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Selling 2002 colored Niue Coins

Hi! In need of cash fast .
Selling $1 Niue coins of Pikachu, Mewtwo and Entei as set
Info in ebay

Accepting best offers

[Sales Permission]General - I was granted sales permission by on January 18, 2014 by entirelycliched - My feedback can be found here: - All pkmncollectors rules apply. - The first one who commits to an item will get it. - I can hold items for 48 hours if I get no word afterwards I will give the item to the next person Payment - All prices are in USD. - I only accept Paypal. - You have to pay within 24 hours of having committed to an item unless there is a special case that prevents you from it. - I do not mind haggling as long as you are polite - I accept trades Shipping - I ship from the USA - I will ship around the world, but please be aware that international shipping is very pricey especially if it’s a big package - All items will be shipped in boxes or bubble mailers. - I’m not responsible for lost packages in the mail, damaged packages, or import taxes as soon as the packages have left my house. If the package hasnt arrived, let me know so we can work things out. - I usually ship the second day because of classes and work so if I take longer I'll PM you to let you know - If you want tracking let me know as well

Searching for Pokemon Tales Books

HI everyone!
I hope you are all doing well! I am on the hunt for the Pokemon Tales Board Books in English and Japanese. If you have any of the titles below and are willing to part with them please let me know! I've been keeping an eye on ebay, but was hoping to spend around $10 per book is I can, possibly more depending on the rarity or condition.
undefinedBoard book Pokemon Tales, Vol. 2 BookBoard book A Star for Tauros : Pokemon Tales Book

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  • ietne

Pokepark Taiwanese Magnets


This is not the entry I planned to post, but I got a lot of exciting items in the mail and decided to create a separate post for them.

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And now some big news: Global Express shipping to the US is back! Fully tracked shipping starts at 11$! Please come take a look at my sales:

(Sales Permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)

Pokemon Center Japan Pickups?


I know some people offer to do pickups from the Pokemon Centers in Japan, and I was looking for some facebook groups maybe?
Hope you know some... :)

Also looking for some people who offer to do pickups on the TCG.
Recently the Pikachu 25th line was released, and I'm looking for all those Pika cards. Not for sale on ebay yet, but when they are, they're always overpriced.

These are the ones:

Also a little sale plug: