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27 February 2019 @ 10:35 am
BEFORE YOU POST, make sure you’re responding to your Spring Swap hosts please!! If you signed up and haven’t gotten a matchup yet, contact your host again ASAP. We’ve had very few people confirm that they received their matchup!!

GENERATION 8 HYPE! Keep posts about the new games here to help keep the community relatively spoiler free! How do you feel about the info announced in the new Direct? What are you hoping for in the new games- a specific Pokémon type, regional changes, gameplay mechanics? Let us know!
19 August 2019 @ 03:27 pm
Hi all,

I am looking for any items featuring N from the recent pokemon trainers promotion, especially the clear file and the T-shirt but I am interested in others too. If you are selling, or knows where I can find them, please let me know! Shipping will be to Hong Kong. Thanks!

Pic for reference, I am happy to buy the whole clear file set or just the N file.
Hi there community,

Long time no post and I will have a sales post soon but am trying to find some stuff in the mean time. I will purchase any #My151 stickers you have for $1 aside from the following:

1, 9, 16, 17, 18, 19, 31, 57, 59, 84, 104, 107, 115, 118, 119, 120, 123, 129, 130, 140, 141

Since these are flat and small, I don't imagine shipping to be more than first class postage but priority will be given to those who can provide a larger quantity of stickers I am missing.

I am also searching for Kanto Pokémon Fit plushies (MWT), specifically ones where the tag still says "#My151". If you have any for sale, please post and let me know what you have. I know polahbear has a bunch and I have already contacted her regarding 12 of them that I do not have but it's easier for you to list what you may have rather than me listing the 56 I do.

Also, last month, my laptop, Switch, 3DS and 17 games were stolen from me in Belgium while on a conference trip :((((( I lost a drawstring bag that had the four electric mouse Pokémon from Gens 4-7. I know polahbear has an Emolga and I've contacted her about it, but does anyone have a Pachirisu, Dedenne, and Togedemaru charm for sale? It would really help me recover something I lost.

Thanks again community!! :)
18 August 2019 @ 10:46 pm

Hey guys, long time no post!  Just wanted to show a couple things! First off...

A Scorbunny plush!  It's a bootleg, but a very convincing one if I ever saw one.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say Banpresto or another plush maker made it.  I got it from Fan Expo Boston(fomerly known as Boston Comic Con).  The guy was selling a lot of plush you don't see including a giant Miltank I unfortunately didn't get a picture of. (If you're curious, that's Karate Kid Part III in the background.)

And now, what you probably came for...

The main event!Collapse )

18 August 2019 @ 07:36 pm

I made a Null to go with the Silvally i made he looks super cute and he and Silvally look great togeather

Im thinking of maybe opening up comissions if enough people are interested

Also still willing to buy amiibo bases

i dont need the figure or even the chip just the two plastic parts that can be seperated from each other i would rather smash ones but im not picky i'll buy for $1.00 each
18 August 2019 @ 03:54 pm
Sharing my recent gets today :)
Read more...Collapse )

New stuff in the sales post:

Extra crystal drop charms are here too, I still have lots of melodies charms and a few flowers charms left. Trying to get some of them sold here before I put them into small lots on ebay. New tape samples, some price drops, and I put some unsold stuff into the freebies section.
I managed to get two Pokemon x Graniph shirts from a factory reject store while I was in China. As far as I know this particular design has gone out of stock for months and the only one for sale on ebay is going for $220 which is quite insane. Take a look if you don't mind buying factory reject, I know some people feel bad about it.
Please check it out: HERE

Thanks for reading!
18 August 2019 @ 12:50 pm

Hey all, long time no post!

Life's been interesting recently; and after sort of slowly collecting over the past several years, I'm in a position where I've recently started filling some holes in my collection. I'm not planning on posting a full big update until after/around the new year (most of my collection is catching up to my recent move, it's a lot to ship out) because I've got some very exciting additions!

I'm actually posting to inquire about filling the last two spots in my Raikou plush collection. I'm seeking a San-Ei All Stars Raikou. Figured I would ask here before picking one up through a middleman service!

I am also looking to price gauge the shiny Raikou Pokedoll. I've been keeping an eye out for them and the prices are jumping all over the place.

If anyone has a tagged one they would be willing to part with, pm/comment and maybe we can discuss something? It's the last Raikou I'll be needing.

Until my update, here's a sneak peak at one of my (finally...) completed sets:

I've had Chikorita and Cyndaquil for about 15 or more years, but never managed to pick up Totodile from PCNY even though he was my favorite. A huge thank you to polahbear, who sold this lovely guy to me. I cleaned him up a bit and now he sits with my turntable. His name is Deyna! He easily snags a spot as one of my favorite plush.

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18 August 2019 @ 01:58 pm

I have new plushes for sale! Rare, Ichiban Kuji and much more!

Sales ->

18 August 2019 @ 02:30 am

Looking for Pokemon Live! merch, prototype items, unique and rare vintage merch, etc. Or just any vintage merch/toys, preferably non-plush and non-figures, any vintage promotional items, etc

Thanks! I live in Canada but I can go across the border to the US. ;)

To get an idea of what I like, here are some things that I own: Pokemon Live! shirt and keychain, sealed toys, old fast food toys, food merch, prototype stickers with beta names (like NY and LA for Koffing/Weezing), vintage towels and strange household items, Pokemon 2000 folder + movie promo pics and information

Stuff like that! Thank you. I've been lurking this site for a while now and this is my first post. Hope it's alright


17 August 2019 @ 10:34 pm
Recently there have been a lot of major changes in my life, and I’ve decided to part with my Glaceon collection. I have a number of rare items that I’d like to send to new, loving homes.


Sales can be found here!

Thank you for looking--please take care!
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17 August 2019 @ 10:28 pm

Seen him in a sale post on here in the past but missed out on it was hoping there might still be one circulating around

17 August 2019 @ 08:38 pm
I’m looking to spend about $1500 on it shipped which is $500 more than retail to have it shipped to US. eBay is way overpriced.
17 August 2019 @ 01:09 pm
Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 1.02.32 PM

Research Items hereCollapse )

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 10.37.22 PM

Halloween items hereCollapse )

I ship from the US
These items cannot be combined with previous items since I'll be moving! Will be a fresh package!
prices do not include shipping/fees
Sales permission granted july 23rd 2013 by entirelycliched

17 August 2019 @ 07:30 am
Reservations at Pokemon Center Online have started for the very limited Sun and Moon Limited Collection Master Battle Set. Once the number of researvations is reached, pre-orders will close and this set will no longer be sold at PC Online nor at the physical stores!! This Card Game set comes with the typical stuff, playmat, deck sleeves, dice and more, and also includes 2 promotional cards, one of them is the Alola Friends card I am looking for. It's very unlikely, but if anybody here will order the set and is willing to sell this promotional card, please hit me up! Thank you for reading.

16 August 2019 @ 08:30 pm
Still looking for this big guy!

16 August 2019 @ 08:26 pm
Hey all! This is just a tiny smol sales post! :3

Sales rules, etc.Collapse )

PokeBox Espeon icecream acrylic stand: $12

Putitto Alolan Vulpix figure: $12

16 August 2019 @ 05:27 pm
so i still have a bunch of Ddakji blind boxes for sale at $20 each if you wanna resale them after buying them thats totally cool they just take up to much room so please come take them off my hands

16 August 2019 @ 11:05 am
Hi everyone! Quick reminder that I still have plenty of items left in my Pokemon Sales. Free shipping within the U.S. for orders over $50 or with multiple Fennekin/Alolan Vulpix purchases!

I haven't been posting much lately, but only because there hasn't been a lot of Alolan Vulpix or Mimikyu plush released this year or plush in general that I really want that I don't already have. I think that's a good thing though because my bank account really needed a break ^^' the only thing I've purchased recently was the Alolan Vulpix Plush Costume off the Pokemon Center U.S. site.

Funny thing is, I actually bought this back in 2017 when they were released. I returned it a week or so after though, because it felt a bit uncomfortable with the large hood covering over my eyes and it felt super warm (I guess because I had received it during winter when the heater is always on... lol). Well I've been staying indoors a lot this summer and thought back to this item and decided to purchase it again. Needless to say it's been very helpful to me now because the air conditioning is almost always on and the warmth of the costume keeps me from being cold! I just love wearing it now, even if the hood does droop over my face sometimes. I'm thinking about buying a second one just to keep mint or in case something goes wrong with my current costume. That won't be for a while though.

Anyways! I have been waiting a while for the Sitting Cuties Dragonite Plush to be back in stock on the PC U.S. site, but I'm sort of losing hope now. I wanted to get this as a birthday gift to someone who loves Dragonite and felt like the Sitting Cuties plush would be perfect for this person. Unfortunately his birthday has already passed, but I am still looking to give him one! I specifically would like to purchase the U.S. version as it is cheaper and neither of us really care for the Japanese tag, so if you have a spare one that's MWT lying around let me know! I'm willing to pay $18 shipped to California 95842 :)

For myself, I am still on the hunt for this Alolan Vulpix plush. I'm willing to pay $20 before shipping for it. If I can secure a purchase on this plush, I will be looking for the Mimikyu one of the same series next.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful day :)
15 August 2019 @ 10:59 pm
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.19.51 AM
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.20.04 AM

Large picture with pricesCollapse )

all previous claims have been noted! https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/24018742.html <--- here are original claims!
16 August 2019 @ 12:32 am

click banner for sales ^

I was granted sales permission by areica96 on January 1st, 2018.

Here’s a link to my feedback : HERE

stuff and infoCollapse )

15 August 2019 @ 09:02 pm
Heya everyone!
So I’m in need of 2 pokedoll figures haha. Would anyone have those items for sell? I’m hoping to spend about $8-10 -If anyone has one for sell please let me know (:

Here is what they look likeCollapse )
I found a shadow lugia online for $15 now heres the thing did poketags (the one with Pokémon written out and a picachu)ever come in no color? No right? Seller told me the lugia is real and maybe I’m over worrying about the seller maybe using a stock image?
If anyone has a shadow lugia they don’t want I’d be interested.
15 August 2019 @ 04:47 pm
Hello community!! It's been forever since I've posted/followed this group, but I need some help rehoming some of my beloved plushies! I will be moving soon which means a lot of my collection has to go :(

Please feel free to haggle! I'd love to rehome each and every one of these guys!


Click the picture above or HERE to be transported to my sales!

Thank you so much for looking and I hope everyone is having a lovely day!!
14 August 2019 @ 09:28 pm
I was just watching ZoeTwoDots video when someone showed off this lovely fan. My eyes were instantly drawn to the Bellossom and I'd love to be able to find this item! If anyone knows anything please let me know, thanks!

14 August 2019 @ 11:45 am
I'm wondering if anyone has a Sylveon poncho Eevee MWT for sale? Mine had it's tag creased, and it can't be bent back into shape without further damage. Thank you!

14 August 2019 @ 05:47 pm
Hi comm,

I’m back with some more quick sales below....

Read more...Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )

Thanks comm! And to make this less boring, here’s my new Fit plush shelf!

13 August 2019 @ 09:33 pm
My sales post has been updated yet again come on in

13 August 2019 @ 05:02 pm

You have seen my custom work in progress Orange League real seashells gym badges, now i´d love to show you my most recent work with the full set of limited to 300 worldwide Pokemon Center Original Pokemon Gym Badges, with the 3 extra ones from the anime, i had to order specific gems and rhinestones from China and several other beads and special glitter paints, and of course a special chrome paint to make the silver band bellow the wing medal, lot´s of work went to make the best ones i could to have my completionist mind at ease LOL, (some test sets were made and ruined too) i guess i can still make more slight changes and have them stand out more, and yeah the bug badge it´s a medal from a bootleg set and it´s bigger and more 3D than the original, i will upload some vids in a few days :)

More pics...Collapse )
13 August 2019 @ 01:48 pm
I'm selling some used authentic Pokemon Nendoroids and Figma (under the cut)!


Sale RulesCollapse )

Nendoroids and FigmaCollapse )

Other Pokemon sales:

Hi! I'm curious if anyone here had trouble buying items from yahoo auctions, mercari, suruga-ya etc where the seller scammed you? Like it's either sending you the wrong item or never sends it and how does your middleman (zenmarket, dejapan, buyee etc) handles situations like this? Do they refund you the price? Please feel free to share your story below if you have one, thank you!

13 August 2019 @ 02:31 am

Hello everyone! My name is Megan and I'm from upstate NY. I've mainly been a lurker since I've joined, aside from purchasing a few things, but I can't wait to show you my full collection soon! I'm a huge Lugia collector, and have a pretty big Latias/Latios collection as well. For now I am here to show you 2 awesome gets!

The goodsCollapse )

Thanks so much for looking! If you have any Lugia or Lati merch for sale please let me know :)

12 August 2019 @ 01:46 pm
I have these buttons up for grabs. I know N was probably the more popular one though. :P

They are $8 each.
Read more...Collapse )

12 August 2019 @ 04:16 pm
I DID IT i made a Silvally amiibo he is very solid on a real base and actually works

I feel super proud of him i hope to make more custom Amiibos. on that note does anyone have any blank amiibos bases? like i dont even need the chip in it so if you took one apart to put the chip in a plush or something i would be willing to buy them for $1.00 each

Hello everyone! Thank you so much to bellestarrmon and blue_drag0nfly for the very helpful suggestions regarding Kotobukiya re-releases.

On a related note, I have managed to find some reasonably priced listings via third parties on Amazon Japan but am a little bit concerned about the description of the figures as being in "good" condition. I contacted the seller and they say they don't have access to the item (in Amazon storage apparently) so I feel like I would be buying the item blind. Amazon's policy is that "good" condition means box and/or item itself might have some dirt, discoloration, or scratches. I personally don't mind a ripped box but would be rather concerned if the figure itself was stained or scratched in a noticeable way.

What are people's experiences with "good" condition items off of Amazon/Amazon Japan? 

Thanks so much!

12 August 2019 @ 10:58 am
Is anybody selling any of these? I'm trying to find them in time for the holidays! I saw a listing for them on ebay but I'm always worried about buying fakes so when in doubt, I look to buy from collectors!


Hello again everyone!

I'm back again with another collection update. This time, there's a preview of obscure and unique pokemon merch, and pics of all the figures from the Pokemon World Market set!

Here's a preview, featuring Porygon2's!

Porygon used PsybeamCollapse )

11 August 2019 @ 06:50 pm

Thanks to Flotton, I got a plush I've been looking for a while. I wanted to photograph it along with my other bedtime themed merch, like the Pikachu's Closet Mareep and Flaaffy PJs and the Sleeping Ampharos plush. I've got bigger photos of my recent gets under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )
Hi comm!!

Just a quick post - comment below if anyone would like me to search through my flats for specific Pokemon! I have even more flats than I did before, so don’t be afraid to comment again, even if you did a couple of months back when I first did this! I’ve separate quite a lot already so pictures should be easy! Let me know and I’ll search!

I’m heading off to bed now, I’ll send all the images out when I wake up in the morning! :)

Thanks comm! :)

(sales permission granted jan 2019 by areica96)
11 August 2019 @ 02:00 pm
Hello hello everyone!
Long time no post! This is a reintroduction that's been a long time comming!
For those of you that don't know me I'm Vulpes, I'm a 26 year old multi media artist who lives in Texas.

Most of you probably know me from my Simplified Style Plushies, which I take commissions for every month or so. Plushie making is a hobby of mine, but I like to play around with all kinds of artistic mediums. I draw, paint, sculpt, and digitally paint occasionaly. You can see my stuff on Twitter if you're curious.
I work at an elementary school in a computer lab as a technology aide. And, I'm such a dork I transformed the computer lab into a Poke Lab, with cut out hand drawn/painted Pokemon. The lab was a very boring place before I setteled in!

Personally I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was a tiny child, I was super into collecting the cards and plushies but fell out of it when I got a bit older. I still played the games and play a game from each new generation. I got back into collecting in earnest when I was a senior in high school, which is when I ended up joining the comm. I primarily collect plushies and rement figures. My favorite Pokemon are Bulbasuar, Raichu,and Cubone.  I do have others I like but those babes have been favorites since I was a kiddo. But that's enough about me, it's time to show off my collection!
Collection Under The CutCollapse )
 Well that pretty much wraps up my long overdue reintroduction to the community! I hope you have all enjoyed taking a look at my little hoard, and have a great day!

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11 August 2019 @ 11:22 am
I was at my parents house for vacay this week, and I nearly forgot I have this Riolu. He is obviously a custom, but I dont know who made him? Thanks a bunch!