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The Help Me Get Rid Of Yarn Commissions

Soooo...I have wayyyy to much yarn I noticed the other day when I dropped my heavy container full of yarn on my foot =;v;= It's made me realize that I need to get rid of some. Just enough so I only have the 3 containers I guess. I know you're all thinking, who cares if you have too much yarn? why is this important? =-_-;= It's important because that means I'm giving a discount on my customs. I'm cutting the materials fee out of my commissions to get rid of some yarn which means you're paying just the fees for shipping and the plush. Doesn't that just sound super awesome?! Click the cut for details ;D

~I ship internationally, I'm from the US, and my home is pet free.
~I would prefer paypal payments, (if that's inconvenient for you, message me and we could work something out), please no gifts.
~If you really want a plush but it's a bit pricey, I can do payment plans.
~I will require half of the plush fee upfront.
~I will not ask for the second half of your payment until I start your plush.
~I will also not finish your plush until I've received the second half or your payment. If I cannot for some reason reach you within three days of requesting the first payment, I will halt your plush production and move on to the next person beneath you until the first payment is received. I will proceed to start back up after finishing the plush I was working on previous to the payment.
~Also, if you guys wouldn't mind letting me know when you receive your plushies, that would be wonderful
~Images: Sometimes I have them, make plans to take them and post them, but for one reason or another, if it doesn't get posted before you receive your plush, please don't take it personally :( I get really busy sometimes and it just slips my mind more often than not.

Examples are here: SPW Customs Gallery

1. punkspacewafers - emolga - complete
2. eevie_chu - hoppip - complete
3. kimba616 - tynamo - complete
4. foxwhisker - glameow - complete
5. roxiexcore - scolipede - complete
6. snowtigermar - mew - complete

Also, I still have two plush for sale, please give them good homes!

Jumpluff is $20 and Petilil is $15

Art Trades & Commissions Updates
1. Exclamation Point Unown - 100% complete
2. Psyduck - 100% complete
3. Female Pikachu - 100% complete

Any questions or concerns you may have for me, post them here ;D
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