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Mod Post PSA: Discord

We've noticed a lot of folks talking about a "PKMNCollectors Discord" channel. We just wanted to clarify that the PKMNCollectors LJ community does not have an official Discord server (and has no plans to start one), and is not affiliated with any existing Discord server. Any sales, trades, or other transactions that occur on those channels are not community transactions. LJ Community mods cannot help with any disputes that occur from transactions that occur off-community. Please use these servers at your own risk, and please use discretion when agreeing to sales terms with people you don't know. For example, it is not a safe practice to use Friends and Family payments on PayPal. Neither the buyer nor the seller are covered by Paypal protections in that case, and you put your Paypal account at risk buying or selling items using that method of payment to circumvent taxes and fees.

We want everyone to be safe, have fun, and enjoy collecting together! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

~PKMNCollectors Mod Team

Wails of a sale-lord

Added some auctions to my Ebay including Poke Park DX wailord, Pokemon Time Wailord, Pokemon lot of various things including wails! Ill be adding more listings soon. This is my first time posting on here in a vary long time if things are not added correctly please let me know ^^ . Also if you do not see your shipping located please contact me! Thanks so much!!


Oh no x.x thank you so much Ebay is so weird O_O, i think ill just link each one in an edit. I really appreciate it!

Pokemon Lot
Poke Park Wailord DX
Pokemon Time Wailord
Pokemon Center Wailord

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Very Small Quick Moving Sales

I'm finishing up school and moving for work; I found a few items I don't plan on taking with me and figured I'd see if anyone wanted them (just pay shipping, which is likely around $4 total if you're in the US)!

Deck Box for Sword and Shield?

Rowlet & Grubbin McDonald's figures!
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ISO corphish pokedoll

Hey everyone! I have more money now and I realized I can buy a corphish pokedoll now instead of looking at images of it on the internet and sighing. So looking for one now! I don't really have a price in mind but id prefer tto.

I'm also looking for the korotto manmaru plush and the hasbro zipper pull! I know some of them are listed but looking for one at a decent price point.

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And as usual I'm always looking for other corphish/crawdaunt/relicanth/finneon/lumineon/poryline merch I dont have! I have a lenghty wishlist but I need to update it before sharing again. As for now just feel free to hmu with whatever!

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Completed sets! Movie merch! And the biggest item in my collection! - another gets post

Hiya all!

Time to share some new gets I got since my last post! Also, under second cut you'll find a special item I planned to share with you since long ago, hehe. Both cuts are photo heavy and text heavy! Please enjoy!

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That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my post :) Thank you very much for reading. :)
For my next post I plan a very very special collection update! See you soon!

Pick up?

Hey, I was trying to order a few pokemon but the person I was using fell through. I was hoping someone would pick up a Raichu and a oddish from the recent release, Saiko Soda collab? Or if anyone got any mix au lait eeveelution that they might want to sell.

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