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Bought, Sent, Received and Selling

Yup, it's me again! Got a few things to say this time around.

For anyone who is interested in buying cards from me: I finally bought a package of top loaders so that cards can be sent without worry about damage. My only question is: do you need some kind of slip to put them in INSIDE the top loaders or are they fine in top loaders alone? :P

On that note: skinst_bomb, I sent off your Ampharos today! I hope you like the picture as much as I do! :3

kiraras_lemon, thank you soooo much! I finally got him! Admittedly he's way smaller than I had anticipated, and darnit he falls off his peg really easily, but I love him so much!

My first ever zukan and the second figure of my third favourite Pokémon! Awesome pose! EEEEEEEE! :D

The two Scyther meet! The Tomy is huge in comparison! I'm not sure if they like each other or not...

Don't laugh! How would you react if you were a tiny little head facing a big green thing with giant blades for arms?!

Now that I know the true size of these things I don't think I'm gonna make a big effort to collect them. I love the poses and the amount of detail, but I don't think I'm gonna go out of my way to get these. Except Raikou. Gawd I love the Raikou zukan! XD

Lastly, my sale of the retired charm gachausa of the Legendary Pokémon from series two. I still have a bunch leftover, which are brand new and have NOT been taken out of their capsules! Since they're basically retired and still in fine condition I am selling them for $2.25 each (remember each one comes with a free commission!). If you want to haggle then give it a try, but I literally spent over $25 at that gachausa machine and if I don't sell all of them I want to cover PART of the expenses. >>
Celebi x3: $2.25 each (never-been-opened perfect condition)
Deoxys x2: $2.25 each (never-been-opened perfect condition)


Three Celebi, two Deoxys. Hard to get pics of the capsules' insides but there ya go. :P

To the people who have shown interest:
sari_sumdac: I have your cards ready, as well as the Mewtwo. Waiting for you to check if you have any Mewtwo stuffs if you're willing to trade back, I suppose. :P

shiny_vulpix: Glad you got the money, and I looked through your Sales Post and didn't really see anything that caught my eye in exchange for the Rayquaza. I'm not sure if I want to keep it - thing is I want either Lugia or Rayquaza, and...I'm not sure which one I want. ^^; Tp be honest I think I'd prefer Rayquaza so er...I dunno, if you really want it I can just stick with Lugia, or I can sell you Lugia instead? ^^; Up to you, really.

sonicelectric: Please confirm if you would like that Jirachi charm! If you don't then I've got another customer. :P

regen: We shall wait for sonicelectric's decision. I shall work on your art in the meantime. ^^

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