Generation 8 Discussion!

BEFORE YOU POST, make sure you’re responding to your Spring Swap hosts please!! If you signed up and haven’t gotten a matchup yet, contact your host again ASAP. We’ve had very few people confirm that they received their matchup!!

GENERATION 8 HYPE! Keep posts about the new games here to help keep the community relatively spoiler free! How do you feel about the info announced in the new Direct? What are you hoping for in the new games- a specific Pokémon type, regional changes, gameplay mechanics? Let us know!
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a sort of legendary holy grail

so my holiest grail is this japanese zapdos batoen enix advertisement poster and it is probably as close to as impossible to find as you can be. however i did manage to track down the specific notebook it was advertising and has almost similar art on it (poor snorlax) so i'm mostly satisfied and stoked to have this in my collection now. i just love love love the artwork on this thing. i can't tell you how happy i am to have this item i have been searching for it for as long as i've been collecting. best part is i found it for only five dollars!!

recently i have added a couple other items into my collection including a tomy (bootleg?) armored mewtwo figure and a darkrai ichiban kuji lottery statue. my only grails/wants now are still the banpresto diamond and pearl arcanine figure and the DX weavile poke doll plush. please consider helping me cross off my wants list! thanks for looking!
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Help with Rakuten ラクマ and updated want list

Hi all!
Has anybody had experience with Rakuten ラクマ (aka and could help me out? There's some items i would like to enquire about, even though im using a japan vpn, Im unable to register an account due to japanese sms verification. I would appreciate any kind of help! :)

Also adding to my previous post:
Im looking into/for MIB tomys from the DP series, inparticularly Clears, Movie promotions, 7/11 specials, Battle scenes and rare replaced ones (like Gardevoir, Wailord: )

Sales reminder

Hi, things are slowing down significantly but I hope everyone is doing okay.
Haven't posted new sales for a long time because things are not selling as quick as the 3-4 years I've been on this community, and I'm spending much less time organizing and posting new stuff because it doesn't pay off well enough now...
But still I've got 8 new sample size tapes and BUNCH of Eevee memo paper, letter paper and envelope. Gen 8 starters enamel pin, PokeCen bonus book and clearfile, also 151 stickers. Collecting flats really makes me happy, and they're not space consuming at all! So check out my sales post, I'm not shipping internationally at the moment but willing to haggle.

first post! (and looking for some things)

hi everyone!! im fio, im really new here, and i love to collect everything related to my favorite characters (cheren, bianca, and hilbert) as well as other fun unova things i come across!
right now is a really uncertain time for shipping things due to everything going on in the world, but i was wondering if anyone possibly had the pokemon mate keychains with cheren and hilbert (touya), or the cheren and/or bianca dot sprite stickers, pictured below, and if so if they could contact me w/a price offer? im really new to how livejournal works in general, sorry!! ^^;

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Doubt? Is there a Haunter Chibi Stamp?

Hi. I have the Pocket Monsters Character Stamp collection. At the moment I only need 9 Pokémons to complete Kanto.

However, when researching the pokémons that I lack, I came across a problem.

I've never seen a Haunter stamp. And looking at this pkmncollectors guide, where he lists some collections, he doesn't have his name.

Does anyone with knowledge know how to tell me for sure what happened?

Does anyone know if he really exists, or has a picture of him to be able to show me?

Merch News: E3 2020 Gachapon Direct edition + small update

Hey everyone it's been a while, huh? Before I get into the exciting merch news for the upcoming summer I would like to give out a small update and condolence to everyone. (I'll place it in a cut for those that would feel a bit sensitive to the topic I'm issuing.)

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Let's kick things off for the first and foremost exciting figure merch news: Ippai figures!
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Featuring Pikachu, normal and Hangry mode Morpeko, Sirfetch'd and Galarian Weezing figures from Takara Tomy ARTS! Slated for a release date in July 2020!

And we finally get ourselves some movie merchandise for the upcoming Pokemon Coco movie! First being the Bandai Swing Keychains
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These include Pikachu riding a leaf in an explorer's outfit, Flygon, Zarude, Skwovet, Morpeko, and Cramorant! Slated release is for August this year.

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The Style Arts figures return to tie in for the upcoming Coco movie and they include;
Pikachu, Morpeko, Cramorant and for the first time ever: Shiny Celebi figurine!
Currently unknown when these will be released, but very most likely around July-August.

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The next series of the Color Palette figures are to as follow; Squirtle, Poliwhirl, Riolu, Tangela and Piplup! Slated for an August 2020 release.

Following next, we have the Pokemon eating berry figures;
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Consisting of these feature Dratini, Yamper, Pikachu, Chespin and Gengar!
Slated for a July release this year!

The third wave of Pokemon holding cable figures are revealed!
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They consist of Pikachu, Scorbunny, Farfetch'd, both Morpeko forms and Komala!
Releasing for a July release this year~

And last but not least...
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An upcoming series of figures by Re-Ment! No other information has been revealed as to what these are, but I'm sure there are certain people that are very excited for these, since they appear to be in greater detailing in comparison to Re-Ment's other figurine merchandise.

And that about wraps up everything on what to expect for this year in Pokemon gachapon merchandise, some very special figures that Pokemon have yet to get and others alike! Hopefully this could bring attention in doing claims and group buy efforts as much as everyone can in a teamwork effort to benefit everyone!

Until next time, stay at home and stay safe peace --SpunkyBandy

Small get Old TOMY figures -

As the title says, small gets of the beloved classic TOMY figures.

I was out shopping a while back and bought these old TOMY figures from a local shop, it was cool to seeing anywhere still selling old school PKM figures, so I got the three coolest looking ones they had, Ivysaur, Arbok and Hitmonlee. I still have a huge box of these figures from when me and my siblings were young and have fond memories of buying them at Woolsworth. Although quite a lot of them sustained significant ‘battle damage’ from being smashed against each other during Pokemon battles.

Thanks for reading, see you next time~

Sylveon and Alolan Vulpix haul!

Long time no see! I've gotten a number of new plushies and charms since my intro post and I figured it was time for a haul

The majority of these are from two separate buyee bulk purchases. One of them I actually thought was lost forever. The tracker said it'd been delivered to my address at the beginning of March but I never saw it and had to assume it'd gotten lost or stolen or somehow misplaced with all the mayhem that's been happening with the virus. It only showed up in my mail box last Saturday! A whole month of thinking this package was lost forever ;-; But everyone's here safe and sound now

New collection pic!

(haul items under cut, VERY pic heavy)

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