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sales from Japan! and rare figure auctions!

hello! I'm back home now!
Japan was the most awesome place everywhere, it has everything I love! My mom said she would pay for me to live over there for a while until I find a job, so I just need to look for something that won't make me throw a tantrum after 10 minutes! I'm most interested in working in a maid cafe, or being a voice actress, which I know would be a lot harder and less probable... jobs I wouldn't be good at are things where I have to sit all day and be boring. I need to get all my energy out and look cute doing it!

..whoops, sorry xD I treated the entry like an interview! Anyway, here are the direct sales from my trip to Japan!

Tay's Little Shop - Japan Goodies!

And now for some of the rarer aspects of my find... two in particular are these Pikachu and Raichu metal Keshipoke (?) figures, which (among other things below the cut) I will be auctioning off!

Pikachu and Raichu metal Keshipoke! Apparently very rare! Start at $15 each

Dratini stamp roller! Prints the Dratini line all across your papers! Starts at $10
Absol bathsalt figure! Really cute and chibi! Starts at $10

Pikachu + Psyduck + Marill pouch! I think it's a lottery item, probably a rare one! Starts at $10
Dialga and Latias bottlecap figures! I have no idea whether or not these are rare! Start at $5 each
Mew picture frame! I'm really sad to let this go, so I might keep it if I don't get an outstanding offer! Starts at $10
Pikachu + Pichu Brothers rainbow wallet! I really want to keep this too, but I already have a wallet! Starts at $10

And there you have it! Please wait for all bid threads to be up before commenting, thank you! Threads are up, bid away!

Edit! Almost forgot, end time for all auctions is August 28, 6:00pm EST
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