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ISO pokemikke loungefly backpack

I really want this loungefly pokemikki / pokemikke ice cream backpack. I’ve been looking everywhere. Posted an iso on depop, a girl messaged me that she had one for $150 but then I found out she bought it on mercari for $65 the same day. I’m so pissed that someone would try to scalp me like that. Please help me find this bag so I can avoid the scalpers.

About Time for an Introduction

Hey everyone! I feel like the forum ghost with how long I’ve been lurking and figured it’s time to say hello.
My name’s Ari and I’m from California. My first time playing Pokemon was snatching my older brother’s gameboy color with Gold on it when I was too young to read, and Ive been on and off obsessed ever since. I grew up playing Pokemon with my older siblings (every time a new game came out we’d each pick one of the starters), and though I figured I’d grow out of it one day, it just didn’t happen!

I have way to many faves. Right now these would be Reshiram, Axew, Charizard, Glaceon, Ho-oh, Lugia, and Aerodactyl.
I’m in college at the moment but I’ve got bits of my collection tucked away in my dorm. It’s a nice thing to have around during this weird lockdown time.

I can already tell this is such a warm community and I can’t wait to meet you guys! Thanks for reading.

Collection Site Update & Wishlist

Hello again! I've finally gotten my collection site to a point where I can share with the community! for the most part, everything is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon related-I'd absolutely love for my site to be a resource for anyone interested in the franchise. That being said, if anyone wants to use my photos for their wishlists please feel free.

As usual, if yall could take a look at my wishlist I'd really appreciate it-if you have any leads on anything or have anything for sale please let me know!