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Clefairy Doll Auction!

Granted sales permission by 07/02/11 by dakajojo
Click the picture to follow to my updated sales post! I'm not 100% sure on prices so let me know if they are inaccurate and go ahead and haggle if you'd like! :) I have a few more plush I need to add but thats most of them! :)


1999 Clefairy Doll Christmas UFO Plush - Starts at 30$ and is the lowest I'll let it go for
Video by HoratiolikesToys -
No hangtag, but is otherwise perfect w/ tooshtag and string! No stains, no rips, no odors! Yay nostalgia! x3

Bidding ends On Thursday the 25th at 8pm Pacific US Time! :)

Also is anyone else going out to PAX Prime this weekend? :) I'd love to meet up with other Pokemon collectors! :)

And one last question what would a Wooper pokedoll with no tags and in lightly loved condition be worth? And a Squirtle pokedoll with butt tag also in lightly loved condition? :) Just curious as I'm more than likely keeping both! x3
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