09 July 2014 @ 08:33 pm
Well, it has been over a year since I last did a collection update,, last June, oopsy ^^; However, those were for Foongus and Heatran.
I just figured that I should take advantage of some free time to take some crappy pictures!

I don't want to bore you guys with a description of every figure, but if you have any questions, please ask!
I was taking everything off my shelf to dust it, so I figured I should just take pictures for an update.
Fairly image heavyCollapse )
I've cut LOTS of prices and added new things like Eeveelution Canvases and some of the Kid figues from the newest 2014 set, featuring Mega Charizard X. I have tons of Kid figures in general, actually.

You'll find that most items have their prices crossed out, with a lower price in red next to it. The red price is the new, reduced price.


Quick! Click here to defuse the bomb!!Collapse )
Hi everyone! Happy summer for my fellow Northern Hemisphere residents, and happy winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere! XD I'm here with the latest set of kids (with even more Mega Evolutions!). Please take a look!


1. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009. Feedback can be found here.
2. I ship from California, USA!
3. PayPal payments accepted (NO ECHECK); contact me if you cannot use PayPal, I will try to work with you using another method.
4. I ship on Saturdays. My next shipping date is June 28th.
5. I ship the kids in a bubble mailer. :)
6. All kids will be shipped new, in box!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.10.31 PM
Available: 8x Mega Lucario, 8x Mega Gardevoir, 5x Mega Garchomp, 5x Amaura, 1x Aurorus, 1x Heliolisk, 3x Wigglytuff, 2x Wobuffet

Sold Out: Espurr, Furfrou, Mega Chairzard X, Pumpkaboo

Price: $5.70 plus shipping/ea (comment for a quote!).

Please comment with your country or USA ZIP code to get a shipping quote for some kids! Thanks for looking!
06 May 2014 @ 06:47 pm
Hello there guys!
Today I come to you with some settei sales! I have bought a lot because it contained a Charmander, the rest was meh. Some are really nice though, so I thought you might appreciate them! This will mostly include some Gen 1 and 2 setteis of Pokemon, and the only ones I am auctioning off is a group settei + Vulpix.

Please read the rules before you decide to buy!!!

Tons of setteis!Collapse )

That is all, thank you so much guys! <3
06 May 2014 @ 09:19 am
I still havent been able to find a cloyster or a muk ;(

I have a few figures I need to replace too, so any help would be appreciated :)

tomy figures btw


not rushing:
charmander + evolutions, squirtle + evolutions
pics came from google,
I haven't posted wants in a really long time so here they are!
WANTS!  i am looking for the folder or memo pad of
the silhouette ghost pokemon.
want halloween
i am also looking for the silhouette ghost hand towel and sticker sheet.
haunted sticker sheethand towel

Reminder My Pokemon Postcard Offers End tomorrow at MIDNIGHT
many are at their starting bids! Next week i will be offering off some Holo
Post cards and pokemon gum. I will be adding a Preview!

http://myprettysoldier.livejournal.com/39053.html <-offers
http://myprettysoldier.livejournal.com/38516.html <-regular sales

29 April 2014 @ 06:47 pm
Hey everyone! I'm Ribby, and I mainly collect the Jigglypuff line, but recently I've just started a Hypno collection. I thought I'd reintroduce myself as it's been a good few years since I first joined this community, however I've only just got back into collecting these past few months. You may have seen me around recently, buying from the comm. :3

Anyway, onto my Jigglypuff line collection! Be careful, it's VERY VERY image-heavy, with lots of large images.

Here's a preview of my entire collection:

Lots of Jigglypuff under here!Collapse )
The tldr version - my entire collection in one pic!Collapse )

And that's about it really! I just wanted to share my collection with the community. Sorry if the pics are a little too big, and if the quality's not all that great. ;v; I did try to resize them.

I'm still looking to expand my Jigglypuff line collection, excluding flats at the moment. So if you have any Jigglypuff line things that you haven't seen here, let me know! I live in the UK, so I understand that shipping can be expensive, but that's not a problem.

Thank you for checking out my collection! c:
1.i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo044

some are left over the rest are Updated. 14 post cards+ magnets
i have more post cards i will be adding in the next few weeks.



anything of my offers post can be combined with my
normal sales -> 045 http://myprettysoldier.livejournal.com/38516.html

13 April 2014 @ 09:05 am
Hi guys just wanted to share with you my latest get!
Does anyone else owns this? I see on eBay they go for $200+ wondering if someone ever paid that much 0.O

Luckily for me I got a good deal!

New getCollapse )

Updated want list:
Muk *****
Aerodactyl ****
Charmander + evolutions
Squirtle+ evolutions

Not rushing:
12 April 2014 @ 11:11 am
Hey comm! I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! The sun is shining here, as I sit indoors with a sprained ankle! :'D
The irony.
Anyhoo, I gave my SSS a custom Bulbasaur necklace from my Etsy store, and there seemed to be a bit of interest. Therefore I figured why not share my jewelry with the comm? ^_^ There are always so many AMAZING customs here, it's unreal! I would be glad to do a trade as well if you make custom plush, or other art. Partial trades are also welcome!
This way I can lower prices (also due to the fact that I won't need to add Etsy fees), and give the comm an opportunity to get some customs that can be worn. <3  Also, I do custom orders. I've done literally more of less the entire Pokedex, so if you don't see a Pokemon you love, it can be made! :D I made jewelry from upcycled kids and other figures, trading cards, Pokedex pictures, anime episode clips and more!

Link to my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlitzCouture?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count You'll find I also have a lot of non-pokemon items. Please feel free to combine with any of my sales items here!

An older promotional vid I did. ^_^

More info under the cut!
Snip snip here for more!Collapse )

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
06 April 2014 @ 09:01 am
Hey guys! So today I thought I would show off my Munchlax gets from the past month or so. ^_^
I also have a few more sales items for the comm as well. Please feel free to haggle on my "older" sales post as well! <3

As I was telling riolu who was the one who sold me most of these items, I never really planned on collecting Munch items. But I already have an extensive Snorlax collection (almost exclusively TCG), and Munchlax has sooo many awesome items, that I just couldn't help myself! :D
Most details under the cut!
Clip clip clip SNIP!Collapse )

Here is a sneak peek at the new sales items I have as well. Featuring a sealed Japanese Erika deck, plenty of fan fave ultimate stickers, and Pikachu charm!
Feel free to combine with anything from my older sales post! :D
and my old trade post, which is now a sales post as well: http://pkmnexcavation.livejournal.com/2160.html

RULES! :)Collapse )
Sales stuff cut!Collapse )
28 March 2014 @ 05:52 pm
Hey guys! Last sale before I move or have more items to sell. For now what doesn't will go to ebay. *yuck* Prices have been lowered and some new items added.
Let me know if you need any payment plans. Happy Friday!
Also, if you received your items please leave me feedback. I will do the same. Link is under the cut!

RulesCollapse )

International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 3/28/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

Plush, stickers, cards, figures, lottery, etcCollapse )

Edit: I have decided to cancel this GB due to lack of interest. Sorry to everyone who had claimed items.

Today, I bring you a Group Buy for all 105 cards included in the Johto League Champions Topps Card Set.

Your hosts:

pikachux will be handling payment and shipping (from the US).

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009
- Feedback thread - Link

I, risha_moon , will be handling the posts and spreadsheets.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

Info -

Payment 1: There are 105 cards in the lot. With the Buy-It-Now Price + Shipping to PikachuX, each card will be $2.35 each before Paypal fees.

Payment 2: Shipping from PikachuX to you.

Here's the images and text from the auction -Collapse )

PikachuX will be claiming:

die-cut 4 of 18 #172 Pichu
die-cut 5 of 18 #25 Pikachu
die-cut 6 of 18 #26 Raichu

I will be claiming:

stickers 23 of 37 Houndour
stickers 24 of 37 Houndoom
#196 Espeon
#197 Umbreon

(I am interested in others and am willing to claim more if we don't get enough claims.)

Please comment with your claims and your zip code (or country).

~ Risha
This giant box o' awesomeness was sent to be by kassia9 over two weeks ago, and I was SO worried it wouldn't even ever arrive.
The reason for this is because of the mysterious case of "packages processed through Richmond CA". Just check out this Yelp!
Needless to say it was very worrisome that the tracking had just STOPPED from the 6th of February until yesterday. :o
I had all but given up completely when I found this heavy bundle of joy in my mailbox. ;___; NO MORE TEARS, ONLY DREAMS NOW.
Here's a little taste, with an image heavy cut ahead! :D


Also, a little hint of a gift from a friend. <3

Snip Snip for goodness...Collapse )
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10 October 2013 @ 09:46 pm

Hey Everyone!
I'm back again with more items in my sales post!
This sales post features:
I am still looking for
RulesCollapse )Sales!Collapse )
03 October 2013 @ 10:06 pm
(click on the picture to be transported)

Hey everyone, i just overhauled my sales quite a lot and thought it would be nice to try to sell the items invidually, before putting em up together as a lot :3 So please feel free to take a look! Haggling is allowed as long as it's reasonable.^^ I'd rather have you tell me that you are interested in something you deem too expensive so we can work something out, instead of no interest at all XD

Also kinda curious... How is everyone holding out the spoilers concerning Pokemon X/Y at the moment? For my part, I only look at official reveals, because I have huge dislike against illegal leaks, still I wondered if anyone on here actually follows all these leaks.^^

p.s.: Gonna go to bed now, but I'll answer you tomorrow morning right when I get up :)
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05 September 2013 @ 05:09 pm
Latest update:
The Full Color figures are $1.00 each from now on. These are from large pictures #5 - #10

9/5/2013 Update:
I have added all the remaining Full Color (FC) miniature figurines. They have the same prices, discounts, rules, and shippings as FCS figures.

I start taking offers on these antiquated but well-crafted Full Color Stadium (FCS) miniature figurines. All figures have lowest prices equal to $2.00. I will sell an item whenever I receive an offer that I wish to accept or there is no more person who is interested in the item. There is no minimum purchase. 10% off the sub-total For every $5.00 increment of item value, $0.50 is subtracted from the total before packaging, shipping, and fees. Domestic shipping starts at $2.50, while international shipping starts at $7.00. Note: charge for packaging has already been included, but not for fees.

- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pegasus2010/

All Pokemon have the correct bases. Fortunately, I have found a dark green base for Venusaur as well that is not pictured. All Pokemon have a sticker on the back of the base which shows its Move, except for Pokemon in the bottom row, namely Bulbasaur, Charmander, etc.


Please wait for several minutes before I make a thread for each offer.
Done! Start you offer, and I will go and get something to eat. @_@
More photos...Collapse )
General rules...Collapse )

Bigger photos...Collapse )
14 August 2013 @ 10:27 pm
Hello everyone! I am selling my entire collection.

This post is for straight sales, feel free to combine shipping with anything from my other two posts:

For my AUCTIONS post click here!

For my ZUKAN offers and sales click here!

sales banner 2013
Here is my photobucket, have a look at my collection!

Rules!Collapse )
Plush Sales!Collapse )
Metal collection, Minimodel and Stamp Sales!Collapse )
Kids Sales!Collapse )

Miscellaneous Figures - TOMYs, Megabloks, Jakks, Data carriers!Collapse )
Flats will be added soon (Holo TCG, Clone Charizard card, sparkly stills from the anime, Shiny Charizard stickers, lots of strange stuff)

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
10 August 2013 @ 06:24 pm
Hello everyone!

I am selling my entire collection as I am moving to university this Autumn.

Thanks everyone for bidding!

Over 50 rare zukan are still up for offer and sale here!

Straight Sales here!


sales banner 2013
Here is my photobucket, have a look at my collection!

Rules!Collapse )
Plush Auctions!Collapse )

Figure Auctions!Collapse )
Badges, Johto charms and keychains Auctions!Collapse )

Eevee tins Auctions!Collapse )
Rare TCG and pokedoll sticker Auctions/offers!Collapse )
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
27 July 2013 @ 11:10 pm
Hello everyone!

I am selling my entire collection as I am moving to university this Autumn.
I have a near-complete Gen 1 zukan collection and loads of lovely Charizard merch including the bell plush, recall plush, several shiny figures and charms. I also have the Shiny Gyarados plush in mint condition.

Flareon, Vaporeon and Vulpix zukan pieces up for offer!

Click here for rare plush and Charizard figure auctions!

sales banner 2013
Here is my photobucket, have a look at my collection!

2013-07-23 18.44.54
Starters from my three starter line zukans, couldn't resist taking a picture :)
Click for sales!Collapse )
(check out my photobucket to see my whole zukan collection!)
I also have hundreds of Charizard, Arbok, Zubat and Gyarados figures and plush to come, so keep checking this post!
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Hello comm! First I must say, I´m so so sorry for all who won my 1$ auctions because I coudn´t send out all the items yet! My netbook was defect so I must look for a used one for a low price(because of no money xD). Now I have found one :)
Also I have a smartphone but its not good enough for look and post in livejournal. So I could only send out the items of the buyers who have written the purchased items in the paypal note! @_@" I will send out all packages tomorrow!!

Because I need money now, I have decided to make an auction for my rarest thing: The 1$ niue coin bulbasaur! It is mip and so very rare, I cannot find any of these coins in the internet!! Its my last one! Aaand...I will also sell my pokemon mini green, a german raichu base 1.ed tcg card, big custom wailord figure, custom oddish book and a big lot from my collection! Please take a look! :3

Look under the cut for rules + pics! :D Happy bidding and buying! :3


Sales permission granted on May 28, 2013 from godudette
My feedback: "http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu"

GifsGenerell rules:
- I ship internationally from germany!
- For auctions: No sniping please! (Look at the pkmncollectors rules)
- Haggling is OK!!
- All things comes from a smokeless and dog-/catless home (I only have gerbils :3)

GifsShipping rules:
- All prices are without shipping costs!
- Shipping is without insurance! Please tell me if you want insurance! (It would be only +3$)
Shipping costs are:
- for flats: 1-2$ worldwide

- for non-flats: 4,50$ worldwide

Gifspayment rules:
- I accept Paypal only!
- Paypal fees for each purchase: 0,70$
- Payment must send within 24h

auction will start now for 2 days and ends on july 7th at midnight (middleuropean time - I live in berlin)

2013-06-30 16.53.552013-06-22 15.15.512013-06-30 16.53.51
The coin is new sealed in package and also the package is in very good condition. Offers start @90$ 80$

2013-06-30 12.59.232013-06-30 12.52.46
2013-06-30 12.55.23
Pokemon mini green inc. the game party mini! Mint condition - no scratches! Offers start @40$ 30$

2013-06-30 15.37.35
Maaaaaaany old custom pokemon made by me! :D Haggling is OK!
espeon keychain: 7$
raichu magnet: 7$
wailord magnet: 7$
oddish magnet: 5$
ditto magnet: 3$
pika magnets: take the set for 10$
pokemon glow-in-the-dark dice: 5$
big chikorita figure: 6$
all the phonestraps are 5$ each >>> chikorita not available he´s broken!! :(

2013-07-05 15.55.54
My superbig wailord figure with shell bell item! Offer start @50$

2013-07-05 16.01.31
My selfmade Oddish book for smaller flats! (it was a stamp album^^) the big oddish is on the frontside! It is finished with glossy laque and waterresistent! Offer start@25$ 15$
2013-07-05 16.46.57
One card from my TCG collection! I think it is very rare because its german + 1.ed!
It is in mint to near mint condition. Offer start @20$ 15$

collection weeding!! Take the whole lot away please! :3 Offer start@30$
2013-07-05 16.51.22

2013-07-05 16.51.07

2013-07-05 16.51.32
2013-07-05 16.52.07
The lot starts @30$!

27 June 2013 @ 01:39 pm
Auction has end!! Thank you all for bidding :) I´m ready now with making the totals for every winner! ^-^<3

Hello comm! My 1$ auctions ends in less than 12 hours now (june 27th 12.00 pm - european time)!! 12.00am (at midnight) berlin time!
Many things are at the starting bid or have no bids. So pleaaassee come and take a look! :3

Rare plushies, a big custom pika pair pillow and mint pokemon mini games for only 1$!
Shipping costs worldwide are only max. 4,50$ no matter how much you buy!
(Please note that also the coins, staks,battrios aso. are flats and only 1-2$ shipping to elsewhere! ^^)

2013-06-20 15.53.03 2013-06-20 16.25.23
Please use the following link to comes to the auctions:

Second reminder: My play-by-play bulbasaur is still searching for a new lovely home!^^ Please make an offer for him!
pics are under the cut! Gifs

Third reminder: Aceo cards! There are still many slots open and 1 card costs only 8$ total (incl. shipping + all fees). :3
Current Location: berlin, germany
20 June 2013 @ 05:50 pm
Auction has ended now!! Thank you all so much vor bidding! <3 :)

Hi all pkmncollectors! :D I will reduce my pokemon collection and I have toooo many (little) things for sale and couldn´t sell them before. So I have the idea to make a BIG auction! I´m so crazy and will make all things starting at 1$!!!

Also I have made many little pokemon cards with ink and will make an auction with starting price at 0,50$ for every card ^^

! PLEASE DO NOT BID AT THE MOMENT- First I must make the comments :3
Comments are all done now - so you can bid!! >.<

2013-06-20 15.53.03 2013-06-20 16.25.23

The auction will starting now for 1 week and ends up at June 27th, 12:00pm (europe time).

Shipping is max. 4,50$ worldwide - no matter how many things you buy/win!^^

Sales permission granted on May 28, 2013 from godudette
Feedback: "http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu"

GifsGenerell rules:
- I ship internationally from germany
- I accept Paypal only
- No sniping please! (Look at the pkmncollectors rules)
- All things comes from a smokeless and dog-/catless home (I only have gerbils :3)

GifsShipping rules:
- All prices are without shipping costs!
- Shipping is without insurance! Please tell me if you want insurance! (It would be only +3$)
Shipping costs are:
- for flats: 1-2$ worldwide

- for non-flats: 4,50$ worldwide

Now the auctions! starting bid is 1$! Please increase bids of 1$ or more!
And please use the comments below to bid! Good luck!^-^

1. auction: collection stuff

2013-06-20 15.53.20

2013-06-20 15.53.45

2013-06-20 15.53.54
2013-06-20 15.53.51
2013-06-20 15.53.37
2013-06-20 15.53.58
2013-06-20 15.54.10
2013-06-20 15.54.13
2013-06-20 15.54.16
2013-06-20 15.54.46

2. auction: pokemon custom cards (made on 9x5cm visiting cards with ink)

Every card starts at 0,50$. Please use increasements of 0,50$ or more!
Only the cards on the first pic I will not sell separately!
Please look at the comments below for the prices and bid!^^

2013-06-20 16.25.43
2013-06-20 16.26.232013-06-20 16.26.35
2013-06-20 16.26.43
2013-06-20 16.26.50
2013-06-20 16.26.57
2013-06-20 16.27.13
2013-06-20 16.27.22
2013-06-20 16.27.33
2013-06-20 16.27.45
freebies! ^^
2013-06-20 15.56.20

Current Location: berlin, germany
02 June 2013 @ 12:40 am
Hello comm! I hope you all are doing well, especially since I am a bit sick. But I am much better and hope to fully recover soon! =3

I come with an item for sale! A fuzzy Wigglytuff figure! I got her long ago around the time when I first joined the community, but I want her to go to a good home now. ^^

She would be $6 shipped in the US! If you are international, please ask for a quote. =)

-I was granted sales permission by
entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback here.
-I ship from Florida, USA

And that's it! Thanks for looking. ^^
Current Location: Florida, USA
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Hello everyone! I have been stalking this community for quite some time, but I've only recently joined and posted!

I come here seeking assistance! I have a desperate want for this Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff keychain. I want to give it to a friend as a gift, I thought I had had one in my collection, but as it turns out; I don't! Searches on eBay and Amazon have proved fruitless, so I wonder if anyone around here happens to have one laying around? If you do, please let me know how much you'd want for it! :D

I apologize, this picture is from an old sales post of snowball21 's. Many apologies to them, but I couldn't find a picture of it. DX

Thank you all for looking!
21 May 2013 @ 01:43 am
Hi everyone,

A few months back I posted about wanting Jigglypuff line merchandise and I am ready to keep expanding my collection. Right now I am particularly looking for my current grail: A Jigglypuff Pokedoll. Tag much preferred, I haven't been able to find one at all ;O;


But really if you have anything that you could offer to me I will gladly listen to your offers. I am mostly looking for figurines, and plushies more than flats so I MIGHT turn some flats down.

Thank you everyone! 
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Hi all! Please link me to any Wigglytuff merch you have! I'm not looking for flats at this time. Sorry!

And if anyone has a Garchomp charm I would be interested in one.

Also sales plug!


Still doing nintendo world pokedoll pickups and updated some of my sections.

Thank you everyone! :)

This time it's only for chibi Pokemodels and roller stamps! And yup all of them are MIPs! Starting as low as $1-3 each again!
I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fee starts at around $1.5-2.5 for lightweight stuff like these! So no worries about heavy shipping ;D

Auction end at around 2 days later, which is Saturday/6th of April at 10:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time.
It's around Saturday morning (10am for GMT-8) in the US timezone.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!

Click here for the details~Collapse )
If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
Added a few new items, and lowered price for most items as well!

Click here or the preview pic below to the sales!

19 March 2013 @ 11:24 am
Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 11.06.07 AM
I bring to you another super quick amazing Tomy GA! More Tomy images under the cut!
We only have a couple days to bid on this amazing lot and the seller has a really tall order to fulfill. So please be serious when bidding! Let's try to win this amazing lot!

~Tomys Galore Under The Cut~Collapse )

Hello, comm! I'm still overwhelmed by the number of responses to my post yesterday, and I'm so glad that more people now know about the pracoro dice! I've sorted through most stuff and am doing a clearout of all my dice duplicates. I also got a FromJapan package today, which means far more happiness and sales galore! Lots of people were interested in eeveelution stuff yesterday and I'm happy to tell you that I have a pile of eeveelution stuff today with very unique artwork! (as well as merch of other Pokemon, of course)

  • I was granted sales permission on 27th Oct 2012 by allinia. My feedback. (yes. this is celebratetheday under a new account. mods know about this

Sales are here! (the pics below are previews)

 photo 78d21108-2896-4df6-b6d7-9c2572574c30_zps8407d92f.jpg
 photo 79f4cfdb-aec3-42a0-911e-a94f0dbeaa1b_zpsf9c3f6d0.jpg photo 0eff68c6-bf01-458d-8164-adc8f5a94a6d_zps0fdc7392.jpg
 photo fdbdfd6c-965a-49ed-a2ae-40e82a33034a_zpsfd8b9c5d.jpg

 photo 8496afad-bc5e-4309-b67a-8732c9f52ce8_zpsaaee1846.jpg
07 March 2013 @ 03:56 pm
Edit: extras are now up for sale here! http://swadloon.livejournal.com/5926.html plus other merch, with legendaries, eeveelutions, starters, etc XDD

So SMJ and Noppin boxes came today! This means lots of joy.

I collect Pracoro dice, and so many boxes came in today, to the point that I now have a pile of duplicates! Let me know if you're interested in buying any dice. Or if you're just wondering whether I have such-and-such a dice. I have too many at this point to picture properly - chances are I have duplicates. and for eevee lovers... yes, there are eevee dice and kanto eeveelution dice!

I also got an MIP GSC 2 Zukan Set which I'm going to sell off, either individually or as a group. plus swing keychains, which I'm gonna sell off as a group (I only want the starters)~ note: this is celebratetheday. I changed usernames to swadloon. so yes I do have sales permission. XD and the mods know about my name change

Preview of what's beneath the cut! (warning: large pics beneath the cut.)Read more...Collapse )
03 February 2013 @ 11:58 pm
Hey guys i was cleaning my room this weekend and i had found some of my old cards, i have update it on my sale post. Please come check it out if you are interest with it ^__^

16 January 2013 @ 12:43 am

So I got my sales permission about a week ago and now I have some sales to offer :> Everything I have here on sale has quite low shipping costs!! So take a look :)

I don't have a sales banner yet but I'm working on it!!

Rules etc.
- Sales permission granted on 09 January 2013 by entirelycliched
- My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/yumifun/
- I ship from Finland and I ship internationally of course
- All prices are in USD and don't include shipping&fees
- I accept Paypal only
- I'm not accepting trades at the moment
- Everything comes from a home that is pet- and smoke-free
- I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages
- I can ship items 2-3 times/week
- I can hold items for up to 24h

Sales ahead!Collapse )
05 January 2013 @ 12:51 pm
Updated with loads of kids (and December Eeveelution ones too ouo/) and other random tiny stuff as well!

Click here or the preview pic below to the sales~

Oh and my ongoing mini figure auction is ending at around 1 day from now:

There's still cheap stuff getting no bids, so come and have a look if you like random tiny studd 83c
02 January 2013 @ 07:08 pm
I got a card in the mail today. Look at it <3
Thank you lady_avii

A couple new items added and low prices! All items have finally been shipped! Stupid post office kills me >.>
I don't have a banner yet. Soon hopefully :)


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UPDATED 1/2/2013
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