Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mini trash collection update!

so I got my beautiful Princess today! So I TOOK SOME PICTURESSSSS

check under the cut for some pictures of Princess and my tiny collection of official Trubbish merch!

Here she is, happily settled in at my house already!

checking out pictures of cute boys on my laptop I see... She's always crushing on someone!

next stop... bathroom! make-up time!!!!

admiring her great make-up job 3 hours later. she always looks lovely afterwards!

Now she has taken over our bed so she can dream about boys... and she feels that she should not have to share the bed.

she IS a "princess" after all... but she should share the bed! it's so big, surely she can let me sleep somewhere on there!?

Although Princess loves make-up and being cute, she doesn't mind getting on the floor sometimes to hang out with her girls. However, Banana the cat is not really interested in discussing the hot new poke-styles or picking who is the "hottest" Trubbish on the web, but humours Princess for a little while.

And my tiny but super cute Trubbish collection! I have the kid (box & sticker too) and pan sticker currently in my possession (and a TCG I forgot), and I have the MPC on the way!
Princess will either hate Mr. MPC plush, or have the hots for him. We'll have to see!

Until next time, thanks for looking at my silly pictures!
Tags: collection, trubbish
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