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Hello guys!

Well first of all I would like to say that I've finally landed my mind on a pokemon I would like to collect. I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for Kabotops and looking back he has always been a pokemon that comes to my mink when I think of my favorite. So I really want to start collecting Kabotops and Kaboto things. I'm also going to start a Kyogre collection.

So I'm looking for any and all Kabotops, Kaboto, and Kyogre things. I'm willing to pay, trade, even make. I'm a good sculptor, I can even make custom tobacco pipes, I can draw for you, etc.

So please let me know what you have and what you are willing to sell it for and if you are willing to trade it for something as well. My art can be found at

Onto my cards. I found these recently and was wondering if anyone is interested in them. I'm not really looking to make money, more like I would love to trade for them, be it art, one of the pokemon I'm looking to start major collecting, or money ($5 a card except for Kingler whom is $2 or the red dude with the ten whom is $10 mostly because of shipping)

I thought that Wigglytuff was interesting, holo with gold name, HP (I think gold HP), and star for rareness. Man, most of my collection features OLD cards, so I'm not used to seeing something like that :)

Grovyle is actually a uncommon, but he was holo so I threw him up too.

So yeah, I hope this is an okay post to make, I really wanna start collecting Kabotops and Kyogre and I'm gonna throw down some money to it come the 15th :)

Are there any Zukens of those two? If so is anyone willing to sell those and for how much?

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