gappamaki (gappamaki) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sale + A Question

Almost reached my 1 year anniversary here; will be sure to get my proper collection website finished in time for it. ^^

Anyways spent a lot of today sewing together this little guy. In need of money so it's up for direct sale. 
Unown U, if you're not so good with recognising them.
Made from minky; about 8 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

Looking for $30. If you must, feel free to offer lower.
(Received sales permission 01/01/11 by the way.)

Also, a question. It's not to do with Pokemon but I'm unsure where else to turn.

I recently was given a pack of cookies from a hot spring in Japan to go into my kappa collection. The box is large (A4 size) and wrapped up in decorated paper. I know that inside the box each individual cookie is in a plastic wrapper. The back of the box says the eat by date is 29th November this year. I've never had food items in any of my collections before so I was wondering if I should carefully open the box and take the cookies out, or whether it would be okay to leave them in there? I have no clue whether they'll end up going horrible and ruining the box a few years down the line or not.
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