shiny_vulpix (shiny_vulpix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

jakks and pokedoll plush GA is in!

To the uh.. three people this concerns, I got this GA in today! Everything looks fantastic :D

Claimed plush! Not the best angle on poor Cranidos there.. but he looks better from the side! xD Everything is in excellent shape save for a few of the Jakks plush with their tags removed, which was noted in the auction.

I had to compare my Japanese Raikou (left) with the US release (right) - look at those tusks!!

My claims! My very first Pokemon game was Gold version, and Ho-Oh's a pretty cool guy. Budew is just cute :x

These unclaimed plush are up for grabs for anyone! They'll be $1 each plus shipping.

All sold! (Though you're welcome to stop by my sales post! I also have a mint without hangtag Pokecen Snivy for $15 if anyone's interested!)

theevilpotato, umbreongirl, and jerybunny - let me know what country you're in or what your zipcode is, and I'll get a shipping total to you asap! I'll most likely have your plush shipped out by this Saturday C:
Tags: group auction, sales
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