Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update~ and some more sale (again)

Yay, finally a collection update, after so long. Finally spent some time to rearrange my display shelf after like.. idk how long! And I have quite a lot of new arrivials too XD

Although, some new comers seem a bit... odd?

Whee, I got way more Polis now XD Still not exactly a lot but hrm, whatever :P
Still waiting for the poliwhirl pokedoll ;u;
(which, has anyone hear from slowpuff? )

Zukans/ figures/ customs by me etc
You can probably tell that I love water pokemon/ blues xP

PS. There's two articuno zukan, you are right... because I accidentally broke one of them's peg (it was right after I bought it though.. so idk if it was because it has been displayed by the previous owner for a long time...). So yea, articuno was glued on the peg ;u;
I would want to sell the articuno with the broken peg but I am not sure if people want a broken one, let me know if you are interested though, I can do it for $15 shipped  ;_;

My newer plushs <3 They are so cute! Unown !? are customs made by o-m
I would like to leave feedback but I forgot which users that sold me some of the plushs ;u;

These are plushs that fit beside my windows~
That Togekiss is so cute! And thanks to the person who sold me the Celebi :'D I want to leave feedback too but I forgot your name Dx

And yes, that's how the whole shelf looks like.. quite a bit of non-pokemon stuffs though XD

That's all for now~ Thanks everyone for reading and I hope I can find more soon!

(And now.. sales... again xP)

Also, I bought this reshi plamo a few days again, thought that It would be really cool to make and for display!
It really is, except for one thing... it's waaaaaay bigger than I thought it would be and it can't fit anywhere in my collection ;u;

I have already finished assembling but eveything is still inside the box, would anyone be interested in taking this reshiram home for $15 shipped anywhere? (these includes paypal fees as well, can haggle a bit if you want ;u;)

Also, these unopened kids needs a new home too. I decided to reduce the price so each will be just $7 shipped anywhere for box flattened :3 Also have a DX Samurott kids that I can do for $12 shipped anywhere. (also includes paypal fees)

I have moved the leftovers of my zukan GSE set 3 over to my sales post too
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