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1-Year Collection Update/Plush Legit-Check/ Sales Update

Hi everyone! So, today marks the 1-year anniversary of when I joined LJ/ pkmncollectors! Time has gone by so fast! Though I could have sworn I joined back in June or July, but I guess I just lurked around for a couple months before actually joining. Heh But according to LJ, my account was made on the 23rd of August last year, so I wanted to get pictures of how my collection currently looks today.

First up is an overview picture of my favorite shelf! This is the one where all my Blaziken live. Just a year ago, the only Blaziken I had was a single Kid figure. Thank you all so much for helping me make it look like this today!

Close-up time! First, here's some cool Amada and other stickers. I'd like to get some more cards eventually to fill up that empty space above them.

Hasbro figures, McD walky toy, keychains, and others. I loooove the art on that tag! Not very common, which makes it cool! And the Jakks figure. I love how they make his face. It's so cute!

Here's Mr. Sexy! He also has that adorable Jakks face, and I lovelovelove his voice sample and light-up wrist flames. More cards adorn the wall behind him.

Kids figures!! That one with the one arm in the air, ahhh I love so much. The guy in the front is my Kid who was the first in my Blaziken collection. I loves him so much. That was his box in the last picture. He's cool cuz his talons aren't painted, where the one behind him who looks the same otherwise, does. The Bottlin figure is so pretty. It's hard to see it in this pic, though.

I tried to get a better pic of it, but didn't go so well. But here's the Blaziken papercraft from PaperPokes! Wish the lines weren't so dark, but this model was really fun to build.

And here's some more figures! The Bath Salt figure(so cute!), an itsy bitsy little Blaziken, the adorable MiniCot, the zukan piece, Pokedex figures, the V-trainer, Tomys...Oh, there's good ol' Tony behind those two! XD The bootleg TOMY figure, I actually lol'd when I turned him over and saw TONY on his hair. He makes me smile~ The amazing ThinkChip figure's here, too. SO PRETTY. I had a picture of him as my phone's background for the longest time.

And here's the big awesome talking Hasbro with the movable jaw, along with a Battrio, and an adorable magnet by pancakelulu! There's some empty space since I'm waiting on a few more things to get here. :3

And here's a picture to show the awesome art that people have done for me! I printed them out when I needed to test my printer. XD And decorated the back of my shelf with them!
There's also my non-Blazikens whom I didn't know where to put anywhere else. Hopefully one day I'll have the shelf just to my sexy chickens. My dagger with froggie candles is not easily-accessed anywhere else, so I like it there. And my fox pot with my drawing pens has been there forever, and I like it there, too. Flynn the Ho-oh lives on the pot, so he has to stay, and by extension, Lugia and then Giratina have to stay, too. And the little Charmander likes to hang out with those two, so he's also there.
...The Torchic are fine, I guess, but I need to kick those other guys out eventually. DX

Moving up! Here we have some talking figures. Hey! Two of you guys don't belong!

Moving over to the windowsill, here's my McDonald's figures! So happy to have the full set! Mijumaru's by far my favorite. I poke his ear to make him dance every time I'm within reach. XD

Over to the bookshelf! Here's the big Hasbro figures, finally properly displayed after all these years! (Well, Blastoise just got here. Charizard and Venusaur are really happy to finally complete their trio!) They guard my VHS tapes. I don't have a working VCR, so these guys don't have to wory about being moved around all the time. lol Poor Totodile has some ink or something on his toes. I have no idea how it got there, and can't seem to even make a dent with a magic eraser. Anyone have any ideas? His limbs are also discolored, but I don't think that would be fixable.

On the bottom shelf I have my Battle Stadium, with the figures inside the butter tub. lol And my binder of cards, and BK Pokeballs are also here.

Moving over to my bed, here's some of my newest plushies! TALKY MIJU, AHHHHH!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
The DX Banpresto Tsutarja was a surprise gift from my friend. He came up with this crazy story involving Pokemon and taxidermy that he told me when I got her in the mail. lol
Raichu Canvas!! Ahhhh, I love him so much! Those little feet, and those big ears! Ahhh too cute!!
Bootie Dragonite and Combusken were gotten from ebay for super cheap.
And Banpresto Reshiram and Zekrom! I got these two at a convention, and carried them around all weekend. I went in the dealers room specifically looking for these two, and there they were!

Here's where they and some other plush I really like live. Awww, Reshi loves his sister~

Okay, now I have a question about the bootlegness/legitness of this Combusken.... Which is he? lol I bought him fully expecting him to be a bootleg, but he seems really nicely made.

I acidentally broke the plastic thing holding his hang tag on, so I put it on his hang string. Does this tag look right? It seems pretty convincing, but the price I got him for, and that he came from HongKong from a person who had othe bootlegs still makes me think otherwise.

Here's the back. I opened the inside, and it has pictures of the other plush in the set. If he's a bootleg, I don't mind, since I got him for a really good price (and don't like Combusken enough to actually spend decent money on him XP), but I'm just curious!

Aaaaand here's my Miju~!! When I saw him released, I wanted him so bad, but they were pretty expensive, so I didn't think I'd ever get one. Then someone mentioned hlj, and their prices were really good on him, so I couldn't pass the baby up! And I'm soooo glad I got him! He's amazingly soft and cute and PERFECT. And he siiiiiings~! I knew he's be coming in the mail pretty soon, and I remember thinking, "I better check to make sure we have AAA's, cuz I'm going to want to try Mijumaru as soon as he gets here." The next day, big box with hlj on the sides! I opened up the box and fell in love with the adorable smiling otter! I looked in the battery drawer, and saw AA, AA, oh look, a AAA! ... But only one. SO I scoured the rest of the house for batteries. WE HAVE NO AAA THINGS APPARENTLY. ARGH. So I had to go to the store to get some. lol When I got back and was able to turn him on, AWWWWWW CUTEST THING EVER. I took him in the other room to show my mom, and the three of us talked and sang the Miju Song together. XD

So thanks for reading!! Miju says he loves you guys, too! We look forward to another great year on the comm!

I also went through my Tomys and marbles and added the majority to my sales, along with a few other things. I'll display the few Tomys that I'm keeping once I get their shelf painted. It was a bit hard to part with some of them since I've had them for so long, but I think they'd be happier apart of someone's collection, then being in a bucket. I don't have room to display them all, so I just kept my absolute favorites. Check my sales to see if there's anyone you'd like!

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