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Pokepark Taiwanese Magnets


This is not the entry I planned to post, but I got a lot of exciting items in the mail and decided to create a separate post for them.

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And now some big news: Global Express shipping to the US is back! Fully tracked shipping starts at 11$! Please come take a look at my sales:

(Sales Permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)

Pokemon Center Japan Pickups?


I know some people offer to do pickups from the Pokemon Centers in Japan, and I was looking for some facebook groups maybe?
Hope you know some... :)

Also looking for some people who offer to do pickups on the TCG.
Recently the Pikachu 25th line was released, and I'm looking for all those Pika cards. Not for sale on ebay yet, but when they are, they're always overpriced.

These are the ones:

Also a little sale plug:


  • f4y3

2021 Custom Art Commissions

Hello all! I'm open for annual commissions once again!

I am opening up (5) commission slots (of any type) specifically for PKMNCollectors to be ready by September-November Estimated completion time is 2-4 weeks (if I have fabric readily available/complexity) or 6ish weeks if I have to order specific fabric. I may be willing to do an art trade, depending complexity and material availability. Payment plans are accepted.

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

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Looking for a Specific Plush

Hi everyone!
I thought I would take a chance and ask people here.  Has anyone seen a Blacephalon plush out there for sale?  I'm looking for one and it's like an apparition.  There's like nothing out there in the second hand market.   If all possible, the thing I'm requesting is a second pair of eyes out there.  If you see one, please let me know!  Thank you!