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Toy Factory Giant Raichu Plush

Hello so I am looking to buy one of my grails!! Any and all help is appreciated!! I’ve been looking for the toy factory giant Raichu!!! Not sure on the year but yeah, message me if you have one please!! Also this is my raichu collection I have so far! :3 I just got back into collecting so yeah. Hehe enjoy!

Hello! New and ISO 2007 Banpresto Luxray Plush

Hello! I'm shinxAficionado. While I'm relatively new to Pokemon collecting, I'm no stranger to plush collection and have been almost a lifelong fan of the franchise and fan of the Shinx line for the same amount of time. I currently have only a handful of plush (2012 JP Pokemon Center Glaceon, 2018 Pokemon Center Leafeon, 2007 Canvas Series Shinx, and two Shaymin plush that I'd have to check the tags on) and while I unfortunately don't have the best setup to take quality photos at the moment, I hope to get some cute ones together and up on the site soon!

In the meantime, I'm on the hunt for something very specific: a 2007 Banpresto Korotto Manmaru Luxray Plush. I tend to be very particular about the visual appeal of a plush especially and fell in love the minute I saw one over on the Sunyshore site. I understand these to be a bit on the rarer side but I've seen some sold listings from the last few months on different sites so they're clearly still going around! I search as many English and Japanese sites as I can find but would appreciate any and all information on where else to look, other places I might be missing due to language barriers, or pointing me in the direction of a community seller if someone knows of one!

(Picture from Pokéshopper website)

In the short time I've been aware of this community I've already stumbled across troves of amazing collections and useful information so I greatly look forward to enjoying what everyone has to offer! Thanks for reading!

LF silvally items

Still looking for a few Silvally items please any help would be amazing all these items i would be willing to buy ASAP  (willing to look at other silvally items you may have)

i only need the bag for this item

a note book of some kind

medium sized crdboard Silvally ddakji


this is Silvally gum wrapper                              this it the outside wrapping for the version that has silvally would accept unopened versions of these
               Origami paper with stickers i need one but would be willing to buy multiple                         

Big PS.

im also wondering if the person who now owns this custom plush would be willing to sell. it has become a bit of grail for me. (i regret the hell out of not buying him when i could)


Hello everyone! New here and looking for the Tomy Heartland 24"/56cm Dialga plush

Thanks for approving me! I wanted to start my first post on here with a little introduction: I have been a Pokémon fan since back in the day, Pokémon Blue Version was the first game I ever got and even proudly paid for myself as a little 6 year-old.

I started out collecting the TCG like most people probably, and more recently have found an appreciation for the plushes. Since my three favorite Pokémon are currently Gengar, Dialga and Charizard, I am looking for a certain Dialga plush released in 2007/2008: the 24"/56cm tall Tomy Heartland Dialga plush.

Does anyone here have one for sale or know a place I can get him from? I am keeping an eye on Yahoo Auctions and eBay of course, but maybe someone here is looking for a happy new home for theirs. I know it might not be the cheapest plush out there but rest assured I am willing to pay a fair price.

Since there are a few Dialga plushes that are a bit hard to tell apart, here is an excellent guide I found by happyjolteon:
The specific one I am looking for is the one below the picture of which it says "24" Pokemon Center Giant Tomy Plush".

Have a nice week everyone and maybe hear from you soon!
  • fdarkly

small grail get + sales update

I'm so happy that I finally found an Eevee bobble head figure! It's in used condition though, and unfortunately it's missing one neck "hair" piece which should have located behind it's head. The most interesting part about this figure is that it has two left feet! I guess it's a factory error, it's so funny, and maybe the only one in the world that has two left feet?!
2020 has been a hard year for collectors because of international air mail being down between Japan and US, I slowed down on buying newly released promo A LOT, and sadly lost on a huge Lucario grail on Mercari (I purchased and paid but it was cancelled by the seller) . It's a long story and very dramatic, I thought of quiting collecting Lucario seriously at the time that drama happened. I hope this year I'll have more to share with the community, and I'll try to update my collection site more frequently, if I'm able to get things shipped to me faster and cheaper :( Here's the link to my site: Eevee's Paradise
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Also a sales post update: added Palnart Poc Alolan Vulpix brooch. I'm willing to give discounts to large orders, just ask. Some items are cross posted on ebay but I always list at lower prices here. Click HERE or the picture to go!