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Ash plush (Play by Play)

Does anyone want to sell me this Ash plush from Play by Play? I'm looking for it, because it's super cute. It's super rare too and i really want it. I'm willing to pay a lot of money to get it (over $50,-). If you want to sell one to me, please comment here.


LF: Pokemon Pins 😅

Hello again!  Looking for some pins and hoping the PKMNCOLLECTORS fam might be able to help me out.  Some ebay prices have become insane, and some of these are impossible to find. I have had to start collecting more fanmade artsy pins because official pins that I don't already own have become hard to come by.  Thanks for looking and let me know if you can help, even if it's just one pin. 😅

Fukuoka Gotochi set (minus the location pin)
Fukuoka Gotochi set (minus the location pin)
Nintendo GBA Pokemon Red Charizard pin
Nintendo GBA Pokemon Red Charizard pin
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pokemon mightyena fancyena

any 'zard plush collectors out there...

searching for a berkshire fashions charizard plush zipper pull?

i've been hunting for mewtwo for a while but in my searches i came across a zard for dirt cheapo. i grabbed him up, knowing how rare the plush are, and wanted to check here for zard collectors first and foremost. yall can have him for literally what i paid, which was like... 9.60$ shipped inside the USA. 

he just needs to go home with fellow zards!!

if no one is collecting plush zards, no worry, he can just live here til someone wants him or i need to ebay in the far future. 

pics under the cut!

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wants Silvally/ type: null

still looking for Silvally and null items to buy if you have any on my want list or anything not in my collection i would love to buy it Customs included thank you if there are any new Silvally items that have come out in the wake of sword and sheild please let me know


Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

It's been a while!

Three or four years I think... but I want to get back into the LJ community! I don't know why I stopped posting cause my collecting habits haven't slowed down. So think of this as a reintroduction if you will! Forgive me if my post comes out a bit wonky. Relearning things and doing it on mobile ^^;

I'm Sio but I've always gone by Lost on here. I have been collecting for a long time and I have an affinity plushies. My collection is currently sitting at around 360+ individual plush. My favourites are Latios, Eevee, Lucario/Riolu, Charizard, Skyform Shaymin, Zorua/Zoroark. I never really stuck to just collecting my favourite pokemon partly because I love lots of pokemon and also because I love the idea of keeping my collection diverse and interting. Every time you look you see something new, look harder and you'll find your favourite in there somewhere.

This is my collection as of February 2019. Since then I've added more so check out the cut for more pics!

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  • aj78268

Very Specific Search Criteria Yet Again

Hello friends. I'm back at it with my impossible quests. This time I'm looking for an English POP Series 5 Umbreon Star. This one sold as I was consolidating funds.

More specifically I've been looking for a PSA 9, although I am aware that further narrows my search, so I am still interested in raw cards or other grades. If you happen to see one floating around I would appreciate a notification! Thank you all!