! I feel like they're a few new ones that I haven't added yet. <3

Click the Image to be transported to my collection website


20 February 2013 @ 03:26 pm

My secret Valentine gift came in the mail today!~ I've been waiting patiently for mine to get here safely, seeing everyone's post was NOT helping me one bit. I'm so excited to see those little hearts on the box!
Vigoroth is very eager to use slash all over this package! Let's not keep him waiting. Come check it out!
~My secret Valentine and mini Update Under Here~Collapse )
I also have a huge Emolga collection update along with a holy grail get post on the way!
Here is a sneak peak to hold you over. *u*
04 February 2013 @ 01:57 pm

Yay! It's that time again! I finally had free time to do a proper collection update. I've been putting it off since December. So there is a ton of back lag and a plethora of items I need to go over! This post is so big I'm going to split it in two! Come on in and I'll show you my......tails!
~Tails TAILS TAILS!!! + More~Collapse )
Hello, I hope everyone had a great holiday!
There's lots of great items coming out these days, I'm so excited for the Substitute Plush!
I'm also preparing a sales post with 2 (possibly 3) DX pokedolls.
I'm also looking for info on a Lucario Plush I just got.
Come have a look!
But you cut me down, you cut me downCollapse )
10 December 2012 @ 01:12 am

I....I don't know what happened......I don't know what came over me.....but...I accidentally collection......and it just keeps on coming....My Shroomy and Mien pokedolls sit a top my two sunyshore orders. These boxes are HUGE. You know you want to look...don't be shy.




Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 10.08.00 PM

[Click here or the picture above to be redirected to Sales/Auctions/Offer Page]

Also, a quick reminder that my offers for my custom shiny Flareon, Espeon and Vaporeon pokedolls
end tomorrow on December 10th 5 PM Monday PDT!
Shiny Flareon
and Shiny Vaporeon have been offered with the starting price while Shiny Espeon has none. These Vee's would make a great addition to anyone's collection! Please give them a home this holiday season. 

My small zukan auction will also end tomorrow at the same time. Make sure to get your final bids in. Also, I've added a small link to non-pokemon sales in the entry. 



I thought I'd give this one more try and ask the community about what will probably be my last "Wants" post of the year. 


25 November 2012 @ 11:13 pm
Hi everyone! I'm finally posting a collection update after... probably over a year. D:

Quick reintroduction: I primarily collect mushrooms. Why? They're fascinating. I went a little more into detail on the "why" aspect at my collection site (Fairy Ring), but it has not yet been updated with the images and descriptions I posted in this entry. That will happen by next weekend the latest.

I also have a side collection of Meloetta items. It's a little odd for me to say I collect Meloetta on the side when her items outnumber the amount of Para and Parasect stuff I have, but it is what it is, I suppose. I'm always on the lookout for new stuff, though! :)

Lastly, my miscellaneous collections are as follows: Charms, where the brunt of my I'm-interested-in-this-pokemon-but-not-enough-to-start-a-collection items lie, Kids, which I collect randomly (much like charms), and finally, season- or promotion-specific Pikachu plush.  The remaining plush in my overall collection are just random guys I really happened to like and didn't have the heart to sell, even though they don't really fit in any of my main lines.

Anyway, without further ado-

(Warning: Image and text heavy!)

Is that an item off in the distance...?Collapse )
And onto the side collections...

Meloettas, Pikas, others~Collapse )
Thank you! :D

One last thing! I have a few new items up for sale at my sales journal. Check it out if you have a moment. ^_^ Thanks again!

22 October 2012 @ 01:45 pm

Firstly, I was wondering if the community was going to have their annual Halloween contest this year since I actually prepared for it this time around. I'm not sure if I missed a post discussing the event and I'm blind or if its being skipped this year... I really hope we do one this year since I was really excited to see everyone's spooky entries since they made so much new merch to showcase. :[
Derp, they plan to do a contest as usual. 
Also, be on the look out for a mini sales update from me in the future. (Has to save up for Eevee explosion next month)

Lastly, I'm still waiting on more gets in the mail before I decide to make another update. So here's another want post, I've obtained a good chunk of it in the past couple months and I'm very happy about that. Thanks to everyone who helped me. :3
But I found a new love in the Zigzagoon/Linoone line and decided I want to collect all their plush and figures. :>
I blame it on Norman. Any help finding these items would be amazing! 

~Wants All Under The Cut~Collapse )


Also, I still need 3 more claims on the exclusive MPC group buy! :O Conkeldurr, Tympole and Tranquill need some lovin' please give them a good home!

If you want some of these hard to find MPC's, now's your chance. They will be $22 shipped for US and $25 Int. shipped. :> 
If we can get every plush claimed these should get to me fairly quickly and to you! Lets make this one happen.

Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 3.51.49 PM
Krookodile: SlothyShroom


03 October 2012 @ 01:45 pm

It is finally that time, after many months of procrastinating preparation, I think I'm ready to show off my karate chopping weasel collection! I've been collecting them ever since they were first announced, yet I haven't made a collection feature EVER. That is about to change today! Step right up and witness all the purple, creams, yellows and reds!

~Here's a tempting sneak peek~

~Purple and Red Weasels Under The cut~Collapse )
I got some new gets, some being extremely rare finds and a holy grail! I've decided to split my collection update into two parts because A. I'm still waiting on items and B. Theres items in here that deserve their own update all to themself.
They're that freakin' amazing.
No joke, collectors. No joke.
Check it out!

07 September 2012 @ 03:56 pm

So, I'm still waiting on a TON of new items to hit my mailbox so I'm going to save what I do have for later. In the meantime, I haven't did a MAJOR want post in a while. c: My list is getting smaller and smaller it seems but I'm sure that will change once the eevee craze hits this holiday. x_x Anyway! I'm not out to buy EVERYTHING here all at once, I doubt I'll be presented with most of it but whatever you do have, I'm sure I'll snag. :3 Anything you wonderful members can lead me to will be most appreciated. I'll be happy if I get at least one thing off my list today. Come see, come see! <3

~All my Wants Under The cut!~Collapse )


So, a couple of days ago someone had spotted these Toy Factory Emonga's at a local fair/theme park and I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to do pick-ups or had any to sell? I really want to get every size for my sky squirrel...every size. Let me know!

Thanks for the help! Happy collecting. 


29 July 2012 @ 05:10 pm
Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 4.24.47 PM
I just bought the newest Pokemon movie zukan set, it is on its way to me and I'll keep everyone updated on its arrival since its coming from Japan. Each zukan will be $13 shipped. 

White Kyurem Overdrive: SlothyShroom
Black Kyurem Overdrive: Prawnographer
Resolute Forme Keldeo: Prawnographer
Meloetta Pirouette Forme:Drifloonx
Emonga/Meowth/Piplup/Squirtle set: SlothyShroom

Comment below to claim a zukan.
I also put up these two toy/plush lots back up on ebay. I lowered the prices for both as well. I will not be splitting these lots but if anyone is willing to GA them, go for it!
Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 3.06.24 PM  Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 3.10.03 PM
~Click images above to be redirected to auctions~
*Swimming Milotic line zukan
*Charizard line zukan
*Ninetails line zukan
*Flygon line zukan
*Crobat tomy
*Krookodile MPC
*Absol Pokedoll
*Luxray Banpresto Plush
*May/Manphy Diorama
*Anything Shroomish/Breloom
*Anything Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking

I have this mint Luxray line zukan if anyone would like to trade for it with anything on my want list. <3

A Mien update is in the works! More soon.


12 July 2012 @ 12:22 pm
Hi everyone! Today I bring tons of pan stickers up for grabs!! X3

I accept Paypal. I will ship internationally, shipping from Canada.
Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010.
Feedback here.

more pics & details under the cut!Collapse )

So I have a wee bit of time to make this epic post before I head out for Comic Con! Is there still going to be a meet up? Keep me posted, I feel like I missed out for Anime Expo and I wanna meet up sometime during the week. Anyway, I got the last few things I've been waiting on in the mail today. You're a fool if you skip this post! There is SO much epic grail happenings in this post! I can't even fathom how I got so many of these in my possession. Come see! Come see! *Is way too excited to show you all my gets*

~All my fantastic items and photos under here, warning very image heavy~Collapse )

~Lots of Zukan GA~ 

I've also send off 20 of the 26 parcels from this GA, you should start getting them sometime this week people from the US.
I'm still awaiting payment from the following:
*Andrew1374,*Sneadres, *Umbreongirl, *Know, *Milomioltic11. And *Joshpho, I'm not sure if you paid or not since you commented on the actual post. Just lemme know cuz I might of just missed seeing your payment or something.

All of you please come over to this post to look at your totals and send your payment! Thank you!


Thanks for listening to my grail babble! 
And many thanks to everyone who's helped me get all these amazing new gets!
Happy Collecting!


So some of my collection items I wanted to feature are taking a little longer than about another boring want post? :D You guys like those, right? You all want my money, right? Of course you do. 

I've been zukan crazy as of late and just want to complete my teams already! Those are my main priorities of this post (Well, not true. I'd be happy to find anything new really.) I'm not strapped for cash for any of these items, so if you have them, I have the dough. I'm willing to go to $100 for the Vee line. I can't seem to find anyone with a Tauros piece so I'm hoping someone here can come up to me about one. As for Kangaskhan and the Venonat line, I wanted to try my luck here before I stoop to buying an over priced zukan set featuring both of them. I really don't want to buy the whole set for these two. ;3; Someone come to my rescue!

No pictures because it will get too cluttered. Use your imagination! 
*Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon
*Kangaskhan (baby in or out of pouch is fine)
*Gengar, Haunter
*Venonat, Venomoth
*Leafeon w/both tags
*Absol good condition (Needs to come with at least tush tag)
*Luxray Small Banpresto Plush (w/both tags) *I know its not a pokedoll but its going here, so there.*

These I'm not in a hurry to get but if I see them around I'll pounce right on them but if anyone has them already or feel like selling theirs, lemme know.
*Sneasel (special pose)

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, why crobat? Why!? I've been looking for this tomy figure for yeeeeeeeears. Someone help! ;A;
*Luxray Marble Shooter
*Absol Attack Figure (mouth open figure)

Either of these would be cool to have. 

*Soapy (Why u no let me have u soapy?)
*Ensky Puzzle
*Pink Foam Stamp
*Pink Retsuden Stamp (Flaps down version)
*Anything not on my collection website~
*Slakoth,Vigoroth Slaking, Shroomish, Breloom.
Anything not on my collection website~

Gimme, gimme, gimme! Ahem, I mean to say......any and all help would be appreciated! And thank you in advance if you do. c:

Have a great weekend, collectors!


02 June 2012 @ 04:59 pm

Hey all!
I thought I'd do a tiny update while I'm waiting on a couple grail worthy items for my epic collection post. 83
Work has been keeping me busy but I'm still collecting here in there.
I also have a wee bit of free time to sew, akeyma and Usakochan, I'll be starting on your plush once some fabric colors get to me. ;3

I found out I was a closet Virizion collector.
He's pretty much a legendary version of Breloom.
Same color scheme, the only two with the grass/fighting type combo and similar features.
How could I not fall for him?

I decided to collect only the pokedoll, kid, zukan, plamo and tomy figure.
I'm already more than half way done with it. C:
I was surprised how small his pokedoll was compared to the legendary dogs.
So much detail in such a small plush. 

The zukan I was very pleased with. I've noticed every single BW zukan set had poor paint jobs and I don't really like the clear blocks for the substitution of the pegs. But it works well for Virizion, he's the first BW zukan that I own that truly felt like the past gen sets. Great mold and the face is nicely painted. 

My Norman/May Collection page has been updated on my collection website!

I just completed Norman's Emerald teams in kid form! And would like to do so in zukan form. 
Which means a quick want post.

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15 May 2012 @ 07:42 pm
Hey, everyone. My boyfriend helped me go through and weed a bunch of stuff from my collection and since I have no idea what they're worth I'm opening them to auctions! I've got dice, Jakks, Tomy, FCS, and much more behind the cut!


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02 February 2012 @ 11:21 pm
* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent TCG Sales/Trade Post

The final things I've been waiting for arrived today! (Well still waiting on 2 packages but it'll be a week or 2+ til those come..)

Check out the cut for lots more <3!

pokedolls and more!Collapse )

small wantsCollapse )

In a week or 2 I'm planning on auctioning or selling Vaporeon and Umbreon pokedolls and possibly Flareon and Espeon~
Any opinions on whether I should auction or straight sale would be helpful!

Updated my sales!
31 January 2012 @ 12:19 am

Oh, whats this?
Another epic collection update of epicness courtesy of SlothyShroom.... there will be pokedolls, amazing customs, weasels, my charms, Emonga's and featuring a very special holy grail

But first, I should introduce you all to my new weasel who will be helping me with my packages this evening....
~Holy Grail and SO MUCH MORE Under the Cut, Be Warned as this is EXTREMELY image heavy!~Collapse )
30 January 2012 @ 08:54 pm
Wellll I got some new mail, and finally decided to make a new collection update! There are so many new members here, and I've not posted in a looong while.

I'm lampent, formerly fernchu! My main collection is Umbreon, but I also love Garchomp, shroomish/breloom, deerling/sawsbuck, and the litwick line (lampent being my favorite)

I recently got some cool new things so lets see what they are!


Its collection update timeCollapse )
I just did an update of nearly everything in my pokemon collection, so be prepared for a super heavy update! Photobucket told me there is 138 pictures, so be warned that there is a butt-ton of pictures, haha!

If you still wish to continue, click the cut~

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Also, I have this full art card and I was looking to sell him, is anyone interested? He's in minty-mint condition and was placed in my binder full of card sleeves as soon as he was pulled from the pack!


And, sales plug~

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09 January 2012 @ 10:03 pm

I'm finally back home from my New York Christmas vacation! While there, I had loads of fun in the city, including a nice day out with Usakochan, awesome finds from the Nintendo Store, Little Tokyo and ChinaTown, painting figures in front of a nice open Fire and don't forget Pokemon Christmas presents I received this year! Everything and more can be found under the cut! 

Follow meeeeeeeeeeeee~

The shiny's insist you check out the very image heavy goodness under the cut!
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The rest of my received items and my collections can be found at my collection website! Everything should be updated at this point. 

Gotta cool collection site? Feel free to comment below about trading links! I always have room for more!

Here's all the items I'm looking for that I know for SURE are released now. I'm willing to buy anything!

I'm looking for the GOLD version of these metal figures. Its the last one I need! 

Please leave me FeedBack HERE! 
And if I've purchased anything from you or participated in any of your recent GA's the past couple months would you politely give me feedback on the new spiffy community feedback page? Please? I've always left feedback for every little purchase I've made yet have very little given in return. Thank you!

Now onward to make a holiday entry ( hopefully ) and get this big sales post underway. Happy collecting!
08 December 2011 @ 12:14 am
Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you my first pokemon collectors sales post, complete with lots of fun goodies to be bought~

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14 September 2011 @ 05:52 pm
Ok. Guys.....guuuuuys. Seriously. Guys. 
This post breaks all rules of collector physics. I just received some of the most ULTIMATE packages any collector could ever get!
These are GRAILS OF ALL HOLY GRAILS! I kid you not. 

Seriously. No joke. Come see. And be prepared to have your mind blown. 

Sneak peek to the awesome, right this way.....

What could it be? ...........You all better click OR SO HELP ME! >:[


I've also given my SLOTHYSHROOM website a total makeover! With a huge update on the site! I'm still creating banners/art for a lot of the B/W pokemon but be sure to give it a look!

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me during my years of searching. :> And the support during my quest!
This community can really lead you to things you never imagined you'd find. To everyone who thinks you can never find that ONE item, don't give up! Thanks everyone for reading! 



[Click the Photo Or the Link to Head to the Auction]

My auction for my Shiny Whimsicott pokedoll ends exactly in 23 hours! Sunday, September 4th at 6:00 PM PDT. It is still at its starting bid! Be sure to put in yours before its too late! :D

And as usual, Small Wants:

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01 August 2011 @ 09:36 pm
My shop has been updated with lots of rare Staks magnets. There're many popular Pokémon and human characters from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations. ^_^

It's a great chance to decorate your fridge door. :)

Use CTRL + F to search for your favourite characters!
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