Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Sales update + Mini collection update!

Warning: Pictures have been taken with phone. My real camera is some kind of horrible battery hater. It doesn't care if the batteries work perfect in my Wii Remote, it likes to pretend they're completely dry!

Click here or the banner for sales!

Sales update includes Plush, Zukan, buttons/pins, cards, misc items, and some awesome stuff!

The UFO! eeee it's so cute!
He sits kinda hunched over, and fit much better with Umbreon that he did with Paras.
A bit of moving around due to some things being taken out. But everyone is happy.

I really love this guy, I remember looking for what Charmeleon plush existed before I started collecting him, and decided that the Bell Plush would probably be the only one I'd find. But nope! This guy! Yay!

(Ignore the puzzle, I still need to find a way to store it/get a frame for it)
Timburr custom plush! I actually ordered this guy RIGHT before the official plush! But that's okay, the more Timburr the better!
By the lovely kassia9! My second plush by her actually!
And I should note that as of now, every Timburr item I have includes the plank in some form!

Collecting is fairly slow and steady on my end, but I have this feeling that the Musketeer Trio will be getting merched at some point, so I am pretty glad for the calm. Possibly before the storm.
A wonderful bovine/cervid, storm.
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